Shifting Reality with Affirmations

How to Shift Reality Instantly- 111 Affirmations for Shifting

Can using shifting affirmations for altering reality work? Many people say yes!

As you may know, affirmations are positive statements you make to both yourself and The Universe to manifest your desires. You can say, think, or write affirmations to help manifest money, love, or anything you desire.

Shifting reality happens first in the unseen realm of your consciousness which is a part of infinity. Manifestations then appear in the physical realm when and if the time is right. This is the natural order of all of creation.

Let’s discuss how shifting affirmations work, how to use them, and some statements you can try. Plus, get troubleshooting tips for when your shift is stuck.

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How do shifting affirmations work?

Affirmations can be used to program your mind for success, positive thinking, and to reach your goals. These statements express your desired reality and train your mind to experience that reality. Although the official science is undecided, may believe affirmations can help de-program negative thoughts and feelings and create new neural pathways in the brain.

According to The Law of Attraction, your thoughts, feelings, and senses create your reality. They do this by influencing your energetic vibration. Your vibration attracts similar vibrations. All of matter is just energy. And like attracts like.

Shifting affirmations are affirmations for claiming your power as a master at shifting energy. And therefore, manifesting new realities.

By affirming your power to shift reality, you are affirming your abilities which grows your infinite potential to manifest.

You are a divine being. A being who is a part of (not separate from) all-that-is. Infinite realities are available to experience.

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How to use shifting affirmations

Shifting affirmations can be stated out loud, silently in your mind, or written. They are best practiced when you are calm and free of distractions. Use them in the morning, before bed, or any time you desire.

When using affirmations, focus on the feeling you are creating. Focus on your senses. Then, go beyond the mind and senses and use your intuition. We will talk more about intuition in a few moments.

When you say an “I am” affirmation statement or similar, feel your ability deeply on every level. Feel that you are the author of your own story because you are. Know your power to shift reality.

Think about the fact that we live in an infinite universe. And that you are a part of infinity- a physical extension experiencing itself through consciousness. Understanding your own power as an infinite being empowers you to create your best life.

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111 Shifting affirmations

  1. I am a powerful reality shifter.
  2. My reality is up to me.
  3. I am now shifting out of the old and into the new.
  4. I shift reality easily.
  5. I shift reality effortlessly.
  6. I shift into love.
  7. I shift into abundance.
  8. I shift into perfect health.
  9. I shift into peace.
  10. I shift into beauty.
  11. Shifting reality happens smoothly for me.
  12. Shifting reality happens joyfully for me.
  13. I affirm my ability to shift reality.
  14. I affirm that I am a natural at shifting.
  15. Reality shifting is fun!
  16. I can shift anytime.
  17. I enjoy the ability to shift reality.
  18. My reality is fluid and changeable.
  19. My reality is filled with possibilities.
  20. I am a master at shifting realities.
  21. I am a powerful reality shifter.
  22. My reality is my playground.
  23. Shifting my reality comes easily to me.
  24. I can shift my reality whenever I want.
  25. I can shift my reality to anything I desire.
  26. My reality is full of possibilities.
  27. My reality is full of joy.
  28. My reality is full of love.
  29. My reality is full of abundance.
  30. I am good enough as I am to shift.
  31. I am confident in my ability to shift my reality.
  32. My shifting abilities override any doubtful thoughts.
  33. My shifting is stronger than my ego’s naysaying.
  34. Shifting is something I can do anytime.
  35. I’m laid back about shifting.
  36. I trust in my ability to shift.
  37. I feel competent to shift anytime.
  38. Shifting feels natural and effortless.
  39. I am able to let go and shift with trust.
  40. I am free to shift anytime.
  41. My consciousness is infinite and therefore so is my ability to shift.
  42. I am an infinitely expansive being.
  43. Anything I desire is at my fingertips.
  44. Consciousness is a fun tool to have.
  45. I’m inspired by the power of my consciousness.
  46. I shift in many joyful directions.
  47. I keep on expanding joyfully.
  48. There are many wonderful experiences available for me to shift into.
  49. I welcome abundance and joy.
  50. I welcome peace and love.
  51. I welcome my own power to shift.
  52. I’m excited to shift.
  53. I can shift my entire life.
  54. Anything I desire I can shift into my reality.
  55. Reality is an interesting medium to work in.
  56. I enjoy my reality.
  57. I design my reality.
  58. I am a master of my own reality.
  59. As a powerful shifter, I enjoy the realities I create.
  60. I create fascinating, fun, and abundant realities.
  61. I create realities full of love and beauty.
  62. My timelines are up to me.
  63. I make wonderful choices.
  64. I deserve positive realities.
  65. I chose the experiences I get to have.
  66. I chose joyful experiences.
  67. I shift my realities as I please.
  68. It sure is awesome to shift reality.
  69. I’m grateful to be an infinite being.
  70. As an infinite being, I enjoy infinite opportunities.
  71. I enjoy shifting whenever I feel like it.
  72. I enjoy creating my reality.
  73. Joyful shifting is my favorite skill.
  74. Everyone can shift and I’m happy to share what I know with others.
  75. I’m happy in my reality.
  76. I have shifted into a wonderful reality.
  77. I’m excited about my next shift.
  78. There is much to explore about reality.
  79. Everything falls into place.
  80. Everything happens so easily for me.
  81. My life is naturally joyful and abundant.
  82. I am expansive consciousness.
  83. My expansive consciousness is part of all-that-is.
  84. Being part of all-that-is is where my power comes from.
  85. I’m secure in being infinite.
  86. Having infinite choices is part of being an infinite being.
  87. Infinite choices give me tremendous power.
  88. I am wise with my choices.
  89. I am loving my choices.
  90. Love is the default setting of The Universe, and knowing this relaxes me.
  91. I allow myself to shift.
  92. Shifting feels wonderful.
  93. I relax and shift with ease.
  94. I shift with nonchalance.
  95. Anything about my reality can be shifted.
  96. Pure consciousness is who I am and where my power resides.
  97. My power is inseparable from the power of infinity.
  98. As an infinite being, I’m always expanding.
  99. I live beyond the boundaries of my body, thoughts, and emotions.
  100. My infinite nature allows me to experience infinite possibilities.
  101. I’m able to shift when I chose.
  102. Every shift I make is successful.
  103. Reality is completely shiftable.
  104. I believe in my ability to shift.
  105. I trust in my infinite potential.
  106. Being a master shifter feels comfortable for me.
  107. A master shifter is who I am.
  108. Shifting is my birthright.
  109. Shifting is as easy as blinking.
  110. I can shift from one reality to another whenever I want.
  111. I love living in my desired reality.

