Are you looking for some product ideas to start a small business?

Product inspiration is a super fun topic to brainstorm and journal about. Whether you will be selling on your own website, Amazon, Etsy, or wherever, this journal prompt exercise is designed to get the product ideas flowing. 

journal prompts for product ideas


You may be thinking: This journal exercise sounds fun, but I don’t know. Can I just… invent something? And actually sell it?

Sure you can! And you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, either. I designed my first product, a journal in early 2018. I had my journals made in China and shipped directly to Amazon’s fulfillment center. Amazon packages and ships them for me. Read all about how I did it:

How I Designed My First Product, Had it Made in China, and Started Selling on Amazon

I also started an Etsy store in 2019 where I sell printable art, poster prints, foil prints, and t-shirts.

The point is, you can take your idea all the way to completion. You can start your blog or online shop. You can create your product. I did, and you can too.

For this journaling exercise, we will be considering product creation from different and unusual starting points.

Ultimately, these journal prompts are for opening your mind to idea energy. They are designed to help coax those ideas out of the invisible realm and into your journal for safekeeping and development. You may or may not come up with anything brilliant, but you will have fun at the very least. And I firmly believe that the more you journal your creative and business ideas, the more good ideas come your way.

You may have to do some research to answer all these prompts. Here we go!

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25 Journal Prompts for Product Ideas to Sell

  1. 10 Things that can be made 100% biodegradable. Example: Pacifiers, (babies lose them all the time!)
  2. 10 Things that are ugly but could be far more attractive. Example: Tarps. Could they not have polka-dots or a pineapple print?
  3. 15 Reflective things. Example: Compact mirrors, crystals, sunglasses.
  4. 25 Things that begin with a certain letter. Let’s try the letter Q. Just think of how the Q-tip now comes in different shapes and sizes.
  5. 5 Of your biggest wardrobe dilemmas. This is how shapewear came about.
  6. 10 Unusual spices and 10 ancient recipes they are used in.
  7. 20 Things that make noise when you tap it. Example: A metal lunchbox.
  8. 15 Things that tend to break a lot.
  9. 15 Pet items.
  10. 15 Water toys.
  11. 20 Items that are made from paper.
  12. 15 Lawn items.
  13. 5 Top sellers of 5 stores which have gone out of business.
  14. 25 Things that make people laugh. Example: Mullet wigs.
  15. 15 Fashion trends or items you almost like and would actually love if they were just a bit different.
  16. 5 Of your favorite “Today’s Deals” on Amazon.
  17. 15 Color palettes and 15 motifs/patterns. (Save them on a Pinterest board.)
  18. 5 Kitchen tools you wish existed. Example- An electric can opener that plays music. A refrigerator magnet that dispenses mints or gum.
  19. 5 Books you could write. Consider all genres.
  20. 15 Items smaller than a deck of cards.
  21. 10 Things you enjoy photographing.
  22. 15 Unusual underground lifestyle items. Example: Adult furry suits, medieval clothing for role-playing. ***Caution-Do not google this if you are under 18!!!
  23. 5 Things which get both cold and hot.
  24. 5 Things that smell terrible but shouldn’t have to. Example: Nail polish remover.
  25. 15 Things that could have embellishments added such as tassel or sequins. Example: Beach Umbrellas.

Creating & selling products is about more than making money

Believe it or not, being an entrepreneur is about more than making money. I’ve gained a few things just as valuable to me by starting my blog, journal, and Etsy business:

  • The thrill of actually inventing something and having it made!
  • The joy of writing and discovering my passion for blogging.
  • The awesome story of how I built stuff out of nothing that I’ll share with my grandkids.
  • Knowledge, learning from mistakes, personal & business expertise.
  • And a reinforced positive growth mindset.

To me, being an entrepreneur is also about the life experience, being creative, and the knowledge that you’re part of the unique 2% or whatever of people who actually go out on their own limb, bravely.

Concluding thoughts

I hope you loved these product idea journal prompts!

If you come up with anything fantastic, please let me know! And if you want to take on and develop my idea for a refrigerator magnet that dispenses mints or gum, please give me a shout-out when the product is complete! I hope you enjoyed this journaling exercise for product ideas to sell!

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