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How to “Speak it into Existence”- Manifest By Talking

Have you ever wondered about the phrase “Speak it into existence”? What does that mean, and is it really possible to speak things into reality?

It might sound “out there” but people have been using speech to manifest since the beginning of time.   

Speaking is incredibly powerful. Every word or combination of words spoken has an energetic frequency. All energy is connected, and every frequency emitted into the Universe has an effect on reality.

In this article, learn about the meaning of speaking something into reality. Learn how talking manifests reality, proof that it works, and three speech techniques you can use to manifest by talking. 

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Speak it into Existence

What it means to “Speak it into Existence”

The idea behind speaking something into existence is that you manifest reality by talking about it. And that you can intentionally manifest by talking or using speech in different ways.

So, “Speak it into existence” means to intentionally use speech to manifest something that you want in your reality. 

We do this all the time without thinking about it. Speaking something into existence is the same thing as telling yourself something like “I will make it to work on time” or “We are going to really enjoy this movie tonight.”

When you speak something into existence, you affirm your intention, draw boundaries, give yourself a goal, and influence your own actions. You can guide and influence other people with your words, too.

But, what about using speech from a deliberate reality manifestation perspective?

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Is there proof you can speak something into existence?

There is proof just about everywhere you look that talking manifests reality.

Most religions use speech intentionally to manifest alongside God. Religious groups use prayers, mantras, chants, hymns, and more, often with the intent to influence reality- that is, to manifest.

If spoken or sung words did not influence reality and did not have the power to manifest, then religion wouldn’t use speech. This is just one undeniable piece of proof that you can speak something into existence.

Think also of all the ways spoken words affect people. For example, both praise and criticism affect performance in different ways. The more you observe, the more you notice speech as a manifestation force in just about all human endeavors.

Speech is sound, and sound is energy. If you want to go down the rabbit hole on sound and energy, I highly recommend listening to what researcher Michael Tellinger has to say in this fascinating Youtube video:

 200 Thousand Year Old Technology – Sound Resonance Magnetics The Nature of Reality.

How talking manifests reality

The words we speak have the power to align our energy to what we are manifesting or creating. Talking can shift emotions and direct our thoughts. And our thoughts influence our actions and behaviors.

It’s important to note that talking alone isn’t usually going to manifest reality all by itself. Speaking something into existence as a manifestation technique works in combination with the actions we take. There is always action involved, at least in some small way.

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With that being said, let’s now talk about how exactly you can use the power of your spoken words.

How to “Speak it Into Existence”

Anyone can learn how to “speak it into existence”, but there are a few things to know about using speech to manifest that are incredibly important. These tips will make your manifestation efforts much more powerful.

Use affirmative langue

To, speak it into existence, use affirmative and positive language that aligns with what you want to manifest.

For example, say out loud “I am attracting a loving partner” rather than “I’m not attracting a**holes anymore.” Always affirm what you want and never affirm what you don’t want. 

Feel the positive emotion of the words you speak

When you speak what you desire, allow yourself to feel the joy of having your desire. Gather your positive expectations, excitement, and anticipation. Feel as if what you desire is in your life already.

Emotion will align your energy to attract and manifest as you “speak it into existence”. Emotion will inspire you to take action. (Asking someone for their phone number, for example.)

Your emotions influence your body language and energetic vibration. In the example of asking someone for their phone number, your positive energy can communicate I’m available and looking for love! 

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Watch out for blocks to manifesting

No matter if you are manifesting with spoken words, writing, or any other method, look out for manifestation blocks.

Blocks to manifesting include doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, and more.

Do your best to recognize, heal, and release blocks. For this, try self-care methods such as journaling, talking to a trusted person, and meditation.

Speak it into existence in a way you can accept

Make the words you speak believable to yourself.

For example, if you are severely overweight, instead of saying “I’m in the best shape of my life” adjust your words to state, “I’m taking better care of myself, and I am becoming healthier.”

