tarot cards jump out of deck when shuffling

Meanings of Tarot Cards Fall Out of the Deck While Shuffling

Why do tarot cards fall out of the deck when you’re shuffling?

You may wonder why cards occasionally seem to jump or fly out of the deck during shuffling for a tarot reading.

Do “jumper cards” have meaning, and if so, what?

There are a few possible reasons for tarot jumpers. (Also known as “fallen cards” or “rogue cards”.)

Let’s discuss those reasons and the possible meanings of tarot cards that fall out of the deck.

Then, learn to interpret different variations and specific instances of cards jumping, flying, or falling out of the tarot deck.

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Tarot Cards Fall Out of the Deck While Shuffling

I see tarot cards as divination tools to communicate with your higher self, angels, and spirit guides.

So, when pulling a tarot card, you are “pulling your own wisdom” so to speak.

When tarot cards fall out of the deck while shuffling, those cards are communicating via your own higher self & spirit guides. And thus, they are communicating in the same manner as the rest of the cards.

A jumper or fallen card is always an offshoot of your own energy vibration.

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What to do when a tarot card falls out of the deck

So, what do you do, or how do you interpret the meaning of rouge tarot cards?

To start, you have two choices:

1. Put it back and disregard it

Do this when:

  • You’re still getting used to shuffling cards and you know you’re clumsy.
  • You sense you dropped the tarot card in error.

Use common sense, but be open to information when deciding whether or not to pursue interpretation.

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2. Consider it possibly significant

Consider the fallen tarot card of importance when:

  • You’re pretty good at shuffling and it’s unusual for you to drop tarot cards.
  • When you have an intuitive feeling that the card may need to be included in the reading. Or investigated further.

If the tarot card seems to be significant, then interpret its meaning for yourself or your client. Use your knowledge of the card’s meaning, and also consider it within the context of the reading as a whole.

(We will talk more about how to read jumper tarot cards in just a moment.)

Keep in mind you may want to do a second reading based on the jumper card.

I would consider the fallen card as the first card in a new reading when using the Celtic Spread. (IE, the fallen/jumper would be considered “the question” you are asking in a new reading. Or the base point, however you want to look at it.)ir?t=dreamdashjour 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01CUVB9C4

Reasons tarot cards fall out of the deck when you’re shuffling

#1- Clumsy

Are you still learning how to shuffle? Do you tend to drop things easily?

No biggie if you’re clumsy. You know yourself, and if you’re this way you can likely disregard the dropped or fly away rouge cards. Follow your intuition to know for sure. And keep practicing.

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#2- Disconnected from your cards

Sometimes, tarot cards fall out of the deck while shuffling because you’re disconnected from them. If you are feeling disconnected from your cards, there are a few possible reasons for this.

  • Perhaps you haven’t picked up your deck for a while.
  • Or maybe you’ve traveled with it and the cards have absorbed negative or foreign energy from different environments.
  • Did you let another person borrow your deck and now their energy is attached to your cards?

In these instances and others, it is recommended that you cleanse your tarot cards.

Consider your own energy, too. If your energy is tired, agitated, or hurried, do the reading at a later time. Sometimes dropping lots of cards can be a sign of energy being scattered or low. In that case, information from tarot readings may be unclear.

#3- Tarot cards falling out can be a signal to stop shuffling

Sometimes, jumper tarot cards can be a sign to stop shuffling. Especially when you are feeling clear and focused, but anxious about the reading and so you are delaying by over-shuffling.

Your higher self is communicating via the falling of the cards “Enough already! Get to selecting!”

And maybe it’s a sign as well to not fear decision-making so much. To be more self-assured and take action. Or to strengthen your trust in the divine.

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#4- The fallen cards may have special significance

When a tarot card falls out of the deck while shuffling, it may in fact have real meaning. It may not be clumsiness, fatigue, lack of connection, or any of those reasons. Why a tarot card jumps out of the deck may indeed be a sign.

So, go ahead and receive the sign. Accept the card as valid when your intuition says that it is.

Interpret the card in accordance with your own understanding of the card’s meaning. Look at its meaning from two perspectives:

  • On its own.
  • And as related to the rest of the cards you select.

Again, you may want to take the jumper card and do another reading around that card if it points to issues you want to investigate in your life.

Reading jumper tarot cards in different situations

What it means when a tarot card falls out sideways:

The answer to your question could go in accordance with the upright meaning of the card, or the reverse meaning. You cannot know the answer right now; the energy is up-in-the-air. Things will go one way or the complete opposite.

This does not give you any form of assurance or comfort, I realize.

But sometimes, your answer is that there is no answer.

Timelines can be spontaneous and evolve rapidly. So, your best bet is to accept uncertainty with full trust in God, the Universe, your angels, and/or your spirit guides.

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What it means when a tarot card falls out upside-down:

This is usually a sign to clarify your question or reshuffle to re-infuse your energy into the cards.

But, if you feel this upside-down card needs to be read, do pick it up from the side to get an accurate reading since the same card right-side-up and upside-down has different meanings.

An upside-down card is more “tentative” in nature. Take it with a large grain of salt.

What it means when a tarot card falls out as you’re putting cards away:

When a card jumps as you’re putting away your deck, chances are you want to investigate that card.

This occurrence usually means Wait! There’s more information!

Read that card and then decide if you may need to pull a few more. Maybe do a small 3-card spread in addition to the reading you have completed. Or, a full spread.

These fly-away cards seem to be the most significant type of jumpers.

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If unexpected wind or motion causes a card to fall out:

Ask your spirit guides for clarity.

Ask for another sign from your spirit guides to confirm the messages was in fact from your spirit guides and not another type of spirit.

As a side note, do not consent to communication with unknown spirits.

Do not be creeped out, just be cautious as to what energy made the event happen. (And of course, don’t overthink it if it was a breeze from an open window or another reasonable explanation.)

Otherwise, the unexpected motion may mean that there is more information, and you should likely do another tarot reading.

Final thoughts

These meanings and interpretations of rogue jumper tarot cards are simply my personal thoughts from reading tarot cards for over 25 years. Other people may have their own opinions and understanding.

I encourage you to seek multiple viewpoints from other intuitive individuals who read tarot cards. And always filter this kind of information through your own intuition and understanding.

That being said, I hope you find value in this article.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

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