signs someone's manifesting you

22 Sure Signs Someone is Manifesting You {Law of Attraction}

Do you know the 22 undeniable signs someone is manifesting you?

People manifest each other all the time using the Law of Attraction. It happens more frequently than you might think. If you’re being manifested, you might experience strange coincidences before you meet a specific person, or immediately thereafter.

When you meet someone who has manifested you, it’s an intriguing feeling. A feeling that you are experiencing fate or coming face-to-face with destiny. You may have a strong urge to get to know this person or feel like you’ve known them for a long time, even if you’ve just met them.

There are many reasons for someone manifesting you, be it for help, advice, personal growth, or another reason. When the manifestation intention is for love or friendship, the feeling you get can be truly magical. And that intention is what we are talking about today.

Being manifested by someone can make you feel flattered, honored, and a bit mystified. It’s an incredible feeling to be desired so strongly and to have such a strong energetic connection through time and space that you can’t help but to cross paths with someone. It’s mind-blowing when you recognize that your connection with someone is actually far from a coincidence.

Being manifested by someone sounds so “out there” that you may doubt it’s real. But you shouldn’t doubt it. If you identify some clear signs someone is manifesting you, trust your intuition.

There are many telltale clues that someone is manifesting you using the Law of Attraction. These signs cannot be mistaken, just like the power of connection that you feel cannot be denied. Let’s dive into this fascinating topic!

Signs Someone is Manifesting You

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22 Signs Someone Is Manifesting You With the Law of Attraction

1. You feel like you know them

Have you ever felt recognition for someone you’ve never met? Maybe their face looks eerily familiar, or their energy is instantly comfortable. It’s such a warm and positive feeling to intuitively recognize another soul. They seem like a friend you’ve had forever or a love you’ve always sensed on some level.

Feeling like you know someone already can be a sign of them manifesting you. The sensation of familiarity and recognition indicates this person has been sending out a matching vibrational frequency to your own energy. This energy match is known as the Law of Attraction.

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like. So, you naturally met and connected becuase your energy vibration is so closely aligned. That bond you feel, that deep knowing of this person and the natural comfort in their presence, is a sure sign they have manifested you energetically. Your energy matches like pieces of a puzzle.

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2. You had a feeling you were about to meet someone

This has happened to me on a few occasions. In fact, it happened before I met my husband.

A few months before we met, I’d had a feeling my future husband was out there somewhere- I’d sensed him. But I knew, for some inexplicable reason, that he was not yet living in my city, let alone my state. When I met him and found out he was new to the area from Georgia, I couldn’t help but remember my premonition.

Everyone has these psychic senses, but we rarely take note of thoughts that seem so wild. After all, how could anyone know they were about to meet someone? How could anyone sense their soulmate in another state? Yet, it happens and it’s simply The Law of Attraction at work.

A feeling you are about to meet someone is a one of those telltale signs that someone is manifesting you. Someone with similar energy and vibration.

This person has a desire to meet you as much as you desire to meet them. And in God’s perfect timing, indeed you will meet.

The trick to allowing the Law of Attraction to work in this case is not to obsess over the feeling you have. Do not think of it too much. Additionally, you need to recognize what your intuition is saying and then let yourself trust your gut. You have to be willing to believe in love, believe in fate, be vulnerable, and trust in your heart.

3. You experience Deja-Vu with them

Signs Someone is Manifesting You

The word deja vu is French for “already seen.” It describes the strange sensation that you have had an experience before that you know you haven’t actually had.

Feeling deja vu is a clear answer of “Yes” to the question Is someone manifesting me? Often, deja vu upon meeting someone is proof they have manifested you.

Deja vu is certainly a good sign when it comes to love. It’s indicative of the manifestation process and the Law of Attraction at work. You’re literally feeling that special energetic connection, like a tether of electricity connecting your auras.

Maybe you got deja vu when they texted you, or when out on a first date. This phenomenon is more common than you’d think. Many people will dismiss the feeling of Deja vu, but there are also many interesting theories about what deja vu is. This includes theories involving multiple timelines or past lives, which you may or may not vibe with.

