Spiritual Signs You've Met Your Soulmate

23 Spiritual Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate {Is He Meant to Be?}

How do you know the spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate?

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. But it can cloud your mind. Even if you are madly in love, it’s not always clear if the person you’re in love with is your soulmate. This is especially true when you lack relationship experience, or you’ve been burned before.

Your romantic soulmate is an intense spiritual connection. They are one of the most influential people in your life, and there are many spiritual signs of love that indicate you belong together. In fact, soulmate connection signs are clear as day once you know them. These signs usually involve synchronicities, intuition, powerful emotion, and other spiritual indications straight from the Divine.

Although you may also have other soulmates in your friends or family, your romantic soulmate is the person you are destined to be with for the long haul. They are your spiritual soulmate in love; the avocado to your toast, with everything-bagel seasoning on top. And that is what makes them so valued in your life.

Your soulmate is your perfect match. The two of you are a divine fit, totally aligned in your energy. Your soulmate is your partner in both a friendship and intimate love sense. They are most often the person you marry or spend your life with.

Let’s talk about romantic spiritual connections and the spiritual signs of love- practical, metaphysical, and otherwise. Let’s talk about real soulmate love and the clear spiritual signs he is your soulmate.

spiritual signs you've met your soulmate

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23 Spiritual Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

How do you know he is your soulmate? There are many spiritual signs you’re meant to be together.

Please know that my wisdom about romantic spiritual connection and soulmate love comes from 12+ years of marriage to my own soulmate. I certainly don’t know everything about true love, but what I do know I feel called to share.

1. You feel an instant connection

When you first meet your soulmate, more often than not, you click instantly. Feeling an instant connection with someone is a spiritual sign of love. It indicates a romantic spiritual connection.

This feeling can indicate that you are connected energetically, even if you’ve never met before. When it comes to energetic connections, it doesn’t matter the length of time you’ve known someone. In the energy world, there is no time. Time is a human construct.

Souls are attracted to other souls. Like attracts like. So whether you’ve known someone 5 days or 5 minutes, when you feel that strong connection to them, you can trust it’s real. You recognize that spiritual soul connection feeling immediately. That feeling guides your intuition to get to know that person who could end up being your soulmate. Trust what you feel on a deeper level to know if he is the one.

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2. You share an intense attraction

When you meet your soulmate, you feel an intense attraction to them and strong physical chemistry. Romantic thoughts appear immediately. There is no doubt they make your heart flutter.

You find your soulmate highly attractive, regardless of appearance. Even if they look like a model, the chemistry and attraction you feel go far beyond looks.

Intense physical attraction is like a fire burning inside you. It makes it hard to concentrate. You simply must be with that person. And almost always, they feel the same for you. This feeling isn’t always one of the clearest spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate, but intense attraction can certainly point to love. It’s also necessary for most people in a romantic relationship.

3. You feel like you’ve known them forever

Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Clear spiritual signs you’re meant to be together are feelings of familiarity and comfort. With your soul mate, you both feel as though you’ve known each other for a very long time, even if you have not. This sense can be mystifying, but it’s one of those very common soulmate signs.

Perhaps you’ve encountered them in another life, or another timeline. Or the familiar feeling is an offshoot of the soul recognition you share.

Your soulmate will feel comfortable to be around, and easy to hang out with. You’ll enjoy being around them for the pleasant comfort they bring you. And at the same time, for the attraction you feel for them. Comfort plus intense physical attraction is an incredible combination. It’s one of the surest spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate.

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4. They are your best friend

When you first meet your soulmate, there is no one you’d rather be around. It won’t take long for your love interest to become your best friend when they are indeed your soulmate. The romantic spiritual connection cannot be denied.

Of course, don’t leave your other friends in the dust when this happens! Just take a step back and appreciate how special it is to find both friendship and true love in one person.

Soulmates are always friends first and foremost. But when they are lovers too, then they are a partner for life. Look no further when it comes to romance. Forget about past relationships. And never let anything come between you.

5. You can be your true self

Another one of those undeniable soulmate signs is the ability to be your true self with that person, 100%. You can let out your silly side, get weird, and be wild.

