Fun Creative Writing Exercise

Unwind With This Fun Creative Writing Exercise: The Champagne Party

Do you enjoy games such as Mad Libs? Sudoku? Adult coloring books?  Then you may like this fun creative writing exercise. It’s the next best thing to relax after a long day. All you need to do is fill in the blanks!

Unwind and provoke your thoughts with these interesting creative writing prompts, all about a fabulous Champagne party.

A party writing idea? Hmmm… you might be wondering. Well, just have a look and see!

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Creative writing champagne party

Ready to have fun and get creative? Good, grab a pen, it’s time to start writing!

*This is an adult writing prompt about a party where people do adult things and is not intended for people under the age of 18.

Setting the stage for this fun creative writing exercise

This is a glamorous party involving abundant and overflowing glasses of sparkling pink and white Champagne. Everyone is dressed up. You’re surrounded by luxury. You look fabulous, by the way.

There are secrets. Whispers. Drama. Romance. Fabulous food. Crystal chandeliers which are bigger than some automobiles.

Answer the questions and fill in the blanks. Use your creativity. Have fun and escape your reality. Use your journal or type up a draft to answer these fun creative writing prompts. Don’t overthink any of it.

Let’s begin this fun creative writing exercise!

  • Who is pouring the Champagne?
  • What fruits lay on the silver platter to the left?
  • What jewels are on the hand holding the glass?
  • Someone just fainted over in the corner. Who and why?
  • The night is young, but already you get the feeling that _____.
  • What is the year and season? Is this a holiday party, birthday, charity, or special occasion?
  • You’re talking to a friend but you’re not really listening. Your mind is distracted by _____.
  • Someone to your right smells strongly of _____.
  • What are the paintings on the wall?
  • Your friend excuses themselves to fetch another glass of champagne, leaving you face to face with _____.
  • You secretly think this person is _____.
  • You will never tell them you know about their 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1615993231
  • Who is the man in the pin-striped suit with the John Stamos grin and why is he smiling at you?
  • Who’s cat is that?
  • The shrimp cocktail looks fresh, but you’ll pass on the ______.
  • What does the balcony overlook?
  • Describe the air outside.
  • Someone walks up from behind you and grabs your waist. Who is it and what do you do?
  • Who is smoking menthol cigarettes?
  • Who is standing in the corner looking nervous?
  • Oh my! The cops are here! Who is getting arrested?
  • Hushed voices and you can hear the clink of silverware. It’s suddenly so quiet until…..
  • Describe the person always having these big emotional outbursts at inappropriate times such as fancy Champagne parties. Why is he/she such a drama queen?
  • The host looks _____ as the cops handcuff and remove _____.
  • The party resumes. The music gets turned back on. What’s playing?
  • You see a couple sneak off outside. Who are they?
  • A man is dancing by the fireplace. What are his moves like?
  • Who is raking lines of cocaine at the round glass coffee table? Who is waiting for their turn?
  • Describe the beading on your dress. (Or describe the suit you’re wearing.)
  • Someone walks by with a plate of hour des vours. You’re somewhat full but you grab another _____.
  • Your friend is telling you some juicy gossip about _____.
  • You’re having such a good time, then suddenly you remember _____. A bad feeling stirs in your gut but you take another gulp of champagne.
  • Who is throwing back their head, laughing hysterically at your joke? Are you really that funny, or is that person just charming you?
  • You know that _____ has a secret crush on you. They have for a while. This makes you feel _____.
  • You excuse yourself and start heading to the luxurious restroom. Who follows you?
  • You’re on your _____ th glass of Champagne. You look in the mirror and see _____.
  • Someone bursts into the room and throws up in the corner. Who is it? What do you say?
  • You leave and head over to talk to your friend by the beautiful towering _____.
  • Next to the towering _____ is an ice sculpture of _____.
  • Your friend is being weird. Acting shady. Hiding something. You think it’s because of _____. You’re just glad it has nothing to do with you.
  • Your friend’s spouse walks over, looking alarmed. In his hand is a 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00U6SFUSS
  • Someone else interrupts the situation, so you excuse yourself and walk over to talk to _____.
  • As you’re chatting, you have another chocolate _____.
  • Who approaches you and asks you if you want to dance?
  • You extend a gloved hand. Who do you lock eyes with?
  • When the dance ends, all you can think is _____.
  • It’s time for the host to make a toast. Who do they dedicate this night to?
  • Someone nearby just made a silent but deadly fart. Who do you suspect it was? (Everyone is looking around uncomfortably.)
  • The party is winding down. It’s almost time to go. You grab one last _____.
  • You head back outside to the balcony. What is the couple out there fighting about?
  • You’re drunk as a _____, but feel fly as a _____. You know you’re looking good.
  • Your limo is here. You probably shouldn’t make the limo driver wait, but you decide to _____ before you go.
  • Then you spot the host, thank them and say _____.
  • They tell you they’re always so happy to see you now that _____.
  • Describe the coat you grab from the check-in area.
  • Who do you flash a smile to?
  • You exit the massive ornate door and make your way down the path paved with _____.
  • There is a garden on your right with a statue of _____.
  • Your limo driver is holding the door open for you as you step inside. Who enters behind you?

Creative Writing Prompt Conclusion


Did you have fun at the party?

Ya know, I’ve never been to a party quite this excellent to tell you the truth. I mean, what you wrote about ______ was quite juicy. You seem to be in on something. You know something I don’t, that is for sure. Want to leave it in the comments? I’m sure everyone else is curious to hear it.

I hope you enjoyed this fun creative writing exercise. If you found this party writing prompt entertaining and want more interesting creative writing prompts, journal prompts, and other articles, please subscribe!

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