Purple Aura Meaning

Purple Aura Meaning for Personality, Love, Spirituality, & More

Have you been wondering about the meaning of seeing a purple aura around someone?

Purple is a color shrouded in mystery, often associated with royalty, opulence, and spirituality. It is a fierce competitor on the color wheel and has been used in many pop culture references. From Purple Rain to Purple Haze, this color has been favored by many and has been making a comeback in a variety of shades in the fashion industry.

But what is the significance of this color when it pertains to a person’s aura, especially when it comes to personality, love, and other relationships? The mysticism and mystery associated with this hue hint at certain attributes. There is much about a purple aura that should be explored to better know someone.

Purple auras represent a solid connection to the spiritual world and the crown chakra. People with purple auras are usually empaths, compassionate, philanthropic, creative, mysterious, and introverted, with a proclivity for daydreaming. Setting and respecting boundaries are challenging due to their innate need to help others.

Are you a person with a purple aura? Or do you perhaps know someone who has one? Understanding a purple aura is also understanding a person’s spiritual, emotional, and sometimes even physical state. Furthermore, the location and shade of purple will reveal critical insights into a person’s energy field.

Purple aura meaning

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What Does a Purple Aura Mean?

A purple aura generally indicates an empathic, spiritual, and creative person.

The aura is the energetic field around someone. This energy field can often be seen or sensed by intuitive and psychic individuals. A purple aura refers to the color in the energy field seen either surrounding a person or contained in specific places in the person’s body.

Auras are not always evident to the naked eye, but some people have the gift of being able to see them at a glance. Auras can change daily based on a person’s state of mind, physical well-being, and general disposition.

The color of a person’s aura may lighten, darken, be present with other colors, or appear splotchy. They may also shift location in and around the body in accordance with what is happening to a person at that given time.

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The Purple Aura Meaning For Personality

People with purple auras are known for being particularly attuned to things relating to the spiritual side of life and may even be gifted with spiritual abilities. Many people who work as counselors, healers, or psychic mediums have a purple aura.

Generally, those surrounded by a purple aura are easily recognized as mysterious, introverted, and sensitive.

Notable Strengths of those with a purple aura include:

  • Intuition
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Kindness
  • Unique spiritual insights or have had a spiritual awakening
  • Creativity
  • Imaginative

Weaknesses those with purple auras may include:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Worry
  • Sensitivity
  • Boundary issues
  • Prone to shutting down

It is important to note that auras of this color usually surround those who have been through the wringer emotionally. Their sensitivity and compassion are not often there, just “because.” The life experiences of those with a purple aura are often deeply rooted in emotional journeys.

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Different Shades Of Purple Auras

In the art world, there are over 140 shades of purple. A purple aura is hardly ever just one shade of purple. The color, depth, and clarity will vary from person to person and can subsequently vary daily. Differing shades of a purple aura hold significant meaning.

Purple Aura Meanings Chart

Pale Purple Or Lavender

Softer or pastel shades of purple such as lavender, are usually attached to a person that is intuitive, creative, and highly imaginative. These auras are not bound by the physical realm in which they live and are often prone to daydreaming. Some might find those with pale purple auras slightly immature due to their vivid imaginations and fantasies. Pale purple auras are also the most susceptible to astral projection.


Violet auras are innovative, in touch with emotions, and the most enigmatic of all purple auras. They possess strong psychic abilities but can be selfish with them instead of using their spiritual gifts to help others. Violet auras must focus and find their center as they are easily distracted.


Lilac auras are analytical and empathetic, almost to their detriment at times. Their empathy and compassion for others can sometimes lead them to internalize the feelings and grievances they pick up. This can cause emotional strain.

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Dark Purple

Dark purple aura attributes do not stray far from violet auras. People with dark purple auras can be loners or have a small circle of friends. It is not uncommon for this aura to find difficulty relating to people not on the same spiritual plane as them. Darker shades of auras are also associated with negative energy. If a person’s aura is dark, where it is usually lighter, this could indicate that there is a lack of balance or an obstacle that needs overcoming.


Perhaps the rarest of the purple auras, indigo encompasses traits from both the blue and purple auras. Indigo auras possess the blue aura’s ease of communication and the spiritual affluence of purple auras, which make them invaluable members of society. These auras are described as brave individuals with a strong moral compass. It is imperative for them to remain centered, focused, and grounded, as their sensitivity can often be their downfall.

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Splotchy Purple

Splotchy murky, or disarrayed aura colors indicate physical ailments, illness, or an imbalance in your energy field. A splotchy purple aura is often a negative sign.

Purple Aura Meaning For Love

A purple aura will have no problem attracting deep connections and love thanks to its mystic appeal. However, not many people are ready for the intensity that comes with being in a relationship with a purple aura. Their nature may lead to them being self-sacrificial in relationships. Those with purple auras tend to put the needs of their partners above their own much to their detriment.

Purple aura lovers require a level of depth in their romantic relationships as they need to feel spiritually connected to their partner. Unfortunately, purple-aura people can develop connections and attachments quite rapidly. Mild flirtations, casual flings, friends with benefits, and one-night stands will be energetically and emotionally draining for a person with a purple aura.