Because you feel completely comfortable with them, you know you’re safe to let down your guard. You don’t have to fear they will judge you if you say or do the wrong thing. If you do something idiotic, you can laugh it off.

With your soulmate, you feel confident knowing that they love you for who you are on the inside. You don’t have to impress them or try to make them love you, because they do naturally. (Even if they haven’t said so yet.) Not only is this a very good feeling, but a clear sign of a healthy relationship.

You’ll also notice that jealousy is not a problem between the two of you. Because you feel comfortable, valued, cared for, and safe with them, you trust them.

Your soulmate will demonstrate trust with their actions. As you do for them. And that is why neither of you worry about cheating or abandonment. Neither person desires anyone else. The two of you share a special bond of unconditional love that feels and is secure.

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6. There’s a distinct lack of conflict

Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

With a spiritual soulmate connection, you will likely notice an obvious lack of conflict between the two of you. Especially in the early stages of the relationship.

We already talked about the lack of jealousy and insecurity. And the bond you feel.

You will also notice that you get along beautifully with your soulmate. You very rarely argue, fight, or bicker.

As time goes on you will likely have your ups and downs. Some of this has to do with personal growth. You are different people, after all.

You may go through a period where you drive each other insane. And certainly, after many years of marriage or togetherness, your love will be tested.

But overall, the drama will not be there in the beginning. Or even if by chance it is, it will resolve quickly. With true soulmates, drama does not ensue in the long run.

There will be times you have to work on your relationship and problems arise, but the overall tone of your relationship is peaceful, loving, and secure. As time goes on and you look at the relationship as a whole, happiness, and togetherness outshine any problem. It’s really quite incredible and one of the most joyful spiritual signs you’re meant to be together.

7. Your meeting happened in divine timing

Soulmates who are meant to be together often meet at just the right time when both are single and ready for a relationship.

If you’ve ever met someone but the timing was wrong, then you can take it as a sign they weren’t meant for you. Because when someone is meant for you, the timing will be divine. When someone is meant for you, God/the Universe makes the soulmate signs obvious and the connection stupidly easy.

This easy connection, the flow of the timing being so right, is part of what makes you feel comfortable with that person right off the bat. Your opportunity is right there before you and you know it’s meant to be.

Sometimes, another relationship is ending when you meet your soulmate. That happens and is a part of life. Hopefully, everyone involved acts ethically. What’s meant to be will find a way when it comes to soulmate connection.

8. You communicate without words

With your soulmate, you share a heightened connection. This means you can often communicate without words.

Because the two of you vibrate at the same frequency, you recognize all their non-verbal signals with ease. You may even read their mind. Telepathy is quite common among soulmates and is a sure spiritual sign of love.

You can tell when they walk in the door if they had a good day or not. You can tell if they are in the mood to cuddle or need some space. You know what will improve their mood.

You’re on the same page with each other’s needs because of your deep connection. And you both respect each other’s needs. You don’t get insecure or annoyed at their vibes most of the time. You feel secure, and they treat you respectfully, so you don’t worry about their moods and simply accept their energy.

It’s because both of you are kind and loving to each other that you can rationally give each other what the other one needs emotionally. You’re both secure in the relationship. And empathetic enough to live in harmony and act unselfishly. Most of the time, at least.

Because of your empathy for each other, you’re both free to have your natural mood swings and just be human.

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9. People comment on how excellent of a couple you make

Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

What a family member, a friend, or other people think about your life should often be taken with a grain of salt. But when it comes to love, pay attention to the general consensus. Does your family like them, and vice versa? What about your respective friends? If no one thinks you belong together, you can usually take that as a red flag (unless everyone else is crazy, of course.)

With your soulmate, do not be surprised if complete strangers remark on how you look good together. Other people can often pick up on your deep connection. This can be one of those really funny spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate.

I once had a woman in JC Penny tell me (when my husband and I were shopping separately but then met up at the register) “Oh wow, I saw you over there, and him over there and thought to myself Those people look like they belong together. And low and behold, you are together!”

