In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to protect your energy. Especially if you are an empath or sensitive type of person.

In this article, we will discuss 10 powerful ways to protect yourself from unwanted or negative energetic vibrations. Aka, bad vibes.

Negative energy can be defined as energy that feels stressful, fearful, angry, or scary. This kind of energy can come from individual people, crowds, places, media, and more. And it can unknowingly become mixed up with your own authentic energy.

All kinds of energy exist in the unseen realm. Naturally, empathic people sense energies, both positive and negative. Being sensitive to energy is a wonderful thing, and we will discuss why. But the downfall is that when you are energy sensitive, you can unknowingly internalize outside energies. This can lead to stress and other such problems.

The good news is that once you realize you’re soaking up vibrations like a sponge, you can learn how to protect your energy. You can also learn ways to strengthen your own energy field so that you can radiate a higher, more powerful frequency.

Being an empath is a gift. And you can hone it like any skill. Your sensitivity can be your superpower once you cultivate energetic awareness.

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How do you know if you are an empath, or energy sensitive?

Empathic and sensitive people pick up on the energy, thoughts, and emotions of those around them. This could include the energy of an individual such as a family member or co-worker. Or the energy of a group or crowd. Energy also emits from the media including the news, television, music, internet, and more.

Empaths and sensitives tend to notice the tiniest details process everything on a deep level. They not only deeply sense what’s going on around them, but often internalize and feel other people’s emotions. They may get those internalized emotions tangled up with their own.

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Feeling this mix-up of energy can be very confusing. It can be difficult to identify the times when what you are feeling is not coming from you. When your emotions are, well, not exactly your own. To know which is which takes self-knowledge and intuition.

For example, If you’re an empath, you know how it feels to be having a perfectly fine day until someone’s bad mood or attitude throws you completely off course. It can completely mess with your mood, even though nothing is actually wrong in your life. You also know what it’s like to go somewhere with high energy vibrations and feel so happy it’s like a natural high.

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Being energy sensitive is a gift

It’s important to know that although being an empath can be difficult, it’s also a blessing and a gift. Empathic and sensitive people can experience amazing “highs” of positive energy, as well as lows. Being empathic enables you an incredibly rich, full-bodied experience of life.

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Have you ever wondered if people who are less sensitive feel the same joyful high when listening to their favorite music? Or while falling in love? I have certainly known some stoic types myself. And some sociopaths. It’s interesting how some people are not bothered by things like their co-worker’s bad vibes, a sad news story, or the sense of irritation amongst drivers stuck in traffic. But everyone is different.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with you if you are sensitive to the vibes around you. You get to experience more of the energetic spectrum. Your soul didn’t incarnate on this planet at this time for anything less than the full experience, am I right?

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The bottom line is that realizing your sensitivities to other people’s emotions and energetic frequencies can be very empowering. When you know yourself better, you can direct and protect your own energy accordingly.

What does it mean to protect your energy as an empath?

Protecting your energy means first having the awareness that you need to protect yourself. Because there is darker energy out there, along with the light and love energy. That is the truth. All types of energy exist in the unseen realm.

Know that protecting your energy isn’t about being aggressive. And you don’t need to live with the energetic armor of a prickly porcupine. To protect your energy is to develop a neutral yet powerful shield of pure energy around yourself that can let in the good vibes while keeping out the bad vibes.

Protecting your energy is an act of self-care and self-preservation. You wouldn’t go hiking without shoes to protect your feet and the awareness to make sure you don’t get lost. You may not want to go visit your toxic family member or drive through rush hour traffic without taking a few steps to protect your energy first.

Protecting your energy ultimately means preparing your intention, thoughts, and actions to best process the energies around you. And to process those energies in a way that isn’t harmful to yourself or others.

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Can you protect yourself from toxic energy 100% of the time?

Maybe not all the time. You will get caught off guard. But you can greatly reduce the energy you internalize. You can learn to differentiate your own emotions from the emotional energy around you. This is a practice of awareness, creating boundaries, and setting your intention.

Now, let’s get into some specific ways you can protect your energy to avoid absorbing negativity and toxic vibes.

How to Protect Your Energy for Empaths

Set intentions

Once you develop awareness that you are an empath, the first step to protect your energy is to set your intentions.

Setting your intentions is as simple as an affirmation that you make to yourself. For example, you might affirm I am powerful in my own energy. My energetic boundaries are strong. I only allow positive energy into my force field. You can say these intentions out loud, write them, or simply think them.

You have to be careful with the wording of your affirmations. Do not affirm in the negative. Meaning, don’t say what you do not want. Such as I’m not allowing negative energies to affect me. Affirm in the positive. Say instead I am only allowing positive energies to affect me. Your language and wording matter.

in addition to affirming your intentions with thoughts and words, affirm with your action. More on that in just a bit.

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Use prayer

Prayer can be used to protect your energy pretty much regardless of your spiritual beliefs. (If you are an atheist, you may want to skip this one, although if that’s the case you probably don’t believe in energies affecting you anyway.)

