Red Aura Meaning

Red Aura Meaning for Personality, Love Life, & The Workplace

If you’ve been practicing or learning about seeing auras, you may be wondering about the different aura colors and what they mean. So today, we are going to talk about the red aura meaning.

A red aura can be either a positive or a negative sign. Depending on the shade and the quality of the aura, a red aura can indicate anger, passion, confidence, authority, high energy, sexual attraction, and other emotional states. 

Although auras frequently change, a consistently red aura can say quite a bit about someone’s personality. 

So, let’s discuss the meaning of different types of red auras and what a red aura might indicate.

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Red aura meaning

Red auras and the root chakra

The color red is a fiery, passionate, intense aura color that is associated with the root chakra.

The root chakra is the first of seven chakras, also known as the muladhara. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine or pelvic area and is associated with security, basic survival, and safety. 

Seeing a red aura around someone may be a sign of strong root chakra energy. That’s one highly possible red aura meaning. The root chakra energy could be of either a positive or negative quality. 

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Red aura meaning

The red aura meaning is confidence, assertiveness, passion, and intense romantic feelings.

Someone with a red aura likely has a strong, charismatic, and extroverted personality. They are attractive and have strong leadership potential. Bright, intense, driven, and motivated, red aura individuals stand out in the crowd.

Although red auras are generally positive, sometimes there can be negative meanings associated with this aura color.

Negative meanings of a red aura may be insecurity, distress, obsession, or malice. Red is quite firey and sometimes unpredictable. Thus, this aura color can seem intimidating, unstable, or overbearing. 

Let’s discuss the different red shades and what they indicate about someone’s personality and emotional state. Here’s a chart for quick reference. Keep reading for further details!

Red aura meaning chart

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Pale or light red

Positive meanings: A pale, light red aura may indicate feelings of intrigue, including romantic feelings beginning to grow. It may mean the forming of new and exciting ideas, such as discovering a passion or hobby that inspires action. The pale red aura meaning can be quite creative.

A light red aura meaning is usually a positive sign of “warming up” to a person, place, idea, or situation. Or a sign of growing enthusiasm. Especially if there are twinges of other colors such as orange or yellow. 

The overall warmth of the red is an important consideration. As is the clarity of the red color. Clear is almost always more positive than murky.

Negative meanings: Negative meanings of a light red aura may include distress, fear, or insecurity as related to well-being. A light red aura may mean a person does not feel safe. It may also mean hidden subconscious anger. This is because of the association with the root chakra. The root chakra is all about safety and survival.

Furthermore, people with light red auras may not quite know why they feel upset. They may lack clarity or have unprocessed trauma. They may act strange or irrational. Or, they may be intentionally repressing their feelings.

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Saturated bright red

Bright red aura

Positive meanings: A saturated, bright red aura meaning is usually an upbeat and confident person. Someone who is a leader, and who feels excited and ready to take action. They are likely adventurous.

Someone with a bright red aura is dominant and in control. They are strong, fierce, and intense, usually in a good way.

A bright red aura meaning is positive, in general. It’s balanced and emits strong yet benevolent energy. So long as you don’t cross them. 

Red auras indicate highly focused and driven energy to the point where a person gets tunnel vision. They are so certain, so passionate, that they won’t tolerate anyone or anything in their way.

A bright red colored aura may also indicate strong sexual attraction and romance. If this person is looking deeply into your eyes with a red energetic field surrounding them, they desire one thing from you.

Negative meanings: A bright red aura could mean a burst of anger. Especially if the aura appears suddenly, or shifts from one color to bright red.

Unlike a pale red aura, the anger associated with bright red auras is conscious and clear to the individual; they know they are mad and they will indeed let it be known. They will probably raise their voice. And what comes next may get intense.

But, the good news is that someone with a bright red aura who is mad is more likely to be able to problem-solve and resolve issues rationally. (Rather than internalize, brood, or make nefarious plans.) 

Dark red or murky

Dark red aura meaning

Positive meanings: Dark red auras when clear can mean intense passion, focus, and sexual energy.

Dark red is a very intense aura color, and it’s unusual for there not to be something undesirable lurking in this color of aura. Especially if the dark red is murky.

The one exception would be someone with a predominantly red aura. If someone usually has a red aura as their baseline, and it becomes dark, consider how that might be less worrisome. Realize that everyone gets angry or upset. Red-aura people may tend to be more intimidating than others, though they are usually still good people at heart.