Most people love to see others in love, and they will call it out. They will smile and affirm your spiritual connection. But if they see problems (especially your friends and family) they will remark on that, too. Listen.

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10. You share the same lifestyle goals

With your soulmate, you will absolutely share the same lifestyle goals. Rarely will one person desire a mansion and mega-yacht while the other wants a simple life in a tiny village.

You are two separate people, of course, but you are also naturally aligned. You share the same ideas about what stability, home, family, and love mean. You agree on a location to live, too. The Universe makes no mistakes in connecting soulmates who desire the same kind of existence.

Even if you have wildly different occupations than your soulmate, you co-exist with ease. It doesn’t matter if one person makes tons more money, or has way different life skills than you, so long as your values align.

Soulmates each want what the other wants in the broader sense. Being on the same page about your lifestyle and comfort zone allows the two of you to co-create the life of your dreams. Spiritual signs of love when it comes to lifestyle are important to recognize.

Of course, there are always those instances in which one opens the other up to an unexpected lifestyle. And then the other enjoys and accepts that lifestyle. But again, the concept of sharing similar lifestyles remains.

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11. You share the same values and ethics

This soulmate sign of compatibility is crucial and essential. For everlasting love, you and your soulmate must absolutely share the same values, morals, and ethics. Those things come from the heart. One of you cannot be a sociopath or a narcissist.

In a soulmate relationship, you will agree very closely about what is right and wrong. You will share similar integrity. Your parenting beliefs and family values will be compatible.

Because you are a perfect match, your feelings and opinions about life will be similar. You may vary a bit on some issues, but you’re kindred spirits who think the same. You treat others with the same amount of respect and treat each other with equal kindness and regard. Your politics will usually align, or align in time.

If your values are wildly different, then perhaps one of you is destined to “open up” the mind of another. That is a possibility. We are in the midst of a “great awakening” on earth, after all.

But ultimately, and eventually, you must be on the same page morally and ethically as your soulmate of they are going to be your life partner. Overall, your hearts must be in the same place for your relationship to work long-term. Similar hearts are a spiritual sign of love and romantic spiritual connection.

12. Your energy is aligned harmoniously

Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Another one of those clear spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate is the feeling of harmony you share energetically.

This means that on a spiritual level, you’re a natural match when it comes to your personality, (and yes opposites can attract and balance.)

Your needs will align in terms of how social you like to be with others, your sense of humor, how you deal with challenges, how you manage daily household obligations, your sexuality, and more. Being aligned is a sign he is the right person.

With your soulmate, you’re either very similar or your differences work together and not against one another.

For example, one person may be messy while one is tidy, but they don’t fight about cleaning. They each do what they can to claim helpful roles in maintaining their shared environment. There is balance and harmony in energy, and thus peace in their home.

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13. You’re naturally drawn to them

When you first meet your soulmate, you feel naturally drawn to them. You may not know why, or even realize you feel such a deep connection to them at first. Especially if you’re not looking for love. But when they appear, you gravitate to them right away.

It’s common to notice this emotional connection later. Maybe you’re sitting around at home at the end of the day and suddenly start thinking of that person. You wonder why you felt so drawn to them. You can’t stop wondering about what this person would be like as a romantic partner.

The natural, easy connection to this person is often a spiritual sign that they are meant to be in your life. That gut feeling is saying Pay attention!

It’s funny because sometimes, even if you’re blown away by meeting someone for the first time, part of you isn’t surprised. In fact, you may feel strangely confident that you belong in each other’s lives. Their energy almost feels obvious, and familiar as we talked about before. You may not put your finger on why you feel this unusual way. Until you realize they are your soulmate.

14. You can’t stop thinking about them

A sure sign that your soulmate is manifesting you, just as you are manifesting them, is the fact that they’re always on your mind. You simply can’t get this person out of your head.

It can be extremely distracting. But chances are high that they are thinking of you, too. The energy between you is overpowering all other thoughts.

Even after many years together, soulmates will find themselves thinking of each other often. You may call each other during the day at work, even if you just saw each other hours ago over breakfast.

You may daydream about plans with them, mentally shop for them, and more. That’s what you do when you love someone. If you didn’t care, they wouldn’t be on your mind so much. Soulmates are thinking of one another often.

