If you’ve ever wondered how to manifest wealth and abundance using the Law of Attraction, (or ever felt frustrated by the Law of Attraction not working,) then you may be overlooking one key magical element to your manifestation techniques: your money mindset.

Learn how to shift your money identity with 11 effective money mindset and law of attraction techniques. Create a manifesting money mindset, step into the flow, and allow the Law of Attraction to start working for you.

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How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives that which we think about and focus on. In other words, we create our own reality with our thoughts. The Law of Attraction says that everything that exists in the physical realm exists first as thought. This included objects, actions, words, feelings, and existence itself.

The Law of Attraction can be controversial for some people. Bad things happen in life, and it’s hard to imagine that we create those realities with thoughts and mindset.

As an answer to this concept, many people believe that when our souls incarnate here on earth, certain events or environments are pre-determined and our souls agree to face those challenges to learn and grow. But otherwise, each one of us has free will and can use the Law of Attraction for any purpose- to attract love, manifest money, and more.

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It can take some finesse, practice, self-awareness, and importantly, action to be able to use the law of attraction for manifesting. Money especially, because wealth is one of the most desired states of being, along with love and good health.

If you’ve ever tried to use the Law of attraction for manifesting money and it hasn’t worked, don’t give up. You may simply be missing information. There’s much to understand about using Law of Attraction techniques to manifest money, and this article can help fill in some of those gaps.

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Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you

There are 5 main reasons why you’re struggling to get Law of Attraction to work for you:

  • Money identity
  • Money blocks
  • Unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Not taking action
  • Lack of persistence, patience, and time

We will go over each reason in detail, but first, let’s talk about how our money identity affects our success in using the Law of Attraction to manifest money.

Thinking holistically about your money mindset and money identity

First, understand that we need to think holistically about money mindset.

You cannot separate your money mindset from other aspects of your mindset/identity. Money mindset and money identity are intrinsically linked to other parts of your identity such as physical self-image, social status, self-perceived intelligence levels, and more.

Each of us has many identities, and they can be quite varied. If you’ve never thought much about how you identify or the ways you think of yourself, try drawing a pie chart. It’s really quite fun.

Because all your identities are linked, you must see your money mindset identity as wholistic to your entire identity. Just as you can’t separate the mind from the body, (ie, mental health from full-body health,) you cannot separate your money mindset from the rest of your mindsets and various identities.

Ask yourself how your money mindset relates to other aspects of your identity. For example, how does your money mindset relate to your identity around physical appearance? Family background? High school popularity or achievements?

What other aspects of your identity do you need to work on to help your money mindset improve?

How to change your money identity to manifest money with the Law of Attraction

To become the version of you that has the money and wealth you desire, shifting your identity is necessary.

For example, instead of feeling like a loser for job-hopping so much and feeling lost, re-frame your self-concept and realize you are a curious, smart person who likes to dabble. Maybe you can’t find a job you don’t hate for reasons other than “There must be something wrong with me.”

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To change your identity around money and wealth, you may have to dig deep to determine what thoughts are creating money blocks for you. We all have unconscious beliefs that shape our reality.

Those unconscious beliefs must be brought to light as you create a new money mindset. Then you can use The Law of Attraction to manifest wealth and abundance effectively.

Let’s discuss some ways to do just that.

11 Money Mindset and Law of Attraction Techniques to Increase Wealth

1. Journaling to improve your money mindset

When journaling about your money mindset and possible money blocks, first write out some questions for yourself to answer. If you feel emotional or triggered, recognize that’s a good thing! If you get emotional, that means you are beginning to discover your unconscious beliefs. You’ve made a crack in the egg, so to speak.

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Many people have negative feelings tied to their money mindset, and hidden feelings are what we are trying to uncover. Hidden feelings can block the flow of money.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What instances from childhood caused me to believe I could or could not be wealthy?
  • What did my family and community model/teach me about wealth growing up?
  • How does my current environment affect my money mindset?
  • How committed am I to becoming wealthy? How important is manifesting money and an abundant lifestyle?
  • What do I think about money and wealthy people?
  • What excites me about wealth, and what scares me?

These questions are just a few examples to help you explore your money mindset and law of attraction techniques on paper.

When you thoroughly understand where your money mindset originates and what it’s been shaped by, you can begin to actively change it.

money mindset

You can then create the money mindset that you need to use the law of attraction effectively.

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2. Meditation and mindfulness to become more skillful at manifesting

Along with journaling to improve your money mindset, try meditation to clear your mind, and bring clarity to your money mindset. What are you currently manifesting with the law of attraction money-wise? Envision yourself where you want to be instead and hold that vision.

The key is to focus on the feeling or sensation of wealth and abundance in order to manifest that wealth and abundance. Feel the gratitude and love you have for the feeling of financial freedom. Practice feeling “as if” you’re already living in that state of wealth. Using positive affirmations can help.

money mindset

The thing not to do is to wish and want because wishing and wanting energy is an energy of lack; when you wish you had the money it means you don’t have the money.