Either way, experiencing deja vu boils down to The Law of Attraction and being on the same energetic frequency with someone. You both manifested the moment of your meeting on some level. And you are unlikely to forget the powerful feeling of having experienced the moment before.

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4. They are always on your mind

If you cannot get someone out of your mind, and you are feeling very strongly about them, chances are that special someone is manifesting you using the Law of Attraction.

Being manifested often happens with someone you just met. But you can also be manifested by people from your past, like an old friend you’ve known forever.

Have you ever have an old friend or acquaintance that you suspected may have had a secret crush on you? Maybe you hadn’t thought too much about that person, or even much noticed them before. Now suddenly, you have the sudden urge to reconnect and cannot stop thinking of them. Your mind wanders to them at all hours of the day and night.

If you are thinking of someone all the time, chances are high that person has you on their mind all the time as well. They are definitely manifesting you, you are sensing their energy, and you feel a mysterious sense of attraction. In turn, you begin to pull towards them energetically. The Law of Attraction makes it so that the two of you cannot help but connect at some point in time. And this leads us to the next big clue that you’re being manifested.

5. You run into them unexpectedly

How to know if someone is manifesting you? You’re always running into them.

Is it a “coincidence” that you keep seeing this person everywhere for no apparent reason? Of course, it’s not. You know this. There are no coincidences. Souls attract other similar souls. Like energy attracts like energy.

Always bumping into someone randomly in daily life is very common and a sure sign of someone manifesting you. It’s something that has happened to me recently, although I’ve had to ignore it since I do not necessarily want to connect to the person manifesting me. It’s a man from my kid’s sports class who is always looking at me. I’ve seen him 3 times now outside of the class. I’m like Dude, stop manifesting me. I’m a happily married woman!

Anyway, my example is just one of many times that I knew I was being manifested. If you think back, you can likely think of many times this has happened to you. You don’t always want to be manifested, as in my case. But isn’t it interesting how spirits connect through time and space to, say, go to Target at the same time?

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6. You have dreams about them

Clear Signs Someone is Manifesting You

Having dreams of someone, especially frequently, can be one of the surest signs someone is manifesting you. Frequent dreams indicate matching vibrational frequency and energy exchange. You may wonder if the person from your dreams is dreaming of you as well.

No one really knows why we dream, or how. But certainly, there is more to dreaming than chemical reactions happening in the brain. after all, how would we explain psychic dreams and specific premonitions that come true? Maybe a real psychic would know for sure, but those people are quite rare in my opinion. It’s hard to find a good one.

So much about dreaming cannot be explained by the confines of science. Science is so very limited, we must always look beyond what we know scientifically since science is always evolving.

Maybe one day we will know with certainty the true meaning of dreaming about someone. Maybe we will know if souls do, in fact, meet in dreams. For now, the best you can do is trust your intuition. If you have frequent dreams of someone, it may indeed be a clue they are manifesting you. Maybe the person you dream of is the love of your life manifesting you in the dream realm. 

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7. You have visions of this specific person

Have you ever experienced someone’s face appearing in your mind’s eye out of nowhere? Maybe right before bed, or while you are doing something random like cooking dinner?

Having visions of someone, even someone you’ve never seen before, can be a sign they are manifesting you. If you keep seeing someone’s face, then they are probably picturing your face as well. Or at least, trying to envision you if they don’t yet know what you look like. You are on their mind, and so they are projecting themselves into your mind. (Usually unintentionally.)

If you keep seeing visions of someone, try to intuit for yourself what that means. Maybe that person has a message for you. Maybe they desire your love or friendship. Either way, seeing them often in your mind means you might want to find out why.

One point I have yet to mention, though: You don’t have to be manifested if it’s not what you want. You do have free will, and if you don’t want to connect with someone, put your energy blocks up. Say no and move on. There are times when it’s not a good idea to pursue such encounters.

8. You can almost feel their touch physically

How to know if someone is manifesting you sexually? It sounds weird, but you might be able to actually physically feel them.

