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50 Short Quotes About Magic {Life, Love, & Humor!}

Reading quotes about magic is a fun and entertaining way to feel inspired about life.

Our world is full of mystery, and magic is one of the most interesting and exciting concepts to ponder.

The concept of magic holds a special place in our collective consciousness. Magic ignites our sense of wonder and reminds us of the enchantment that surrounds us at every turn.

Magic is everywhere. It’s nature, music, art, love, and so much more. Magical people, places, and things are all around us. Magical moments happen daily, even when we don’t notice them or when we take them for granted. The extraordinary is ever present, often concealed within the ordinary.

You may have heard of the famous magic quote by Roald Dahl; “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

I wholeheartedly agree, and I do think it’s important to believe in magic and in something greater than ourselves. That is why I’m sharing these inspirational quotes about magic with you today.

Magic quotes

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Without further waiting, please enjoy reading through a collection of short quotes about magic. I hope these words inspire you to glimpse more intentionally into the mystical realm and embrace the infinite possibilities that exist.

May these short magic quotes make you smile, laugh, and warm your heart.

50 Short Quotes About Magic

1. Magic is as real as you are.

Some people don’t believe; if only they would look in the mirror!

2. You are magic in human form.

We are all magical beings. You are amazing!

3. Magical places are often hidden in plain sight.

Open your eyes to the magical places around you. Magical geography, architecture, and locations are all around us!

4. Magic is our reality.

We live in a realm that none of us can adequately explain. We barely understand our own physiology for example.

5. When you find magic everywhere and see it in everything, you are truly awake.

Not everyone is aware of the magic around them, ever present in life and love, but anyone can develop this awareness. “Awake” is a word that can be used to describe this awareness and openness.

6. Everything I see is magic.

How can everything not be magic? Think of molecules at the microscopic level, always moving and never still. Everything is energy. Magic and energy are basically the same thing. It’s all about perspective.

7. Magical wife, magical life.

I’m being humorous, but this is what I remind my husband. He concurs.

Funny magic quotes

8. Magic is my birthright.

No one can take your magic. You are born with it; it’s an innate part of you.

9. Magical world, isn’t it?

It sure is. I’m in awe of this world daily, what about you?

10. Sovereign magical being.

This quote means you are free, independent, powerful, magical, and strong. This is one of my favorite quotes about magic and it can also be used as a positive affirmation.

Quotes about magic

11. Dwell in enchantment.

Why not stay in that state of mind for a while? Meditate on magic and feel it deeply.

12. Can’t stop the magic!

Meanwhile, Timberlake can’t stop the music. But it’s all the same thing.

13. Smile, relax, and enjoy the magic of life.

Let’s take a moment to chill out, enjoy each new day, and be glad for this magical life.

14. You can do it, put your magic to it!

Effort is needed, but magic adds that little extra.

15. Sprinkle magic everywhere.

Unlike with glitter, no clean-up is needed. This magic quote is about being kind, authentic, and bringing positive energy.

Quotes about magic

16. I get by with a little help from my friends magic.

I hope the Beatles are okay with me changing up their lyrics a bit, haha!

17. Magic is like salt; it’s the seasoning of daily life.

Magic makes life more delectable.

18. You are my kind of magic.

These words of affirmation are wonderful to share with a friend or loved one. Let them know they are special!

Quotes about magic

19. This realm is pure magic.

What even is this realm? The only answer I have is that it’s magic. It’s funny how none of us know what reality is. We only have our own perspectives to rely on 100% when you think about it.

20. Love and magic is all around you.

These energies are everywhere! Never give up on love or life because there is so much more out there, so many undiscovered possibilities and blessings. You can manifest love or anything you align your energy to.

21. Be a force of good and use your magic wisely.

Karma is real. Not all magic is good. Know the difference.

22. You are the magician of your own life.

You create your own reality in many ways with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. I personally believe God is ultimately in control, but you can manifest since you are a part of all-that-is. What do you think?

