signs from the universe that love is coming

25 Signs From the Universe That Love is Coming (+ That You’re Ready!)

Being in love is one of the most wonderful feelings that exist. And is something that most people want to experience to feel fulfilled and happy in life.

Waiting for love can feel like an eternity. But there are signs from the universe that love is coming to you. As well as many indications that you are ready for love.

These positive signs of love coming into your life can indicate you are on the cusp of meeting your ideal person.

They provide hope and affirmation that love is near.

So, let’s talk about signs from inside your heart and from the universe that love is coming soon.

signs from the universe that love is coming

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How do you know that the universe has your back when it comes to love? How do you know that you are in fact ready for love?

The universe works hand-in-hand with you because you are a part of it. And it is a part of you.

The signs you get from the universe are also signs from your higher self that flow through your heart center. You feel these signs as emotions. Then further perceive them as thoughts.

Here are some positive signs that come both from your heart center by way of your connection with the universe. These signs indicate the timing is right for love in your life. And that love is coming soon!

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25 Signs From the Universe That Love is Coming (+ That You’re Ready!)

1. You’ve cleared out the energy of the past

A sure sign from the universe that love is coming is that you’ve moved on from the past.

You feel clear energetically, with no major emotional baggage.

You have no attachments or unfinished business from past relationships. This includes feelings for any old flame. Even if your heart was once broken, it is now healed.

 Because you’ve accepted, dealt with, and swept the dust of the past away, you feel completely ready for something new.

You’re free of old energy and are ready and receptive to the new vibrations of love coming into your life.

The universe is showing you that you’re prepared because you feel done with the past and ready for the future.

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2. You want love  

This may sound obvious, but another sign that love is coming is that you 110% want love in your life. (Love doesn’t often come when we resist it or don’t want it.)

A positive love sign is when there is no doubt in your mind that you can handle a new relationship. And when you feel good about the idea of having love.

You’ve done the inner work of letting go of the past, mending your heart, and healing emotional blocks to new love coming. There is no resistance to finding love, and you are free of negative expectations based on painful past experiences.

Importantly, although you want love, you are totally relaxed about it. You are chill and at ease. There is no desperation, and you’re not necessarily focused on looking for love. 

Your pure, relaxed desire to find love is a sign from the universe via your higher self that the timing is right for love to come into your life.

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3. You feel positive about finding love

The universe shows you you’re ready for love when all past resistance to love is cleared. When you have forgiven your past experiences, accepted them as lessons, and when you feel positive, hopeful expectations of finding love.

Feeling positive about finding love is a major requirement to love entering your life. The universe cannot support you in finding love unless you feel that positive expectation of love coming.

The universe cannot bring love to your table when you are thinking things like:

  • Love never comes
  • Love hurts
  • Relationships don’t work out for me

Instead, you have to coach yourself to feel better about love. To trust wholeheartedly in love.

You can be sure the universe has your back when you can completely embody that trusting feeling. When you feel positive about finding love, know the universe will help connect your energy to the right person.

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4. You feel worthy of love

Another sign that travels straight from the universe through to your heart is an inner knowing that you are worthy of love.

It is because of your strong spiritual connection with the universe that you have been able to forgive your own imperfections.

Instead of feeling doubt, criticism of yourself, or insecurity, you have developed the self-love and acceptance to know your value. To know that you deserve love and that you can have that love you desire.

You are able to recognize that you’re worthy of love with no explanations needed.

You know you have so much to offer beyond appearances, material things, status, etc. And even though you’re not perfect, you are good enough just as you are.

You know that you have incredible love to give. And have an open, waiting space in your heart ready to be filled with love from the right special person.

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5. You trust the Universe 100%

When your heart is patient and your mind is trusting, you are in alignment with the universe.

Your lack of urgency and your inner knowing that love is coming is a sure sign from the universe that love is on its way.

You know that the universe works its magic when it’s not being constrained by energies such as fear, doubt, lack, and so on.

It works on your behalf in an unhurried fashion, and indeed moves fastest when it’s not being rushed to get you what you want.

Because you know this about the universe, you act as a partner with the universe. And co-create your love reality in divine timing.

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6. You feel completely at ease with being single

A sure sign you’re ready for love is when you feel fine with being on your own. And when you recognize that being single is an opportunity for personal growth and development.

It is when we are rushed, anxious, or feel dread about being single that we are in fact not ready. When we are in a negative state of mind, the universe is signaling we are in need of even more time alone. Which can feel like a never-ending cycle.

So, the fact that you feel good being single means that love is coming.

Your acceptance of being single is a sign you are mature enough to handle being coupled up in a healthy way.

Your coolness of being single indicates you are levelheaded, self-loving, and indeed ready for a love partner.

You probably won’t be single much longer.

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7. You are content in life

Having a content, calm, and happy feeling about life is another signal from the universe that you are ready for love.

Feeling this way means you are on the level to receive love. This is because you are not lacking. Instead, you are whole and complete as you are.

When you’re happy and content regardless of your love status, that is a positive sign you’re in the right vibration for love to come to you.

