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35 Journal Prompts For Self-Esteem with PDF Printable

Using journal prompts for self-esteem is a great way to reflect on your confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Journaling can help you know yourself better. It boosts self-esteem by allowing you to clearly reflect on thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a nonjudgmental format.

By writing about feelings of self-worth, image, and more, you can gain clarity and identify negative thoughts. Then, you can begin to gently guide those thoughts to become more self-accepting. With mindfulness and self-love, feelings of low self-esteem can be shifted to positive self-acceptance.

In this article, get 35 journal prompts for self-esteem. They are useful for adults to help guide your writing. Free PDF printable journal prompts are included at the end of this article.

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journal prompts for self-esteem

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Let’s get started journaling for self-esteem with 35 helpful writing prompts.

35 Journal Prompts For Self-Esteem

  1. When do you feel good about yourself?
  2. What makes you feel confident?
  3. How can you accept yourself more?
  4. In what areas of life are you most hard on yourself?
  5. What negative thoughts or feelings can be most easily refuted?
  6. What negative thoughts or feelings point to the need to take action somehow?
  7. And what negative feelings point to the need for a mindset shift or mental re-framing?
  8. What can you do to feel better about yourself today?
  9. What new routines can you create to improve self-esteem going forward?
  10. What are you grateful for today?
  11. What went well today?
  12. Describe what you like about your appearance.
  13. About your personality.
  14. About your innate and natural skills.
  15. About your spirit.
  16. About your lifestyle, home, family, and friends.
  17. List three things about you that make you unique.
  18. What are your favorite compliments to receive?
  19. Reflect on a recent success.
  20. Write about a time you were proud of yourself.
  21. What good decisions have you made lately?
  22. What inspires you to improve your self-worth?
  23. What can you do for self-care to improve self-esteem?
  24. What can you do within your relationships to improve self-esteem?
  25. Within your work life?
  26. At home or in your downtime?
  27. Where do you think your feelings of negative self-esteem are rooted?
  28. How can your spirituality help you shift your feelings?
  29. Do you believe you can improve your self-esteem? Why or why not?
  30. How do you want to feel each day?
  31. What self-talk can you improve?
  32. Journal 5 positive affirmations for self-love.
  33. Journal 5 things to forgive yourself for.
  34. Journal about anyone else you need to forgive.
  35. How can you amplify what’s already working for you or what’s already bringing you joy?

Self-Esteem Journal Prompts PDF 

You can download and print these journaling prompts right here:

Journal prompts for self-esteem free PDF printable.

Feel free to share it with a friend, or use it with a trusted confidant. These questions can also be a self-esteem journal therapist aid.

Now let’s talk more about self-esteem, and how journaling for self-esteem can improve feelings of self-worth, confidence, and more.

Journal Prompts For Self-Esteem

What is self-esteem, and why is it important?

Self-esteem is a person’s view of their sense of worth.

Scientifically, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale provides a measure. 

Low self-esteem creates feelings of insecurity or sadness and keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest. 

Spiraled out of control, low self-esteem can develop into problems such as eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, and more.

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How journaling for self-esteem helps

Journaling helps improve self-esteem by promoting self-reflection and giving you control to take charge of thoughts.

Writing down thoughts, stress, and life questions can significantly improve your outlook on life by inspiring new perspectives.

Journaling for self-esteem boosts confidence. It helps manage anxiety and stress, cope with depression, prioritize tasks and goals, and better understand fears or worries.

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Ways journaling about self-esteem affects mindset

Seeing your thoughts on paper offers a fantastic tool to help turn negative thoughts into more productive ones. Writing also helps with tracking emotions. Here are a few ways journaling for self-esteem can help improve your mindset.

1. Identifying negative self-talk

We all have a critic inside of us. For some, these negative thoughts find fault in everything we do and think.

Writing these thoughts down helps identify the source and nature of your negative self-talk. Then, you can begin to create more positive self-talk.

2. Recognizing and reframing negative thoughts

Journaling helps identify negative thoughts that harm self-esteem.

When journaling for self-esteem, one thing to try is to write down every negative thought that comes to mind. But then, don’t leave the pages with these negative statements. After writing down the negative, cross it out and rephrase it with an encouraging message. 

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3. Challenging limiting beliefs and assumptions

Poor self-esteem often results from rejection, abandonment, or making comparisons to others. Believing the negative creates limiting beliefs and false assumptions about your worth.

Challenge these negatives with motivating positive messages to improve self-esteem. Journaling for self-esteem helps identify what you’re good at, what makes you unique, what you are capable of, and more.

4. Promoting positive self-talk and self-acceptance

Focusing on strengths is often challenging for people with low self-esteem. Some people have a hard time seeing their value. But we all have so much greatness within.

Dig deep, tap into anything you love about yourself, and affirm the positive when writing. Give yourself words of love, grace, and acceptance. Think of positive self-talk and words of self-acceptance to say to yourself and write them down.

Journal Prompts For Self-Esteem

Journaling about self-awareness also improves self-esteem

Developing more self-awareness can enhance self-esteem, so this is also a helpful focus when journaling for self-esteem.

Self-awareness is recognizing emotions, thoughts, and values and understanding how they impact behavior while assessing strengths and challenges.

Cultivate self-awareness by journaling about the following:

  • Reflect on emotions and experiences– Identify and journal about emotions and experiences that have shaped feelings of self-esteem.
  • Understand Personal Strengths and Weaknesses – Write down your strengths and weaknesses to manage and focus on the positive while reframing, shifting, or accepting the negative. Know that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and no one is perfect.
  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge – Grow your self-awareness through journaling. Self-awareness helps to cultivate and strengthen self-worth and inner resilience.

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Tips for effective journaling

Follow these three tips to effectively journal for self-esteem:

1. Find a journaling method you enjoy

Everyone is unique, so write or sketch in whichever way you see fit.  Some options for journaling methods include:

  • Braindumping- Writing whatever comes to mind to “purge” your thoughts.
  • Art journaling.
  • Bullet journaling.- Making lists to organize thoughts.
  • Gratitude journaling- Writing what you’re grateful for exclusively.
  • Using journal prompts like the ones in this article.

2. Create a journaling routine

Set aside uninterrupted time to make journaling a habit, even if it’s jotting down a short sentence each day or doodling one image.

Consider writing at the same time each day. Make it a part of your daily routine to journal for self-esteem. 

3. Don’t judge what comes up

Write freely without judgment. Allow yourself to be unencumbered and completely open. Remember that no one will see your journal except for you.

Tracking better self-esteem in your journal

Measuring progress can be done in three steps:

  1. Set goals– Identify what you want to accomplish when it comes to self-esteem. Keep a calendar alongside your journal to help maintain actionable steps or changes.
  2. Celebrate achievements and successes– As you begin to reach your goals, celebrate. For example, if you are able to notice a negative thought and refute it with yourself, consider that a win. Thoughts can be on auto-piolet, and a great first step is to notice them so you can refute them.
  3. Cultivate a sense of accomplishment and pride– As you begin to reach your goals, expand your plan. Set more challenging aims, like digging even deeper into your self-discovery. Be realistic and practical, but allow yourself to take pride in what you accomplish.

Final thoughts

Picking up a pen and writing down your thoughts can go a long way toward self-improvement. From identifying negative self-talk to tracking progress and achievements, journaling serves as a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their self-esteem.

Through journaling, you will develop a healthy awareness, self-compassion, and self-care, all critical factors in cultivating self-esteem.

It’s your turn now. Change the way you view your worth. Find a pen and notebook and begin boosting your self-esteem.

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