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How to Manifest Love- Align Your Energy to Magnetize Your Soulmate

If you want to attract true love but keep finding yourself alone, please do not give up hope.

Your soulmate is out there somewhere and they want to find love just as strongly as you. To someone out there, you are their perfect match.

So how do you find this person? It’s all a matter of energetic attraction. Much like a magnet to steel.

To manifest love that lasts and fulfills your soul, first you need to “get your house in order.” (Not your actual house, although maybe it could use some dusting.) We are talking energetic frequency with this metaphor.

Your energetic frequency is determined by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. These 3 energetic elements are creating your relationship reality.

To manifest love, you may need some spring cleaning to align your energy.

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How to manifest love

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is all about magnetizing what you desire to come to you. It’s based on the Law of Attraction principle that you create your own reality with your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

How to manifest love is a big mystery for many people. After all, love isn’t something tangible like a car or a new job. Attracting love through manifestation seems questionable or “woo-woo” to some.

The bottom line is that we do create our own reality. We are infinite beings who are extensions of God/ The Universe, and that means we have the power to manifest. When our energy is aligned with love, we can co-create with the greater whole of The Universe.

Let’s talk in detail about how to manifest love via energetic alignment with soulmate love.

How to Manifest Love by Aligning Your Energy

1. Do the inner work

The first thing to think about is what you need to do for inner work. We all have inner work to do. Inner work is positive, empowering, and self-loving. It’s not about focusing on flaws or feeling bad about yourself, but quite the opposite.

Inner work might be about:

  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and healing them.
  • Getting clear on your values and identity.
  • Improving boundaries.
  • Loving yourself more.
  • Forgiveness and grace.
  • Self-care.
  • And more.

It’s not always easy to do inner work, but inner work leads to self-growth. Self-growth expands your reality to make room for new possibilities.

To be clear, it’s not that you can’t manifest love as you are. You don’t have to get to some perfect version of yourself first. But inner work is always something to consider when it comes to manifesting love.

Inner work also helps you be the best partner you can be for your future soulmate.

Know in your heart that you are worthy of love, no matter your “flaws.” At the same time, consider what you are bringing into the relationship. Is there anything you can work on to raise your vibration so that you can be your best for the person you are manifesting?

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2. Know what you want

To know what you want in your soulmate, think deeply about all aspects of your ideal partner. You might find it helpful to write a list. You can also use the journal prompts below to get ideas.

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Consider everything and anything about who you are manifesting:

  • How your soulmate looks.
  • Their personality traits.
  • Their likes and dislikes.
  • Their energy and vibes.
  • What you both have in common.
  • And so much more.

Do not be afraid to write very specifically about who you want to attract. And never think you are asking for too much when you are manifesting love. An analogy I like to use is: You cannot get a front-row parking spot unless you drive to the front. When it comes to getting what you want out of life, do not assume all the front-row spots are full.

Your soulmate will not be perfect, because no one is perfect. But they will be a beautiful match for you. You can co-create an incredibly happy life with this person full of love, stability, security, mutual values, respect, and intimacy.

Be open to where and how you might meet this person. Because you never know.

Additionally, maybe your soulmate looks different than you first visualized. But you’re magnetically attracted to them nonetheless. Maybe they come from a faraway part of the world or are a different age/race/gender than you imagined. Be open to possibilities, getting more than you expected, and being happier than you ever thought possible.

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3. Align your thoughts to love

To manifest love, align your thoughts to love. Visualize the future you desire as if were real. See yourself walking hand in hand with your soulmate, see your wedding, your home together- all of it. Think affirming positive thoughts about love and life.

Then take it a step further and go beyond thinking. Know that you can manifest love.

You can manifest love because you are part of infinity. You are an extension of the entire universe living in physical form. All energy is connected.

There is a space between loneliness and togetherness and that space can fill in an instant. The moment you lock eyes and start a conversation. At that moment the past dissolves, energy connects, and a whole new love begins.

