Questions to Ask Tarot Cards

126 BEST Questions to Ask Tarot Cards {Accurate Reading!}

Whether you are reading your own tarot cards or having them read by a psychic, the first thing you need to do is find some good questions to ask tarot cards.

If you feel unsure about what questions to ask, you are not alone. With all that is going on in life, it can feel tricky to pinpoint the right questions to focus on for a tarot reading.

You may wonder what kind of questions are good to ask tarot cards.

  • Can you ask yes or no questions?
  • What about “when something will happen” type questions?
  • How broad or specific should your questions be for an accurate answer?
  • How much information you should give your psychic or tarot reader?

Let’s discuss all of these tarot questions and more. We will talk about specific tarot card questions you can ask for your most accurate tarot reading, whether you are using a professional tarot reader, or performing a reading on yourself.

Questions to Ask Tarot Cards

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Seeing a psychic versus reading your own tarot cards

A professional tarot reader or psychic can not only accurately read your tarot cards but can offer you advice and opinions.

I tend to think of the information I get from psychics or professional tarot readers as similar to a therapy session but usually cheaper and faster. *Please see a medical doctor for your mental health needs, this statement is my personal opinion only.

If you want to read your own tarot cards, know that you don’t need any experience or psychic skills to get started. Just the desire to learn tarot deck reading. And trust in your own intuition.

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Even as a tarot beginner, you can read your own tarot cards accurately. You don’t need to have knowledge of the cards’ meanings first. That’s what the little booklet that comes with your deck is for. You will learn a little bit about tarot meanings as you go by using it. In addition, you can always look up the meanings of the cards you select online, or buy a tarot book.

I say you don’t need tarot experience because of my tarot philosophy. Which, in a nutshell, is that when you pull or select a tarot card, you are “pulling your own wisdom.”

Tarot wisdom comes from inside of you and expresses itself via the cards. Even if your psychic or tarot reader is pulling the cards for you. (Every tarot reader has their own preferred way of reading cards. Some may let you select, some may select for you.)

Either way, the cards reveal the hidden, subconscious knowledge inside yourself. In this way, tarot cards are a way for you to know yourself and empower yourself.

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What kinds of questions are good to ask tarot cards?

You can ask tarot cards just about anything! That is the beauty of the tarot. Tarot cards don’t judge. And like doctors, psychics and professional readers have heard it all, so don’t worry about how your questions sound.

You can ask broad, open-ended questions such as What does my love life hold?

Or you can ask more focused, specific questions. Such as What is the right path for me in my career?

You could ask your cards yes or no questions, but you probably want more information than just a simple yes or no answer. Although there are no wrong questions, be mindful of what the best way might be to phrase your tarot questions.

The same can be said of asking a “when” question. You may want to ask relationship questions like When am I going to find true love?

But you finding true love is part of a bigger picture in your life. Think about that deeply for a moment.

The timing of true love can be affected by many factors in your life. Such as personal issues you need to work on first, for example. So the simple “when” question may need to be elaborated on when you ask it.

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How much information should you give a psychic before a tarot reading?

When you go to a professional reader, you may feel tempted to “test” the reader or psychic to see how talented they are. You may wonder Why should I tell a tarot reader anything when the cards reveal it all? Or if my reader is psychic?

First, before you schedule your tarot reading you should get something straight with yourself. Ask yourself Am I willing to trust in this reading? Am I ready to be vulnerable? Am I willing to be honest and have an open mind?

If you do not trust in tarot cards or in the professional doing the reading, why are you getting a tarot reading? Perhaps to build that trust? To expand your belief system? There could be many reasons for hesitancy, and you are not wrong for feeling that way.

But to get the most out of your tarot reading, you should be open and willing to communicate with your tarot reader. You need to ask them great questions and be willing to reveal parts of your inner self.

Also, you should keep in mind that not every tarot card reader is psychic. And for those that are, psychic ability varies.

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How does your mindset affect the accuracy of your tarot reading?

When getting a tarot card reading, your mindset is everything. An open, relaxed mindset is the best thing to help you get a clear, accurate reading. Which is what you want! If you have a bad attitude or are distracted, you may have a foggier reading.

An anxious or sad mindset is not necessarily going to negatively affect the results of your tarot card spreads. Just like a good mood isn’t going to necessarily mean you have a positive tarot card reading. But your day-to-day mindset can and does manifest what your future looks like. Mindset affects energy, and energy affects the material world.

Sometimes, especially when reading your own tarot cards, a sense of urgency about a situation can muddy your reading. Or, controlling energy can cause inaccurate results.

Preliminary self-discovery questions

Before you have a tarot card reading, you may want to ask yourself some general self-discovery questions. Self-discovery questions can help you to clarify what’s important to you right now. Then you can decide on specific good questions to ask tarot cards. (We will get to a bunch of specific questions to ask tarot cards in just a minute.)

