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What is Spirit Quartz? Healing Properties, Uses, and Powers

If you love all things crystal, stone, and gem related, you will be intrigued to learn all about spirit quartz.

Spirit quartz is commonly referred to as cactus, pineapple, or porcupine quartz. It was first discovered in the early 21st century in Mkobola, Nkangala District, Mpumalanga, South Africa. There it is mined exclusively and with great care.

Spirit quartz comes in different colors though it is primarily light purple amethyst. Upon first glance, you may think it is the same as other amethysts, but spirit crystal is quite unique.

Learn the properties, uses, and powers of the beautiful crystal known as spirit quartz. You’ll surely want to acquire one to include in your crystal collection.

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Spirit quartz

What is spirit quartz?

Spirit quartz is a special, rare type of quartz crystal. It features a “main crystal” with a second growth of smaller crystal clusters growing off it.

Spirit quartz is distinctive in appearance because the clusters of crystals growing off the main crystal overlap and point away from the main crystal which is hidden underneath. It is an extra sparkly crystal with a beautiful high vibration.

Spirit quartz can be amethyst, citrine, or smoky quartz. It may have pink, purple, gray, brown, or white components. 

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How does spirit quartz get its name?

Spirit quartz gets its name as a reference to the complexity of the human spirit.

Its form represents the higher self (or pure soul being) and our many past lives.

The primary or main crystal can be seen as the higher self/soul, while the crystal clusters can be seen as different lifetimes experienced by the higher self/soul. 

Spirit crystal is thus said to represent the fusion of past lives and most impactful life experiences with current life here and now. It speaks to the coming together of many lifetimes of wisdom and experience.

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5 Powerful uses for spirit quartz

1. Soul retrieval

Because spirit quartz represents the connection of the wisdom and experience of many lifetimes into this lifetime, it is thought to be a crystal most useful for soul retrieval. 

There is a belief in some cultures that during lifetimes, people lose bits of their soul or spirit due to trauma or suffering. Parts of their authentic self slip away, and the wisdom of those aspects of self are lost. 

Spirit quartz is said to reunite that lost soul energy. It is thus thought to be helpful for soul retrieval meditations or practices. Soul retrieval is usually done by a shaman. Although other forms of more traditional therapy focus on similar methods of soul healing, based on related theories.

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2. Integration of new energy

Spirit quartz is useful for the integration of new, positive energy. Think of forming a new healthy habit such as walking every day, for example.

To integrate new positive energy, energetic alignment needs to occur. Meaning, that your thoughts, feelings, and actions must be aligned or in congruence, with the new energy vibration you are trying to manifest or create.

Spirit quartz supports positive actions, thoughts, and emotions that you are making your new norm. The crystal supports new positive energy that is a vibrational match to your highest good or potential. It supports positive energy that is for your benefit because this positive energy is part of your higher self.

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3. Return what is rightfully yours

Are you owed money, had something precious stolen from you, or lost something that is rightfully yours? Spirit quartz may help retrieve what is yours.

Whether what you have lost is physical in nature (such as money) or nonphysical (such as in the case of energy vampires or narcissists draining your energy) spirit quartz is thought to help return what is yours. This is because the crystal’s form represents the binding of energy to the main source. So, what is yours may return back to you with greater ease and efficiency.

4. Strengthen sacred relationships

Spirit quartz may also help to strengthen sacred relationships. This includes divine partnerships such as soulmate relationships or twin flames, family relationships, and other significant relationships.

Again, this is because spirit quartz represents the binding of authentic, aligned energy to the higher self.

Of course, the people involved in the relationship must both be in agreeance to have the relationship. Only relationships that serve the higher self of both parties may be affected by spirit quartz.

Spirit quartz may strengthen the bond between two people, or help improve the bond. It may also help attract two people who are destined to meet but who have not met yet.

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5. Remove burdens and cut energy cords

Finally, spirit quartz is believed to be helpful for dissolving burdens and cutting energy cords. Specifically, burdens whose time is over (lesson learned/complete) and energy cords from relationships that are now finished.

No one enjoys old painful emotions from challenging people/situations they have moved on from. Yet so often feelings remain. 

So, when you desire the emotions to dissipate, but you cannot seem to “let go” try spirit quartz to help clear and remove the energetic cords of attachment. Affirm that you are ready to let go and innerstand the lesson learned to move forward completely.

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Healing Properties of spirit quartz

Increase feelings of stability, security, trust

Spirit quartz is useful for affirming feelings of safety and stability. It empowers us to fully trust in the Divine/God/The Universe. Spirit quartz is a beautiful crystal for helping replace worries with faith.

Strengthen authentic self

This crystal reminds us that what is ours authentically, (all things aligned with our highest self,) will never go away. Even once gone in physical reality or apart temporarily.

Our wisdom, love, and inner beauty never fade. Our memories are ours forever and our true authentic selves cannot be destroyed.

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Strengthen inner knowing, confidence

Spirit quartz strengthens our self-trust, intuition, and inner knowing. Its healing properties are that of authentic, higher self energy, like that contained in the crown chakra. Think of this crystal as an energetic blast of confidence, wisdom, and self-love.

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Purify and clear negative energy

Spirit quartz wards off negative energy in that it leaves no room for negative attachment. Spirit quartz is too full of authentic, higher-self vibration to align with negativity, and thus repels negativity naturally.

Spirit quartz energy dominates the overall energy space when using it to heal bad vibes. Use it to clear energy with yourself or within your home.

Energetically, spirit quartz is like a big happy party spilling out onto the streets at 2 am from the best nightclub or house party around.

Supports spiritual growth

Spirit quartz supports spiritual growth and development since that development is aligned with the higher self. Spirit quartz easily assists in angelic communication or spirit guide connection.

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Supports positive life changes

Spirit quartz helps the flow of new positive energy in alignment with your highest good. That may include a new relationship, starting a family, a move, a journey, a career change, and more.

Spirit quartz has a positive pure vibration to help magnetize opportunity, good times, joy, and luck. It attracts good, helpful things you are meant to experience for your soul journey.

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Ways to use spirit quartz

There are so many ways to use spirit quartz when working with this particular crystal. For more in-depth reading about crystal use in daily life, please see:

How to Use Crystals in Daily Life

What crystals to use with spirit quartz

You may use any crystal you feel attracted to for your intended purposes. Some recommended crystals to use with spirit quartz for different purposes include:

Selenite- Cleansing and clearing energy, gaining clarity, wisdom, and making decisions.

Clear quartz- Clearing energy, removing cords, unblocking, spiritual development, and spirit guide communication.

Rose quartz- Self-love, relationships, deep inner healing, creativity, personal growth.

Tigers eye- Strength in all aspects including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Stability, security, practicality.

Black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian, black spinel- Remove negativity, absorb bad vibes, purify, cleanse, stabilize.

Final thoughts

Spirit quartz is surely a crystal with unique and powerful energy.

It has a very specific vibration to use for soul retrieval, relationship strengthening, or returning to you what is rightfully yours. At the same time, spirit quartz can be used widely for many purposes. Its primary strength may be in the retrieval of energy, but spirit quartz is not limited by this strength in any way. You will likely find it valuable for many purposes.

I hope you enjoyed this information about spirit quartz and ways to use this unique crystal. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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