Increase Feminine Energy

12 Ways to Increase Feminine Energy {Embrace Your Divine Feminine}

Have you ever wanted to be more feminine?

Without a doubt, anyone who wants to expand or increase their feminine energy can do so.

Regardless of gender or lack thereof, most people have at least a twinge of femininity. And certainly, most people have a combination of both masculine and feminine energy.

Anyone can choose to explore and expand different parts of their being or spirit. And femininity is a valuable attribute to explore.

It’s worthwhile to expand and celebrate the feminine aspects of ourselves because feminine energy is beautiful, divine energy. Celebrating or seeking to increase femininity can be empowering, and in no way lessens the value of masculinity or gender neutrality.

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Increase feminine energy

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy contains a beautiful combination of strength and delicacy.

Feminine energy is nurturing, empathic, emotional, intuitive, compassionate, transformative, and enduring.

Feminine energy has a huge scope with fluid boundaries, yet it has a certain undeniable quality. It contains a vibration of softness mixed with incredible tenacity.

Traditionally, feminine energy is associated with women. Although this energy is not exclusive to women, the association is the reason we are able to define feminine energy.

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How to radiate divine feminine energy

So, how do you radiate feminine energy when you want to be your most divinely feminine, goddess-like self?

Start with self-acceptance, self-love, and affirmation.

First and foremost, you must cherish the divine feminine aspect of yourself, in whatever quantity of it you feel you possess currently.

Self-acceptance is key. There is nothing wrong with the perceived amount of feminine energy within you currently. If you want to radiate feminine energy, love yourself as you are first.

Affirmations such as “I AM” statements are a powerful way to declare your divine feminine self. They empower you to hold an inner knowing that you can be any way you choose and that you ARE as you choose to be.

Let’s now talk about some easy and more specific ways to increase femininity in a traditional sense. Keep in mind this is opinion-based information.

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15 Ways to Increase Feminine Energy

1. Nurture others

One way to increase divine feminine energy is to become more nurturing. To nurture means to “care for and encourage the growth or development of.” You can nurture yourself, your friends, family, pets, and others.

Being nurturing is often thought of as helping people or providing for them. But it’s more than that.

Nurturing energy is full of grace and encouragement. Nurturing allows mistakes and imperfections. Nurturing is about kindness, caring, and love.

Nurturing others is a positive habit to cultivate and can be balanced with healthy self-care.

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2. Be hospitable

Something I strongly admire about a family member of mine is how hospitable she is.

She makes everyone feel welcome by being thoughtful of their needs. She does her best to help people feel comfortable, whether that means having veggies burgers on hand for the vegan at the party, lending a hand during a catastrophe, or offering you a hug when you need it.

Gracious, kind, and classy, this lovely lady creates harmony, peace, and comfort in her environment. Her hospitality is a feminine trait that I admire and try to emulate.

To be clear, she has no qualms about setting her boundaries as a strong woman. She doesn’t necessarily put herself last all the time. She’s no doormat, and she’s not people-pleasing.

Rather, for this woman in my family, being hospitable makes her feel good. She has the eloquence, the heart, and the attention to detail to provide for others in an effective way. She is the opposite of selfish and her divine feminine shines in her acts of hospitality.

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3. Tap into empathy

To be more feminine, practice empathy.

Empathy means the ability to feel other people’s moods and energy. Or to feel the energy in your environment.

Although most people are empathetic to some degree, empathy is a trait that tends to be more pronounced in females. Thus, it is thought of as a feminine trait, even though it is common to humanity in general.

Strong empathy can be thought of as a psychic skill, or a sixth sense. It is an element of intuition and part of a “gut feeling.”

Having strong empath skills makes you better able to care for the needs of others. It allows you to “know” without “proof.” Empathy is a shortcut to being effective and efficient at caregiving, nurturing others, and providing hospitality.

To be more empathetic, practice listening and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Imagine how they feel in a given circumstance. Ask more questions and seek to understand. Empathy is tethered to the divine feminine within.

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4. Be compassionate

Increase feminine energy by mindfully being more compassionate.

It is all too easy, and often nothing more than a bad habit, to judge instead of observing.

While there is nothing wrong with judging at times and judging has its purpose, observation without judgment often leads to deeper understanding- and compassion.

Compassion is a soft heart. Soft hearts are more likely to help, rather than to turn away. And feminine energy is helping, healing, and mending.

Compassion makes us respond in kinder ways, more full of grace or forgiveness. This is why much of the time, compassion can help heal a person or a situation.

So, become more feminine by becoming more compassionate. I’ll say it again- feminine energy heals and mends, rather than destroys.

5. Learn traditional feminine skills

For stronger feminine energy, consider learning traditional skills practiced by women for eons. This includes homemaking skills such as cooking, sewing, and cleaning. As well as caregiving skills: proper nutrition, child-rearing, and traditional medicine to name a few.

Skills traditionally practiced by women are entwined with feminine energy. This isn’t a bad thing, but there is some fear, anger, and frustration around the entire concept of traditional living, especially in terms of gender roles.

Think of the term “women’s work” which is essentially what we are talking about. It may sound limiting, sexist, outdated, or… fill in the blank. But the work itself is good work. And you don’t have to be female or traditional to learn skills traditionally practiced by women and find value in them.

So, to increase feminine energy, consider learning some skills traditionally practiced by women. These traditional skills are good skills to have, bottom line. They reflect the inclination to care for others, give, nurture, beautify the home, and provide for our families. This inclination is strongly feminine and incredibly positive.

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6. Rely on your intuition

To increase feminine energy, use your intuition more. Intuition can be more predominantly an inner voice, vision, sensation, or knowing. Anyone can develop a stronger intuition with mindfulness.

