Sacral chakra affirmations

100 Sacral Chakra Affirmations to Heal, Open, & Balance Your Energy

Using sacral chakra affirmations is a powerful way to help unblock and heal your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra, also known as the Svadhisthana, is located just below the belly button. The color of this chakra center is orange, and it is associated with pleasure, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, and joyfulness. When the sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance, different emotional and physical problems can manifest.

Let’s talk briefly about the sacral chakra, and what blocked or imbalanced energy within this chakra looks like. Then, read through the uplifting, positive, and healing affirmations. You can download the free PDF sacral chakra affirmations list at the end to use whenever you’d like.

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Sacral chakra affirmations

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As you may know, chakras are energy centers in the body. There are at least 7 main chakras in the body but there may be as many as 114 chakra energy points all over the body.

The word chakra translates to “wheel” in ancient Sanskrit because the energy of each chakra center is believed to “spin like a wheel.”

If your sacral chakra “gets stuck,” the energy wheel does not spin freely. And thus, the chi (the life force energy within the chakra) becomes stagnant.

The good news is, you can heal, balance,  and open the sacral chakra. And as with many energy imbalances, healing often begins in the mind. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful.

Imbalances within the sacral chakra

Any chakra, including the sacral chakra, can become blocked or stuck due to various forms of trauma, loss, or pain.

Those who have a damaged or blocked sacral chakra may experience problems with sex, self-expression, creativity, energy, sensuality, or passion. They may have difficult emotions, including excessive drama, obsession, and neuroticism. Or, they may lack emotion and feel numb. This depends upon whether the chi energy is lacking or excessive, as the chart below explains.

With sacral chakra damage, it’s also common to experience physical addictions, fatigue, weakness, or a sex drive that is either excessive or deficient.

Sacral Chakra Imbalance Symptoms

If you are experiencing sacral chakra imbalance symptoms, it’s important to talk to a medical doctor first. But you can also explore healing sacral chakra energy through alternative practices such as affirmations and meditation.

So, without further delay, here are the sacral chakra affirmations. May these statements empower you to heal your energy to feel more balanced, joyful, creative, sensual, and at ease.

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100 Sacral Chakra Affirmations

  1. I am a creative, expressive being.
  2. I am full of inspiration and great ideas.
  3. I trust my intuition and follow my heart.
  4. I’m enjoying more positive and loving relationships than ever before.
  5. My energy levels are feeling better each day.
  6. I am vibrant, beautiful, and magnetic.
  7. I enjoy my sexuality, sensuality, and all of the physical experiences that come with being human.
  8. I enjoy my life and I’m becoming more and more comfortable living in my body.
  9. I release old emotions and I create new ones because I can.
  10. I am a powerful and unstoppable creator.
  11. I embrace what makes me feel good, and I seek more of what brings me joy.
  12. What I enjoy matters and I honor my preferences.
  13. I make time for things that make me happy.
  14. I am abundant and I attract opportunity.
  15. I seek out ways to increase my own happiness.
  16. I’m where I need to be in my journey, and knowing this brings inner peace.
  17. I love and accept myself fully.
  18. I love and appreciate my body and all my physical capabilities.
  19. It is safe to feel hopeful, positive, relaxed, and confident.
  20. It is safe to be open and intimate.

Healing sacral chakra affirmations

  1. It is safe for me to be intimate.
  2. It is safe for me to express and feel love.
  3. I am a divine energetic being of light living in a human body.
  4. I am a beautiful, sensual, and sexual person.
  5. I am a powerful creator.
  6. I feel vibrant and full of positive energy.
  7. I am balanced and well.
  8. My physical health is improving each day.
  9. I am free from addiction.
  10. I am aligned with vibrant health.
  11. I honor and care for my body.
  12. I’m allowed to feel pleasure and to feel good in my body.
  13. My body is a sacred vessel to enjoy.
  14. My thoughts feel balanced and harmonious.
  15. I’m finding so many things that bring me joy.
  16. I feel grateful, satisfied, and full of appreciation.
  17. I am passionate about what I love.
  18. I release drama and stress.
  19. My emotions help guide me.
  20. I listen to my inner voice and feelings.

