Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

11 Signs & Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration Energy

Do you experience physical symptoms of higher vibrations?

If you have been feeling signs of high vibration in your body, you probably know you’re in good company. There is a massive energetic shift in humanity at this time because of the spiritual awakening happening worldwide. Vibrational energy in the collective consciousness is changing like never before.

Many people are experiencing awakening symptoms in their physical bodies. This includes emotional and mental changes. Along with actual physical signs in their bodies from shifts in their vibrational energy fields.

Some awakening symptoms are unpleasant, such as feeling out of place or feeling disconnected from others who aren’t experiencing higher vibrational energy. But many signs of awakening are positive, and today we will discuss those.

In this article, learn about 11 physical signs and symptoms of higher vibrational energy. It’s more common than you might think to experience physical changes when you are awakening and vibrating at a higher level than ever before.

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Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration Energy

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What is high vibration energy?

Vibrational energy is the energy emitted from all living things. Everything is matter in motion; everything is made out of energy.

High vibration energy means energy that is positive, loving, open, and peaceful.

The vibrational energy you feel in your physical body and exude outward to others comes from your thoughts and feelings. This energy can vary wildly. For example, if you are feeling pessimistic and angry, you’re experiencing lower vibrations. Your energy is going to be slower and more sluggish. You may feel upset, stuck, stagnant, uncomfortable, or dark.

When you’re thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions like joy, love, calm, and satisfaction, your energy is naturally vibrating at a higher frequency. It’s lighter, softer, and more pleasant feeling.

Signs of a High Vibration Person

Signs of high vibration in a person will vary, and none of us are perfect. That being said, you can tell a lot about someone by their energy and how they live their life. A high vibration person is usually:

  • Happy with their life for the most part.
  • Confident and they feel good about themselves.
  • Treats other people with kindness and respect.
  • Can be assertive without being aggressive.
  • Is peaceful and content.
  • Has their ducks in a row most of the time.
  • Is open-minded and always learning.
  • Attracts good luck and positive energy.
  • Makes you feel good when you’re around them.

There are many more signs of high vibration in a person than this short list includes. Often, you can tell someone has a high vibration when you meet them.

How vibrational energy is affected by environment

Often, spiritual awakening increases empathy and heightens your sixth sense. When you are spiritually awake, you’re able to feel the energy all around you.

This is not always easy at first, to say the least. The vibrations of spiritual awakening are intense at first.

You may be able to sense the vibration of the collective consciousness as a whole. You may pick up on the energies in a room. Or, sense when someone is sad, angry, or excited. Even if a person is not near, you may still pick up on the vibrational energy they are giving off.

You may also be able to feel the vibrations of animals, trees, plants, and rocks. Nature has a very high frequency that is absolutely beautiful to experience.

Sensing the vibrational energy present in any situation can affect you in many ways. Positive energy may lift your spirits while negative energy may put you on edge, bring you down, or lower your vibration. In addition, your energy affects your daily life because of the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, having lots of negative emotions can attract and manifest negative situations at times.

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Vibrational energy and spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening High Vibration

As you become more spiritually awakened, your connection to God (or infinity, The Universe, whatever you want to call it) strengthens. The illusion of separateness from God fades.

When you awaken spiritually, you can feel yourself as part of the whole of infinity. This can be an amazing feeling as your energy levels rise, but also overwhelming at times. It’s hard to put into words.

You may be ultra-sensitive at first, but you begin to see how much power you have to manifest your reality. You understand the reality of the spiritual laws of the universe.

It is because of this new knowledge and new ways of experiencing things (and the accompanying emotions this all brings) that you vibrate at a higher frequency. You feel everything at a deeper level.

Although it’s overwhelming at first, in time spiritual awakening and all of its symptoms (including this increased vibrational energy) become your new normal.

Your high vibrational energy and new heightened energy field then become your superpower.

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11 Positive physical symptoms of higher vibration energy

Shifting to a higher vibration can create some interesting physical symptoms.

