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50 Money Affirmations for Wealth + Free PDF Printable

Using money affirmations can help train your mind to think and feel in ways that are aligned with your financial desires in life.

When it comes to manifesting money, affirmations for wealth can help you shift your energy and vibration to a state of abundance. They can help you to become a magnet for financial opportunities, money-making ideas, and more.

Using affirmations for money, along with the actions you take, is an easy practice that empowers you to manifest abundance in your life.

In this article, get 50 positive money affirmations for wealth, with a free PDF printable.

You can download the money affirmations list at the end of this article. Then practice them any time you wish.

When practiced regularly, affirmations for wealth & abundance can be incredibly powerful for aligning your thoughts and vibration.

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Money affirmations

Read through these positive affirmations, then grab the PDF download at the end.

After, we go into depth about how affirmations work. You’ll learn how to use money affirmations effectively, and how they can help increase your wealth.

50 Positive money affirmations for wealth

I have all the money I need to be happy and then some.

An abundance of happiness, love, and financial security fills my heart.

I’m always financially confident.

I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much extra money I have.

I can purchase anything I want anytime I want.

Manifesting money quotes

Abundance surrounds me in all aspects of my life.

I am financially blessed and overflowing with money.

Having lots of money is naturally a part of my identity.

On a deep inner level, I’m an abundant, wealthy person.

I look wealthy, feel wealthy, and act wealthy because I am wealthy.

I feel completely relaxed about money.

Money comes to me, and I spend it as I wish.

I make purchase decisions based on quality and I choose my purchases with complete freedom.

I live abundantly knowing I have absolute financial freedom.

Financial freedom affirmation

Abundance is mine in the form of wealth, love, freedom, lifestyle, and peace of mind.

Money is easy to save because it’s so abundant in my life.

Money is easy to spend knowing I have more than enough.

My retirement is totally secure.

My home is beautiful, peaceful, and luxurious.

The people in my life make my heart feel full.

I appreciate the abundance in my life. I truly have it all.

My money mindset is full of inspiration and positivity.

I’m so grateful and blessed with all the wealth, happiness, and love in my life.

Abundance affirmations for wealth

My lifestyle is abundant and full of luxury.

I feel relaxed and at ease when I think of my finances.

I can afford to relax completely about money.

Abundance reveals itself to me each and every day. I’m always finding more to be thankful for.

My positive money mindset creates abundance in my life.

I’m effortlessly wealthy and abundant.

Making money is fun and easy for me.

Money affirmations for wealth

I have my dream job and it fills me with happiness and abundance.

Money is all around me.

I love taking my friends and family on beautiful luxurious getaways.

Spending money is fun.

I feel comfortable with my wealthy financial identity.

Abundance comes naturally to me.

I enjoy spending money on things that bring meaning and happiness to my life.

It feels amazing to be generous.

I use my wealth for good.

I know I’m worthy of what I desire in life.

Money affirmations for wealth

Money loves me.

My energetic frequency attracts amazing opportunities.

I manifest lovely people, an abundance of fun, and a luxurious lifestyle.

I keep on living the good life.

Financial freedom is something I’m becoming an expert on.

I’m always finding opportunities and manifesting money.

I attract money, wealth, and abundance with ease.

Having lots of money is completely natural for me.

Wealth affirmations for money

I’m an energetic match for loads of money.

I align with my dream lifestyle.

PDF printable affirmations for wealth

You can download the affirmations worksheet below. Then print and use it any time you wish. Feel free to share with a friend. And enjoy!

Free PDF printable money affirmations for wealth

Now, let’s talk more in-depth about affirmations.

Money affirmations journaling

What are money affirmations?

Money affirmations are short positive statements you can read out loud, say in your mind, or even write down. They are focused on finances, wealth, and increasing income.

Positive affirmations about money help to counter and eventually replace other, less helpful thoughts. They work by creating new neural pathways in the brain.

Most people have thousands of thoughts per day. Many of those thoughts are worrisome, pessimistic, or focused on lack. On what they don’t have, can’t have, can’t do, and so on. These thought patterns are often subconscious and can limit your potential.

By using money affirmations you can train your mind to think more positively about money. You can break the boundaries of limiting or negative thought patterns related to wealth.

Use money affirmations to change your identity around money and shift your current mindset to one that is energetically aligned with financial abundance.

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Affirmations for money

How do affirmations for money work?

Everything that you create in your life starts with your thoughts. From your job to your relationships, financial abundance, and more. Mindset is where everything originates.

As the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer said,  What you think, you become. And the energy you emit via your emotions, you attract back to you.

Affirmations for money train your thoughts away from the lack-of-money mentality and towards the field of infinite possibilities. They can help shift your thoughts around money and in turn, shift your emotions.

The truth is, there are infinite possibilities in life. You can create and manifest amazing luxury, abundance, money, and more. But you have to feel that truth for yourself.

If you’ve never felt abundant money energy, you have to find a way to feel it to manifest it. And affirmations are one way to achieve that feeling.

Feelings are the key to manifesting anything. Feeling leads to action, and good-feeling action is paramount in manifesting your desires.

So, create a positive money mindset with affirmations and utilize your emotional and mental energy to support your actions and manifest your financial goals.

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manifest money

What results to expect from using affirmations for wealth

As mentioned, money affirmations are a tool to train your thoughts and attune your mindset to abundance. Using affirmations every day, day after day is what it will take to shift the way you think and feel.

Each person is different. Some people have greater money blocks than others. Some people will take more time to shift their thoughts to wealth and abundance. While others will be able to train their brains faster.

Manifesting money with wealth affirmations depends on many factors and how you spend your time. But by thinking positive money thoughts regularly, you will likely see things start to shift in your life. Opportunities have a way of presenting themselves, and unforeseeable positive events can happen.

The inner self and the outer world reflect each other. When your own thoughts and actions (including hard work) are in alignment with abundance and you are receptive to getting money, money starts to flow in your direction.

For example, to make money blogging, I had to put in the work without making any money at first. Eventually, I aligned my energy to making money as a professional blogger. I always affirmed my own success and abundance, even before I had any. You have to believe in yourself.

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wealth affirmations

How to use money affirmations effectively

Read the money affirmations every day, either out loud or in your mind. You can also write them down.

You may want to read them more than once per day, and it may help to dedicate a certain time of day to reading affirmations. (Such as first thing in the morning.)

The key is to use money affirmations with positive expectations and receptivity. Feel the affirmative statements as true, even if you’re not experiencing them in your current reality yet.

Remember that you are training your brain and creating new neural pathways. Paving new roads in your brain, literally.

Set aside your doubts and fears and instead allow yourself to embody the positive energy of each statement.

Feel the affirmations as if they are already real and do this consistently.

Take the actions you need to take while simultaneously working on your mindset using the money affirmations. An abundant reality will follow naturally.

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Final thoughts

Using affirmations for money, wealth, and all aspects of abundance can be life-changing.

When you make major changes to the way you think, your life changes in incredible ways. Lack, fear, and pessimism can be shifted into positivity, hope, gratitude, and inspiration.

You can change your mindset to an abundance mindset, and you can manifest your desires in life be they financial or anything else.

Again, your emotions and the energy behind your thoughts are key. So, align your energy to the vibration of money and abundance.

Experience financial abundance like it’s already here using all your senses. Look at abundance, say it, smell it, taste it, think it, sense it, touch it, visualize it, hear it, know it, be it.

Keep feeling the money energy while taking action. Even if it takes time to push past your inner resistance or doubt, don’t give up.

You have the power to manifest money. Affirm that fact, and have a lovely day!

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