Negative meanings: Negative meanings of a dark red aura, especially when murky, may include brooding frustration, agitation, deep anger, anxiety, and even sinister plans such as revenge. Seeing this color on someone is a clear sign to stay back or to stay clear. The murky black mixed with red… yikes. 

The dark red aura meaning can be quite confrontational. Or, silent but raging on the inside. Murky dark red auras can also indicate an unhealthy obsession. 

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Multi-shade red 

Multiple shades of red aura

Positive meanings: An aura that is splotchy or contains multiple shades of red can have several meanings, both positive and negative. Do consider the different shades of red that are present.

Mixed splotchy red auras can indicate overexcitement, authoritative control, and impulsivity. This can be a good thing in small doses at times, but there are usually additional, less positive feelings to sus out from the emotional mix as well.

Negative meanings: A multiple shades or red aura can mean mixed emotions which include anger, along with confusion, passion, irritability, and/or overexcitement. If there is much darkness present in the mix of red, consider that a negative sign overall. 

Red aura meaning for personality

Someone who has a predominantly red-colored aura is often confident, outgoing, charismatic, intense, sexy, and fiery in personality. They usually have dominant and authoritarian energy. They may be intimidating. But they are not automatically bad, evil, or negative people.

Let’s be clear that a predominantly red aura individual is not necessarily someone to avoid. This is just their personality and energy that we are seeing. But know who you are dealing with and how to work with that kind of intense energy. Know your own boundaries and sensitivities.

Commonly, red-aura individuals are outspoken and energetic leaders. They are strongly rooted and very secure. They can be quite successful, interesting individuals. They can be extremely loveable, sexy, and excellent lovers.

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Red aura meaning for career

People with predominantly red auras tend to thrive in high-energy, fast-faced careers. They may not mind a high-stress environment as they tend to be less emotionally sensitive or empathic than other folks. They get mad, but they don’t internalize hurt feelings or get their feelings hurt as much.

People with red auras tend to have a certain power that acts as a shield. They are thus quite authoritative and confident. These traits make red aura individuals powerful managers and leaders. They may work in careers in:

  • Finance.
  • Military or police.
  • Real estate.
  • As managers or leaders in restaurants, retail sales, or hospitality.
  • Medical or pharmaceuticals.

Red aura meaning for love and sexuality

Seeing a bright red aura around someone you are romantically interested in is usually a good sign, depending on what you’re looking for or wanting to experience. the red aura meaning strongly indicates romance, sexual attraction, passion, and love.

A person with a clear red aura who wants to be with you romantically will be very much about taking charge. They will be dominant, spicy, and intense. You might be flattered, or you might feel overheated.

On the negative side, dark red or murky red auras can be a sign of obsession. They may be a little too intense or even deviant. 

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Seeing red auras in professional settings

The red aura meaning around someone in a professional setting or workplace can be a good or bad sign.

A red aura often indicates a confident, passionate, and powerful leader as we have talked about. Think of an intimidating boss with a whole lot of sass and a hot temper. They are “extra” to begin with, and you can handle their fire, just don’t get in their way.

Or, a red-colored aura may indicate frustration, anger, and other negative emotions. Seeing a red aura around someone in the workplace may mean they are quite upset.

As mentioned, it’s important to understand someone’s verbal and non-verbal communication when assessing what their aura might mean. As well as consider the environment and timing.

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Auras are always changing

Aura colors tend to change based on someone’s mood and energy. Although many people have auras that predominantly or frequently feature certain colors.

If you’re getting to know someone over a period of time, it can be interesting to see what their aura color looks like in different settings and under different circumstances. 

It’s important to take into consideration someone’s body language and communication, as well as overall temperament when assessing the red aura meaning. Consider the environment, timing, and the specific shade of red.

Being able to see aura colors is an easy skill to develop. Auras can reveal a lot about someone when you understand how to interpret colors and shades.

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the different red aura meaning interpretations. I plan to continue this topic in a series and cover all the colors of the rainbow, so stay tuned!

Seeing auras is something I learned how to do at a young age, often practicing on my High School teachers. (When I should have been listening and paying attention to the lessons, LOL.)

Although I don’t always focus on people’s auras in day-to-day life, I can and do see them when I chose to focus.

Seeing auras is something anyone can do, and seeing auras is an interesting practice.

You can try out your aura-seeing skills on strangers when you’re out and about, as well as see auras on trees, plants, and animals. There are many helpful Youtube videos on this topic, so do a little research to learn more.

In conclusion, please do let me know what you think about these red aura meanings in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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