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Angel Number 111 Meaning: Why You Keep Seeing 111 and 1111

Seeing 111 and 1111 happened to me again today.

First, it was 1:11 on my phone. Then later, my purchase was $11.11.

Does this happen to you constantly, too? Do you keep seeing 111, 1111, or repeating 1’s everywhere?

Whether it’s seeing 11:11 on the clock or 111 on a license plate, you’re probably wondering about the 111 meaning. Seeing 1’s everywhere all the time can get a bit extra. You might think, There is no possible way for these numbers to be coincidental!

As you may suspect, there is a special 111 meaning for you to receive.

111 And 1111 are known as angel numbers. They are spiritual signs from your guardian angels. Seeing angel numbers in certain places are messages encoded in daily reality.

Let’s dive right in and discuss why you keep seeing 111 and 1111. We will examine several interpretations of the 111 meaning, and what repeating 1’s mean spiritually.

111 and 1111

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Why You Keep Seeing 111 and 1111

Seeing 111 and 1111 is angelic confirmation that you are spiritually awake.

Whether you’ve recently experienced spiritual growth or have just begun a spiritual journey, these number sequences are a positive sign of spiritual awakening.

Your guardian angels are directing your attention to 111 and 1111 to shine a light on your spiritual awareness. Seeing 111 and 1111 on license plates, receipts, clocks, and more is making you take notice, first and foremost.

After that, seeing 111 everywhere makes you ask “why?” and prompts you to dig deeper. In this way, the numbers are a wake-up call.

111 And 1111 hold great spiritual significance. This is something you can likely feel in your heart; something that rings true to your intuition. But, everyone is different, so it is up to you to understand the specific meanings of 111 and 1111. So, let’s dive in and discuss!

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What Does the Number 1 Mean Spiritually?

The number 1 is the most powerful number in the universe.

One is the number from which all creation springs forth. It represents the origin of all things.

Before there was one of anything, there was nothing. (No thing. No physical thing, idea, or energy.) So, 1 means spontaneous creation.

From a numerology standpoint, 1’s symbolize leadership, innovation, and individuality. People with 1’s as their numerology, angel number, or life path number tend to be leaders. They are inventive and original.

Additionally, we are all one (1) collective consciousness. When you see 1, you are seeing a spiritual representation of oneness and unity.

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What Does the Number 11 Mean Spiritually?

The number 11 is made of two 1’s and is a master number in numerology, according to ancient Greece. (The other master numbers include 22 and 33.)

The number 11 Symbolizes higher awareness, spirituality, creativity, and inspiration. 11 Means powerful manifestation energy and magic is in the air. This is a number of good luck and good fortune. If you see 11:11 on the clock, you best make a wish!

What Do Repeating 1’s Mean?

Numbers with repeating 1’s included such as 311, 11101, or 8118 have spiritual meaning as well. We are not going to discuss all of these numbers in this article. (That would be impossible!)

To learn the meaning of a number such as 711 for example, you’ll want to learn more about the number 7 in addition to the number 11, and their relationship to each other. You would also consider that 7+1+1= 9.

Like numbers 111 and 1111, all numbers that include repeating 1s have meanings related to opportunity, love, luck, new beginnings, and positive change.

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Angel Number 111 Meaning

111 Means manifestation, good luck, love, and positive energy. Seeing 111 is an incredibly positive sign from your angels, no matter where you see it.

The first time I saw 111 was on my first paycheck when I was 15 years old. Imagine my surprise! That was in the 90s when I was paid $7.50/hr. But what a great day I had that day. I’ve been seeing 111 ever since.

If you’ve just begun seeing 111 or 1111, you may feel as suprised as I was when I got that paycheck. So let’s discuss why you might see these 1s. Let’s get into the spiritual meanings of angel numbers 111 and 1111.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Numbers 111 and 1111

There are 11 primary messages of 111 and 1111. (But of course!) These numbers represent a divine connection. They are a sign from your guardian angels.

1. Your thoughts are aligned for manifestation

111 and 1111 Spiritual Meaning

Quite often, seeing 111 or 1111 indicates that your thoughts are aligned with what you want to manifest in life. You are thinking in “the right direction.” The Law of Attraction is in motion!

The 111 meaning is connected to divine timing. Everything is happening as it should, and things are looking up. Expect positive changes to take place and expect things to go as you wish. You can look forward to a fresh start and new opportunities.

You may notice angel number 111 while in the midst of a happy daydream, positive thought, or while just going about your business in a relaxed state of mind. In fact, I often notice repeating 1’s when my mind is rather unfocused, and I’m just sort of mentally floating around.