15. You’re each the best version of yourselves together

Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Soulmates bring out the best in each other. Sure, we all have our moments, but overall you are your best version of yourself together. You’re a better person with that special person than without. You’re happier and calmer. You’re staying out of trouble and keeping yourself in line.

It’s interesting how people who have been together for a while often come to the point where they consider parting ways. They may desire to date other people, that sort of thing.

It’s common and actually healthy to question your relationship. Questioning everything is vital in life. But with your soulmate, you will easily re-confirm that you want them and only them.

You know that your soulmate is your best match. You don’t give up on them, and they don’t give up on you. You’re committed.

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16. Spending time together feels easy and effortless

With your spiritual soulmate, you don’t have to try to spend time together. Sure, you may work different hours, but when you’re not working, it’s easy to be together because you both want to be together.

It feels effortless to conversate, relax, run errands, parent, go to parties, and do everything else with your soulmate. You co-exist peacefully and joyfully.

There is no big effort involved in spending time in the company of your soulmate. There’s no unmanageable conflict of schedule preventing you from chilling. It’s just natural and easy to be together. And usually, there’s no one you’d rather be with.

The Universe supports your soulmate relationship in different ways. God does not usually create huge mountains to climb to be together. The Universe may place some tests here or there, and some obstacles may be encountered on your soulmate journey. But overall there is an ease and a flow. Things fall into place around you both, and that is one of those soulmate signs you cannot deny.

17. You can feel what they’re feeling

With your soulmate, you are more empathetic than in other relationships. You can often feel what they are feeling, just as they can sense your feelings.

As mentioned, there’s a good chance words are not needed much of the time. Your romantic spiritual connection is so strong that thoughts often suffice.

You may sense how their day is going at work while you are working or busy doing something else. You may go to call them just as they are calling you.

You are telepathic together and your psychic powers are on point. Your energy is so aligned that any significant changes in one person’s energy field affects the other. Even when you’re miles apart.

Your moods may also influence each other, so that’s something to be mindful of. Try not to absorb each other’s energy all the time.

18. There are numerous spiritual soulmate signs

Signs You Met Your Soulmate

There can be numerous spiritual signs you met your soulmate. And signs vary wildly for different people. You know what is symbolic of love to you. So, you have to trust your intuition.

Maybe you meet someone and see certain angel numbers at your encounter or every time you’re thinking of them. It’s common to see number patterns on license plates, clocks, and receipts.

Maybe when you ask for a sign from your angels, you hear a special song, see a rainbow, see ladybugs, or find a coin with their birthdate on it. Soulmate signs are highly personal and dependent upon your own spirituality. But when you get a soulmate sign indicative of love, you know it. So trust your intuition.

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19. You share spiritual beliefs and ideas

Overall, soulmates will be on the same page spiritually. Certainly, there are instances where one helps the other spiritually or is there for the other to “awaken,” but the differences in spiritual development do even out in time for soulmates.

Soul partners in long-term relationships will hold spiritual beliefs that are aligned. One is not highly religious while the other stays atheist forever. It does not happen. You can ask any soulmate couple that has been together for many years and you will find many more similarities than differences when it comes to spiritual beliefs and levels of awakening.

That being said, you cannot and should not try to force your spirituality on your love interest. You can share with them, but they have to accept what their soul knows to be true on their own time, at their own will. There is no “trying” to be aligned spiritually in a relationship.

20. You can be comfortable while silent together

A sure sign you are experiencing a soulmate relationship is when you two are comfortable being silent together. Especially if you are both quiet or shy people naturally.

Silence can be peaceful and comforting. And when you share a pleasant silence, you feel safe within a strong bond of peace and quiet. Sure, you’ll probably be chatting more often than not, but at times you will enjoy saying nothing at all.

With your soulmate, silence won’t strike fear or insecurity. It’ll just be completely normal. This is because you feel secure in the relationship. You can be yourself, and being yourself involves being quiet sometimes. Moods naturally shift.