Maybe you don’t see this specific person in your dreams or visions (some of us are less visual) but maybe you feel them physically. Maybe you sense their body and it’s almost like you can feel their hands on you. This sense is one of the most physically apparent signs someone is manifesting you.

If you know the person you are physically sensing, reaching out to them and connecting is logistically easier (though you may be shy about it.) You can try to ask them out on a date, lean in for a kiss, and if indeed they feel the same, it’ll probably happen!

If you don’t know whose energy you are sensing and desiring to reach out to, the task can seem trickier. But the keyword here is “seems.” Trust that if you feel the need to touch someone and you don’t even know who they are yet, you will find out. And FYI you are not crazy for having this psychic sense, you are energy-sensitive, and that is a gift.

Your sixth sense (sex sense?) is perceiving the sexual energetic vibrations of another soul who is out there. Your Law of Attraction spidey sense are at work. This “sex sense” of yours is likely one of those strange signs someone is manifesting you sexually.

It is only a matter of time before the two of you meet and connect, maybe at a party, at your new job, at a sports game.. wherever. There are so many opportunities for the two of you to meet. *By the way, I’m not suggesting random acts of intimacy here. Just talking about this strange phenomenon that does happen.

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9. You suddenly feel fascinated with them (if it’s someone you already know)

Sure Signs Someone is Manifesting You

If you already know this person who you think is manifesting you, maybe you suspect them because you suddenly feel fascinated with this person’s life.

Maybe you’ve known each other for a while, but the timing wasn’t quite right before, and now it is and you cannot stop thinking of them. You’re checking their social media, bringing up their name in casual conversations, and going to places you know they frequent.

That strange feeling of sudden fascination can hit like a ton of bricks and be almost debilitating. It can make focusing difficult. And it likely means that they feel the same way.

Sudden fascination with a person is a powerful thing and it indicates that person is indeed manifesting you. And you two should probably find a way to connect. However, always pay close attention and be mindful of the situation. If this fascination is romantic, make sure you act ethically and in consideration of each other’s relationships in the event one of you is not single.

10. Strange coincidences lead you to them

Have you ever had a set of strange coincidences lead you to meet someone? If so, this can be a sign someone is manifesting you. This person’s energy was such a strong energetic match to your own energy, and they desired your energy so strongly, that the forces of the Universe found a way for the two of you to meet. Universal forces sure have some strange and unusual ways of connecting people!

This sign of someone manifesting you should also be considered when you desire to meet someone, yet have no idea how that will happen. Apply this understanding especially when you sense the energy of a person you’ve never met, or have a premonition you can’t quite understand. There are many different ways that the Universe works to bring souls together. Two people with strong energetic connections must meet in physical reality per the Law of Attraction. It is nature, and as we talked about before, there are no coincidences when it comes right down to it.

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11. Unexpected opportunity leads you to them

Signs Someone is Manifesting You

Maybe the “coincidence” that leads you to someone comes in the form of an unexpected opportunity. Such as a work or business opportunity, social opportunity, party, event, or simply being in the right place at the right time.

Meeting someone significant at events like these can be a sure sign that particular person has manifested you with The Law of Attraction. The Universe used the event or the opportunity itself as a common ground for two matching frequencies to connect. Especially when the two souls involved would have no other chance of meeting. Meetups happen in mysterious ways all the time!

Think of people who fall in love during travel, such as on vacation or a business event. This kind of meeting is indeed fate or destiny, and a sure relationship manifestation on behalf of both parties.

12. Signs and symbols are popping up

Signs and symbols are one of those very clear signs someone is manifesting you. Maybe you hear a song and the next thing you know you are meeting this person with the song playing in the background. Maybe you see angel numbers, (more about those in a minute), butterflies, or rainbows. It may sound corny, but signs like these are undeniable when and if the signs hold special meaning to you.

Before I met my husband, and before Pinterest was a thing (yes I’m old LOL) I used to keep magazine cut-outs. I remember keeping an image of a handsome man’s face because I found it so striking. A

bout a year later, after I met my husband, I was going through that old box of cut-outs and found the image. The man’s face was an eerily close match to my husband’s. What’s more, the image was from an article describing the man’s service in the military. My husband is also a military veteran.

