Law of Assumption

How to Use the Law of Assumption Manifestation Technique

Have you ever heard of the Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption has been spreading in the collective awareness recently as a powerful manifestation technique.

Similar to the Law of Attraction, the Law of Assumption is a technique to manifest your desires using the energy of your thoughts and feelings. But, this technique has a slightly different twist.

Let’s talk all about the Law of Assumption: what it is, how to use it, Law of Assumption affirmations for manifesting, examples of this powerful technique, and more!

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Law of Assumption

What is the Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption is a way of manifesting your desires by assuming they are already real.

The Law of Assumption was first proposed by author and philosopher Neville Goddard. Goddard wrote several books on various topics, but his most popular legacy is the Law of Assumption.

According to Goddard’s Law of Assumption, your desire can become a reality if you assume the feeling of your desire as if it is already real. By changing your assumptions about your reality, your reality changes. Therefore, you can manifest what you want with the power of your mind.

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How to use the Law of Assumption

The Law of Assumption is fairly straightforward to use. Successful manifestation using the Law of Assumption involves:

  • Getting clear and focused on what you want to manifest.
  • Feeling the emotions of having your desires be true and real.
  • Assume you already have manifested your desire.
  • Affirm your desire is manifested.

The Law of Assumption can be used to manifest anything in any aspect of your life. From a lucrative career to an exciting new relationship, you can manifest what you assume as true.

Here are the steps to using the Law of Assumption manifestation technique: 

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1. Journal what you want to manifest

To manifest exactly what you want requires absolute clarity and focus. This is why journaling your desire is the first step to the Law of Assumption manifestation technique.

Journaling what you want to manifest can be done in various ways. You could write out a bullet point list, or script write your assumed reality, for example. You should journal in a way that feels right and makes sense to you. 

When writing, ensure you state your desire exactly as you want it to be. This is not the place for making compromises. Be as clear and certain as the bright blue sky on your perfect beach or picnic day. 

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2. Feel your desire as real

The Law of Assumption works based on the feeling of realness. You have to feel as if you already have the thing you want.

To feel as if your desire has already manifested, you must use all your senses. That means using your sense of sight to visualize or imagine your desire as real. Use your sense of sound to hear your desire as reality. Taste your new reality as real, touch it as real, smell it as real.

Feel every emotion associated with having what you want as if it is real. If you’re not sure what something feels like, try feeling something similar that you do know the feeling of. Then merge the feeling of knowledge with the thing you’re unsure of.

Here’s an example:

Suppose you want to manifest a new relationship with someone you’ve never met. First, feel what it feels like to love a friend/family member. That love is real and certain. Now, merge that love feeling with the vision/feeling of this someone new you’ve never met.

Importantly, know that your feeling is real. The knowing is the essence of the Law of Attraction manifestation technique, and so let’s talk about that next.

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3. Assume your desire is real: inner knowing

Your mind will try to stop you. It will likely tell you you’re lying to yourself and all of this manifestation stuff is BS. So, you have to be persistent in assuming your desired reality is real. That means you must have an unshakeable inner knowing that your desire is real.

To be persistent, only entertain thoughts that are the experience of your desire as real.

For instance, if you want a prestigious chef position at a gorgeous restaurant, your thoughts must be occupied by the reality of already working there. You must feel and know this new job as your reality now. If you keep thinking of the current job, keep shifting your thoughts to the new job and assume it is yours.

According to Goddard, if you can maintain a genuine assumption of your desires as real, you will manifest successfully.

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Affirmations for the Law of Assumption:

Affirmations can be incredibly powerful for manifesting the reality you desire. They are a wonderful technique to include when manifesting using the Law of Assumption. Here are 10 Law of Assumption affirmations you can use:

  • I assume my new reality.
  • What I assume is my reality.
  • My desires are met easily.
  • I am a powerful creator.
  • I create my reality.
  • I have what I want.
  • My thoughts and emotions are capable of manifesting whatever I desire.
  • My assumptions create my reality.
  • I am a powerful reality manifestor.
  • I assume my best life.

You can also rewrite these affirmations in your journal in a way that is specific to what you are assuming.

How to use the Law of Assumption?

To use the Law of Assumption, all you need is yourself. You don’t have to have your life in perfect order or be the perfect person. You can assume your worthiness to receive good things and assume anything you want in life.

Let go of mental limitations and naysaying thoughts and simply allow the Law of Assumption to work with you and for you. 

Keep in mind that the Law of Assumption may not work overnight, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Most of the time, it takes practice to align thoughts 100% with your new desired reality- that is, to only experience that new reality so that the new reality or desire can manifest.

The importance of positive anticipation

Having positive anticipation means you fully expect your desire to be real. You anticipate good news, success, abundance, etc, because you know you will receive it.

When I go grocery shopping, I have positive anticipation that I will purchase bananas. I know abundant bananas are at the store waiting. Bananas are my reality. They’re coming home with me in the minivan.

Positive anticipation is very similar to assumption. Anticipation is assuming what you want is there waiting, or on its way. There is no doubt involved.

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Trust and let go of the desire

You’ve gone through the steps and assumed you already have what you desire. It is manifested. So what do you do next?

You let go and trust without fixating on whether or not it will happen.

Don’t think about how it will happen (this can bring with it a lot of negativity and anxiety especially if things don’t look as they should right away). Don’t doubt, obsess over, or question things. 

