Black Stones and Crystals

12 BEST Black Crystals & Stones for Energy Healing

Black crystals are powerful, natural tools commonly used for protection, grounding, and energy healing. 

Well known for absorbing negative energy, black crystals help to rid your body and aura of unwanted emotional energy, negative vibrations, curses, bad luck, and more.

Black crystals are often used in meditation, holistic healing centers, and spas. They are known to help empower the root chakra.

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is also known as the muladhara. This chakra is associated with safety, security, and support. Black crystals can help with grounding your root chakra to aid in feelings of well-being and belonging. They are believed to promote a healthy aura free from extraneous unwanted energy. 

Let’s talk more about black crystals, ways to use them, and the best black crystals for a variety of purposes.

black crystals

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What are Black Crystals and Why Are They Useful?

Black crystals are any crystals that are naturally black or nearly black. Some black stones, such as black tourmaline, come in other colors as well, but we will focus on the meaning of the black version of the crystal here.

Black crystals are popular for their beauty, spiritual power, and mystique. Some may associate the color black with evil or negativity, but black crystals are powerfully good. The energy of black crystals is positive, strengthening, and empowering.

The black crystals list that we will be discussing:

  • Black Tourmaline.
  • Onyx.
  • Obsidian.
  • Shungite.
  • Black opal.
  • Black diamond
  • Magnetite.
  • Black hematite
  • Black agate
  • Lava stone
  • Basalt
  • Black quartz.

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Meaning & Symbolism of Black Crystals

Black crystals mean protection, grounding, absorption, sobriety, purity, and the removal of unwanted energy. Black crystals are symbolic of self-control, resilience, inner strength, determination, and spiritual seeking.

Although the color black is often associated with witches, death, and dark forces, black crystals have a good meaning.

Black crystals, like all crystals and rocks, come from nature. Since they were created by the divine forces of God/The Universe, they have incredibly positive energy. Black stone crystals or jewelry can empower healing, both physically and emotionally. They can ground, stabilize, absorb negativity, and more.

We will discuss all the ways to use black crystals momentarily. But let’s first examine a list of 12 beautiful and powerful black crystals for protection, healing, and many other uses.

12 Best Black Crystals and Stones for Energy Healing

1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful black stone that is one of the best to include in your collection.

This stone provides spiritual and energetic cleansing. It is known to shield from negativity, bad luck, harm, and misfortune.

Black tourmaline provides a blanket of protection from those who may drain your positive energy. As well as shield psychic attacks. Additionally, black tourmaline’s grounding powers help to rid anxiety and replace it with a feeling of calmness. Especially when it comes to grounding or healing your root chakra.

Black tourmaline is a good stone to carry in your pocket or wear as jewelry. You may wish to hold black tourmaline when feeling down to absorb negative energy. And it is an excellent stone to keep in your car, as shown below in this “Spiritual GPS” crystal kit.

This stone helps us grow our roots to feel connected in our place on earth, giving us the self-confidence we need to succeed. 

Car protection crystals

2. Onyx

Onyx is one of the most powerful and important stones to include in your spiritual practice. The most common color is black, hinting toward its grounding and protective qualities. Not only will this stone protect you, but it has been known to increase motivation and give you the push you need to achieve your dreams. Black Onyx has a way of breaking through any brain fog to increase focus and unblock energy in working towards our goals. 

Similar to other black stones, Black Onyx is well-known for protection. While motivating you to accomplish your life goals, this stone will also protect your aura and remove negativities. In addition, Black Onyx’s grounding properties also help our mental health similar to other black crystals. However, instead of clearing our minds of negative thoughts and emotions, Black Onyx helps us to recognize and accept the negative emotions we may have. This allows us to work through these emotions instead of feeling burdened or hurt by them. 

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3. Obsidian

Black Obsidian is best known for connecting the physical and spiritual worlds in your practice. This stone is ideal to bring you back down to earth when you find your mind wandering too far.