You can ask God, your spirit angels, or any deity you chose for assistance in creating strong energetic boundaries for spiritual protection. Ask for help with allowing only positive vibes to enter your energy field. Many powerful and loving energies surround us in the unseen realm. Ask for help and it shall be given. Consent to pure, loving, supportive help from your angels. Your spirituality holds tremendous power.

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Let’s talk more about boundaries.

Create energetic boundaries with visualization

Along with setting intentions, using affirmations, and prayer, you can use visualization techniques to protect your energy from unwanted negative vibrations.

The technique that I find easiest and most powerful is to simply envision a white light around you, protecting and supporting you.

There are variations on the white light- you could visualize a pink bubble or any color that feels right to you. You could picture the light, bubble, or a even a cloud connecting from the sky above down to you. Or from your body to the ground below. Give it a try and see what pops into your imagination. Here’s a cool meditation video on white light visualization in case that helps.

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Visualization is a powerful way to create energetic boundaries for many situations. You simply see yourself protected by this positive white light (or pink bubble, whatever it may be.) Visualizing the light energy raises your vibration so that you are less affected by lower, darker vibrations. It may take some practice, but white light visualization can be a powerful way to protect your energy by lifting your energy higher.

In very difficult situations, you can visualize additional layers of protection, such as a metal shield, porcupine quills, or an impenetrable liquid metal bubble. Just be sure to remove your extra force field once the situation is passed so you don’t live your life with a shield around you.

Use power objects to support energetic boundaries

Power objects can be used as physical representations of the intentions, affirmations, and boundaries you set. Any object you assign protective power to can work.

The point to understand is that you have the power to give the object the power. You do this by consenting to The Universe that the object be a channel for positive spiritual energy. Once you consent, that positive spiritual energy flows from your Gods/angels into the object for your protection.

Power objects can include:

  • Crystals, rocks, shells
  • Jewelry, clothing
  • Your car, your home
  • And any other object/s that feels right to you.

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Empower your physical body

For optimum power in raising your frequency and protecting your energy, you need to align your physical body to health and vitality.

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You are most energetically powerful when you have the awareness to care for your body and you are actively doing your best to care for your physical health. This is not to say that if your health is compromised that it’s your fault, you should feel bad about it, or that you can’t protect your energy. You can.

Know that darker energies can mess with our physical health and our mindset around our bodies. And we don’t want that. Believe me, there are forces that want me to drink a bottle and a half of wine, smoke a couple of cigarettes, and eat a bag of Cheetos while blasting Motley Crue. But I’m aware of the energetic sabotage. I am powerfully protected by my angels. (See what I did there? Affirmation!)

Take positive action and engage in joyful activities

Powerful good, loving, and positive energies are nudging us gently. Those positive energies want us to experience love, friendship, joy, creativity, and all things good. Good energy wants to create more good energy through the channels that are you and me.

That’s why it’s so important to do things you love and be around people that you love. The energy of love is the most powerful energy that exists. Love vibration protects your energy from darker energy or negative vibes. Love lifts you up energetically.

When you’re happy, you radiate powerful positive energy. Your energetic forcefield is strong. So go outside for a walk, make art, read, swim, listen to music, sing, and dance. Go to your “happy place” wherever that might be. Take a hot bath, go shopping, or call a friend.

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Speak authentically to protect your energy

Let’s return to the idea of creating boundaries once again.

To protect your energy, your words must align with your truth. That means you must speak with integrity. You must be honest. Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. Communicate kindly, but be clear and truthful.

This can be easier said than done. It can take time to know yourself and trust yourself enough to speak honestly. For example, it’s common to not speak your truth because you hold a fear of upsetting others. People pleasing, rejection issues, abandonment issues, and more may come into play.

But when your words align with your inner truth, you are more energetically powerful. Being aligned protects your energy because alignment is how you manifest your reality. You deserve to live in alignment with the truth (aka love) in your heart so long as you are being kind and fair. The better you know yourself, the better you can respect yourself by speaking with integrity. Which in turn allows others to respect you by the boundaries you create.

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Use your intuition to protect your energy

Developing a strong intuition can help protect your energy in all sorts of ways. With intuition, you can avoid potential problems and even disasters.

Developing a strong intuition will allow you to have more confidence. It will help you learn to trust yourself. Which in turn will help you make decisions more confidently.

You can use your intuition to avoid putting yourself in situations that you don’t want to be in. Or to see the truth about something. To notice good signs and red flags alike. Uncertainty is stressful and drains your energy. But intuition helps lessen uncertainty because it helps you recognize truth.

Concluding thoughts on how to protect your energy as an empath or sensitive person

Much more could be said about the topic of energetic protection. In fact, many books have been written about what it means to protect yourself from negative energy. And about how to thrive as an empath. I encourage you to do further reading on the subject to empower yourself.

Being sensitive to energies is a beautiful gift, but also challenging. When you’re young or never thought much about the topic, energy concepts can be a lot to comprehend. Boundaries, affirmations, intentions… there is a learning curve to “innerstanding” how to protect your energy field in an energetically hectic world. And energetic self-preservation is ongoing. You never stop learning.

I hope this article helped you. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments, and pin below to share on Pinterest!

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