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50 Manifestation Journal Prompts + Free PDF Printable {Next Level!}

Do you feel like it’s time to make dramatic changes in your life? Then you will enjoy these powerful manifestation journal prompts.

Manifestation journaling is a powerful way to “level up” in your life.

Leveling up is a conscious choice to experience greater happiness. It’s an intention to manifest an improved reality. Leveling up is about taking action for change and allowing a positive shift to occur.

Whether you’re manifesting love, career success, financial abundance, or anything else, successful manifestation requires your energy to be aligned with what you desire. And for your trust in God (or The Universe, the Divine, etc.) to be 100%.

These manifestation journaling prompts are designed to help propel you to the next level in life.

The journal prompts can be downloaded for free as PDF printable at the end of this article. Write out your answers in your manifestation journal or personal journal whenever you like.

manifestation journal prompts

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What are Manifestation Journal Prompts?

Manifestation journal prompts are questions that help you identify what your next (new and improved) phase of life looks and feels like.

These journal questions about manifesting help you discover what you most want to manifest. And what might be holding you back from manifesting your goals and dreams.

Writing out the answers to these journal prompts can be done at your own pace, Hence, why a PDF printable is included. Simply download, print, and use it any time.

To manifest successfully, you must get crystal clear on what reality you want to create for yourself. Think about what your desired future life looks like. What steps are you taking? What is your plan for getting where you want to be? The manifestation journal prompts provided in this article ask these types of questions and more. They are intended to be deep and quite personal.

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What is the Next Level for Manifesting?

The next level for manifesting represents a new and improved reality. The next level is something anyone can manifest by different methods, journaling being one method.

The next level looks different for everyone. Maybe it’s a big move, a marriage, or a career change. It could also be something less outwardly visible like a mindset shift that leads to more happiness over time. In essence, the next level is your life, but reasonably better. The next level is achievable and doable.

Please note that a change to the next level is not meant to represent being superior to anyone else. Everyone has their own journey in life. It’s simply about personal happiness.

Let’s dive right into the manifestation journal prompts. Then we will discuss manifestation tips for success. Manifest the next level of happiness in your life with full trust in the love and support of The Universe!

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Manifestation journal prompts

Next Level Manifestation Journal Prompts

  1. Describe what your next level looks like.
  2. What motivates you to manifest the next level in life?
  3. How does change feel to you?
  4. Write 11 affirmations of manifesting the next level of your life successfully.
  5. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  6. What actions are you taking to manifest the next level?
  7. What non-actions are you taking?
  8. Why are you manifesting this new reality?
  9. Describe your support system now.
  10. Who are you manifesting in your next-level reality?
  11. Describe your daily life at the next level.
  12. Describe your emotions.
  13. What needs to change right away to manifest your new reality?
  14. What needs to change slowly?
  15. Is there anything that doesn’t need to change?
  16. How is the next level better?
  17. Is there anything you’re unsure of in the next level?
  18. Describe how you’re changing and in what ways.
  19. Is your change dramatic? Subtle? What is its nature?
  20. Describe yourself in your new reality- your personality, vibration, interests, etc.
  21. Do you have any fears about manifesting this new level?
  22. What about doubts or limiting beliefs?
  23. What are your brightest hopes for this manifestation?
  24. What are you enjoying the most?
  25. Journal 3 actions you can take daily to manifest the next level.
  26. Journal 10 things you are grateful for right now.
  27. Write about your past successes.
  28. Write about any major life shifts you’ve experienced thus far.
  29. Write about the best changes you have made in life thus far.
  30. What doors are opening for you?
  31. What doors are closing?
  32. Are you worried what anyone will think about your change?
  33. What good things do you observe in your new world?
  34. Write about anything you need to change or work on to get where you want to be.
  35. Write about what you are releasing as you move to the next level.
  36. What do you do for fun in the next level?
  37. What is your love life like in the next level?
  38. Describe your finances in the next level?
  39. How is your health in the next level?
  40. Journal about your career in the next level.
  41. Write about your friendships and family in the next level.
  42. Describe your body and appearance in the next level.
  43. What do you love most about the next level?
  44. How can you trust in what you are manifesting?
  45. Is anything holding you back?
  46. How will you break on through?
  47. Why is this important?
  48. Do you believe in yourself?
  49. Do you believe in transformation?
  50. What wonderful things await?

How to Use Journal Prompts for Manifesting

To use these journaling prompts, simply grab your journal and pen. Make sure you have no interruptions and begin writing whatever comes to mind. Be uncensored and write freely.

If you want, you can play soft music, surround yourself with crystals, burn incense, or set the mood to journal accordingly.

There is no right or wrong way to journal, so you decide how much or how little to write. Furthermore, you don’t need to be neat, write full sentences, or make your writing sound perfect.

Importantly, while you write, feel the positive emotions of that which you desire to manifest as though you already have your desires. Feel it as real. Allow that happiness in, and get excited! Additionally, we will talk more about using emotions to manifest in just a moment.

Manifestation journal prompts

4 Tips for Successful Manifesting

Here’s what to know to manifest successfully by journaling. These are tips that must be mentioned.

1. Be prepared

When manifesting big next-level changes, be prepared mentally and emotionally. I have personally experienced some dramatic results by taking the actionable steps needed + affirming my readiness for the next level. Positive results, but I’ve also experienced some turbulent flights.

So whether you’re manifesting a big lifestyle change or a change in a specific area of your life, buckle up for the journey. You may have a smooth transition to the new energetic frequency, or you might have to put on your boots and mud through things a bit.

Either way, it’s all good. Know that The Universe is ultimately working in your favor. Moreover, trust!

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2. Use your emotions to align your energy

To align your energy with that which you desire, feel the actual feelings of having the change you seek.

So if you are manifesting love, feel what the relationship feels like. Feel all aspects of the relationship. When manifesting money, feel the financial abundance. When manifesting a new home, really sense it with all your senses. And so forth.

Aside from journaling, some more methods to you can use to align your energy include:

Keep your thoughts positive and trust that you can manifest the changes you desire. Affirm for everything to work out in your highest good and the good of all involved.

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3. Do not obsess

You’ve got to give manifestation the space and time to happen. Nothing blocks manifestation like urgency, neediness, or desperation. These emotions are best dissolved by journaling, prayer, meditation, crystals, therapy, and other methods.

In order to not obsess, another thing to do is distract yourself from overthinking. Engage in other activities and don’t think about what you’re manifesting all the time. The Universe hears you.

4. Take action

Always do your best to take action in the direction of your dreams. You have to participate in the energetic shift. It’s not always going to just- poof- happen without your participation, (although it could for certain things, it depends.)

But for example, if you are manifesting a better job, then it’s a good idea to put in an application or resume. If you are manifesting love, then go out on dates or be willing to chat with different people.

PDF Printable manifestation journal prompts

Here is the printable list of journal prompts for manifesting. Download them using the link below, and write them out whenever you like. Feel free to share with a friend. And enjoy!

Next-level manifestation journal prompts PDF

If you found these questions helpful, check out my book on Amazon!

Journal prompts book ad.

Concluding thoughts

I hope you found these manifesting prompts helpful for reaching the next level of happiness in your life. Manifesting the next level is exciting!

It’s good to know that The Universe is always working in ways you can’t see behind the scenes.

While it can be hard to trust, to be patient, and to take action when it feels like nothing is happening, know that your primary point of power is in your mindset. It’s in your emotions and thoughts. Your power to manifest is inside of you.

Mindset drives action. Action combined with mindset enables the Universe to work its magic.

Please feel free to share these journal prompts. Write them at your own pace and have fun!

Additionally, thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

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