How to script manifest

How to Script Manifest the Day, Week, or Month Ahead {+PDF}

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you probably know that like attracts like. It’s a Universal Law.

If your thoughts and energy are vibrating at a certain frequency, you will manifest into your reality that which matches your specific frequency.

Feeling lonely and wishing for love? That energy manifests more loneliness. But feeling full of love, secure in that love, and grateful for that love? If you can experience those feelings and vibrate love purely, love is sure to manifest.

These Law of Attraction principles are exciting but can be confusing.

After all, how can you allow yourself to feel something or know something that is not yet present in your reality?

That is where the practice of script manifesting comes in.

Let’s dive right into what exactly script manifesting is, how it works, and how to easily script manifest your day, week, or month ahead. Free printable scripting worksheets are included at the end of this article.

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how to script manifest

What is script manifesting?

Script manifesting, or scripting as it’s also called, is a way of manifesting your desired reality by writing.

To script manifest, you write out exactly what you desire as if you are in a movie, book, or story. You write in the present as if you already have what you desire. As if your desired reality is already happening.

So, if you want to manifest love, you would script write every detail about your partner. You’d write how they make you feel like a queen. How they look at you in a way that makes your heart melt into a puddle. And all the fun coupley things you do together. Anything and everything you can think of for your ideal relationship with them. Write about them as if they are in your life already.

We will get to some more examples in just a few minutes.

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Script manifestation technique

To script the day, week, or month ahead, simply write the story of how your life plays out according to your desired reality.

Write out your actual plans and goals. Along with what you have accomplished as if you have completed and accomplished everything already. Script write what you have attracted to yourself and what you have manifested. Write about the people in your life, how you feel about yourself, and every single detail you can think of.

Write a few sentences or up to a few pages about your future as if it has already happened exactly as you desire. You can, of course, script your year ahead or your entire life, but you may find working in smaller time periods easier.

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7 Tips to Script Manifest Effectively

1. Write in the present tense

Rather than writing what you are going to do or want to manifest, write as if what you desire is happening or has happened already. Write in current terms. Like the thing you desire already exists. Essentially, writing in the present tense eliminates the perspective of something happening later.

2. Include every detail

Write about every single element of what you are manifesting. Describe how things look, feel, smell, and taste. Don’t leave anything else. Make your manifestations crystal clear. Don’t be afraid to write what you really want. Know that you’re not “asking for too much.” The Universe is infinitely abundant.

3. Allow the details to excite you

Get yourself pumped up and excited for what you’re manifesting. Again, writing in the present tense, imagine how you feel about having manifested your desire. Feel having your manifestation as if you have it and enjoy those feelings. Get thrilled, cheekily romantic, on a mental spending spree- you get the idea.

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4. Write about your feelings of having manifested your desires

After spending a moment enjoying the happiness, joy, abundance, romance, and other good sensations of your manifestation, write those feelings out in great detail. Doing so will further power your vibration. Your feelings are the core of your vibration. They are what enable you to manifest your desires.

5. Write it in a way that feels believable

Sometimes what we are trying to manifest feels out of reach. So you have to write in a way that feels believable. Write in smaller steps if needed. Break up goals into smaller pieces.

Choose your wording to sound doable to yourself. Find that balance between writing in a way that you won’t doubt yourself. And that you are not placing unnecessary limits on yourself.

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Feel what you are manifesting as true as you write

Know and feel deeply that you have what you desire is already here. Your dreams are in your heart because they belong to you. Your desired reality exists already. Your money exists, your true love exists, and so much more. It’s all about aligning your frequency.

Feel gratitude for what you are manifesting

Feel gratitude for experiencing your desired reality. Feel the goodness and joy of your desires as though they are real. Thank the Universe and/or God, (in accordance with your spiritual beliefs) for the abundance you enjoy.

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Let go and trust in the outcome

When you have finished with your script writing, put your worksheets or journal away.

Let your joy and trust swirl in the space of infinite opportunity. Allow your desired reality to take form and consent in your mind that it is so. Then go about your day and importantly, continue to take action in the direction of your desires.

Script writing examples

Let’s get into some more examples of scripting.

Suppose you had a fight with your significant other and wanted to manifest forgiveness and peace. You might write a sentence like this:

This Monday morning I woke up feeling energized and positive. I’m happy to have made up with the fight with ____ and I feel good about our relationship. We are strong, committed, and happy. We have unconditional love.

Or you might write something like:

  • It made me so happy today that…
  • I’m so grateful for…
  • Having ___ every day is so amazing. I feel powerful.
  • On Thursday I was able to ____ and it felt incredible.
  • This weekend all went according to plan and I’m so happy that ____ happened.

How is scripting effective for manifesting?

