Spiritual Journal Prompts

25 Powerful Spiritual Journal Prompts For Awakening {+PDF}

Spiritual journal prompts for awakening, free PDF printable included!

Journaling is a wonderful way to gain clarity about your spirituality and spiritual beliefs. Especially if your beliefs have changed over time. Writing about your spiritual beliefs can give you great insight into your relationship with God or Spirit, however you define it.

In this article, read through 25 spiritual awakening journal prompts to give you inspiration for your spiritual journal writing. You can also download and print these journal prompts for free to use anytime you’d like. The journal prompts printable is available at the end of this article. 

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Spiritual journal prompts

Spiritual journaling for spiritual awakening

Are you trying to strengthen your connection to God? Or, are you having what’s known as a “spiritual awakening?” 

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, know that there is no right or wrong way to be spiritual. You do not need to go anywhere but inside your own heart to have a connection to God or Spirit. And one easy way to connect is by spiritual journaling.

Spiritual journal prompts can help almost anyone write easier to strengthen their connection to God. A strong spiritual connection gives a sense of place in the universe, a sense of trust, and peace of mind. 

Spirituality is always expanding and evolving. We go through different stages of spiritual awakening, growth, and development throughout life. Spirituality is rarely stagnant, even if we are not focused on it.

These 25 spiritual awakening journal prompts will help you define your current spiritual beliefs and feelings while inspiring you to keep your connection to God strong. Because that connection can be incredibly grounding, empowering, and nurturing all at the same time.

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How to write about God in a way that feels authentic

If the word God doesn’t feel right to you, your might try substituting Spirit, Universe, Goddess, or something similar.

No matter what word you chose to represent God, consider the feeling or sense you are attempting to name. For most of us, that feeling is probably similar.

If I had to describe God without using the word God, I would describe God as an expansive, pure being of light and love. All-encompassing, full of awe, beauty, and infinite potential. I do like to substitute “The Universe” for God at times. It feels accurate.

How would you describe God?

Well, that happens to be one of the first questions to write about in this list of 25 spiritual journal prompts. Let’s dive in and get started!

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25 Powerful Spiritual Journal Prompts for Spiritual Awakening

1. How do you conceptualize God?

What name do you prefer, and what description feels right to you? Think about the feelings evoked when you imagine God along with any characteristics that feel true to you.

2. What spiritual practices do you like to engage in?

Do you go to church, meditate, or pray? Do you use crystals, tarot cards, or any other tools of divination? Do you use exercise or nature in your spiritual practice?

3. What are your favorite spiritual quotes, saying, or words of wisdom?

Think of the Psalms, or the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, for example.

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4. How would you define your spirituality currently?

Do you identify with any spiritual groups or a particular religion? Do you feel spiritually awake and to what degree? What would be one or two sentences to describe your spirituality?

5. What were your religious or spiritual influences and environment like growing up?

Did you have any powerful positive or negative experiences? Any influential people or events that made a lasting impact on your life spiritually?

6. What resonates or does not resonate about your early spiritual influences?

What can you take away from your past experiences and what do you wish to discard?

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7. What is your spirituality like now versus when you were younger?

How have you grown and evolved? How have you stayed consistent in your spiritual beliefs or practices?

8. Describe how your spirituality influences your life.

How does your spirituality improve your life? How are your heart and mindset affected by your spirituality? Do you think being spiritually awake makes life easier or harder, and in what ways?

9. How can you share the gifts God gave you to help others?

What are your talents and gifts? How can you use your natural talents, abilities, and personality to help others? Even something as seemingly simple as an easygoing personality can be a huge asset in helping others! you have more than you know- make a list!

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10. Write your deepest prayers that are close to your heart.

What do you dream of and wish for? No prayer is too small or too large.

11. List 10 things to be grateful for.

These could be big or small things; anything you would like to thank The Universe for.

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12. What do you need God’s help with the most?

Is there anything you are struggling with at the moment? Do you need guidance, luck, or to feel less afraid? What worries can you put in God’s hands?

13. What spiritual practices intrigue you that are different from your own?

Have you ever thought about going on a spiritual retreat somewhere? Joining a drumming circle? Or a prayer group? What spiritual practices or religions fascinate you?

14. What makes you feel closest to God?

What places, activities, people, or animals make you feel most connected? When do you feel most awake and aware of God or the Divine?

15. How do you know when you are drifting off course from God?

What is a sure sign you need time to reflect, reconnect, and recharge your mindset spiritually? Some people start overly worrying, or overeating, or drinking too much for example.

16. How does your intuition connect to your spirituality?

How does your intuition help you be more spiritual?

17. What do you feel God is showing you presently?

What seems clear as day now that used to be confusing? What signs or synchronicities are you experiencing? What choices or paths feel natural and in alignment with your highest self?

18. Have you ever had any moments when you felt a clear message from God, your spirit angels, or other beings?

Ever seen, felt, or experienced any divine messages? This may include in dreams, or through real-life people for example. Can you intuit messages from God, angels, or spirit guides, and if so, what are they saying?

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19. How can you live in better alignment with your spiritual beliefs?

Where do you need to improve to be the best version of yourself? How are you walking the walk and not just talking the talk? How is your integrity?

20. How can strengthening your relationship with God improve your life?

What good does your relationship with God bring to your life? Do you believe in the power of a strong spiritual connection to improve your life?

21. Describe some of the ways God has blessed or moved mountains for you.

Have you ever experienced miracles? Luck? Good timing? What gifts have you been given? What good fortune were you born into or have you obtained?

22. Where can you apply God’s grace to forgive yourself or others?

Who needs forgiveness? Yourself or someone you’re upset with?

None of us are perfect. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, it means lessening your own pain by allowing that imperfection to exist without your anger or hurt attached.

23. List your favorite places to go where you feel happy, peaceful, and most connected to God/Spirit.

Do you have any special places in nature? Or a special spot in your home or community? Many people enjoy the beach, the woods, or even the gym.

24. What problems do you need to turn over to God?

Write down a list of what you need help with. Try praying or talking to God about each problem.

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25. How can you trust in God more fully?

Trusting in God is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do. Especially when life gets chaotic or difficult. What can you tell yourself to feel calmer and more trusting?

Concluding thoughts about spiritual journaling

I hope you enjoyed these 25 spiritual journal prompts!

Journaling to grow in your own spirituality can be incredibly powerful. Writing is a great way to understand yourself better. I hope these journaling prompts helped you to think about your spirituality and inspired your inner wisdom.

Spirituality is one of those things that is always shifting- you are always learning more about yourself, and there is so much wisdom in the world. So many voices to hear and consider. But ultimately, you must filter all those messages in the world through your own heart. Through your own God-center.

The wonderful thing is that the more you contemplate, pray, and listen, the stronger your connection to God or Spirit grows. Even if you get too busy or off track, you can revisit your connection anytime. You are loved and divinely supported always!

Spiritual Journal Prompts Free Printable

You can download and print the spiritual journal prompts PDF worksheet below, absolutely free.

25 Powerful Spiritual Journal Prompts Printable Worksheet

Write them whenever you feel like it. Feel free to share with a friend. and enjoy!

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