23. Magic loves to reveal itself to those with eyes to see.

Magic is super excited for you to notice it. Magic presents itself in all kinds of ways. There are signs such as triple numbers, feathers, coins, and more. Once your eyes are open so to speak, you don’t go back to not noticing.

Quotes about magic

24. Here’s to those who see the world as it truly is- magical.

Cheers! You are my kind of people.

25. When our hearts are open, magic finds its way into our lives.

Magic is attracted to receptive energy. People who are willing to engage with the energy of magic- feel it, see it, and entertain the idea of it- will tend to experience it more often.

26. Mystery and magic call my name.

I’ve always been drawn to magic and mystery, what about you?

27. Magical friends are the best.

Some people have a special kind of vibe. With these friends, deep connections can form.

28. Seek magic daily.

Always be curious and keep your awareness sharp. Magic is ever-present in life.

Magic quotes life

29. Love is my favorite kind of magic.

Love is the most powerful magic in existence. Love makes the world go ’round.

30. Magic: Just because it cannot be proven with Science yet, does not make it false.

Science is amazing in many ways, but it can hold us back. It’s often inadequate. We may never be able to understand our reality using science alone. That is why we need our intuition and our spirituality.

31. Magical adventures call my name.

I love a good adventure. Many adventures can be had just by using your imagination and creativity. You don’t even need to go anywhere. But if you like, check out this article about magical places.

32. Magical mama.

A short magic quote for the moms. Moms wield tremendous power.

Funny magic quotes

33. Coffee is my magic potion.

Ha ha, I gotta have my coffee. French press. Black.

34. May you live in love, laughter, awe, beauty, and magic.

This is my wish for you, friend.

35. Nature is pure magic.

Magic is in every single blade of grass, grain of sand, and drop of water. By the way, have you ever considered using weather for magic before?

36. Let’s get magical!

Tell your friends, have a party, dance, sing, smile, and be merry!

Quotes about magic

37. Life is pure magic.

100% True!

38. Have a magical day!

And many beautiful blessings to you! Share this quote with a friend or neighbor today and spread good cheer.

39. Love makes life magical.

Love is divine; love makes life so beautiful.

Magic quotes love

40. Life is magic when you live in gratitude and awe.

You have to appreciate life to see its magic. Gratitude is one of the most powerful mindset hacks in existence. It can greatly improve your mood and energy.

41. Magic is available to anyone at any time.

Magic is for all of us. Just like creativity, love, and knowledge.

42. Continuously heightening my magical sensibilities.

Strengthening my intuition, educating myself, testing out different life perspectives… how do you heighten yours?

43. Tap into your magic!

Feel it, be it!

Quotes about magic for life

44. There’s no such thing as a coincidence.

I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. What about you?

45. Magic: I call it like I see it.

I think it’s okay to have different, alternative, changing, evolving, or multiple perspectives on life. Why not call out magic when you see it. And celebrate it, too?

46. Know your own magic.

Believe in yourself. You can do amazing things!

47. Let’s make magic together.

This is a magic quote for a friend. Love, warm feelings, and mutual respect form beautiful connections full of magical energy.

48. I love my magical life.

Life is a trip. It amazes me. I’m grateful.

49. Magical vibes only

Magical vibes only. Get this quote in my Etsy shop!

50. See the magic in the ordinary.

Magic is right there. It’s hidden in plain sight!

Final Thoughts

In a world teeming with wonders, it’s often the intangible magical realm that captivates us the most.

Magic is a vibrant force that permeates every aspect of reality, but it is up to us to open our hearts and minds to magic.

Magic exists in the simplest of life’s pleasures – a warm smile, a gentle breeze, or the shimmering light of a city skyline at night. It thrives in acts of kindness, in the power of love, and in the beauty of nature. With each choice we make, we have the ability to infuse our lives with this divine energy.

What do you think about the concept of magic, and which one of these quotes about magic did you like the best?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and have a magical day!

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