Here are some examples:

  • Should the focus of my tarot reading be health, finances, relationships, or something else? What is most important?
  • What is bothering me the most in life right now?
  • How can I see my future more clearly?
  • What do I need to work on the most for my growth, development, and happiness?

Once you know the type of questions you want to focus on, check out the specific tarot questions below for your most accurate tarot reading.

The best questions to ask tarot cards for an accurate reading

Effective tarot questions about yourself

  1. What do I need to focus on for my personal growth and development?
  2. How can I set myself up to be my happiest and best self?
  3. What is my true personality like?
  4. Is there anything I need to heal from, forgive, or move forward from?
  5. Looking to the future, what kind of life should I try to create?
  6. What is holding me back and what are my limiting thoughts?
  7. Is there anything “hidden” in my life that I need to focus on and change?
  8. Who am I at my core?
  9. What is the best way for me to be happy?
  10. Am I headed in the right direction?
  11. Where will I be a year from now or what do the coming months bring?
  12. What kind of living environment should I seek to be happiest?
  13. How can I grow spiritually?
  14. Why do I never feel satisfied? (or happy, in love, calm, etc.)
  15. What is the right path for me to follow?
  16. What will help me most with personal growth?
  17. What are my hidden fears, hopes, and dreams?
  18. How can I be the person I want to be?
  19. How can I increase my confidence?
  20. What mistakes am I making in life?
  21. What should I focus on in my life to be happiest?

Good tarot questions about love

  1. Am I destined to fall in love and/or be married?
  2. What do I need to heal from to have a happy relationship?
  3. How can I attract the right partner?
  4. What qualities do I need in a romantic partner?
  5. Why do I keep having relationship problems?
  6. What mistakes did I make in past relationships?
  7. How does my crush feel about me?
  8. What’s holding me back from love?
  9. Why haven’t I found love?
  10. How can I have an open heart?
  11. What kinds of people am I destined to meet romantically?
  12. How can I strengthen my current relationship?
  13. What is currently hidden to me about my partner?
  14. How can I increase my confidence and meet the person of my dreams?
  15. Why do I attract the same kind of partner?
  16. Can I trust my partner?
  17. What is the most important thing for me to know about relationships?
  18. What do I need to know about attracting love?
  19. How can I manifest true love?
  20. What are some signs of true love?
  21. How can I let go of past baggage?

Tarot questions about friends and family

  1. How can I be a better friend or family member?
  2. What do I need to work on about myself to better my friendships and family relationships?
  3. Am I destined to have children?
  4. How can I connect with my ancestors?
  5. How can I heal from family trauma?
  6. Why do I attract certain people or personality types?
  7. Why do I tend to have the same problems with people?
  8. How can I attract more friends?
  9. Can I trust my current friends?
  10. What do I need to heal from or forgive in my relationships?
  11. What is my support network like?
  12. How do others see me?
  13. How can I be more popular?
  14. Why do my friendships fall apart?
  15. How can I meet new people?
  16. How can I connect with people more?
  17. How can I cope with my family problems or certain family members?
  18. What boundaries do I need in my relationships?
  19. What do I need to know about this situation in my relationship?
  20. How can I manifest the relationship I need?
  21. Why am I alone and is it a bad thing?

Good tarot questions about career

  1. What kind of career would fulfill me?
  2. What are my natural skills and talents?
  3. Am I headed in the right direction with my career path?
  4. How can I be happy at my job?
  5. Is my job right for me, and if not, what should I do?
  6. Do I need to switch jobs and what direction should I take?
  7. Would it be a good idea to start my own business?
  8. Is anything blocking me from being successful?
  9. How can I be happier at work?
  10. What do I need to know about a situation at work?
  11. How can I deal with this difficult boss or colleague?
  12. What mistakes am I making in my career?
  13. How can I pivot in my current career and what are the next steps?
  14. What’s been blocking me from career success?
  15. What’s the best way to find my passion?
  16. Why do I feel passion-less?
  17. No one supports me- how do I cope?
  18. How can I stop being a workaholic and where does this energy stem from?
  19. Why do I hate my job so much and will I ever enjoy any job?
  20. What is my career going to be like 2 years in the future?
  21. How difficult will it be to switch career paths now?

Tarot questions about money and finances

  1. What would be a great way for me to earn more money that I might enjoy?
  2. How can I manifest my dream home (or car, wardrobe, etc.)
  3. Why do I keep making poor financial decisions?
  4. What are my money blocks?
  5. What is my money mindset and where does it come from?
  6. How can I become rich?
  7. Why does money always seem to be a problem for me?
  8. How can I move beyond my money problems?
  9. How can I come to peace with money?
  10. What are some ways I can improve my relationship with money?
  11. How should I invest?
  12. What money mistakes am I making?
  13. Is there anything to watch out for that could negatively affect my money situation?
  14. Can I trust this person with money?
  15. Is this investment a good idea and where will it lead?
  16. Should I buy a house/sell a house right now?
  17. Am I destined for poverty forever or is there hope?
  18. How can I be less materialistic or quit compulsively shopping?
  19. How can I let go of shame around money?
  20. How can I feel good about money?
  21. What knowledge do I need to become wealthy?

