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Reasons to Keep A Journal

Reason #1- Keep a journal for your mental health

Journaling can help relieve stress and anxiety.

It can help you process emotions such as fear or anger in a safe environment. Writing in a journal can help release all kinds of pent up emotions, even if you’re not writing complete sentences. It’s terrific for your mental health.

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Reason #2- Keep a journal for personal development

In addition to keeping a journal for mental health, keep one for personal development. Write out your personal goals and ways to better your life. Writing helps you analyze things in your life like nothing else.

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Reason #3- Keep a journal for manifesting and law of attraction

You can use your journal to organize your thoughts, plan your future, and manifest your dreams.

Words have a certain magic, and words written with intention hold much power. Some have even said the word “spelling” points to the idea that our written words cast spells, so to speak. They carry energy.

That’s why writing affirmations and life goals can help you to actualize what you desire. You can hold close to your heart your intention when you write and feeling the energy of your own words to help to manifest them into reality.

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Reason #4- Keep a journal for creative ideas

Writing in a journal is a wonderful creative outlet. You can doodle, scribble, write complete nonsense, craft amazing poetry or design amazing illustrations.

Have you ever thought of starting an art journal with each page it’s own masterpiece?

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Reason #5- Keep a journal for business ideas

You could journal about business ideas, including blog ideas, ebook ideas, Amazon selling ideas, and so much more.

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Other reasons to journal + journal types

Another way to think of journaling is by journal category or type. There are so many types of journals you can create.

From parenting journals to travel journals to recipe development journals, you can dedicate a journal to any subject you like. There are so many amazing reasons to keep a journal- the sky’s the limit!

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Ultimately, writing is freedom. Writing is self-care. There’s no right or wrong way to journal.

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Dream Dash Journal

Journaling lead me to the idea for my first ever manufactured product; a journal, of course!

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I’d never before seen a journal with both blank and lined pages before, one that can be used for both writing and drawing. That’s why I decided to invent one!

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Journal Picks:

There are so many pretty journal out there to write in!

Journals always make a great gift, too.

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