When we feel content and happy, grateful and in enjoyment, our energy is positive. And we become magnetic to attract more good energy into our lives. Including the good energy of other people.

Like attracts like. A content, positive vibration makes you more attractive to others. It indicates you are ready for love and that love is coming.

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8. You feel unhurried about love

Feeling unhurried about love is another positive sign from the universe.

The universe shows you, through your emotions, what you’re ready for and capable of. Including love and new relationships.

So, when you take it slow and accept love’s timing, you are in the best place to attract that love.

Feeling rushed can actually stall love. While feeling complete acceptance of the timing of love in your life allows that love to come into your life with ease.

It can be a hard feeling to balance within ourselves- to be unhurried and chill, yet still desire love. It can help to do your own thing, spend more time with friends and family, and stay engaged with hobbies while you wait with a trusting heart.

9. Positive relationships with others

A sure sign from the universe of love on the horizon is your other positive relationships. Your friends, family, work relationships, pets, and more.

Being content and happy in these other relationships indicates your emotional stability and readiness to take on more energy from someone new.

Any new relationship involves an influx of new energy from that person. (And from yourself in the form of the waves of emotions you feel for your newfound love.)

So, when you are already in a positive place with your other relationships, that is a sure sign you are ready for more. You are ready to evolve in love with a new person.

Your happiness in current relationships also reflects your gratitude. When you think about the people you are grateful for, the universe responds by giving you even more reasons and people to be grateful for. 

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10. The timing is right 

You can be sure the universe is sending you a sign that love is coming soon when the timing is right for you.

You’ll know the timing is right because you are content and happy in life and in your other relationships. You feel at ease, unhurried, and trusting in love’s timing. (As we already discussed.)

But also, you know by the simple fact that you are single. Not in a relationship where you would be tempted to cheat, lie, or do something to hurt anyone.

You are ready for love where you are right now in life.

Additionally, you’re not about to move or otherwise become unavailable. Nothing is blocking you from love or preventing love when it comes to timing.

And the same can be said of your new love interest. The timing will be right for both of you when love is meant to be.

11. You see repeating angel numbers

Seeing repeating angel numbers can be a sure sign from the universe of love coming soon. But what are angel numbers you ask?

Angel numbers are single numbers or more commonly sequences of numbers you see everywhere. Commonly, angel numbers are seen frequently on clocks, license plates, receipts, signs, and other places in the environment.

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Angel numbers can be highly personal. But some numbers or number sequences can be more indicative of love than others.

222 Is an angel number known to indicate love being on the way.

444 Is another angel number that is known to be a sign of love and new relationships.

And 111 or 1111 is thought to be a sign from your angels and the universe that you are on the right track, good things are coming, or you are entering a new phase in life.

12. Strange coincidences keep happening

Are you experiencing strange coincidences that feel like love signs from the universe?

Maybe you have feelings for someone special and keep bumping into them.

Or you see a picture of a stranger and it sparks something in you, and then you meet someone who resembles that picture.

Maybe your friend mentions some new acquaintance of theirs that you’ve never heard of, and your heart jumps for no apparent reason.

Strange occurrences like this are often signs from the universe. They reveal that your awareness is open and receptive and can indicate love on the horizon in some circumstances.

Of course, signs from the universe of love are highly intuitive. But when you have those strange coincidences around love, they should not be ignored. There is usually some meaning or a lesson within.

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13. You see love all around you

Seeing love everywhere you look is a sure sign from the universe that love is coming to you.

When love is on the horizon, your energy is vibrating high at a level in alignment with love.

Naturally, you see the same high vibrational love energy everywhere. You may see love in the form of happy couples all around you, pictures of romance, and other similar visual images of love.

Seeing love around you brings you joy and a feeling of inspiration. (Rather than sadness or despair that you don’t have love.)

Because your energy is full of trust and positivity about love’s arrival, you feel excited in acknowledging visual love signs from the universe. 

On a subconscious level, it’s likely that the love you see confirms to your soul that you embody the same capacity for love- the same ability to have love and be in love.

So, when you see love swirling in the air, you feel pure joyful anticipation.

14. You have romantic dreams of love

Having dreams of a mysterious person or love relationship can be a sign from the universe.

Love signs present themselves in many ways and psychic dreams are one of those ways. Your higher self is connected to the universe because it is a part of the universe.

So, the dreams you have that feel significant can often be considered a love sign from the universe. They may reveal to you what energy to be receptive to, or introduce you to someone’s energy before you ever meet that person.

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15. You have a vision of love

Like dreams, psychic visions of love can happen before you meet someone significant.

Maybe you see this person’s face or figure in your mind. Maybe you glimpse some unexplainable event in future time.

Psychic visions should be taken into real consideration, but not obsessed over. This is because sometimes they turn out to be nothing. Or they are a part of another timeline.

When you do have a true vision of love, it’s often many months later that you discover that a vision of love or dream you had turns out to match up with someone significant in real life.

This is such an eerie phenomenon that it must be mentioned as a sign from the universe.