The best partner for the purple aura person is one who understands their sensitive nature and is not scared by a no-hold-barred kind of love. Those in relationships with purple auras can rest easy knowing they are with someone extremely loyal. Again, in love and relationships, purple auras need to remain mindful of respecting boundaries.

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Spiritual Meaning Of a Purple Aura

Every color has a significant meaning when it comes to auras. However, purple is especially noteworthy as it is associated with the highest chakra (the crown chakra).

The crown chakra represents your spiritual and divine connection to yourself, the world, and the universe. This chakra is responsible for enlightenment and connecting to your highest consciousness. It also holds the key to your purpose in life.

A purple aura is the most spiritual of all the aura colors. Those who possess this color aura are usually spiritually gifted, whether they know it or not. They may receive angel signs such as triple numbers or have psychic abilities.

As mentioned, those with a predominantly purple aura have usually had much life experience which has contributed to their wisdom. Thus, they have abundant practical knowledge, emotional knowledge, and a certain well-roundedness that contributes to their highly enlightened state.

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Seeing a Purple Aura Around a Work Colleague

Seeing the aura of someone you work with can be powerful, as you will know how to best manage them, work with them, for them, or under them. If you can see the auras of those around you, it can be a great source of insight into their personality.

If your work colleague is sporting a purple aura, you may want to be aware of the following personality characteristics:

  • They are likely driven by passion. Status and money will not satiate their needs for very long. Their careers need to fill them with purpose.
  • They are probably philanthropic. Purple auras will succeed in careers where they are being helpful.
  • They may work best alone. They are more productive away from energetic distractions. This is not to say that they are antisocial, but they may be highly empathic in nature. Their spiritual enlightenment leaves them open to daydreaming or focusing too closely on the energy of others.
  • People may take advantage of them. Their intrinsically empathetic and compassionate personality may sometimes see them as being unfairly selfless. This could lead to burnout.
  • Be careful with boundaries. Purple auras may have a hard time setting their boundaries and, likewise, respecting the boundaries of others. This does not usually come from a malicious place, as they may be incapable of knowing when to step back. Jumping in to help others even where it is not solicited may cause problems.

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The Significance Of Aura Location

A person’s overall energy field will contain the color of the aura surrounding the body. However, as mentioned, auras can also be contained in specific body parts.

Head area: If an aura is concentrated in the area surrounding the head, it is often associated with a person’s mood, emotional and emotional state.

Below the head/neck: If there is an aura cluster in the lower part of the body, it is demonstrative of the subconscious.

Aura layers and the chakra system

There are seven layers to a person’s aura. Each of these layers corresponds to one of the seven chakras.

Starting at the outermost layer and moving inwards, auras are laid out as such:

  1. Casual aura –associated with the crown chakra, which is linked to the spinal cord and brain stem
  2. Celestial aura – associated with the third eye chakra, which is linked to the yes, pituitary gland, pineal gland, and brain
  3. Etheric aura (or Etheric Template) – associated with the throat chakra, which is linked to the vocal cords, mouth, respiratory system, and esophagus
  4. Astral aura – associated with the heart chakra, which is linked to the heart and lungs
  5. Mental aura – associated with the solar plexus chakra and is linked to the intestines, liver, pancreas, bladder, stomach, and upper spine.
  6. Emotional aura – associated with the sacral chakra and is linked to the prostate, ovaries, bowel, bladder, spleen, and kidneys
  7. Physical Aura (or Etheric Body) – associated with the root chakra and is linked to the testes (if applicable), kidneys, and spine.

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in addition, these energy layers are responsible for many vital aspects contributing to a person’s personality.

Aura layers and personality

  1. Casual aura: responsible for the balance of all the aura layers
  2. Celestial aura: holds the key to inquisitiveness and ingenuity
  3. Etheric template: connects to a person’s intuition and possible psychic abilities
  4. Astral aura: relates to love and is known as the “spiritual layer.”
  5. Mental aura: deals with problem-solving, analytical thinking, and logic
  6. Emotional aura: responsible for the emotions, impulses, and instincts
  7. Physical aura: this aura plane is the closest to the surface of the skin and is responsible for physical health, strength, and activities.

Furthermore, auras seen on the right side of a person’s body can represent the energy being put into the world, while the left side shows the energy being absorbed. Auras and chakras may pertain to different aspects of the body, but they are always connected. Learn more from this aura article by Northeastern University.

Final Thoughts

People with purple auras are an essential part of society and are usually quite interesting individuals. Often, they seek out those in need of help and make it their purpose to see others rise above any hardships or obstacles they face. People with purple auras are generally quite caring, intuitive, kind, and deep.

Although seeing auras takes some practice, you might begin to sense a purple aura around someone with practice. In addition, the specific traits mentioned may indicate that a purple aura person is present in your social circle, and entice you to practice your aura-seeing skills more to confirm your beliefs. It can be a lot of fun and greatly rewarding to see auras and to use your knowledge of purple aura colors (and other aura colors) to better your relationships.

Perhaps you are the one with this majestic color in your energy field? Ask a friend to practice seeing auras with you and find out! I hope you have enjoyed learning about the purple aura meaning. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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