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50 Relationship Journal Prompts for Manifesting Love + PDF

Manifest love with 50 relationship journal prompts!

If you’re looking to manifest love, have you tried writing about your ideal relationship?

Journaling about love can be a powerful way to gain clarity on the person you would like to meet and the life you would like to have with that person.

To get what you want, you have to know what you want. To attract your ideal partner, you have to know your own feelings and beliefs. And importantly, you need to align your energy with the energy of love.

Aligning your energy means letting go of fears, doubts, and other unhelpful feelings. You have to trust that love is out there. Feel the love as if it already exists. And hold an inner knowing that you can have that love you desire.

These relationship journal prompts will get you thinking about all of this and more in no time. Read through the prompts then write out your thoughts and feelings. A PDF printable is included at the end of this article.

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love journal prompts

Yes, you can manifest your ideal person

Manifesting true love is possible, even if you’ve been alone for a while. Or if you’ve experienced rocky relationships.

Some people know right away that the person they have met is “the one.” For others, the feeling of knowing grows gradually. Please consider this beautiful song lyric by the 80’s rock band Tesla:

“Love is all around you. Love is knocking outside your door…”  

Use it as your new love affirmation. It’s from a beautiful song called Love song and it’s the truth.

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How can relationship journal prompts help you manifest love?

Whether you’re considering marriage or just trying to date, journaling about love allows you to become crystal clear on what you desire. You know inside of you exactly what you want in your ideal partner, husband, or wife. But sometimes you need to ask yourself the right questions to get clear what your soul already knows.

These relationship journal questions were written to help you ask yourself questions about love. Questions you may not have considered before. Use them to examine your values and identity. Along with any limiting beliefs, fears, or doubts you may have. When it comes to manifesting love, there sure is a lot to consider.

I’m no expert on relationships, but I have been married for almost 12 years. So I have thought much about the things that hold a relationship together that long. I hope these journal prompts can help you to gain clarity on some important aspects of manifesting love. And lead you to find the perfect loving relationship you deserve.

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50 Relationship journal prompts for manifesting love

  1. What are the values you are looking for in your ideal partner?
  2. What values are you bringing to the table?
  3. Describe how your new love relationship makes you feel.
  4. How does your ideal partner treat you?
  5. How does your ideal partner treat others?
  6. What does your ideal partner look like?
  7. What is their personality like?
  8. List the things you have in common.
  9. What about your new love makes your heart flutter?
  10. What is the intimacy like?
  11. How does this person show they love you?
  12. What are their flaws?
  13. What are their goals in life?
  14. How spiritual are they and what are their spiritual beliefs like?
  15. How do they handle you at your worst?
  16. When are they agreeable and when are they stubborn?
  17. What things does your ideal love partner do to be thoughtful of you and others?
  18. Describe some traditional values you would enjoy in a new relationship.
  19. Describe some alternative or unusual values you would appreciate.
  20. In what ways do you express love?
  21. What do you want to give of yourself to your true love?
  22. What does your ideal partner love most about you?
  23. How affectionate are they?
  24. How are they with money?
  25. What are their family dynamics like?
  26. Describe their friendships and social skills.
  27. What is your ideal love partner good at?
  28. What work might they do?
  29. What do they dislike?
  30. Describe the hobbies and habits of your ideal partner.
  31. How do the two of you work as a team?
  32. What are your views on marriage? Divorce? Children?
  33. Describe the top qualities of your past love partners.
  34. What were the biggest problems in your last relationship?
  35. Write about the best aspects of your prior relationships.
  36. Do you believe in true love, or do you have any doubts? If so, explore those.
  37. What do you think has been holding you back from manifesting true love thus far?
  38. Write about any past trauma you suspect might be affecting your love life.
  39. What are you improving within yourself to attract true love?
  40. How can you love and accept yourself more?
  41. How can you be the best version of yourself?
  42. Is there anything about love that you want to understand better?
  43. How does manifesting your ideal love relationship improve your life?
  44. What will your wedding be like?
  45. What will your honeymoon be like?
  46. Where do you see yourself and your ideal love in the future?
  47. Where will you go together and what life will you build together?
  48. Visualize and describe the face of who you are manifesting.
  49. How can you release urgency, neediness, or other emotions that block the manifestation of love?
  50. How can you fully relax and trust in finding true love?

Love relationship journal prompts PDF printable

Download these journal prompts then print out and use them whenever you like. These questions may be useful for those thinking of marriage. Feel free to share with a close friend who is engaged.

Relationship journal prompts for manifesting love PDF Printable

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More tips for manifesting a love relationship

Along with getting ultra clear on the above questions, you have to let go and trust in love’s timing. Nothing blocks love like desperation, neediness, and trying to force things.

Finding love or a new relationship is nothing you can control, but you do have to at least put yourself out there. I know that can be hard but give yourself grace. You can also:

  • Practice more self-acceptance, self-love, and forgiveness for yourself and others.
  • Pray, meditate, or try affirmations for love. Practice feeling that sensation of love that you desire.
  • Read books and blog articles, and watch videos to inspire and educate yourself.
  • Be creative, enjoy your hobbies, and have fun to raise your vibration naturally.
  • And have gratitude for the love already in your life.

Wondering about marriage or if the person you are with is the one? You probably have all the answers you need inside you. If you don’t, then don’t rush anything. Answers will come.

Concluding thoughts

l hope these questions helped you to consider some of the important things in a great love relationship. There are more questions to consider than these, of course. And some of these you may find irrelevant.

The important thing is to keep your heart open. And to do the inner work of aligning your energy to love, trust, and all the good things you desire.

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