Where Do Creative Ideas Come From? 8 Ways to Channel Creative Energy

If you are an artist or a dreamer, then you know: having a fantastic, brand-new idea is the best. It’s a natural high. But you may wonder- where do creative ideas come from? Creativity is so mysterious.

In this post, we talk about the mysterious nature of creative ideas and discuss some ways you can channel new creative energy.

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where do creative ideas come from?

To begin, let’s talk about the origin of creative ideas

Most often, creative ideas enter our thoughts spontaneously. They seem to fade quickly, and you can forget them fast unless you jot them down. Creative ideas are mysterious in nature and origin. It seems they hit at the most unexpected times, like while making popcorn or walking the dog.

It’s been said that spontaneous ideas and creative energy come from the higher realm of the collective universal consciousness where infinite ideas and potential realities exist. This higher realm could be called God; it could be called many things- source, infinity, etc. But I don’t think it matters what it’s called. I just like knowing that it exists and that we as humans can access it. (And it can access us!)

Ultimately, we are part of this higher realm, we are infinite beings. I think the author Eckhart Tolle said it best: “You are not in the universe, you are the universe.”

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The “higher realm” creativity theory

A good example of this “higher realm” theory is Led Zeplin.

All Led Zeppelin songs existed before Led Zeppelin the band ever actually did. Those songs existed in the infinite unseen potential of the universe, the higher realm. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and the rest of those guys pulled those ideas from that infinite space when they began practicing music. They wrote songs that have always existed, and always will.

Fun to think about, and inspiring!

The “higher realm” creativity theory points to how much potential we as humans have to create. If all art, music, writing, etc already exists in a higher realm, we simply have to access these ideas, connect to them, to bring ideas from the higher realm into our earthly reality/ dimension.

How to channel creative energy

So, what to do if you’re feeling stumped for new creative ideas? If you’re creatively blocked, or in a rut? How can you channel creative energy and fresh ideas from the higher realm when they’re not coming at you spontaneously?

Whether trying to come up with business plans, creative inspiration for an art project, fresh writing material, or doing any type of problem-solving, there are many ways to channel creative energy; to tap into the higher realm.

1. Search for ideas

Depending on if you’re searching for how-to information to problem solve, or if you’re looking for visual material for artistic inspiration, you can check many places online. You can try Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, inspiring blogs, and other sites. You can look at books, go to museums, go out in nature. You can use film, magazines, fashion, advertising, photographs, and listen to music or podcasts. The list goes on. Ideas and inspiration can be found anywhere when you put forth the intention to uncover them.

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2. Keep your right brain engaged

Journaling, doodling, cooking, playing a musical instrument, and other creative activities help keep your mind open and receptive to new ideas. Keep up with whatever activity you enjoy, daily if possible.

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3. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself physically with a good workout or hike. Physical activity keeps the energy in your body moving. The flow of oxygen stimulates the lymph fluids and muscle tissues and fascia. Exercise helps release mental blocks stored in the body.

Challenge yourself mentally by learning something new, trying a different perspective, reading, organizing, or brainstorming.

Challenge yourself emotionally by doing some self-reflection, practicing forgiveness, or writing about personal issues to gain clarity.

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4. Try a spiritual practice that you like

Meditation, prayer, gratitude lists, drumming, dancing, affirmations, LOA (law of attraction) exercises, and reading spiritual literature can all be powerful tools for softening your mind up to new ideas.

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5. Talking and brainstorming

That’s what friends and family are for. Just make sure to talk to the right person who will support you and be positive about whatever your quest entails. Also, that person may have creative ideas to share, too.

6. Observation

More simple than research, all you need to do is look. Watch your surrounding, nature, people, traffic. Wherever you are, practice noticing small details.

For example, sometimes when I’m taking a walk, I say to myself “Wow. I never noticed that ___ before.” Then I look around for more things in my neighborhood I see every day but never notice. This fun activity trains your brain to be more observant, which can lead to idea breakthroughs.

7. Make a change/ break routine

Traveling is my favorite way to shake things up, but any change in daily routine is good. Change is the only constant, as they say.

So many people are afraid of even the smallest change in their life, but even something seemingly insignificant like buying a different brand of dish soap can be good. Stretching boundaries and comfort zones helps loosen up our creativity. Changes and breaks in routine make us question our choices and can help us to channel creative energy. Which leads me to…

8. Question everything

Often, we think we know about something, so we chose the familiar. But we could be wrong. We could be doing ourselves a disservice by being so convinced about how things should be or are. Questioning anything- what someone says, what you read, what you think, and reality itself can drive you a little batty, but it makes you smarter. Don’t avoid it because it makes you uncomfortable or seems silly. Questioning leads to new perspectives, information, and insights.

Questioning can be the doorway to fresh and creative ideas. Try playing devil’s advocate, stepping into someone else’s shoes, or doing further research.

Final thoughts on increasing creativity

It must be said that to purposefully channel creative energy, different approaches can work at different times for different people, and infinite approaches could potentially work. If you are just learning to see and use the infinite higher realm of creative space in a pro-active way, (rather than just passively/spontaneously,) then it can be a learning curve. But practice creates higher chances for better ideas.

Practicing idea connection can feel magical. Don’t you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Ooh, creativity exists in a higher realm, I absolutely love that idea! For me, reading is what triggers the most ideas. I need to consume before I can create.

    1. Same here! I love reading and consuming all kinds of content, nature, other people’s good vibes, and more! Thanks for your comment!

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