You can probably see how scripting is effective for manifesting in many ways. It can impact energetic frequencies in your life by:

  • Helping you to visualize and direct your energy.
  • Revealing limiting beliefs, fears, and unhelpful thought patterns that act as blocks to creating the life you desire.
  • Revealing your truest desires.
  • Triggering and inspiring new ideas.
  • Helping you focus, visualize, and gain clarity.
  • Enlightening you on how to take action, or on what action to take.
  • Shifting your mindset to what’s possible.

Scripting is a form of divination. Meaning, it’s a way of communicating with God, the Universe, or whatever you call the Divine. Writing is a spiritual practice that forms a natural connection between yourself and infinite potential.

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Benefits of daily scripting

Daily scripting can be helpful for small goals or goals that take a long time to manifest. Daily scripting works well for mindset-shifting and personal development practices. With daily scripting you can:

  • Laser focus.
  • Get super clear on what you want.
  • Boost discipline and resolve.
  • Work in small steps to manifest.

Benefits of weekly scripting

Weekly scripting is helpful for manifesting larger goals. Such as starting a new job or completing a bigger project. With weekly scripting, you can:

  • Detach from the outcome easier.
  • Spend less time focused on the actual script writing but still get results.
  • Spend less time thinking of not having what you desire, reducing the vibration of lack.

Benefits of monthly scripting

Monthly scripting is helpful when:

  • You have very little time but still want to have a manifesting practice.
  • You have very big goals or are manifesting very large events. (Weddings, traveling, pregnancy.)
  • A big picture is forming that feels very unclear.

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Script manifest once per day, week, or month, then let it go.

Keep your desires close to your heart but away from your mind so the Universe can work its magic and you can do your part to allow your desires to manifest.

Frequently asked questions

Is there anything you should do before you start script writing?

Before you begin script manifesting, think about what you are grateful for in your life. Acknowledge the abundance already in your life.

Gratitude manifests more to be grateful for. What you already have is important to recognize. Write a few words of gratitude before you begin scripting.

If you feel called to, you may want to create a ritual before you begin as well. Set your intentions for the highest good of all involved with the manifestation of your desires. Surround yourself with some crystals, and smudge your scripting worksheet or journal. And say some words of prayer or affirmation.

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What day should you start?

The best day to start script manifesting is a day that feels relaxing to you. Choose your best day and then commit to script manifesting on a regular basis. Start at a time of day when you have energy and feel excited about manifesting.

If it works for you, I recommend Sundays for scripting since Sunday is traditionally a day of rest. The energy of a Sunday holds a certain frequency from much of humanity’s time spent resting on that day. Think of Sunday like the Ace of any suit in a deck of Tarot cards. Ace’s represent new beginnings.

What is the best time of day for scripting?

Usually, morning time or right before bed is best. But choose the time that feels right for you. Start when you feel most inspired!

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How to handle mental blocks to manifesting?

First, give thanks for seeing your own blocks. Now that you have done the powerful work of uncovering them for yourself, you can begin to heal them.

Start with grace and forgiveness for yourself. Everyone has limiting beliefs, fears, doubts- all kinds of blocks. It’s normal. If you want to delve into changing things, then start with loving yourself. Accepting yourself. And then proceed forward.

That being said, you may find the following helpful to get over blocks and limiting beliefs:

  • Spiritual connection and support of like-minded people
  • Books, blogs, and positive reading materials
  • Inspiring Youtube videos
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Art or music
  • Exercise and physical movement
  • Sunlight and nature

How long does it take to manifest with scripting?

The amount of time it takes is however long it takes you to be in complete alignment with the energy of that which you desire.

Your frequency must match the frequency of your desire completely. That means you exist as if what you want is present already. There is no doubt, frustration, need, or lack.

Think of this example: You know for a fact that stepping into a puddle with bare feet feels wet. There is no doubt. It’s not debatable. That is how you must feel, know, and exist.

Script manifestation worksheets

You can download these 4 script manifestation worksheets using the link below. Then print out and start scripting your desired reality whenever you are ready to begin.

Printable scripting worksheets 

Here is what the worksheets look like. There are daily, weekly, and monthly scripting worksheets, plus an extra scripting sheet for longer scripts.

printable scripting worksheets

Concluding thoughts

Whether you are manifesting money, love, travel, or a huge lifestyle change, you can script your reality as you choose. You are the author of your life story and you have more power than you realize. Infinite potential exists inside of you since you are a part of infinity itself.

I hope this article has inspired you to try scripting for yourself. And to manifest your most heartfelt dreams come true. Have a lovely day!

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    It made me so happy today that…
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    On Thursday I was able to ____ and it felt incredible.
    This weekend all went according to plan and I’m so happy that ____ happened.”

    I’m not clear on whether one is supposed to fill in the blank with fake stuff that we’d like to happen, or real stuff that has already happened. For example, am I writing a factual statement, such as “It made me so happy today that my electric bill was only $100?” or a wishful statement such as “It made me so happy today that the mail carrier brought me that $100k check I’d been waiting on?”

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