Instead, practice your empathy skills. Imagine and feel what it feels like to go shopping without looking at price tags. Go inside a fancy department store and feel the sense of luxury around you. Use your senses to physically imagine and feel the freedom of financial abundance. What would it feel like to be Gwyneth Paltrow and own Goop?

money mindset

Empathy exercise

If this is challenging, try practicing your empathy skills in other, unrelated ways to build that mental muscle. For example, if you’re a woman, have you ever thought about how it would feel to be a man? Or vice versa. What about how it would feel to be a cat? This may sound silly, but try it!

Letting go and allowing

Another element to successfully manifesting money using the Law of Attraction is to practice a sense of “letting go.” Of not reaching and grasping (which the universe reads as desperation and lack) but of simply inviting money to flow your way as you go about your business.

You must “get into the flow” to manifest “effortlessly” but at the same time, you must take action. You have to have faith and trust as you work towards the shift into wealth and abundance. Because allowing money mindset and law of attraction techniques to work is a big part of them working!

Gratitude to manifest abundance

Being thankful for what you already have is an important part of manifesting money as well. When you hold an energy of gratitude and are mindful of being thankful for what you already have, the universe often responds by giving you more.

You can practice gratitude journaling to strengthen the energy of your thoughts. Each day, simply make a list of what you are grateful for and hold that emotion close to your heart.

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3. Take action to power your manifesting

For the law of attraction to work, you have to shake things up and start doing things differently. You must take action to change not only your manifesting powers and money mindset but anything about your life standing in your way of creating wealth. This could include your environment, relationships, skillset, or health.

The universe cannot help you until you take responsibility and begin making the changes you need to make. For example, maybe you need more positive relationships. Or better self- care.

It can be challenging to create wealth when you’re dealing with disease, excessive weight, mental health issues, or tumultuous relationships. Sometimes you have to deal with one thing at a time.

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If this feels overwhelming, please go easy on yourself and be loving to yourself. Use any spiritual tools that feel right for you, from prayer to psychic guidance. Know that you are not alone, and no one is perfect.

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You may also need to learn some new skills. For example, to become a successful blogger, I had to learn the fundaments first. I had to set up my blog, learn affiliate marketing, learn search engine optimization, and so on. It was and is a lot of work, but writing puts me into the flow state, and I love it. You can check out my start a blog page if you want more info, or my free blogging class for subscribers to this blog.

This leads me to…

4. Identify your passions or interests

You don’t need passion or inspiration to develop a skill that can manifest money. But you do need passion and inspiration to joyfully manifest money with the law of attraction, and happiness is key.

If you have no clue what your passions or interest are, then start actively searching. Try new things to discover your interests. You may have to leave your comfort zone, so buckle up, buttercup:)

Make a new friend, join a gym and try CrossFit, take a pottery class, throw a party and network, start writing, check out Skillshare for online classes for cheap, volunteer at a soup kitchen… anything to put yourself in a new environment and learn something new. This will also help you learn what you do not want/like, and that knowledge is equally helpful for your life path.

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5. Wealth-inspiring books to shift your money mindset to abundance

A great way to shift your money mindset to wealth and abundance is by reading books about creating wealth. This is my favorite law of attraction money mindset hack.

Before I started my blog and Etsy store (and had no idea how I was going to create wealth) I started reading books about entrepreneurship and manifesting wealth. I’ve also read dozens of self-help books which have been incredibly influential. A few of my favorites are:

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Block and Live a First Class Life.

She Means Business: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality & Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape The 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Rather Sleep All Day.

Another terrific book I’m currently reading that’s inspiring me for future travels, future blog topics, and the power of Instagram to make money is Insta Travel.

Inspirational books are an amazing starting point, middle point, and continuation of mindset development, especially for a manifesting money mindset.

Thankfully, so many wise and incredible authors exist. There is an author for everyone. Something helpful to read for anyone.

6. Shift your mindset to creativity

Between all the reading, journaling, meditation, and making plans, we can get easily overwhelmed. Enter the “creativity hack”, as I call it.

Instead of battling your mind in frustration, sideswiped, and step into your creativity.

Try something new, such as fiction writing, art journaling, watercolor painting, singing, dancing, earth art, or creative cooking. Practice any creative activity to shift your energy into fun, joy, and creativity.

Using this creativity hack will also help you discover potential interests you could monetize, (such as writing) and passions you could capitalize on (like graphic design.)

Vision board

You may try making a vision board with images of your ideal lifestyle.

A vision board is a fun creative project, and it helps to affirm to the universe your goals and dreams. You can use your vision board anytime during meditation for manifesting money, wealth, and your ideal lifestyle.

You could also make a Pinterest board.

