Morning Journal Prompts

20 Quick Morning Journal Prompts for a Good Day

Starting the day off by journaling can help you feel more focused, intentional, and positive.

Writing is one of the best ways to gather your thoughts and plan your next steps. It’s good for mental health, self-care, and so much more.

If you want to try journaling in the am but aren’t sure what to jot down, morning journal prompts can help.

Check out this list of 20 quick and easy-to-write morning journaling ideas. You can likely write at least a few questions, if not all, in under 20 minutes. (Depending on how fast and how much you write.)

Write short sentences or bullet journal-style answers- whatever works for you. The point is to head out the door feeling more inspired, motivated, and focused on the good.

There’s a PDF printable included at the end so you can write print out these journal prompts if you’d like.

Morning Journal Prompts

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How to Use Morning Journaling Prompts

You’re busy in the morning, so these journal prompts are meant to be short and sweet. Answer them quickly, or take all the time you want (or have) to write them.

Hopefully, these questions will help you think about what kind of day you want to have and help you gain clarity.

Let’s begin!

20 Quick Morning Journal Prompts

  1. Describe your mood upon awakening.
  2. What’s happening today?
  3. What’s been on your mind lately?
  4. What are you excited about?
  5. What are you not excited about?
  6. What do you hope to accomplish today?
  7. What’s your main focus?
  8. What vibe are you giving off today?
  9. Write some positive affirmations for yourself.
  10. What are you not worrying about today?
  11. Write about how you want today to go.
  12. How is your mindset today?
  13. What’s your attitude today?
  14. Who will you be happy to see today?
  15. Think of something funny and jot it down.
  16. What were your dreams last night?
  17. What are you doing for fun later?
  18. List any errands you need to do.
  19. What’s cooking for dinner?
  20. What are you grateful for today?

Printable Morning Journal Prompts

Here’s the printable. Simply download, print, and answer these morning questions when you like.

Morning Journal Prompts PDF Printable

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these quick morning journaling questions.

If you feel stumped, my best advice is to jot down the first things that come to mind.

Don’t worry if you don’t write full sentences or write neatly. There’s no right or wrong way to journal.

Have fun writing, and have a wonderful day!

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