It definitely struck me as not being a coincidence. This was yet another sign that we manifested each other.

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13. You keep hearing people talk about them

Is a specific person’s name popping up, over and over? It sounds like a crazy thing to say, but physical signs like this are real. If you keep hearing people talk about a certain person, it could mean that person is manifesting you. Especially if you tend to be an auditory person by nature and your primary sixth sense involves hearing.

Sometimes the Universe tries to get your attention about someone by putting a name in your ear frequently. Someone can manifest you in this way when their desire is strong enough. (Whether they know it or not, and usually they don’t.)

Also, if you keep hearing about mysterious love connections, stories of romantic fate, love quotes, stories of synchronicity between people, and that sort of thing, again this can be a sign of someone manifesting you.

The Universe/God wants you to expand your awareness and to know that love and friendship await. And the Universe will deliver clear messages to you in the sensory forms you are most psychically receptive to. (Visual, auditory, empathic feeling, etc.)

14. The timing is perfect 

Undeniable Signs Someone is Manifesting You

When two people are destined to meet, especially on a romantic level, the first time meetong will be perfect and the meeting will happen in Perfect timing upon meeting someone means they have manifested the ideal conditions to meet you, and you the ideal conditions to meet them. The meeting of you both is fate, as chemistry is brewing.

Perfect timing means both of you are single and/or ready for a relationship. Both of you have the availability and energetic space to accommodate a new relationship since your love life is wide open. You’re not too busy or carrying energetic baggage that is too heavy. You’re not sidetracked by other people’s energy. You are “in the clear” to form a bond with a new person. “The stars are aligned” as they say.

Perfect timing is a beautiful thing, and certainly one of the most undeniable signs someone is manifesting you. You can be sure that your manifestation journey is together when it comes to love.

15. Another relationship ends abruptly

Another of the most undeniable signs someone is manifesting you is when your romantic relationship ends abruptly.

It’s not that anyone has the power to end a relationship, but rather, the energetic match between you and the person manifesting you is much stronger than the match between you and the partner who you’re drifting away from.

It’s natural for all types of relationships to come and go. To ebb and flow. Be it love relationships, friendships, or even a bond with a family member, as sad as that can be. Instead of trying to control what happens, go along for the ride, wherever it takes you.

It’s usually wise to be open to a new relationship and new opportunities when an old one feels like it’s falling apart. If a relationship is ending, sometimes it’s okay to let it. (Unless you’re married- that’s another ball game.) The end of one relationship often happens because new energy is present, people change, and new connections are forming. Trust in the process and embrace new love possibilities.

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16. You’re suddenly faced with big changes or decisions

At times of intense life changes or big decisions, relationship manifestation can occur.

Maybe you’re entering a new stage in life such as a move, career change, or health change. Naturally, you go through much personal growth and development during times of dramatic life change. Your energy shifts from “the old you” to “the new you” (to put it very simply.)

Because of the personal evolutions you are experiencing, an energetic space is created. A vacuum, if you will. And in this vacuum exists the opportunity for new experiences, including new relationships. So, if someone has been dreaming of manifesting you, even if you’ve never met, during this time they may manifest you in real life. They may attract you to them if you two are a vibrational match to each other. 

17. Your tarot cards reveal a special relationship

Signs Someone is Manifesting You Tarot Cards

Some people resonate with tarot cards and other tools of divination more strongly than others. I’m no professional psychic, but in my experience of reading tarot cards for myself and friends for 20+ years, I’ve seen tarot cards predict many things about relationships. Including the formation of new relationships.

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If you’re looking for signs someone is manifesting you, and tarot cards are a tool you connect with, then you will likely not be surprised when they indicate the manifestation of a new relationship.

In my opinion, tarot cards reveal your sixth sense, subconscious thoughts, and inner knowing from your higher power. They will therefore reveal new high vibrational energies entering your life in the form of new relationships and other exciting possibilities.