The primary healing abilities of Black Obsidian are its grounding and cleansing properties. As mentioned before, this stone is ideal for grounding your root chakra in particular. This is from Obsidian’s strong connection with the earth. 

Thanks to Obsidian coming directly from a volcano, it also boasts the elements of earth, water, and fire. The combination of these elements makes Obisidan’s negativity-banishing powers extremely powerful and ideal for cutting ties with any negative relationships in your life. 

black obsidian necklace

4. Shungite

Shungite is a powerful stone used for centuries for its healing and purifying properties. In Russia, the biggest and oldest Shungite source, it has been used for purifying water by the wealthy.

Shungite is not only useful for purifying water, but also for our vibrations. This stone is said to protect us from electromagnetic frequencies from our overexposure to electronics and technology in general. Shungite also purifies our minds by ridding us of negative energies and thoughts, increasing our mental clarity.

In addition, Shungite works closely with our three lower chakras. Dubbed a “miracle stone” or “stone of life”, this stone stimulates positive personal growth and transformation. At the same time, it works closely with the root chakra, providing us with a strong connection to the earth.

Shungite works well combined with howlite when worn as jewelry or placed within a crystal grid.

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5. Black Opal

Opal is a favorite stone, but many are unfamiliar with the colored varieties, such as Black Opal. Black Opal is the perfect option for those looking for protection and motivation. It is an incredibly beautiful stone.

Black Opal pushes us towards new adventures and follows our spontaneous tendencies without anxiety causing fear to block the way. Similar to other black stones, this crystal calms and grounds us, not allowing us to worry about hypothetical situations that lead to fear. 

Black Opal is one of the strongest stones in helping us conquer fear. This stone provides you with the strength you need to work through things that scare you. Whether the fears are minor or major, Black Opal will give you the confidence you need to face the fear and work through the obstacles standing in your way. 

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6. Black Diamond

Black Diamond is one variety of immensely strong and highly sought-after diamonds. The stones are in high demand as decorative gems and for their super strength, making them helpful in the industrial field. Diamonds have also become sought after as a healing gem as well, with Black Diamond featuring protective properties on top of the other healing properties of other Diamonds.

Diamonds in general are known to symbolize invincibility, power, and beauty and pass these along to the user. The diamond strengthens a person’s willpower and self-confidence, as well as symbolizes purity. 

In addition to these traits, Black Diamonds also offer energetic protection, similar to many other black stones. It protects the user from negativity and instead attracts good fortune and positivity, especially in finances. This stone can also clear blockages in your chakras to open them and prevent built-up negativity. This stone works closely with the root chakra to ground you as well. 

Black diamond

7. Magnetite

Magnetite is a stone that goes by many names, including Magnetic Hematite and Lodestone. This stone is not only physically magnetic but also known as a stone of attraction. 

Magnetite works with your energies to bring your desired results, whether this be to manifest positive relationships or situations into your life. When used properly, this stone aligns your chakras to allow positive energy to flow freely. Magnetite also balances some opposing energies in our bodies as well, such as yin and yang energies and our masculine and feminine energies, to allow these to be used to their full potential. 

Similar to other black stones, Magnetite is known for its grounding and protective properties. This stone works closely with the root chakra to bring balance and stabilization to its bearer. The stone’s protective energy rids the body of harmful energies, allowing more positive and uplifting energies in their place. Magnetite is perfect for those in search of strength and endurance while easing the burdens that may be holding you back.

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8. Black Hematite

Hematite is a popular stone in energy healing for its close work with the root chakra to pass along protective and grounding benefits. This stone soaks up negative energy to prevent it from affecting your aura. Hematite is perfect for soaking up negativity, but due to this should be cleansed regularly so it can continue to do so properly.

The primary job of Hematite is to harmonize your inner energies. It does this by bringing opposing energies into balance and in turn, calms and stabilizes the nervous system.

Hematite works with the root chakra to increase stability and bring out the positives in every situation. Below, this anklet set comes with hematite, tiger’s eye, and obsidian.

