I don’t know about you, but my home has really been turned upside-down since having kids. Tables get broken, lamps busted. And the living room carpet? Destroyed. I like to keep a clean & tidy minimalist home, but I can’t escape the inevitable- kids are messy and they wreck the house!

That’s why I’m slowly working to replace some furniture around the house. Especially in the living room. With kids being kids, you need quality, sturdy, home decor that will last. At the same time, your furnishings can’t be too precious, and they must be affordable.

In this article, we will take a look at some kid-friendly, minimalist living room decor. Chic, modern style lamps, rugs, tables, sofas and more!

Shop along with me and discover affordable home decor that fits into the minimalist home aesthetic AND is family-life friendly.

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minimalist living room decor

Categories of minimalist living room decor:

TV Consoles
Mirrors & wall art

All of these pieces are from Amazon. Click the image for ratings and details.

Amazon has a surprising amount of gorgeous minimalist living room decor to choose from, and we all love Amazon’s customer service and easy returns if you don’t love something.

I’m only selecting decor that I would use in my own home.

Family-friendly decor must-haves:

  • Minimalistic or modern/ minimal style.
  • Not over-priced.
  • Looks sturdy or like it won’t topple over. (Except for the globe lamp I’m featuring. It looks like it could get knocked over easily by a kid. But it’s too fabulous, I might take my chances!)

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Ok, now let’s get started!


We are looking at standing floor lamps and a few table lamps and trying to avoid anything tippy. So a strong base is important. As is location- (where you will place it in your living space.)



A solid, cushy soft rug is the best. So comfortable to play on. I’d recommend a darker color in the living room.

If you love lighter colors, even white, I’d say go for it in your kids’ room! It’ll live a longer life in a bedroom.


Tables :

Consider round tables if you have younger children.

Sharp edges can be dangerous for children if not covered by corner protectors.



Here we having dining style chairs, armchairs, and the CUTEST kid table and chair set.

Love the colors of this adorable set, and that they feel gender-neutral.



Velvets and brushed velvet are relatively easy fabrics to clean when you have messy kids.

Also, cats usually dislike scratching velvet and have a harder time sinking their claws into the leather. That’s why we are looking at sofas in these materials.

Warning- if you chose furniture that is tweed-ish in texture, your cats will shred it up!

TV Consoles:

Simple mid-century designs are my favorite.


Mirrors & Wall Decor:

So many pretty mirrors, pieces of art, and interesting decor for walls everywhere. And Amazon does a good job shipping these fragile items.

Ever tried shopping for a large wall mirror at Home Goods with a 1-year old in the cart? Impossible.


Concluding thoughts on modern minimalist decor:

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this minimalist living room decor guide. I’m planning on purchasing a round side table sometime in the near future as my next home upgrade. My old table from TJ Maxx is broken!

What about you? Did you enjoy this shopping guide? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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