Affirmations to balance the sacral chakra

  1. My energy feels balanced and calm.
  2. My thoughts are aligned with peacefulness and optimism.
  3. I am totally comfortable in my body.
  4. My actions align with my intentions.
  5. I’m becoming more optimistic and joyful each day.
  6. I make fun and joy a top priority.
  7. I attract respectful, good-hearted people.
  8. The past is done and I’m moving forward with an open heart.
  9. I grow more confident each day.
  10. I’m highly capable, blessed, and beautifully unique.
  11. I’m a sensual, magnetic being.
  12. I’m highly creative and quite fascinating.
  13. I’m discovering my unique path in life, and I’m excited about it.
  14. My friends make me feel warm and secure inside, and they bring me joy.
  15. I’m balanced in my relationships because I trust and love freely while having healthy boundaries
  16. Life is naturally and essentially fun.
  17. There’s always the opportunity to make something more fun.
  18. I’m creative about discovering the silver lining.
  19. I make time for fun because fun is a priority.
  20. It’s my life, and I am learning to make it as joyful as possible.

Affirmations to open sacral chakra

  1. I’m open to feeling joy and pleasure.
  2. I’m open to possibility.
  3. I’m open to fun, excitement, and optimal well-being.
  4. I squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of every day.
  5. I plan for fun.
  6. I expect to have fun.
  7. I expect to enjoy my life.
  8. I am aligned with passion and joy.
  9. I welcome pleasure and physical enjoyment in all healthy ways.
  10. I’m discovering new joys daily.
  11. It’s safe for me to feel physical pleasure.
  12. I enjoy healthy sources of energy and pleasure.
  13. I feel open to new experiences and I trust the unknown.
  14. I’m ready for new relationships.
  15. I’m vibrating at a higher level than in the past.
  16. I manifest pleasurable, joyful, fun experiences.
  17. I manifest kind, loving, caring people.
  18. I’m honest, kind, loving, beautiful, joyful, and caring. And I keep getting better each day.
  19. My life is for having fun!
  20. I deserve to enjoy my life because life is meant to be enjoyed.

Sacral chakra affirmations for growth

  1. Creative is who I am.
  2. I don’t need to be perfect to be incredible.
  3. It’s ok for me to mess up as I explore my creativity.
  4. It’s ok to be myself when I create.
  5. I’m aligned with positive energy people because I am one of them.
  6. I surround myself with good vibes.
  7. I make smart choices that empower me.
  8. I feel passionate about my hobbies, home, ideas, and relationships.
  9. I focus on what I love.
  10. I am grateful for all the good in my life.
  11. The good is constantly increasing.
  12. Opportunities for joy always exist.
  13. Each day, I release the past and embrace the present.
  14. My life is becoming better each day.
  15. I’m evolving into the person I’ve always known I could be.
  16. I am grateful for my lessons.
  17. I’m becoming more and more confident.
  18. I invite new creative energy into my life.
  19. I invite exciting new experiences that make me feel alive.
  20. I enjoy deep intimacy.

PDF Printable Sacral Chakra Affirmation List

Simply download, print, and use the affirmations whenever you want to.

Sacral chakra affirmations printable worksheet

Feel free to share with a friend, and enjoy!

Final thoughts

I hope you found these sacral chakra affirmations healing and empowering.

As you know, the main goal of caring for your chakra energy center is to unblock them or keep them clear so that chi energy (including emotion, physical, mental, and spiritual energy) may flow freely within the body.

Healthy physical practices such as proper diet and exercise are imperative to support your energy body, but your thoughts are incredibly powerful as well.

We all have the power to train our thoughts to be more positive, loving, kind, and hopeful. Much of the time, positive expectation manifests positive results. Know that it is safe to feel joy, love, and happiness. Holding onto fear and discomfort does not generally keep you safe.

It can feel hard to shift emotions and thoughts, especially after trauma, but we are all still responsible for our own lives. So, it’s important to try to enjoy our lives, feel happier, and heal sacral chakra energy when it seems out of balance. Healing affirmations, when practiced regularly, can greatly empower positive change in the mind and body.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and have a blessed day.

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