When you raise your vibration, sometimes you experience physical changes. These can be dramatic or quite subtle and may go unnoticed at first (unless it’s something like major weight loss.) You may even doubt your body and think the physical side effects are a coincidence.

Some physical symptoms of higher vibration that occur at the beginning of spiritual awakening may be unwanted. (Such as excessive tiredness, negative thoughts, or feeling anxious.) But often, as your energy fields settle into place, you will notice many positive changes in your physical health and overall wellbeing.

So what are some positive physical signs of high vibrational energy? Let’s dive right into some signs of high vibration in a newly awakened person.

1. Energy changes

With a higher vibration often comes increased energy. Both physical energy and mental energy in the form of motivation and drive. You may experience a shift out of fatigue or less-than-ideal health as you feel called to eat better, move your body, and learn more about taking care of yourself. Many good things manifest with diet especially.

Sometimes a dip in energy may come before a significant rise in energy. I’ve experienced that myself. Energy is always shifting and moving, never stagnant.

2. Changes in stress level

Signs of high vibration

After you’ve settled into your higher vibrational energy, you may notice a significant decrease in stress. You may feel calmer, more peaceful, happy, and lighthearted. More accepting and forgiving. A positive side effect for sure! In addition, lower-frequency energy doesn’t bother you as much. You stay in your own energy, feel more powerful, and are less influenced.

The way you view life changes as you awaken, and after the initial shock of some things, your energy has a way of mellowing out as your trust in the Divine increases. This may also cause you to make lifestyle choices that support more peace and calm. Or that naturally place you in high vibration locations.

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3. A feeling of lightness

I’m not talking about your heart rate or anything medical here- more like an excited, joyful feeling. It’s a sensation of positive expectation of the future. Of inspiration and even exhilaration to simply exist as a human being.

When your energy shifts to a higher vibration, there may be times when you can feel that light, powerful energy coming from inside you. Like white light radiating from your heart. Your smile gets bigger. And other people definitely notice the change in your energetic vibrations.

4. Body language and posture changes

Another physical sign of raised energy vibration is how you carry yourself. Your body language may be different than before. More open, more indicative of the vibrancy within. Maybe you stand a little straighter or hold yourself with more confidence.

As mentioned before, not every part of awakening feels so pleasant, and in the beginning, you may not feel so wonderful. But as you adjust, it’s common to find that your spiritual growth has changed your emotional state and thus your body language for the better. Your energy flow is more relaxed and free.

5. You have a certain glow

Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

Signs of high vibration can include a glow-up!

Naturally, as you feel better and vibrate higher, you start looking better. Your new frequency is written all over you. Not only in your smile, body language, and posture as mentioned but also in your overall glow.

This glow is coming from the inside out but may actually affect your skin, hair, and figure. You may notice, for example, that you’re looking good these days. Your skin seems clearer or smoother. You seem a bit more trim. Little things like that could easily be explained away as due to other causes. The good news is that you are naturally more attractive than ever!

But, as someone who is awake, you know that all things are connected. Your improved mood and appearance are signs of higher frequencies within you. Your high vibrational frequency is responsible in part for your glow-up.

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6. Your style changes

Sometimes your style changes. Maybe you start representing yourself more accurately through your way of dressing. No longer do you feel ok with wearing things that don’t really suit you. Uncomfortable things, unattractive things… I’m looking at you, itchy cheap leggings from Old Navy.

It’s not that you become more materialistic and feel you suddenly need designer clothes. But it may be that you feel inspired in the best ways possible to practice greater self-love and self-care. You start to feel beautiful and accept yourself.

Now you desire prettier, more comfortable outfits that reflect the beautiful being that you are. No more lower frequency fabrics for you my friend.

On the flip side, some people may care less about fashion than ever when they wake up spiritually. Sometimes, fashion as a concern becomes completely obsolete.

