Things Never to Do With Tarot Cards

7 Things Never to Do With Tarot Cards as a Beginner

If you’re new to the world of tarot, you’re probably in the midst of learning all kinds of tarot tips and tricks. You’re learning card meanings and different tarot spreads, but you might also be wondering if there are things you should never do with tarot cards.

Although tarot cards are not dangerous, evil, or unlucky, there are a few things to know about how not to use tarot cards. These things can bring negative energy or bad results.

You don’t want to make tarot mistakes that negatively affect your reading. You also want to safeguard your energy and the energy of those you read for.

So, let’s talk about 7 things never to do with tarot cards. Knowing these tips will increase your confidence and skills as a card reader.

Things Never to Do With Tarot Cards

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7 Things NOT to Do With Tarot Cards

1. Don’t give information without thinking carefully first

When conducting tarot readings for others, always maintain the highest levels of integrity. Never say things that can cause harm or anxiety, even if the cards indicate negative events. At the same time, don’t lie and say everything is dandy. Instead, choose your words carefully.

As a tarot reader, you’re in a powerful position, and what you say can either help or harm. Take your position seriously, offer compassionate support, and speak in ways that are neutral.

Always offer your most sincere guidance based on the cards’ meanings. Never invent stories, offer false hope, or get carried away with what you think the cards are trying to say.

Remind the person you’re reading for that the future is not set in stone. Encourage personal responsibility, and emphasize the power they have to manifest positive outcomes. In addition, be humble to the fact that you’re interpreting things through your personal filter. Never let your ego have a seat at the table.

2. Don’t use secondhand tarot decks if you don’t know who owned it previously

Do not obtain used tarot cards from anyone you do not know and hold in the highest regard.

I do not recommend purchasing used cards from thrift shops, garage sales, or online. If someone gifts you an old set of tarot cards, use caution in accepting the gift.

Tarot cards can hold the energy of the previous owner, and even an owner with good intentions can leave traces of negative energy on their old cards.

You can cleanse new-to-you cards, and sometimes that is a fine solution. But if you can’t be certain about the previous owner, a cleansing may not be enough.

3. Don’t perform readings when upset or anxious

If you perform a tarot reading when worried, angry, or rushed, your results will likely be skewed. It is much better to perform a reading when you feel calm, balanced, and clear.

If the person you are reading for is nervous, that’s understandable. But you’ll want your own energetic channel to be as clear and free as possible so that you don’t affect the reading negatively.

4. Don’t leave tarot cards out in the open when not in use.

Never leave your tarot cards out when you’re not using them, like stacked on a shelf or side table, unless they are protected in some way, like with crystals.

It’s a good idea to place your cards in a box, in a velvet pouch, or at the very least, inside a small empty drawer specifically reserved for your cards.

You’ll want to treat your cards carefully and with respect, so never place them on the floor or in a spot that is dusty or dirty. Wrapping up your cards when not in use will keep them protected physically and energetically.

5. Don’t neglect to read the meanings and develop tarot knowledge

If you’re the type who likes to dive in without reading the instructions first, I feel you. I’m allergic to fine print and prefer to DIY everything.

Tarot is different. To become proficient at reading tarot cards, you need to begin to study and learn the card’s meanings.

Now, it can take years to learn the meanings of every card. You don’t need to memorize every card forward and reversed to practice tarot. But, do put in some effort to learn out of respect for the practice of tarot reading and to become the best you can be. Just keep learning as you go.

There’s a quote by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. He said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

I think this quote applies to tarot reading as well. You need to know the card’s traditional meaning to understand the cards on a deeper or more intuitive level.

This leads us to…

6. Don’t let the cards meanings override your intuition

Always consider the traditional meaning of the cards first. Then, allow your intuition to provide clarity and further insight so you can understand what the ready truly means.

For example, if you or your client select the tower card, it doesn’t necessarily mean total chaos and life getting flipped upside down. But, it does indicate some sort of dramatic change that shakes things up.

Furthermore, no matter what the cards indicate, timelines are not set in stone. They are constantly evolving. The person who is having the reading done may influence future events through their actions. The cards are not always accurate.

7. Don’t ignore what your cat does around them (and other signs.)

If a card flies out of the deck when shuffling, or your cat scratches you when selecting a card (this happened to me recently!!!) do not ignore the sign.

Cards flying out of the deck have several meanings, as do other unexpected happenings.

If you experience strange smells, noises, chills, or otherwise when reading tarot cards, take a minute to recognize the sign. Then do your best to interpret the sign, using your intuition.

In the case of my cat, I think she wanted to play, so I pushed the fanned-out cards in her direction on the bedspread. I was hoping she would paw one, but alas she did not. Something told me she did not like my cards (although I’ve had that deck forever) so I took it as a sign to cleanse my cards and put them away.

Final Thoughts

Can you think of anything else you should not do with tarot cards?

I believe I covered the most important points, but of course, they are based on my opinion. I’m not one for a whole bunch of rules, but I follow these guidelines myself. You may have your own ideas about things never to do with tarot cards, and if so, please leave them in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this article and best wishes on your tarot adventures!

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