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10 BEST Personal TimeLine Examples + PDFs

Have you been thinking about the best way to design your life?

Then you may benefit from learning how to create a personal timeline.

Personal timelines are plans you can easily draw up to design your life according to what you truly want. Timelines can help you gain clarity, plan the steps you need to make, and inspire you to take action.

Personal timelines are focused on what you value the most, and what inspires you the most. These plans can be niched down to focus on specific goals, or they can be more broad. Your timeline can be a daily personal timeline, or encompass any amount of time that’s necessary.

I’m a firm believer that designing your life on paper helps with achieving your goals. Everything that manifests into reality starts in the mind first.

To create your best personal timeline to maximize your time and energy, check out these 10 timeline ideas. Personal timeline examples are included, along with free PDF printables you can download and use for your personal planning.

Personal time lines

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How to Create A Basic Personal Timeline

To create a personal timeline, you can use any of the timeline printables offered below. Simply fill out the template you want with your personal experiences and the dates. You can also choose to include your future plans in a basic personal timeline if you wish.

Creating a Personal Timeline for Lifestyle Design

The best way to create a personal timeline for lifestyle design is to first brainstorm how you want to plan your life. Grab your journal and quickly jot down a few main ideas. Use your intuition, and write what first comes to mind.

Next, choose your primary focus. You can use one of the personal timeline templates offered below. Simply write what you want to achieve or experience on your timeline.

10 Personal Timelines With Examples

All the timeline printables are 8.5 x 11-inch PDF downloads. Links can be found after each example. You can also journal your timeline ideas freely. Check out each timeline example for ideas and inspiration!

1. My Life Timeline

A my life timeline is a chart you can use to mark certain events in your life. This type of timeline is usually used to record what you have already experienced but can be helpful for future planning as well.

Examples of use: You may include your birthdate, school dates, and special events. Filling out a life timeline template is a fun way to show the story of your life on paper. This is a good timeline to start with if you’ve never made one before. You can add your future plans to this timeline, too.

My life personal time line example

Download the My Life Personal Timeline:

My Life Personal Timeline

2. Daily Routine Timeline

This type of personal timeline outlines your daily schedule.

Examples of use: Include activities such as your morning routine, exercise routine, work schedule, social time, and winding down time. A daily routine timeline helps you structure your day for maximum balance and well-being. It can help you see where to focus your energy, or where you might be wasting energy.

Daily personal timeline

Download the Daily Personal Timeline:

Daily Personal Timeline

3. Career Timeline

Your career timeline tracks your professional journey.

Examples of use: Record your education, job positions, promotions, skill development, and career milestones. You can use a career timeline to make note of your accomplishments thus far, and plan for future career goals. Students may especially enjoy using a career timeline for career inspiration and lifestyle design.

Career timeline example

Download the Career Timeline:

Personal Career Timeline

4. Financial Milestones Timeline

This timeline maps out your financial goals and achievements over time.

Examples of use: Write your plans or achievements thus far for saving money, investing in land or real estate, paying off debt, purchasing assets like gold or vintage goods, or purchasing educational resources. This timeline serves as an inspirational roadmap for achieving financial stability, security, and prosperity. You can design your life to be abundant in many ways by making smart choices. Even in this economy.

Finalcial timeline example

Download the Financial Milestones Timeline:

Financial Milestones Timeline

5. Travel Timeline

Your travel timeline outlines your past travel experiences & future travel plans.

Examples of use: Destinations visited, trips planned, bucket-list adventures, and interesting journeys. A travel timeline helps you prioritize your top travel goals so you can put exploration at the top of your to-do list. Start this weekend and create meaningful memories. Even without much money, many people can afford day trips, camping trips, or other less expensive adventures.

Travel timeline

Download the Travel and Adventures Timeline Template:

Travel and Adventures Timeline

6. Creative Timeline

A creative timeline documents your creative endeavors.

Examples of use: You might include your artistic projects, hobbies, skills learned, and creative milestones achieved. This type of timeline serves as a record of your creative growth, inspiration, and self-expression.

Use a creative timeline template as self-encouragement (especially if you don’t get enough props!) Use it to write down new creative ideas for the future. Let your creative timeline serve as motivation and a way to increase your creative self-esteem. It may also help end your art block!

Creative timeline example

Download the Creative Personal Timeline:

Creative Personal Timeline

7. Family and Relationships Timeline

Your family and relationships timeline tracks significant events and milestones in your personal relationships.

Examples of use: You might record events in your dating, engagement, or married life. Perhaps your friendships or children’s milestones, etc. You can do this all in one place, or split this timeline idea up into specific relationship categories.

It’s nice to highlight especially meaningful experiences you have shared with your loved ones, especially elders you love. This can help strengthen your connections, increase your gratitude, and serve as a way to plan for fun future get-togethers.

Family and relationships personal timeline

Download the Relationships Timeline:

Relationships Timeline

8. Personal Growth and Development Timeline

This helpful timeline charts your unique journey of growth and self-improvement.

Examples of use: You might include challenges overcome, personal growth catalysts, lessons or skills learned, spiritual concepts you’re exploring, self-discovery moments, and more.

A timeline like this helps you cultivate self-awareness and positive self-esteem. It gives perspective on how far you’ve come, can be a tool of self-encouragement, and can be used as inspiration for continued personal growth.

Persoanl growth timeline

Download the Personal Growth Timeline Template:

Personal Growth Timeline

9. Health and Wellness Timeline

A health and wellness timeline documents your efforts to maintain physical and mental well-being.

Examples of use: Exercise routines, healthy eating habits, self-care practices, and health-related activities. A health and wellness timeline serves as a guide for prioritizing self-care and living a balanced lifestyle.

Use this timeline template as motivation to stay on track with your wellness plans, write down what inspires you, and design the life you want in terms of wellness.

Health personal timeline

Download the Health & Wellness Timeline:

Health and Wellness Personal Timeline

10. Big Life Goals Timeline

A big life goals timeline outlines your major life goals and aspirations.

Examples of use: Big life goals may include starting a business, traveling the world, buying a home, getting married, having children, or anything your heart desires. This personal timeline helps you envision your ideal future and take concrete steps toward designing the life of your dreams.

Life goals timeline example

Download the Big Life Goals Timeline:

Big Life Goals Timeline Printable

Final Thoughts on Timeline Creation

Creating personal timelines is a powerful tool for designing a fulfilling and purposeful life. By mapping out your daily routines, career progression, financial milestones, travel adventures, creative pursuits, relationships, personal growth, health, and big life goals, you can gain clarity, focus, and direction in achieving your aspirations.

Whether it’s building habits, pursuing passions, nurturing relationships, or reaching milestones, these timeline templates can help you design your best life and reflect on your accomplishments.

Lifestyle design can be a lot of fun. And why not design your life in the most aspirational way? I know many people feel like being too positive can somehow be harmful, but I disagree. Reach for the stars, I say.

I hope you like these timeline PDFs. May they help you to live each day feeling more inspired, creative, and motivated.

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