You’ve probably noticed that you never see repeating 1’s when you’re stressed out or angry. Only when your thoughts are in alignment with positive vibrational energy. You can take the 1s as a sign that your thoughts are aligned for positive manifestation in your life.

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2. You’re on the right path confirmation

The 111 meaning is often a “yes” from your angels about your life decisions. It means you are on the right path or going in the right direction.

111 Could have to do with your love life, career, health, money, a specific relationship, or anything else you’re dealing with. It’s quite common to see angel numbers 111 and 1111 as confirmation signs when you’re debating about taking a certain action.

Again, repeating 1’s are a sign of energetic alignment with positive, higher vibrational energy. So if you were just making plans in your mind for your career or wondering about your current relationship and you see 111, you should take it as a good sign or as a “yes.” Seeing 111 is divine guidance from your guardian angels telling you to go for it.

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3. 111 As a sign of new beginnings

The 111 meaning is often tethered to new beginnings. Because 1’s represent origin points, starting points, and creation you will often see 111, 1111 or other repeating 1’s when an influx of fresh, positive energy is forming. In this way, the 1s indicate a new vibrational wave of positive energy.

Take a moment to step back when you’re at the cusp of an ending and a new beginning. You’ll see the ending, but also the new beginnings forming on the horizon, so to speak.

Take a close look at the energy you are giving to a new beginning situation and make sure you’re thinking positive thoughts. Endings and beginnings are the cycle of life. We can’t stop them.

Seeing the number 111 or 1111 when starting something new is a reminder to recognize the fresh potential and vast energetic space before you. Allow yourself to be hopeful, and optimistic, and expect good things to happen. Positive thinking makes a huge difference in what you manifest in life.

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4. New opportunity ahead- Time to take action

111 and 1111 Spiritual Meaning

Along with indicating new beginnings, the 111 meaning often has to do with new opportunities in the present moment. If you see 111, an energy wave has opened up a portal for you and it’s time to take action quickly.

When you see 111 or 1111 and you sense this meaning, do not hesitate to follow your intuition. Listen to your angels, and listen to your spirit guides. (They are closely related in the spirit world.) You can hear them in your heart if you listen closely.

Opportunities do not last forever, so grab those opportunities when they come, and do not miss your chance. 111 and 1111 Are a big green light from your guardian angels.

5. Angelic guidance and direction

The 111 meaning can be a signal from the spiritual realm about what direction to take in your life.

Frequently, 111 is guidance from your angels about what to do or where to go. Repeating 1’s may direct you to your divine purpose, a new relationship, your soul mate, or something else entirely.

Repeating 1’s often appear when you are experiencing uncertainty about a choice and don’t know the best course of action. 111 May serve to guide you to your next step. This number may also serve as a wake-up call if you’re heading down the wrong path.

111 Or 1111 will often pop up after you’ve spent time questioning something or thinking about something on a deep level. You’re wondering about an important next step in your life and then you glance at your phone and see 11:11!

That warm feeling 11:11 brings indicates that your thoughts are in positive alignment. That the direction you are thinking about going is the right one. In this way, 11:11 is a seal of approval from your guardian angels.

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6. A spiritual awakening sign

111 and 1111 Spiritual Meaning

If you are seeing angel numbers 111 and 1111, you can be sure it is a sign of your spiritual awakening or awareness.

As mentioned, you are seeing these numbers because you have the ability to perceive spiritual signs. People who are not “spiritually awake” as we say may see 111 or 1111, but it doesn’t register in their brain as a divine message. They don’t experience seeing 11:11 on the clock all the time, or find any meaning in phone numbers ending with 111.

Seeing repeating 1’s indicates that you are a lightworker. Yes, you are!

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of that word, but the meaning of it is pure and good. It simply means that you are of the light and have the capability to help other people. You can shine your light and make a difference. (Even if you are an introvert, shy, quiet, or don’t think you do anything significant.)

When you see 111 or 1111, understand the special significance. Listen to your inner voice, develop your confidence, and understand your worth. You are influential and more powerful than you may realize. Experiencing personal growth on a spiritual level doesn’t always come easy, but it’s worth it.

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7. A sign of love

111 And 1111 are both very positive love signs.

This is because 111 and 1111 are both signs of divine partnership, including twin flame love or soulmate love. These are two of the most powerful types of love you can experience.

Soulmates are people we are destined to have relationships with as part of our soul contract before incarnating on earth. Soulmates may include romantic partners, friends, and family members. Soulmates are part of our spiritual evolution and are important for growth and development.

Your twin flame refers to the person containing the other half of your soul. Together, the two of you are one complete soul.

Seeing 11, 111, or 1111 in the context of a love question or love vibration may indeed indicate a powerful relationship potential. Or, these numbers may serve as confirmation of love that is soul-contracted, destined, or otherwise spiritually significant.

