Self-Care Morning Routine for Moms

A Simple Self Care Morning Routine For Moms

A simple self care morning routine for moms which is easy and effective!

Morning time with kids, especially babies, can be exhausting. After getting up multiple times in the night, then out of bed at 5:30 am, sometimes I’m ready to crash by 9 am.

You know what I’m talking about- you’ve got 101 things to do to get ready in the morning, too. Heck, you barely have time to read this article, and I barely have time to write it during nap time!

That’s why, as a busy mom, you need a simple self care morning routine that feels good, is easy to practice, and that you can stick with.

In this article, learn 4 self-care activities you can do every morning to feel healthy, pampered, and good about yourself. These healthy morning habits take almost no extra effort or time. They are easy, nurturing, and fast. This is the perfect self-care morning routine for moms.

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simple self care routine for moms

**Disclaimer- Always talk to your doctor before making any health-related decisions. I’m not a doctor, I’m a mom sharing what morning routine works best for my self-care. See privacy policy & disclosures for more details.

Tips for establishing a simple self care morning routine

When creating a simple self care morning routine as a mom, many factors come into play. Everyone’s lifestyle is a bit different. You have to find what works for you based on what time you go to work, or if you work at home. Or if you have an infant, toddler, or teenager. Among many other factors.

Ask yourself, what do you most need to accomplish in the morning? What is on your essential to-do list for the morning? What can you put off for later? You may want to do a bit of journaling around this subject so you can have a good idea.

But whatever plan you make for your morning, know that plans are subject to change. When you have kids or babies, routines are always changing. Plan for success, but expect the unexpected!

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How I start my morning as a mom

My goal each morning is to start the day off on a positive, relaxed note. I don’t like to be rushed.

Usually, my morning begins around 5:30 am when my littlest wakes up. This early wake-up allows some extra time before school for my oldest, but I often feel tired and groggy. (Lost sleep has to be the most under-discussed problem of parenthood. I don’t recall getting the “no-sleep memo” before I had kids. What about you?)

Because of my tiredness, the very first thing I do for self-care to start my day off right is sit down with my coffee. (After changing diapers, pouring sippy cups of water, and making bowls of cereal or fruit for my girls.)

I consider my coffee time an essential part of my self-care routine as a mom. Ideally, my coffee time would involve 5 minutes of uninterrupted Instagram scrolling while my girls play, but it doesn’t always happen.

If you can find the time first thing in the morning, my first tip for a simple self care morning routine is to give yourself a few extra minutes to get your day started. That could mean meditation time, journaling time, or a delicious hot beverage. Allowing yourself this extra wake-up time makes the beginning of your morning routine so much more enjoyable.

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Make your self care morning routine delicious

Coffee tastes its best when made in a French press coffee maker. Have you ever tried one? They’re super easy to use; just pour some grounds in the bottom, then add boiling water and press the top part down so that the grounds go to the bottom and the coffee stays on top.

After using a French press, you will never want to go back to a regular coffee maker. The taste is that much richer, smoother, and fresher with a French press.

And unlike with a regular coffee maker, there are no plastic parts for the hot water to flow through and leech plastic chemicals into your 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01J4O0T4E

The best morning coffee

As for the kind of coffee, there are so many great kinds out there. Try your local store brands’ organic kind. With coffee, organic definitely matters. Coffee is typically a highly sprayed crop, and you’ll probably want to do without the pesticides.

I like my coffee black, but for something different, I enjoy a Keto coffee.

Keto coffee is basically coffee with added grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). It’s very similar to BulletProof coffee.

Keto coffee will satisfy you if you enjoy adding regular creamer to your coffee, but know it’s not the healthiest addition. The Keto coffee tastes similar, but instead of potentially harmful ingredients such as additives and GMOs, you get essential amino acids and collagen peptides.

The fat in the Keto coffee gives you energy, helps keep you full, and allows you to eat a lighter breakfast without being hungry. Plus, it travels great because each serving is individually portioned.

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A great coffee alternative for the morning

Another great morning beverage, especially if you don’t drink coffee, is Dandelion root tea.

Dandelion root tea is a natural and gentle detox. It helps aid the kidneys and liver in removing waste. It’s caffeine-free and has a mild, smooth, pleasant taste. It’s especially great to drink when you’re feeling sick, run-down, hungover, or want to give yourself some extra care. Another yummy tip is to pour it over ice and add a splash of almond milk.

Regardless of your choice in the type of beverage, enjoy it to the fullest! Don’t settle for poor-quality tea or coffee to start your day. Keep it fresh, pure, and organic to feel your best. No sugar if you can help it, and no processed creamers.

Simple self care morning exercise routine

Exercise can be the hardest thing to incorporate into your self care morning routine. But it should be considered essential, especially for moms. As a mom, you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of everyone else. Your health matters, so don’t take it for granted. 🙂

If you don’t already have a daily morning exercise routine, you will find this one easy to follow and actually stick with. My tip is to be consistent. This daily morning exercise routine is effective in making you stronger and can be done quickly in 3 steps:

1. Stretch

Spend a few minutes stretching your legs, hips, and back. The hips are especially important for moms to stretch. This only has to take 2-5 minutes, or however long you have. The key is consistency in your daily routine.

So many women lose their flexibility as they get older. Many older women cannot even sit cross-legged on the floor. Light daily stretching combats the tightness and is a relaxing part of your morning self-care routine.