Some things take time to manifest. You don’t want to feel like you’re lying to yourself, but you can still use your words to align your energy to meet your goals. This is an important thing to know when you are speaking to manifest.

3 Techniques to “Speak it into Existence”

Use spoken affirmations

Spoken affirmations are an easy way to “speak it into existence.”

You can use spoken affirmations for manifesting reality just as easily as written affirmations.

Some people find spoken affirmations easier, less time-consuming, and more direct. You can state your affirmations as you wish, as long as you use affirmative language.

As noted earlier, infuse your words with positive emotion. Get excited about what you’re saying. Feel your words as if they were already a reality. And speak as if what you desire is already here.


  • I am strong, courageous, and ready for this challenge today! I am already winning!
  • My ideal partner is here, and I’m so in love!
  • I am safe, abundant, and financially secure.

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Mindful everyday speech

You use speech to manifest reality every single day and thus “speak it into existence”, but barely notice yourself doing it.

This morning over coffee I told my husband my entire plan for the day. I’m now halfway through my day, and right on track. I made a plan and I stuck to it. Importantly, I affirmed the positive when I spoke this morning. I certainly affirmed what I wanted to happen, not what I didn’t. 

This might sound so obvious, but how many times have we started the day complaining? Or upset about something online? How often are we accidentally affirming that life sucks and the world is imploding? It’s too easy to affirm the negative if you’re not mindful.

Always affirm what you want in daily life, and not the opposite.

  • I’m having a productive and pleasant day at work.
  • My kids are doing great in school.
  • Good is overcoming evil in this world.

It’s all about mindful attention to your everyday speech. I’m not perfect at it, you aren’t either, but we have so much potential as a society to manifest a whole new and improved reality!

Spoken script manifestation

Have you heard about script manifestation as a way to “speak it into existence”? I have used this technique myself with outstanding results.

Usually, script manifestation (aka scripting) involves writing. As in this article:

How to Script Manifest the Day, Week, or Month Ahead {Printable Included}

But script manifesting can just as easily be verbal. Basically, think of how you want your day or week to play out. Then describe your day, week, or event just as you desire it to manifest. Say it like you are reading out loud from a script or a book. 

Suppose you have an upcoming job interview and you really want the position. Your spoken script might be:

I walked into the building feeling confident. I have such a warm feeling about this place! I met with the manager and immediately felt a connection. We sat down together and shared a positive interview experience. I trust in the divine timing and outcome of the experience, though I do expect to get hired for the position!

Intention Statements

Intention statements are declarations you make to yourself and The Universe. They are a way to “speak it into existence” and are similar to affirmations. They differ from affirmations in that they are future-oriented rather than stated in the present tense.

Like script manifestation, intention statements can be written. But of course, they can be spoken out loud as well.

  • I intend to make exercise a daily habit.
  • I intend to be more open to meeting people, especially on a romantic level.
  • I intend to get my dream job.

For some people, intention statements, though a different way to “speak it into existence” may be easier to mentally accept or process than affirmations. This is because when using intention statements you are not stating something that does not exist yet. And so you are relying less on faith. The whole “trust in The Universe” aspect is removed from the situation.

Intention statements create strong boundaries for your actions, energy, and outside influences. They help you stay on track with your goals, stay accountable, and in turn manifest your desired reality.

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Final thoughts

If you have ever doubted the power of your words to create your reality, I hope this article has helped to remove your doubts. Your words are powerful, and you can indeed “speak it into existence” by aligning your heartfelt words with your actions. 

In my opinion, manifesting with speech starts with being mindful of what you say. That can be challenging. For example, every time I catch myself expressing negativity (or my husband starts ranting) about the state of the world I say Stop! Do not affirm that. Good is winning. Good prevails.

It is absolutely crucial, now more than ever, that we all affirm with our words positive outcomes. Outcomes we desire to manifest for both ourselves and for others. 

Please let me know what you think in the comments! Have a lovely day.

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