Instead, keep assuming your successful manifestation. Carry on with your day as normal, and with a joyful bounce in your step. Live as though you already have what you desire…because you do!

Does the Law of Assumption work?

It works so well that a lot of people don’t realize they’ve used it in different ways in the past for both positive and negative things.

If you’ve ever wanted something so much that you find yourself fantasizing about it, what it would feel like to have it, how you would relish it when you have it…and you got exactly what you wanted, then you have used the Law of Assumption. And it worked for you!

And if you’ve ever fretted away over what to say or do, then said or done it all wrong, you assumed that too. You really do manifest with your thoughts. It’s that straightforward.

That being said, the Law of Assumption does not always magically manifest overnight. (And in negative cases, thank goodness!)

To get the Law of Assumption to work, you essentially have to align your energy.That is done through the steps outlined. Alignment will allow you to manifest successfully regardless of the manifestation technique you use.

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Is the Law of Assumption real?

The Law of Assumption is very real. 

Many people have used the Law of Assumption to intentionally manifest different things into their lives- confidence, love, progress, etc. And it worked for them. Many people also use this law without realizing it.

For those who don’t believe in manifestation and the power humans have to create their own reality, the energy of disbelief will likely block them. When you don’t think you can manifest intentionally, often you cannot. When you deny your power, accessing it with intention becomes null and void. You end up manifesting unintentionally instead.

How does the Law of Assumption work?

The Law of Assumption works based on your belief. Or to put it another way, your inner knowing.

If you know and believe what you desire is possible, then it is. If you believe that you can have the kind of career, love, friendship, or life change that you desire, and you assume it as reality, the desires will manifest. 

Belief allows you to align your thoughts and emotions (which naturally affect your actions, too) to assume your reality any way you want it to be.

Detailed Law of Assumption example:

Case study: Suppose you have a hard time dating because you’re insecure, think men are jerks, you’ve got baggage, and so on.

In this example, you can begin by journaling that there is in fact the perfect man for you. Assume you will meet him soon and assume you are ready, willing, and able to meet him. What’s more, you are thrilled to meet him!

Assume this man is different than the rest because he is. Feel the positive anticipation deeply.

Once you’ve become certain of this man, you can take the next step in assuming you have met him.

Feel your meeting as real. See the twinkle in his eye, hear his voice, feel his touch. As well, see and feel yourself positively through his enchanted eyes. Use all of your senses to know his energy and the vibe between you.

Next, know with certainty he is real. This isn’t some fantasy.

Know you are connected to him, and you two are now together. Hold this vibration of knowing and only experience knowing this assumption as real. Speak words of affirmation regularly to stay aligned in this vibration.

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How is the Law of Assumption different from the Law of Attraction?

The two laws are very similar as they focus on manifesting your desires using thoughts and emotions. One major difference would be that the Law of Assumption focuses on what has happened (It is done!) while the Law of Attraction is about what going to happen.

The Law of Assumption assumes that the desires have already manifested and that is a fact, while the Law of Attraction is focused on the ability to attract your desires.

Tips for manifesting love using the Law of Assumption

As discussed in the case study example of the Law of Assumption, you have to assume that you are ready, able, and willing to manifest love. You must assume that the right person is waiting for you. Maybe not literally sitting around waiting, but that they are free, available, and receptive to meeting you.

Consider all of the many factors that make up an amazing relationship and assume each piece of the puzzle:

  • Assume the two of you are a great match and get along beautifully.
  • Assume all the wonderful qualities of this person- honesty, integrity, good looks, etc.
  • Assume your self-worth.
  • Assume divine timing.
  • Trust and know with complete certainty you have met this person.

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Tips for manifesting money using the Law of Assumption

With money, you can use the Law of Assumption manifestation technique in the same way as with manifesting love.

In my experience, it’s helpful to become aware of your money mindset. That includes an awareness of your own money identity. Then assume

you are worthy of money. Assume money is good, not evil. Assume there’s plenty of money and abundance in this world. Affirm and assume it’s good to have money.

Next assume that you already have money (and you likely have at least $5, right? You DO have money. Appreciate it.) You might want to assume some specifics using affirmations such as:

  • I have thousands in the bank plus 300$ cash in my wallet.
  • Money is pouring in from everywhere.
  • Look how much money I just received!

Tips for manifesting a career using the Law of Assumption

You need to know what you want to manifest before using the Law of Assumption technique. It is extremely challenging to manifest a career when you don’t know what kind of career you want.

But if you do not know, you CAN assume knowing. Then, work on obtaining that clarity through taking action to try things, journaling, educating yourself, etc. Soon enough, you will know as you intended to know.

Once you know what career you desire, it’s a matter of actionable steps and assuming you have the career you desire already. Try using easy to say, direct affirmations:

  • I love my career.
  • I’m working here now.
  • I have my ideal job.

Concluding thoughts

I know we didn’t talk much about taking action to manifest. The Law of Assumption naturally inspires action in the right direction- the direction of successful manifestation.

Obviously, you need to take action daily to find success in most endeavors. But the power of your mind should not be underestimated. And that is why we are focused on the Law of Assumption as a manifestation method that utilizes mindset and emotion.

The Law of Assumption manifestation technique is a compelling method of focusing your natural abilities to create your desired reality. It’s easy to learn the steps for this technique, and anyone can use it.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the Law of Assumption. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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