With your spiritual soulmate, you don’t worry about saying the wrong thing. Or about not being interesting or engaging. You feel secure and don’t think twice when silence happens. Not to mention that you can easily feel the energetic difference between peaceful silence and brooding silence.

21. You share similar past experiences

Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Almost always, soulmates share similar past experiences. Even when from wildly different backgrounds.

Maybe you both moved around a lot when you were younger, both had similar family dynamics or even similar traumas.

Like energy attracts like energy, and people are attracted to vibrations that match their own. So, even if one of you is from Kenya and the other from New Jersey, you may be surprised at the similarities of your past.

And it’s not that the past is so super important, but it is interesting to take note. Comparing your different experiences can help you understand each other better, and unite you as kindred spirits. But above all, it’s always awesome to see the hand of God at work bringing people with similar experiences together.

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22. A psychic confirms it

A gifted psychic or intuitive person will often be able to sense and confirm many spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate. They may know if he is the one, or know you have a romantic spiritual connection by picking up on the energy of the bond you share.

I always advise you to take caution with psychics and let this not be your main source of confirmation. Good psychics are out there but can be hard to find.

That being said, if a talented and reputable psychic confirms your relationship, let it be yet another sign that you have found your soulmate. Energy can be felt by many sensitive people, even if they have not met your significant other.

You can also do a tarot card reading and see what your cards say. The below article you’ll find highly informative if you’re interested in tarot cards.

Tarot for Beginners: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Know

You just know

Above all, when you meet your soulmate, you just know he is the one. You may know the moment you see him, (love at first sight) or you may fall in love overnight. It happens.

For most people, it may take a couple of days to weeks to know if he is your soulmate. Some people doubt the concept of soulmates, but I’d advise not to doubt what you feel. Soulmate love is shocking at first, but it’s very real.

If you’ve been dating for years and you’re still unsure, that’s a less common soulmate recognition period. Why? Because soulmate love is easy and usually obvious. It flows; it’s accessible and obvious.

Still, there are exceptions to this statement. Sometimes your mind is severely clouded, his heart isn’t ready, or there’s another reason. Sometimes fate tears you apart, then brings you back together. All sorts of love paths exist, and there’s a right path for you both.

Ultimately, the only people who know if it’s soulmate love are you and him. When you know, you know. And you must trust your intuition.

What to do if you’re still unsure he is your soulmate

Still wondering or unsure if he is the one? It’s ok. Maybe he is not your soulmate. Yet he remains highly significant to your soul’s journey.

If you still seek answers and are looking for other spiritual signs you’re meant to be together, here are three more tips to consider.

  • Give it time- You cannot always know the future, so you have to give things time. Eventually, you will know if someone is right for you or not. People are in our lives for many different reasons, and we have many soul lessons to learn.
  • Listen to your intuition- You must trust your own inner feelings above all. And that can be hard. But, when balanced with common sense, intuition rarely fails us.
  • Let go and see what happens- If your love interest won’t commit, or you’re not sure of their dedication to you, then walk away and see what happens. Say something about giving things space for a short period of time. That way, you can both have the room to decide if the relationship is soulmate love.

Letting go is difficult to do, and takes much inner strength, but is worth trying if all else fails.

Of course, there are times you must “fight for what’s yours” in an energetic, not physical sense. There are negative forces that try to tear relationships apart. So be mindful of that scenario. But most of the time, you can safely give some space and see what happens.

Final thoughts

Although these spiritual signs of love are many, please take each one and filter it through your own understanding. No one is an expert on love. You have to trust your feelings above all to recognize the spiritual signs you met your soulmate.

There may be some love signs on this list that are less relevant to you. And when it comes to true love, there are probably many more signs of soulmate love I didn’t mention.

Each relationship is different. So, use your intuition combined with your common sense. Other people’s wisdom can help you to recognize a soulmate connection, but it’s a good idea to consider every bit of love advice carefully.

My best advice is that when you find true love in the form of your soulmate, don’t be afraid to commit.

Everything in life is a risk. There are many uncertainties and the future is never promised to anyone. So love without fear and trust the Universe. Go ahead and let yourself fall head over heels. Immerse yourself in the love you’ve found with all your heart.

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