What if you can’t shift realities?

If you have not shifted your “now” reality to manifest a new reality in the physical world yet, it is likely because you are not yet in full energetic alignment with your new reality.

Naturally, energy from your now reality exists. Such as thoughts and feelings of how you don’t want things to be. Or mental pictures of your current reality which are not as you desire.

So, if you can’t shift reality there is an approach you can try. And that is to vibrate beyond the energy behind your current thoughts and feelings.

How to shift reality with intuition

“Vibrating beyond” your current reality is done mainly through sensing. Sensing with both your 5 senses plus your 6th sense (intuition.) This way you can get to feel and also to know what a new reality is like.

Start with experiencing your new reality using the 5 senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Then, proceed to sensing with your 6th sense- your inner knowing. Your inner knowing is your intuition.

Sensing with intuition allows you to align with your desired reality in a different way. A way that is more direct and ultimately more efficient.

You can increase your intuition through:

  • Meditation
  • Affirm your intuition
  • Read and grow your knowledge about using intuition.

It can be helpful to go out in nature, especially into wide-open spaces like fields, hilltops, and even buildings to meditate, affirm, and receive information via your sixth sense of intuition.

Instant reality shifting is possible

New realities are available to you at any time. They are available instantaneously in your consciousness first. For example, at the moment that you have a joyful thought of abundance, you experience that abundance.

Again, shifting happens on the inside with energetic alignment before it shows up in the physical world. Once your energy is 100% in alignment with the new energy you desire, then your desire can show up in the physical. When the energetic frequency alignment is total, your desire can show up in an instant.

Any “lag time” in between your energetic frequency alignment and physical manifestation is a time buffer for your benefit. Not against you and your efforts.

The time buffer is present so you can learn more on your journey, avoid total chaos of instant manifestation, and fine-tune your frequency for more precise manifestation. Additionally, there are things happening behind the scenes you can’t imagine. Trust!

Recommended Reading

Below are a few books about shifting reality that I have personally read and found helpful. Have a look and see if they would be of value to you.

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing

Dissolve The Problem: by Shifting Physical Reality

Concluding thoughts

What are your experiences with reality shifting? What do you think of this new concept and trend? I find it exciting and exhilarating. Life is as we make it, and we have much more power than we often utilize.

Check out the recommended reading above for some incredible knowledge. And please let me know what you think in the comments!

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