Ready to start a blog and become the creative entrepreneur you’re meant to be?

Awesome! I’ll show you how. It’s actually quite easy to get started. This guide covers the basics of getting your blog up and running, which won’t take longer than 15 minutes! I won’t overwhelm you with too much intense detail, promise!

Know that starting a blog is a real investment in your future. I only wished I’d known about and started blogging years ago!

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Why blog?

I love blogging because it allows me to make money from home using my creativity. I’m basically creating something out of nothing! How amazing is that?

With blogging, I can remain a stay-at-home mom and not have to work outside the home. I am so grateful to be able to be with my girls and do something fun to earn money using just my brain and my fingertips (click click click!)

Don’t get me wrong; you won’t make money overnight. Creating your content and learning how to market your blog can take a while. 

Blogging as a business is hard work. You must work on your blog consistently and be committed to the entrepreneurial journey to make your blog and your income grow. I don’t think it hurts to repeat this: The time and energy you put into your blog is an investment in your future.

So how to get started blogging? Follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Come up with your blog niche.

Choose a topic that is interesting to you and that you feel you could write a lot about. This could be a subject you have expertise on, or something you’d like to learn more about. If you need help, check out this fun and thought-provoking journaling exercise:

Step #2: Come up with a great blog name.

You’ll need a name that’s both easy to say and spell. Something unique, and something on point with your niche.

You can check to see if a name is taken with a simple Google search. Sometimes domain names will be parked, meaning someone owns that website name with the intent not to use it, but to sell it. I’d recommend finding a new name unless you’re very intent on that name.

Step #3: Register your domain name with Bluehost.

Go to to register your domain name and sign up for your web hosting package. First, click “get started.” Then choose “basic plan” (that’s all you need for now.) From there you will enter your chosen domain name and your billing information. Boom! Off you go.

Why Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting services worldwide. There’s a reason why so many bloggers promote them: Bluehost is reliable, affordable, easy to use, and offers excellent customer service! They answer the phone when you call and cost only $3.95/mo.

For these reasons, Bluehost is perfect for new bloggers. By the way, You should know that free web hosting does exist, but I do not recommend them. Here’s why:

  • You don’t own your site with a free platform and therefore can’t sell your site.
  • The companies that offer free web hosting can put ads on your blog without your permission and profit from those ads without paying any $ out to you.
  • They have little to no customer support.
  • They’ll send you endless “upgrade” notices that cost money because their services are sub-par to begin with.
  • They can cancel your website whenever they want because they own it, not you.


Step #4: Sign up with (free with Bluehost.)

This part is super easy. After signing up with Bluehost, you can install the WordPress software for free directly from Bluehost. It’s a simple one-click installation. WordPress is used by 32% of the web, including many fortune 500 companies. It’s straightforward and easy to navigate. There are many fantastic tutorials online for free on how to use the dashboard.

Step #5: Start writing

Find a topic you like and get started. You’re only just beginning, so don’t stress. Keep learning, have fun, and plan for success!

Bonus: Grab your free printable entrepreneur planner!


To keep it simple as promised, I’m going to stop right here. Congratulations on starting your blog!

Signing up is the first step in your blogging journey, and as easy as it is, it’s a serious accomplishment to take that first step!

Blogging is an amazing skill to learn that pays off in so many ways, not just financially! Be proud of yourself for taking action in the direction of your entrepreneurial dreams.

With blogging, there is no limit to how successful you can be. There are many, many bloggers making full-time incomes, even some making over $100,000 per month! To me, that’s truly inspiring!

To summarize, the steps again are:

    • Choose your niche.
    • Pick your domain name.
    • Register your domain name with Bluehost, ($3.95/mo.)
    • Install WordPress through Bluehost
    • Start writing, keep learning!
    • And grab your free planner for success!




I hope you found this guide helpful. I hope you love the planner and it helps you organize your ideas to reach success!

You can do this. Follow your dreams!

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