Helpful tarot questions to ask about health

  1. How is my health right now?
  2. How can I improve my health?
  3. What do I need to look out for or be mindful of to stay healthy?
  4. How can I best support my health?
  5. What should I eat to stay healthy and be fit?
  6. How can I overcome addiction?
  7. How can I know the truth about certain health questions and know who/what to trust?
  8. How can I cope with my mental health triggers?
  9. How can I eliminate disease?
  10. What are some ways I can heal my body fully?
  11. How can I heal my mindset?
  12. How can I best support my spiritual growth?
  13. Who can help me on my health journey?
  14. How can I gain more health knowledge?
  15. What are some different ways I can care for myself?
  16. How can I forgive myself or love myself more?
  17. What do I need to do to reduce stress?
  18. How can I sleep better?
  19. Where does my anxiety stem from?
  20. What are my subconscious depression factors?
  21. How can I face difficult health situations with courage?

Hopefully, these specific tarot questions will help to guide you when you wonder what types of questions to ask tarot cards. And importantly, give you the best answers.

What to do if your tarot card reading feels confusing or seems inaccurate

If you are left confused by a tarot reading, know that it happens all the time. You’re likely not doing anything wrong; a lot of people experience this.

If your reading seems inaccurate or somehow does not reflect your current situation, don’t give up just yet.

You can always ask your psychic or tarot reader for clarification during your reading. They are there to help, guide you, and give accurate information to help you in real life.

If you are reading your own tarot cards and you are left feeling confused, then ask the cards themselves for clarification. Say out loud or in your mind Cards, I don’t understand. Could you please clarify? Then, after asking your follow-up questions, go ahead and pull 1-3 more cards. Consider each single card in relation to the last you selected.

If you’re still uncertain about the accuracy of your reading, then let the question go.

It’s not necessarily that you asked a bad question. Sometimes, the future simply cannot be known. Or, the future is so surprising that the cards cannot be made sense of now. You will likely understand the meaning of the reading in time. You may discover, as I have on many occasions, that the cards were giving you accurate information that you simply couldn’t make sense of at the time.

What to do if you have a negative tarot card reading

If you get a “bad news” kind of reading, then do not worry. Do not freak out!

First, look for deeper meaning and accuracy within the cards. Do not assume the Death card means actual death, for example. It may point to good news! (Such as the death of an old situation that wasn’t serving you any longer.)

Second, know that timelines are always shifting. Nothing is set in stone. Free will is cosmic law.

Lastly, take precautions as per the cards, because often, whatever the cards are alerting you to can be avoided or minimized once you have conscious knowledge of the situation.

Do remember that the information gleaned from tarot cards comes from your own subconscious wisdom. Yes, a tarot spread reading can be performed by anyone, and many psychics can offer good advice. But you already “knew” on some level. You are the ultimate guru of your own life!

Final thoughts on the best questions to ask tarot cards

I hope you enjoyed reading through these 126 questions to ask tarot cards. And I hope that you’re feeling confident about what to expect for your tarot reading, and how to get answers to your questions that are helpful and accurate.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and any personal tarot card stories you would like to share!

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  1. Thanks for talking about how a professional trot reader is able to offer advice about what the cards mean. It is important to understand this in order to find the best reader for your needs. Personally, I would also want to find the best clairvoyant that can help me interpret what the future has in store for me.

  2. Hi Kirsten
    I have been a tarot reader for 43 years.
    When I retired from teaching, I taught people tarot instead.
    I use your article to glean tricky questions for my pupils.
    Here in the UK, tarot readers whether they charge or not, come under the ‘Supply of Goods & Services Act.
    We are absolutely not allowed to give financial or health advice, whether we charge or not we can be sued and even imprisoned. There are ways around this, your questions on health and finance help me to explore this with pupils.
    One thing though, I never, ever read a “what does my future hold” type question. Firstly it limits the querent in their choices, and secondly most people know what they want in their future. Tarot can give excellent advice on how to get there.
    I never ever give my personal opinions in a reading. It takes away the querent’s free will and choice, and also interferes with their soul path and destiny. I do not want that on my soul after I leave this body!
    A good therapist should never voice their opinions either.

    1. Thank you for your comments! I do agree that a tarot reader needs to be very careful on how they phrase their answers. That is interesting the laws in the UK. It is a delicate thing to read cards for someone.

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