Align your thoughts to knowing. Knowing = trust.

Trust in love creates a positive frequency that makes you a magnet for love. Trust in love aligns you to love. Fear, doubt, and limiting thoughts reveal not the truth of love, but the truth of the inner work that remains inside of you. And again, that’s nothing to feel bad about. We all have inner work whether we choose to see it or not.

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4. Align your emotions with love

Along with knowing love, feel love. Feeling love aligns you with the frequency of love.

But here’s something no one ever talks about- What if you don’t know what love feels like?

Honey, I get it. I’m from a broken home, too.

While I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer, I’m going to give you my best suggestion:

Find out how love feels.

You can get pretty close to understanding the feel of love by studying it.

  • Read stories of couples in love and their soulmate journey.
  • Watch videos about people in love and their lifestyle together.
  • Read love quotes.
  • See if you can spend time around any happy couples and observe them. (Even observing strangers in a coffee shop without being weird about it might be insightful.)

Feeling love allows you to align your emotional vibration with love.

Another way to get your emotions aligned with love is to have gratitude for the love you already have in your life. Be it the love in your family, between friends, or pets. Think of what you loved about former relationships. Think about what you love about each person in your life.

The bottom line is that there is bountiful love energy to tap into. Do whatever you can to align your energy with love, knowing that you are full of love and never separate from love as an infinite being.

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5. Take action to create opportunity

To manifest love, it’s helpful to take action. Even small movements can power up the process of manifestation.

Just as you cannot expect to get a new job without putting in a resume or application, don’t always expect love to knock on your front door. (Although it might!)

Taking action to manifest love includes doing the inner work, and maybe that’s where you focus to start the process. Because often doing inner work naturally leads you to new environments where you meet new people. Additionally, consider:

  • Going on casual dates.
  • Being social with your friends because you never know who you will meet.
  • Engaging in hobbies you enjoy with an open heart about who you might meet.
  • Using dating apps if you vibe with that idea.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone here and there.

Having positive expectations of positive interactions with anyone you meet is helpful. From the store check-out person to a potential soulmate, manifest positive interactions with a smile, kindness, and good manners. The tiniest of actions make a difference in the energy you emit and attract.

6. Let go and trust

We already talked about trust, but it doesn’t hurt to go a bit deeper into what it means to trust in love.

To trust in love and in the manifestation process, you must let go of attachment to finding love.

It sounds counter-productive, but to manifest love, you have to release the feeling of wanting love. And release the attachment of your hopes and desires around love.

When you feel a desire for love, you naturally feel the lack of love that exists in your life. And that sense of lack, that lonely feeling, can manifest more lack of love.

It’s a delicate energy balance to know you desire love, but to not be too attached to finding love. It helps to go about your day in as much gratitude and joy as you can. Focus on other things and keep your heart open.

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Is it hard to manifest love?

Manifesting love itself is not difficult. Love is all around us; love is infinite and in my opinion, each of us has many potential soulmates.

What’s usually most challenging are the steps outlined here in the article. That is to say, the inner work of overcoming limiting beliefs, urgency, loneliness, control, and other energetic blocks to love. Feeling love when you don’t know what love feels like, and trusting can be difficult to suss out.

I personally encourage prayer and meditation in accordance with your spiritual beliefs. It can be helpful to know that there is never a time when your soul is unattended.

How long does it take to manifest love?

How long it takes to manifest love depends on how long it takes to get into energetic alignment with love. This is not always something you can rush. Although you can and should be active about it.

Ask yourself, does it matter if you meet your soulmate in 2 months, 2 years, or 5 years? Usually, it doesn’t, so long as you meet them.

Again, letting go of urgency and control is important so that you don’t block love’s vibration. The love vibration does not include anxiety about when love will happen. That being said, I feel for you if you do have a timeline. It’s good to know what you want. Find your balance with your energy.

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article about manifesting love helpful. Please filter these words through your own understanding and take what you will. May you manifest true love in perfect timing and enjoy it to the fullest. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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