Either way, signs of high vibration can sometimes be seen in something as seemingly insignificant as fashion. But know this: there is no degree of caring about fashion that makes you more or less spiritual.

7. Tone of voice changes

Do you feel yourself becoming more confident? Speaking up more, or speaking less? What about different emotions surfacing that are reflected in your voice?

Your tone of voice may reveal your vibrational changes. For writers, your writing may change. Your art may change, too.

8. Heightened senses

As your energy rises to a higher frequency, things may seem more vibrant than you remember. Colors may look brighter and contrast sharper. Sounds move you differently, especially beautiful music. Food may taste different. Dreams become more vivid. Among other sensory changes. These can all be physical signs of high vibration

9. Increased sixth sense

Spiritual Awakening High Vibration

You may notice you are having more psychic moments than ever. Premonitions, psychic dreams, spiritual vibrations, and other kinds of ESP are common side effects. You may notice “coincidences” happening and wonder if they are signs from your spirit angels.

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10. Changes in food cravings

As your energetic frequency increases, you may desire different foods. Likely, more beneficial and healthier foods. Maybe you discover a better way of eating that suits your body well. Like more high-quality organic meat, vegan foods, grain-free meals, or raw foods.

You may stop craving junk food as often. Ice cream just doesn’t hold the same appeal. Fast food makes you want to hurl. Or soda suddenly seems toxic, (which it is.)

11. Inability to tolerate alcohol

I used to be awesome at drinking. Not anymore.

You could call it getting older, but that’s not the whole story. Plenty of old people drink just fine.

Often, as your energetic frequency increases, you no longer align with the energy of alcohol. (They call it “spirits” for a reason. And those spirits are shady.) So when you do drink, the drink hits you all wrong. If you can’t handle your alcohol like you used to, your higher vibration may be the reason.

Other symptoms of increased vibrational energy


  • You feel calmer and more peaceful.
  • You feel more emotional clarity. That is, you can identify your feelings better and more clearly.
  • You feel happier and more in balance.
  • Increased confidence.


  • Ease of completing tasks.
  • Feeling and acting more productively.
  • More decisive and faster thinking.
  • Better problem solving- solutions appear out of nowhere.


  • Stronger spiritual connection.
  • Shifted spiritual beliefs.
  • New interests in tools of divinity, spiritual books, crystals, and other spiritual tools.
  • More trusting in God.
  • Sixth sense increase.
  • More spiritual practice like meditation or journaling.

More signs of high vibration in a person

Spiritual Awakening High Vibration

Better manifesting abilities

There is no doubt that as your vibration becomes higher, your manifestation abilities increase.

You become better at manifesting for many reasons including higher self-awareness, better decision-making abilities, and more self-loving choices. You may also develop a better intuitive understanding of and ability to align with what you desire. Forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, trust in God, releasing limiting beliefs, and more come into play.

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Dramatic life changes

Outward proof of increased vibrational energy can show up in big ways. More signs of high vibration include:

  • Beneficial job changes
  • Exciting new relationships.
  • Strengthening of old relationships.
  • Letting go of old relationships peacefully.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Manifestation of abundance.
  • Moving to a new city or other big lifestyle change that feels joyful & exciting.

Final thoughts on the symptoms of higher vibration

A spiritual awakening is an opening up of Pandora’s Box. Once the box is open, (whether it was gently pried open or dynamited- you feel me on that) your eyes are open. You feel different. You look different. Everything changes.

Experiencing physical symptoms of higher vibration energy is quite common. As we discussed, this higher vibe energy is a result of your spiritual awakening.

You could call these physical signs and symptoms a coincidence, or use “science” to explain it in a different way, but your energy vibration is behind every change or sensation in your physical body.

Energy makes up the building blocks of life. Positive energy vibration is what makes you beautiful, happy, and well.

A spiritual awakening isn’t always pleasant at first, and it can feel anything but positive. But, awakening does lead to higher vibrational energy becuase it brings greater knowledge and wisdom. In the end, it’s all good!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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