2. Foam roll

After stretching, try 2-5 minutes of foam rolling. Foam rolling is a simple and effective way to combat stiffness, tightness, and relieve pain in your muscles and fascia (your connective tissue surrounding muscles and bones.) It’s easy to do and feels so good, much like a deep tissue massage.

Once you start foam-rolling, you’ll be glad you incorporated this self-care method into your daily self-care morning routine. A foam roller is inexpensive and truly effective for working out knots and getting blood and lymph flowing.

It can also help decrease cellulite. I will definitely vouch for noticing a reduction in cellulite for myself.

Try a basic foam roller such as this one, found on Amazon.

3. Planks

Ok, so you’ve just spent 5 minutes stretching and foam rolling, and you don’t have a whole lot more time before someone needs something or there is a mess to clean up.

All you have to do is this: Two 15-second planks. That’s it. But the key is to do them every single day.

Often, we get overwhelmed with the idea of making time for and sticking with a daily exercise routine. By completing 2 planks per day, you are targeting a bunch of muscles at once, including arms, back, and core muscles. It’s arguably the most effective strength training move you can do.

After a while, your body starts to crave those planks, and you’ll naturally want to add in a few more exercises like squats, lunges, etc. Planks are the perfect baby step into a more thorough daily strength-training regimine and are an awesome addittion to your self care morning routine.

Daily skincare routine for the morning

The third part of this simple self care morning routine for moms is to use natural and organic skin-care products daily. Healthy, glowy skin is something that makes you look and feel your best. And feeling good is vital for self-care.

For beautiful, nourished skin try organic Argan oil.

Follow the Argan oil with this natural organic sunscreen by Josie Maran.

I know we are talking about a morning routine, but for the night, try Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil. It’s so luxurious!

I absolutely swear by all three products as my best beauty tips, and I really think they keep my skin looking its best.

Good skin is the foundation of beauty, and organic oils keep your natural skin barrier healthy. The right moisture balance keeps wrinkles away, and natural oils like Argan and Rosehip are best to keep skin hydrated.

Oils also help heal and calm acne, despite all the “oil-free” products out there which would have you believe otherwise. The last thing anyone with acne needs is artificial ingredients to irritate already inflamed skin.

You need a quick healthy breakfast as a busy mom

Do you eat breakfast? I hope so! Many busy moms skip it, but breakfast is an important part of your daily self-care routine.

A super quick and easy grain-free dairy-free breakfast is, in my opinion, a great choice for maximum energy. Always choose organic ingredients when possible.

I switched to a grain-free, dairy-free diet after years of chronic back pain and excess weight. Within one day of eliminating these food groups, my back pain was gone. Within 3 months, my weight was down over 40 lbs. With no extra dieting or exercise efforts.

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The best breakfast has a combination of protein, healthy fats, and fruit or veggie-based carbs. But even if you just have fruit, that’s much better than cereal or a bagel.

As a busy mom, the last thing you need is complicated recipes. You need quick meals for your daily routine. As far as time goes, here are some recommendations with tips from 0 time – 5 minutes:

On-the-go breakfast ideas that take 0 minutes:

Fruit, nuts, avocado, hardboiled eggs, or leftovers. Grab it and run, you’re late! (but at least you’re taking care of yourself as a busy mom.)

1-3 Minute breakfast ideas:

Chopped fruit with almond butter, cinnamon, and dried unsweetened coconut.

A smoothie with banana, frozen organic mixed berries, and organic kale or spinach. Throw some chia seeds in after it’s blended up. (So you don’t have to clean them out of the blender.) Easy, and kids love it too. It’s the perfect way to sneak leafy greens into their diet- (that’s my sneaky veggie tip!) I drink a smoothie just about daily as part of my simple self care morning routine.

3-5 Minutes breakfast ideas:

Eggs with veggies instead of toast. Try baby spinach or baby kale because baby greens are the fastest to cook up next to the eggs and don’t require chopping. Also, try eggs with other veggies such as avocado or tomatoes. Such a satisfying, filling choice to make for part of your easy healthy morning routine.

5 + Minutes breakfast ideas:

Almond flour pancakes: Super easy. Try this recipe for one serving:

  • 1/2 Cup Almond Flour
  • 1 Egg
  • Dash of almond milk
  • Teaspoon honey or maple syrup
  • Sprinkle of salt, cinnamon, and/or nutmeg.
  • Optional: Add chopped fruit or berries.

Mix together and fry in coconut oil on medium-low until done. Do you need baking powder or soda? Not really. It doesn’t make much difference in how the pancake rises.

I pretty much just eyeball this recipe when I make it.

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Additionally, you can always eat grain-free leftovers such as cooked sweet potatoes or snacks like chopped veggies with hummus for breakfast.

An excellent cookbook I can recommend to help you with this lifestyle change is Against All Grain by Danielle 20&l=am2&o=1&a=162860042X

Concluding thoughts on creating a simple self care morning routine

An effective and simple self care morning routine for moms should be easy to stick with and effective. It should be easy and intuitive. Because you don’t have time to over-think your morning routine. You have kids that need stuff!

You’ll feel much better caring for yourself each day if you start with a great cup of french-pressed coffee, (or a similarly enjoyable beverage.) Then add some light exercising and foam-rolling. Use natural, non-toxic skincare products like Argan oil and natural sunscreen to nourish your skin. And of course, have a healthy breakfast that makes you feel nourished and full of energy.

I hope these morning routine tips help you to feel great all day! As a busy mom, you deserve to care for yourself, too. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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A Simple Self Care Morning Routine For Moms

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