Tropical Paradise Quotes

17 Dreamy Tropical Paradise Quotes to Inspire You

Have you been dreaming of a tropical paradise? Then you will love these short but dreamy tropical paradise quotes and beach captions.

These paradise quotes will inspire your mind for your next vacation, or even your next move! White sands, palm trees, a gentle breeze… can’t you feel the sunshine already? There’s simply nothing like azure waters to nurture your soul. Tropical flowers, fruits, and tiny green lizards help, too.

Maybe when you’re done reading these quotes about living in a tropical paradise, you’ll hop on a floatie with a refreshing drink in your hand. The pool feels so nice. But if you’re like me, you’ll keep your hair up in a bun. I’m not turning these highlights green! Lol!

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The inspiration for sharing these short yet dreamy tropical paradise quotes is sunny south Florida! What a beautiful place to be.

I was used to being cold and pale before moving here from up north. I wore a lot of leggings + wool sweaters + snow boots. I froze my butt off for years.

Well, not anymore!

I never thought I’d live in a tropical paradise, but I’m loving the land of fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice, mango trees, and hot pink crop tops. It’s fabulous!

Alright, without further wait, please enjoy these 17 short inspirational paradise quotes and beach captions.

17 Short Tropical Paradise Quotes to Inspire

1. Paradise is calling

Do you feel the calling of paradise? Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. You need a tropical escape. Luckily, paradise is always waiting!

tropical quotes

2. Follow the sun

Sunshine is so healing, so energizing. Everyone needs sunshine! Be sun-safe, but go ahead and soak up those warm rays!

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tropical quotes

3. Tropical escape

Away to paradise, you go! Or maybe ahoy you go, if you’re on a boat. Sometimes all you need is a relaxing tropical escape. If you’re currently on island time, you know what I mean.

tropical paradise quotes

4. Live at the sea

What a dream! Personally, I don’t need a fancy modern beach mansion on the ocean. I prefer a cute little beach shack with pink shutters. Wouldn’t it be nice to live right by the sea and take a beach walk every day? Hello, dolphins!

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tropical paradise quotes

5. Tropical vibes only

Tropical life is good. The sun, the flowers, the birds… it all enhances a feeling of positive energy. And seems to make everyone nicer, happier.  This quote would make a good beach caption for Instagram.

tropical paradise quotes

6. Life’s a beach

It really is when you live in a tropical paradise.

Yes, the mountain life is lovely, the snowy, icy life can be beautiful. But to me, beach life is the best life.

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beach quotes tropical

7. Take it beach-y

Sit back and relax, you’re on tropical time! It’s too hot here to hurry. So you might as well take it beach-y!

beach quotes tropical

8. Life is better at the beach

This is a simple fact of life and the best beach caption ever. I need the ocean in my life, do you?

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beach quotes tropical

9. Just another day in paradise

Every day is beautiful and fabulous when you live in a tropical paradise.

paradise quotes

10. Tropical state of mind

A tropical state of mind is peaceful, relaxed, and happy. It’s how you feel lounging on a hammock under coconut trees. When you feel as free and warm as the gentle breeze, then you know you are in a tropical state of mind.

tropical quotes

11. Paradise found

Paradise can be found anywhere, not just in the tropics. But palm trees and white sandy beaches will always equate with paradise. There is just something so special about this kind of paradise. The warmth is so lovely.

paradise quotes

12. I love tropical nights

What’s better than warm tropical nights? It’s so nice wearing so little. You rarely need a coat in the tropics. Maybe only for a rainstorm, (unless warm rain is enjoyable to you).

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tropical nights

13. Aloha baby

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful tropical places on earth, and “Aloha” is one of the most welcoming greetings. You know you’re in paradise when everyone says aloha. This caption fits the islands of Hawaii perfectly.


14. Palm trees, warm breeze, azure seas

So relaxing! Life is short, but the days are long in paradise. The color of the sea is endlessly fascinating to me.

tropical paradise quotes

15. Bikini life

Bikini life is the best life. Feeling free on the beach and getting fully tan is awesome. Age and body shape don’t matter- bikinis are a way of life in the tropics.

bikini quotes

16. Endless summer

Summer is my favorite time of year. It’s nice to enjoy it year-round in the land where summer never ends.

tropical quotes

17. Feelin’ tropical

Every. Single. Day. Are you feeling it? Hopefully, you are now that you read through this article.

paradise quotes

Concluding thoughts for your tropical escape

Whether you’re daydreaming of the beach on a cold winter’s day or having fun scrolling poolside on your honeymoon, I hope you enjoyed these short tropical paradise quotes. Loving the tropics as I do, I must say these quotes and beach captions were a joy to compile!

Please let me know your favorite quotes in the comments, and have a lovely and hopefully beach-y day!

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