Black hematite jewelry

9. Black Agate

Black Agate has been used since ancient times for its grounding and centering properties. This stone works closely with the root chakra to bring the user peace while balancing positive and negative energy. Similar to other black stones, Black Agate works to calm the mind from anxiety, while protecting it from negativity. 

Black Agate has been known as a stone of new beginnings. It has been known to guide the user through change, while transitioning through difficult emotions, such as grief and anger.

Agate, in general, is considered a lucky stone for those looking for wealth. Black Agate gives you the extra courage to push toward prosperity in your life despite any obstacles. This stone is ideal for those looking for more balance and centering in their life.

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10. Lava Stone

Lava stones are a type of volcanic rock. They are popular as diffusers for essential oils and in hot stone massage. Lava stones are considered the physical embodiment of fire, making them extremely powerful stones to energetically melt away stress and negativity. 

Lava stones are also calming and known to cleanse the mind of negativity. The stone rids us of unnecessary emotional attachments by shedding them, similar to how the stone represents rebirth through its creation from volcanos.

If you are looking into dreamwork, these stones are known to have very potent capabilities to shield from nightmares. In day-to-day life, Lava stones improve daily communication and interactions with others. These stones are helpful for those looking for cleansing and increasing positive communication.

Black lava stone

11. Black Basalt

Black Basalt is the perfect stone for someone looking for stability and guidance through transitions. This stone raises energy levels and provides a calm, goal-oriented focus to guide and motivate you to achieve your highest goals. Smooth basalt stones are commonly used as a tool for massage and bodywork.

Similar to other black stones, Basalt anchors you to the Earth through the root chakra. This balances you and increases stability to help shift your mind towards positivity. In addition, Basalt’s connection to fire is ideal for providing confidence and stimulation on your journey. This stone is ideal for those looking for a fire to be lit in them to help them achieve their goals, whether they are personal or career-related. 

12. Black Quartz

Black Quartz is a crystal with high vibrations, ideal for protection and purification. This crystal is considered one of the strongest protection stones to shield from harmful energy and low vibration. 

Similar to other varieties of quartz, Black Quartz works through all the chakras. This stone purifies the energy running through the chakras, while also balancing and providing them with protection. 

Similar to other black stones, Black Quartz is ideal for protection and purification. This crystal will purify your body of negative feelings and harmful energy, while also providing a protective aura to block toxic, negative energies. This stone is perfect for those looking to remove and prevent negativity, while also working through all the chakras in a way only Quartz is capable of.

Uses and Healing Benefits of Black Crystals

Black crystal with amethyst

Black crystals have a variety of uses. The most well-known uses of black crystals are protection and grounding. However, these stones also have other benefits for physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health that often work hand in hand with these primary uses. These stones are known for deflecting and ridding us of negativity, as well as healing and detoxifying our bodies. Similar to other varieties of crystals, black crystals and stones can also be used for personal development and spiritual growth in a variety of ways.


Black crystals are most well-known for their protective properties. These stones are known to surround you with a protective shield, blocking out negative energy and only allowing positivity to flow through you. These stones protect the energy inside you as well as protect your mind from its negativity from anxiety and other forms of mental illness.

Deflecting Harmful Intentions

Similarly, black crystals are thought to fend off harmful intentions. These intentions could be from others who are meaning us harm or even our own minds due to anxiety and other forms of mental illness. Black crystals will block these intentions from being retained and allow them to flow right through us to keep our minds clear and positive.

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Healing and Detoxifying

Black crystals have long been thought to heal and remove toxins from our bodies and even the environment. Some have even been used for hundreds of years to purify water before drinking. These stones are often connected to increased blood flow, healing damaged cells, and even healing the liver and kidneys. They are perfect for those looking to detox the body to allow proper healing. 

Absorbing Negativity in the Environment

Another of the most common benefits of black crystals is the ability to absorb negativity. Many of these stones not only block the negativity but absorb it as another method of preventing negative energies in your aura. The stones used for absorbing negativity will need cleansing to continue absorbing the negativity in your environment. 