There are many theories as to why women tend to have overall stronger intuitive skills than men, and many ideas as to why intuition is considered feminine at all.

One primary theory as to why intuition is considered feminine is that women have always needed to protect and care for their children. As well, to keep their men so they aren’t left for another woman. Intuition is both an effective and efficient way to anticipate people’s needs.

Of course, men have needed their intuition to hunt, fight, and protect as well. But men’s intuition has a subtle energy difference.

Women’s intuition is connected to caregiving and nurturing. Intuition is tethered to divine femininity, and increasing it helps femininity energy to flourish.

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7. Relationship focused

Another way to increase feminine energy is to cultivate and tend to relationships as a top priority in life.

Feminine energy is relationship-centered. Feminine energy wants to connect, nurture, form community, and create safety.

Masculine energy is more likely to want to go it alone and conquer the world. The lone wolf is less often female/feminine. Rather, more often, the female/feminine wolf leads the pack.

We all face choices about where we put our energy. About what to put first- relationships/family or individual pursuits.

These choices come up on a daily basis. And they present themselves on a larger scale at certain times in life when we come to crossroads.

When faced with an either/or situation, people with strong feminine energy usually choose to nurture relationships over other callings if they can. They find greater value overall in relationships than in other pursuits. Prioritizing relationships is a feminine inclination.

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8. Embrace your natural beauty

Another way to increase feminine energy and thus feel more feminine is to embrace your natural beauty. No matter how you look, recognize and accept your good features and qualities.

It can be challenging, but seeing and more importantly feeling your beauty is powerful. Feel your own unique look as interesting, pretty, attractive, or whatever works for you.

Even if you’re not crazy about your appearance, feeling neutral and accepting your appearance is incredibly influential.

Feeling beautiful is more important than looking beautiful when it comes to exuding beauty. (Read more about how to feel beautiful.)

This is because feeling beautiful radiates femininity regardless of actual appearance.

It’s why some people are incredibly feminine without makeup or fancy clothes, and regardless of appearance entirely. Embracing your natural beauty should be the #1 beauty trend.

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9. Cultivate your personal style

In addition to embracing natural beauty, feminine energy can be increased by cultivating your personal style like a garden. This can include tending to your hair, nails, wardrobe, home, property, and more.

Feminine energy seeks to exude beauty in any and all ways. So, to feel more feminine, do what you can to feel beautiful. Starting with self-love and acceptance, and then enhancing your appearance and environment in other ways.

You don’t necessarily need to wear makeup, or any particular clothing to be more feminine. You don’t need makeup, dresses, or anything fancy. Just wear what makes you feel beautiful, surround yourself with beauty, and do what makes you feel beautiful.

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10. Be adaptable & go with the flow

Feminine energy is adaptable and changeable like water, yet retains its essence.

Feminine energy is intelligent. It knows when and how to shift direction, carve a path where there was none before, or change form completely. Like water, femininity can come in different forms yet keep the same spirit.

Feminine energy can be tough and enduring. It can also be passive and submissive. And can adapt to different environments in incredible ways. It doesn’t place limits on what it can be or do.

So, to be more feminine, be accepting of change and also the natural flow of life. Allow yourself to change your mind or direction if you wish. Don’t place limitations on yourself.

11. Allow yourself to receive

To empower and increase feminine energy, be accepting of help from others. Allow yourself to receive gifts, praise, love, positive energy, success, and other good things.

Know that you don’t have to do it all or have it all. Share with and lean on those around you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or rely on others at times. There will be plenty of times you give back, and likely plenty of times you already have. It is ok to take and receive as long as you’re not taking advantage.

Allowing yourself to receive doesn’t make you weak. Receiving and giving go hand in hand.

12. Express your creativity

To celebrate the divine feminine aspects of yourself, express your creativity.

Creativity can be expressed through art, writing, music, dance, homemaking, gardening, or any number of ways.

All humans are creative. But divine feminine energy often has a uniquely powerful drive to express itself through beautiful feminine creations. It is never frivolous or a waste of time to create. And often, it’s simply a matter of making creative pursuits a part of your daily lifestyle. Taking up journaling, calligraphy, drawing, or playing an instrument, for example.

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Ways to support divine feminine energy

As you connect to your divine feminine and become more feminine, there are habits you can form to empower your journey. Ways to support divine feminine energy include:

  • Connect with nature- Go outside more, to the beach, river, lake, park, mountains, or forests.
  • Self-care- Care for your emotional, mental, and physical health. Nurture yourself with good food, have a spa day, do inner healing work.
  • Serve others- Give your time, attention, love, skills, and more. Put your focus away from yourself.
  • Meditation- Meditate on beauty, nature, and feminine energy.
  • Affirmations- Use affirmations to declare your femininity. Cultivate your inner knowing that you are feminine.
  • Accept yourself- Doing so naturally increases beauty, which increases femininity.

Benefits of embracing divine feminine energy

Embracing divine feminine energy brings many benefits, including increased confidence, inner peace, self-acceptance, and self-love.

All of these benefits can make you feel good in many ways, and also make you more magnetic & attractive.

Embracing divine feminine energy is powerful. Feminine energy is strong and beautiful and magnificent.

Overall, embracing who you truly are and being the most saturated version of yourself allows you to feel free. It allows the world to receive your full glorious energy, unencumbered.

Final thoughts

Increasing feminine energy is something anyone can do.

We must consider traditional female roles and skills, but we also must not let those limit us. Because you can be feminine without checking every traditional box. You can blaze your own trail as a divine feminine spirit.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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