Your guardian angels show you 111 and 1111 love signs when your thoughts are aligned with pure love.

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8. An angelic sign of spiritual support

111 and 1111 Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 111 or 1111 is so often simply a warm, loving sign of support from your angels or spirit guides. The repeating 1’s are there to comfort you and let you know you are not alone.

Your angels want you to be hopeful, optimistic, and trusting in a higher power. They know that keeping a positive mindset will help you attract good things into your life because of the Law of Attraction.

Your guardian angels are always there to listen to your prayers. They know your deepest desires and connect with you on an energetic level, often communicating with your higher self.

You have free will, of course, and can choose to block them out. You can choose to ignore your guardian angels or sever the tie you share. But your angels will “take you back” in an instant. They are full of love and compassion.

Angels know humans aren’t perfect. They know that we have negative thoughts, make bad choices, and can be influenced by darkness easily. Angels are well aware of the darkness that seeks to wreck us at every opportunity.

But angels offer a shield of protection. There is never a time when you cannot call on your angels for comfort, love, forgiveness, guidance, or help with shining a light on the darkness.

9. A sign from a dead loved one

Angel number 111 or 1111 can also mean that the spirit of a deceased loved one is near. This is especially true if you knew your loved one as a person who could perceive deeper spiritual meanings encoded in reality- an awakened person themselves.

Your guardian angels and ancestral spirits both reach out in many ways, numbers being one way. So if you are seeing 111 and 1111 while thinking of a dead relative or friend, and you feel an energetic connection with that person, indeed you are experiencing a form of spiritual communication with that person. The body dies but the spirit, the person inside, never does.

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10. A sign to recognize your inner strength and trust intuition

Sometimes you see 111, 1111, or repeating 1’s as a sign to trust yourself.

So often, you have the answers inside of you. Deep inside, you know what you need to do, even if you doubt yourself. You may lack confidence and procrastinate in making decisions.

The 111 meaning is that it’s time to follow your intuition. Don’t be afraid of change, and don’t be afraid to be wrong. It’s okay to make a mistake, but what if you don’t make a mistake? You may need to just go for it, and trust yourself more. New possibilities are always presenting themselves.

So long as you’re acting ethically, legally, kindly, and wisely, you are strong enough to handle the results of your choices. You are strong enough to handle what The Universe throws at you when you step into the unknown.

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11. 11:11 Make a wish sign

111 and 1111 Spiritual Meaning

You have heard it because it’s true: when you see 1:11 or 11:11 on the clock, it’s time to make a wish!

Why make a wish at 1:11 or 11:11? I know you might be wondering.

At 1:11 and 11:11, your prayers vibrate with a little extra “oomph” through the Universe when you say them.

Think of all the people making wishes and praying at 1:11 and 11:11, at the same time as you. Their wishes may be different, but the energy is mostly the same.

These people making wishes at 1:11 or 11:11 are wishing for the same basic things- love, financial security, health, wellness for others, abundance, and more. Mostly well-meaning, well-intentioned desires. All that heart energy, all coming together from awakened people across this globe at 1:11 and 11:11. Wow!

That combined energy amplifies the power of your wishes and prayers at 1:11 and 11:11.

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More Questions to Interpret the Meanings of 111 and 1111

Although we have discussed the meanings of 111 and 1111, it is up to you to filter what you have read thus far through your own understanding. After all, you create your own reality. What you believe to be true is true for you.

For your unique situation, 111 and 1111 could have other meanings not included here. To know the spiritual meanings of the repeating 1’s you see, you might ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What thought just crossed my mind?
  • How was I just feeling?
  • What did I just experience with my senses?
  • What action did I just take?
  • What did I just decide or conclude?
  • What did I avoid or not take action on?

You may want to try some journaling around the current situation or event in question, your interpretation of spiritual signs, or your spiritual beliefs in general.

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Final Thoughts on the Spiritual Meanings of 111 and 1111

As you now know, there are many reasons why you see 111 and 1111. Sometimes the spiritual meanings of 111 and 1111 are simple. And other times the meaning is much deeper.

You may see these numbers daily, weekly… even hourly at times. I always take 111, 1111, and any repeating 1’s as a good and positive sign. To me, 1’s are angel numbers. 1 Is also my numerology number and my angel number. Thus, the 111 meaning to me is very personal. Ultimately, it is up to you to give your own meaning to any number.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the meanings of 111, 1111, and all the repeating 1’s.

Know that many, many other people experience this phenomenon. You’re part of a large group of aware individuals who see 111 and 1111 often. Rest assured, that is a good thing.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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