18. You see angel numbers

Are you seeing repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 444, or 601? Numbers such as these are known as angel numbers and are signs from your angels or spirit guides. Frequently they occur at the start of a new relationship or new beginning in your life. They can indicate many positive things and should be taken as a good positive sign.

Angel signs exist to get your attention and highlight your awareness. What I mean is, angel signs do not register in your brain unless you are awake enough to perceive them. Some people may laugh and think angel numbers are a ridiculous concept, but unfortunately, it is because those people are not awake enough, sadly.

The most romantic angel numbers are combinations of 2’s and 4’s. 6’s Indicate romance and especially a happy, stable home. 1’s Represent new beginnings and so much more.

Angel numbers are undeniable signs that someone is manifesting you. Depending on the number you see, your intuition, and your personal understanding of the number, the details of what the sign means vary.

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19. A professional psychic confirms your connection

Another way to know if someone is manifesting you is by confirmation from a gifted psychic. I do advise you to take the advice of most psychics with a grain of salt. Some are much more talented than others, and those talented individuals are rare. Much of the time you are, in fact, your own best psychic. However, some skilled intuitives may confirm an intense new relationship.

The energetic attraction between two people can be undeniable. Attraction, especially romantic chemistry from twin flames or soulmates, is one of the easiest vibes to read. A psychic may confirm someone is attracting you by reading your tarot cards or simply picking up the vibration.

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20. You meet them during spiritual awakening

If you are going through a period of spiritual awakening, which is happening at an accelerated rate on this planet at this time, you may connect with someone special who’s also experiencing an awakening. It’s likely you will find yourself attracting other awakened souls as well.

When it comes to signs someone is manifesting you, however, it’s different. The attraction is stronger and more intense. That’s specifically because you have manifested each other during your awakening. There is no denying you are meant to evolve together in this new reality the collective consciousness is creating. Your connection is a glorious and beautiful thing and you know it.

However, as with anything in life, and as the classic rock band 38 Special says:

“Just hold on loosely

But don’t let go

If you cling too tightly

You’re gonna lose control”

There are some real words of wisdom in those song lyrics that you can guarantee I will crank up when it comes on the radio and embarrass my tween by rocking out to. Trust and do not obsess.

21. Meeting them feels like a movie or script

Love Signs Someone is Manifesting You

When it comes to signs someone is manifesting you, it can sometimes seem like you’re living in a movie. Like it’s all a script.

There have been many times when my mind was completely blown by the Law of Attraction. So many things have happened that could never, ever be believed until experienced. The younger version of me would have been in utter shock if she could have seen into the future. So many good things have happened! 

Meeting someone at just the right moment can wow you to the core. It is an incredible feeling. Trust that if you meet someone and you can hardly believe the circumstances, the energy is completely aligned. The Law of Attraction had no choice but to honor your strong connection.

22. You get confirmation from the Universe

The Universe gives you signs and confirmations in so many ways, depending on the situation. Everyone has special songs, symbols, images, and more that are meaningful to them. There are personal angel signs, signs from nature, and signs from God. It’s kind of all the same thing, in my opinion. It’s all connected.

So whatever significant signs you sense, trust your intuition. The signs you see are there for a reason. Probably to show you something worth seeing, and in the case of manifestation, the clues may point to a friendship, a fling, or the love of your life.

Always balance your intuition with your other common senses, but keep an open heart and an open mind. There are many signs someone is manifesting you. You just need to tap into your intuition and keep an open mind to pick up on the clues.

Final thoughts

When someone desires your energy, you desire theirs, and there’s an energetic match, it is inevitable that you will meet despite any odds. If you know in your heart you are ready for friendship or love, trust that it will happen in perfect timing. Make yourself available, but don’t overthink it.

Or, if you are not necessarily thinking of or trying to meet someone new, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised when you do. You might meet a special person nonetheless. It all depends on if your energy is in alignment with theirs. It is often when you are going about your business and not trying to meet someone new that someone manifests you.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the many signs that someone is manifesting you. I hope it was insightful and helpful. May you enjoy wonderful divine connections that fill your heart. Have a lovely day!

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