16. You sense that special person

Have you ever sensed someone or felt their energy before you met them?

In fact, I’ve had this experience myself a few different times. And quite strongly before I met my husband.

Sometimes you can’t explain it, but you just know that person is coming into your life.

For me, I knew my future husband was coming but not yet in the city and state I was living, (and this turned out to be true. I met him a few months after that sensation.)

So, my point is that when these random thoughts enter your mind, don’t totally disregard them.

Sometimes, you cannot predict how or when you will meet someone, but you feel their energy nonetheless. You even swear you know them before you’ve ever met. And on a soul level, you do.

The sensation is a magical feeling and a certain sign from the universe that you will meet that special someone at some point.

17. You keep hearing a certain song or phrase

Hearing a song or phrase often can be a sign from your angel guides or the universe. You may hear the song or phrase online, on the radio, spoken by someone, or in any context you can imagine.

It’s important to mention that some people are more auditory in their extrasensory perception abilities. Hearing can be a primary psychic strength, a way that you perceive messages from the universe.

So, if you hear the same thing more than a few times, take notice. If what you’re hearing has to do specifically with finding love, consider it a possible sign from the universe of love coming into your life.

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18. A book falls off the shelf

Signs from the universe can just as easily come in the form of written words. And books are a common medium of communication.

Many people experience the sign of a book finding them at just the right time.

Maybe the book literally fell off the shelf. Maybe your eye landed on it randomly and you couldn’t ignore it. Or maybe a friend left it at your house.

Either way, when a book presents itself, take notice. Books are very common signs from the universe and a way for the universe or your guides to teach you something. You may also experience being lead to the right website article, newspaper, magazine, etc.

19. You can literally feel your future love partner

This may sound strange but for some people, you can literally physically feel the touch of someone you’ve never met. You can feel their hand in yours or your body against theirs.

Some may brush this off as an overactive imagination, but it could just as well be a psychic sense based on a physical form of ESP.

Just another sign from the universe to consider.

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20. A psychic confirms love is coming

A skilled intuitive or psychic can often sense when love is coming your way. So, if you receive this message from someone wise, then take it as a positive sign from the universe.

There are many incredibly feeling, seeing, hearing, and sensing individuals who can offer us wisdom.

Be cautious, and take things people say with a grain of salt. But also be open to their insights. Know that your senses can be limited in ways other people’s senses may not be.

21. You’ve learned from past relationships & feel at peace

Another positive sign from the universe of love coming soon is the peace you feel in your heart.

You know the past is in the past and you accept the lessons you’ve learned from previous relationships.

You know each love relationship in your life that hasn’t worked out has brought you closer to true love, and for that you feel grateful.

You feel serene and at peace with everything you’ve experienced. Nothing about the past bothers you anymore.

You can now take what you have learned and use it to your advantage when new loves comes your way. You can use your love lessons to better your future and manifest hand in hand with the universe

22. You are ready for “The Next Level”

A sign that love is coming can be as simple as knowing in your heart that you’re ready for the next leap forward.

I call this the “Next Level” in life.

Anticipation of the Next Level can refer to many things, one of them most certainly being love.

Often, we get the sense that we are ready for the Next Level when we are happy and content where we are. When we are filled with gratitude and satisfaction but can feel there is room for growth.

If you’re single and receptive to love, the Next Level may very well be about finding love.

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23. You feel like you’re on the right path

When everything is lining up for you and you’re on the right path, you just know. You feel good about yourself, confident, and happy. You’re on top of the world.

The energy you emit in this state of being is highly attractive.

But you’re not existing in this way to attract, rather you are just going with the flow.

And because you are not purposefully looking for love, there is no lack energy. There is no “trying to find love” and no “not having love” in your aura. So naturally, you attract love effortlessly.

When you are in this state of being on the right path, know that it’s a sign you are naturally magnetizing all good things and the love that is meant to be.

24. You feel lighthearted and inspired

When you’re in joyful anticipation of love, you feel pure and light, and inspired.

Nothing is standing in your way or holding you back. And you know in your heart you are ready.

When you know, the universe knows. Your angels and spirit guides know, as do the guides of your future partner.

So, in divine timing, you can rest assured love will find you easily, effortlessly, and naturally.

And you will never be the same again.

25. You just know

Sometimes, you are so aligned with love that you absolutely know for a fact it’s on its way.

This sign of love from the universe cannot be denied.

Trust in yourself, let go of the thought, and go with the flow. It’s so exciting when you know with certainty that love is arriving.

Final thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered if the universe was sending you signals about love, I hope this article has helped you to see more clearly.

Ultimately, when you are ready for lasting love you will know it deep inside your heart.

When clear signs from the universe are present, they are undeniable. But you have to trust your own inner wisdom to recognize them.

Even if you’re inexperienced in love or have damage from relationships gone wrong, you can learn to see clearly, recognize love signs, and trust yourself.

You can grow your intuition into your superpower.

And be able to readily pick up on positive love signs from the universe.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. And may you have a lovely, love-filled day!

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