Inner Strength and Personal Development

Many black crystals provide inner strength and personal development benefits. Many black stones are related to the fire element, giving them the ability to give a confidence or strength boost to those in need. In addition, the ability to rid our minds of anxiety allows these stones to prevent unnecessary fears. The fire element in these stones also allows them to light a fire in us to increase motivation and confidence in our ability to succeed, making these black stones ideal for personal development. 

Spiritual Growth

Black stones help our spiritual growth by clearing and protecting our minds from negativity while keeping us grounded through our root chakra. By clearing and protecting our minds from negative emotions and energy, these stones allow space for positivity and connection to a higher power. These stones also keep us grounded and fully present in what is happening, which is extremely important for those attempting to grow spiritually. 

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Ways to Use Black Crystals

Black stone with quartz

Black crystals can be used in a variety of ways, from decoration in feng shui to wearing as jewelry. The benefits you wish to receive from the crystals will determine the best way to use them. 

1. Remove toxic energy in the environment

If you are looking for black crystals to remove negativity or toxins in your environment, you will most likely want to use them as decoration in your living space, workplace, or car. Simply set them out on a self, or your car dashboard, or use a crystal grid.

Placing these crystals in a grid with other protective crystals will allow them to absorb the negative energy in your environment and keep them from harming your inner energy. 

Please note that the center of a room or space is often connected to the earth element, so placing a black crystal or stone in this spot can increase the grounding benefits.

2. Use in meditation

Black crystals can also be used to keep you grounded during meditation. Meditation is often done to calm and connect us to a higher power. The best way to feel calm with black crystals is by holding them during meditation or using them as part of a grid. 

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3. Wear black crystals

If you are looking for protection or other benefits on the go, the obvious answer is wearing the stone. You will want to wear the stone where it is easily visible as a reminder of why you are wearing it, making a necklace, bracelet, or ring ideal.

When wearing these stones as a ring or bracelet, consider whether you are attracting and receiving the benefits outwards. If you are looking to receive the benefits of your chosen bracelet, you will want to wear it on the left wrist. If you are looking to release negativity, you will want to wear the bracelet on your right wrist. 

Obsidian anklet jewelry

Crystals to Use With Black Crystals

The crystals you use with black crystals will be determined by your goal for the crystal. When using black stones for protection, you can use nearly any other crystal with them depending on what benefits you are looking to receive. These stones are ideal to pair with stones that work with the heart chakra, as well as the crown chakra for protection while working in these chakras.

  • Amethyst- Amethyst has a few benefits that work well with black stones. It is very popular for calming the mind and using a black stone that keeps you grounded and removes negativity is perfect for pairing with the soothing properties of Amethyst. Amethyst is also often used for connecting to a higher power and using a black crystal for grounding and protection can be extremely important during this practice.
  • Rose Quartz- If you are looking to increase self-love, you have probably looked to using Rose Quartz in your practice. Combining Rose Quartz and a black crystal will cleanse the bearer from negativity and self-doubt while increasing self-love and allowing love and positivity to flow through the body instead. 
  • Carnelian- Carnelian does not fit into the mold of heart or crown chakras. However, Carnelian is a perfect stone for increasing motivation and creativity. The combination of Carnelian and a black crystal is perfect for allowing the bearer to push past negativity to achieve their goals. 

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Black Crystals

I hope this has helped you to learn what stones are black and how to use black stones and crystals.

Black stones are some of the most powerful stones available. These stones offer you a protective shield wherever your spiritual journey takes you. Your other goals on your journey will determine the black stone or crystal that will work best for your needs. 

The best way to determine the perfect stone or crystal for your practice is to consider the benefits you are searching for, as well as other stones you are using in your practice to reach your final goals. If you feel drawn to a specific black stone, most likely your soul is telling you this stone has something you need. Listen to your heart and soul when choosing the stones for your practice, they will lead you to the perfect addition to your practice.

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