7. Shift your mindset to giving- what do you have to give?

Before I was a blogger, I didn’t think I had anything to give anyone. I thought my Virgo inclination to over-analyze was useless. It didn’t occur to me that my love of journaling could morph into a career.

For years I worked in restaurants before becoming a Registered Nurse. I figured nursing was an interesting career choice that paid well- and it absolutely is. But I hated nursing; it simply was not for me.

The truth is, everyone has natural innate skills that can be developed. And everyone has something to give to society. When you are living the best version of yourself, doing whatever you like to do, you are giving the best of yourself to this world.

When you give the best of yourself, you can use the law of attraction more effectively because you are coming from a positive place of being “in the flow” of what you enjoy doing.

By giving, you’ll be better able to find ways to increase your wealth and abundance because you’ll be existing in this flow state. You will thrive in this flow state.

You’ll get on the “level” of opportunity for increased wealth and be able to use the Law of Attraction to manifest fresh ideas, creative inspiration, and supportive people as part of your wealth creation. Positive money mindset and Law of Attraction techniques that work will become second nature.

8. Mindset shift to wonder and awe

Another mindset hack you can use is the “shift to wonder”.

This mindset hack works wonderfully not only for a poor money mindset, but for depression, anxiety, or any negative mental state.

Marvel at the natural world and the wonders of the universe. Take a long hard look at the unknown and unseen realms. Read up on fractal patterns, quantum physics, and ancient underwater cities.

If you feel stuck in life about anything, realize you are thinking too small. That realization can really help shift your money mindset.

There is so much opportunity, magic, and abundance in this world. There is so much to learn, discover, and explore. If you struggle to see the magic in life, blame your unconscious beliefs, then fix them.

9. Be less frugal to improve your money mindset and law of attraction powers

First, know that being frugal is smart. (And obviously, sometimes being frugal is not much of a choice.) The super-rich are often just as mindful of their money.

Not overspending means less clutter, and clutter is the opposite of luxury; it’s chaotic. Living a minimalist lifestyle is a lifestyle upgrade.

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But penny-pinching can make you feel poor and keep your mindset poor. Your ability to use the Law of Attraction to manifest money will be less effective if you have a frugal mindset all the time.

If you have any wiggle room in your budget, experiment with spending “as if” you already have the money you desire. Here are some ways you can spend less restrictively (yet rationally) to shift your mindset to abundance and wealth:

  • Don’t always buy the cheapest. Go for better quality where you can.
  • Give, give, give.
  • Buy some organic food instead of cheap generic food. Especially fresh organic vegetables.
  • Splurge on books, art supplies, an online class, or whatever your need for your personal growth and development.
  • Avoid looking at price tags for certain items to make your purchase decision based on value, not dollars.

10. Be persistent in mastering Law of Attraction techniques

To use the Law of Attraction to manifest money takes manifestation power.

And developing that manifestation power can take patience, time, and persistence. Manifesting money using the Law of Attraction can happen quickly, but sometimes it doesn’t. So hang in there and keep being your own cheerleader. Keep improving your lifestyle, money mindset, and practical skills. Simultaneously, allow the flow of money into your life by being open and receptive to it.

The alternative to not creating wealth and financial freedom and not learning to manifest wealth using the Law of Attraction is to give up. Considering just how infinite and magical a world we live in, that alternative is boring.

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11. Be willing to fail

Be brave, be willing to fail, be willing to risk.

Going along with tip #10, you need to develop patience, persistence, and a positive growth mindset to find your passions and interests.

You need a positive growth mindset to develop the skills needed to manifest money using the law of attraction, be it via employment, entrepreneurship, or some sort of “luck” (such as marrying into money or winning the lottery.) That positive growth mindset will help you to not fear failure as much.

Along with a positive growth mindset and taking action, part of you has to be willing to relax, let go, and simply allow the flow of abundance to come to you. For example, when you go on a date with an amazing person, you don’t force the connection. You simply allow the romance to unfold, enjoying the moment. The same can be said when you’re waiting to find out about a promotion, looking for a new job, or to check your sales.

And finally, never beat yourself up over “failures.” There is no such thing. You have got to make mistakes to learn and grow, and the only failure is in giving up on yourself. Even then, even at rock bottom, you can re-emerge and try again.

Law of Attraction money mindset conclusion

The Law of Attraction is both practical and magical. Using Law of Attraction techniques to manifest money involves taking action and allowing the flow of abundance to come to you. It’s active and passive.

Manifesting effectively using the Law of Attraction is a practice that can take some finesse to master. But sometimes, manifesting something can happen quickly after we glimpse a moment of clarity, a connection to ourselves and the universe.

I hope you find these money mindset and Law of Attraction techniques helpful.

Please let me know what you think of these Law of Attraction and money mindset techniques in the comments below. And please pin to share the love!

Money Mindset and Law of Attraction Techniques

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