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How to Do a Spiritual House Cleansing to Remove Bad Energy

Throughout my lifetime, I have lived in many places and moved many times. Each place I have lived has felt different energetically. Many homes or apartments have had a positive vibration, while other spaces have felt… less sunshiny.

One thing I started doing years ago upon moving into a new home is spiritual house cleansing to remove negative energy. For this, I use a combination of prayer and energy-cleansing rituals.

In this article, get a simple house cleansing prayer (available as a PDF printable) to clear your home’s energy of negative vibrations. Learn about tips and rituals you can do to lighten up your home from an energy standpoint. These rituals also help with the ongoing energetic protection of your home.

spiritual house cleansing

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Why perform a spiritual house cleansing

Living spaces naturally contain the energetic resonance of past inhabitants. Sometimes the energetic resonance is fine, and sometimes it is not.

If you are sensitive, you may be bothered by negative vibrational energy left over from previous residents’ fights, inner conflicts, sickness, and more. That is why spiritual home cleansing is a good idea when you move in somewhere new.

You may also want to perform spiritual home cleansing after any sort of argument, or after the visitation of a guest with negative energy. (As much as we try to avoid unwanted energy in our homes, it can still happen.)

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About the spiritual house cleansing prayer

The spiritual house cleansing prayer I’m sharing with you today is non-denominational in nature. It will work just fine if you are non-religious. It does use the word God, but you can substitute any word you like to describe the vibration of loving Universal energy.

The prayer will assist you in shifting the vibration of your home environment to positive or at least neutral in most cases. It may help some spirits who are stuck to move on. It may also assist in the energetic release of those still living with certain forms of attachment to the space. But please note it is not a substitute for professional help in the case of poltergeists. I recommend consulting a professional for any vibes in your home that feel strongly negative.

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Prayer for clearing negative energy from your home

Dear God, thank you for this home. I am grateful for this space and intend to live in harmony and high vibration, loving and caring for this space and the inhabitants within.

Dear God, angels, and Universe, please clear the energy of this home and fill it with your eternal love and kindness. As well, fill it with the love and gratitude of my own heart.

Please guide those energies whose time has passed to move beyond these walls. Guide those energies who linger to a better place filled with love and light.

In addition, for any being who has an energy attachment here they have yet to resolve- please allow peace to fill their hearts. Please allow your love to ease their conflicts or suffering. May all discomfort and pain be healed and their energy dissolve from this dwelling.

I ask with love that my home be cleared vibrationally, for the highest good of all energy involved.

House cleansing prayer PDF download

You can download the house cleansing prayer using the link below.

Spiritual house cleansing prayer PDF 

In addition to speaking this prayer out loud, you can hang it on your wall to help usher out the old vibrational energy. Doing so may help the energies shift in a kind, gentle, and love-filled way.

Please keep in mind that this payer and the ritual that follows are not guaranteed to work. There is far too much about the spirit world that we don’t understand.

House cleansing prayer

Spiritual House Cleansing Ritual

Along with prayer, try this ritual to cleanse your home’s energy.

The ritual is essentially a series of actions you can take. Perform the first 4 steps of the ritual before you use the prayer. Then complete step 5 last.

1. Use your senses

Ask yourself the following questions to determine the nature of the energy you feel so you can help to clear it:

  • Where is the energy concentrated?
  • What does the energy feel like to you?
  • What visuals, sounds, smells, or other sensory data do you perceive?
  • What does the energy need- are you getting any intuitive information on how the energy can heal or clear?

Gathering as much information as possible will help you proceed.

2. Air and sun

To help move out stagnant energy, bring in as much fresh air and sunlight as possible. Negative energy in particular loves dark corners.

Open your windows and curtains and leave them open for at least an hour or so as you continue the cleansing ritual. You may want to get a fan going to blow fresh air around. Mirrors strategically placed can direct sunlight into dark areas.

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3. Cleaning and decluttering

Clean your space of any unneeded clutter, especially any objects left behind from previous tenants.

(I remember this one apartment I moved into with a pair of snakeskin patterned faux leather pants in the far corner of a closet, circa early 2000’s, LOL.) Anywhoo, stuff like that must go immediately.

Next, dust, mop, and clean your home from head to toe. White vinegar is an effective and non-toxic cleaner for many purposes. Have all the lights on. As you clean, use any of the tools below to support the spiritual home cleansing ritual.

4. Energy cleansing tools

  • Incense, Palo alto, sweetgrass, or other herbs to smudge.
  • Bells or music that feels right to you.
  • Unscented candles (scented often contain toxins). Especially useful in dark corners. Please be careful about the fire hazard.
  • Crystals and stones, especially clear quartz to clear the energy. You may want to create a crystal grid using a variety of crystals. You can use dark stones such as black tourmaline to absorb negative energy, but be sure to cleanse the stones or crystals afterward.
  • Essential oils such as lavender, citrus, pine, or eucalyptus.
  • Dried herbs.
  • Vessels of active water, such as seawater or river water. (Not stagnant water.)
  • Plants but not cacti unless they grow naturally where you live. (I don’t have further information, this is simply the message I’ve received intuitively. Be mindful of cacti.)
  • Tibetian singing bowls to break up the energy of the space using the frequency of sound.

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5. Salt for completion

To complete the ritual and ward off energy that may desire to return, end the home cleansing ritual by sprinkling salt around the perimeter of the entire building. If that is not possible, sprinkle salt outside your doors and windows. (You may mix the salt with dried herbs such as rosemary or lavender.)

Salt acts as an energetic barrier to prevent unwanted negative energy from returning. (Unlikely but possible in the case of spirits.) Salt also prevents similar energy and negative spirits from entering.

In the case of a friend or family member that you know will return, the salt helps the energy exchange between you to improve going forward. Be sure to set your intention for peace, harmony, or at least neutrality.

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Spiritual upkeeping of the home

You can perform a spiritual house cleansing ritual anytime you like. The best time to do one is in the light of the afternoon when you are feeling relaxed and focused.

Spiritual upkeeping is just like any other kind of home maintenance. Except for that instead of caring for the physical structure, you are caring for the energetic structure of the house. And in turn, caring for the energy of the inhabitants therein.

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How often to do spiritual house cleansing

It’s good to do spiritual house cleansing as upkeep on a regular basis. A few times a year at least.

In addition, do a cleansing if:

  • Someone unwanted shows up.
  • You have a conflict with someone in your home.
  • There is sickness, injury, or death.
  • There is grief, heartbreak, or ongoing problems such as addiction.
  • For a positive reason such as before throwing a party.
  • Before bringing home a new baby.
  • Before loved ones come to stay with you.
  • And for any other reason you feel appropriate.

Spiritual upkeeping is done both to clear the energy of negative vibrations, and to harmonize things in anticipation of joyful events. It is important to ensure your own energy and the energy of others can be free-flowing within the space.

If bad energy persists

Call a professional in your area such as a psychic medium or priest. Get out of the home for a while if you can. Persistent bad energy should be dealt with carefully.

Do not, under any circumstances, use Ouiji boards or similar devices to communicate. Do not continue to take any actions to shift the energy of the space. Visualize a white light around you and ask God, your angels, and spirit guides for spiritual protection.

Concluding thoughts

I hope you have found this article to be helpful for performing energetic house cleaning in the event of unwanted vibrations in your home. May the spiritual house cleansing prayer help you and the ritual support you in clearing your home’s energy.

Please filter what I have written through your own understanding and consult other sources. I hope to have given you this information in a responsible way that can be of value. I take this topic seriously. Please let me know your thoughts and any questions in the comments.

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