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10 BEST Ways to Charge Crystals Naturally

If you want to know the best ways to charge crystals naturally, you’re going to be excited to discover how simple the process can be.

Crystals are beautiful tools from the earth to help you focus, feel calmer, meditate, manifest, and so much more. But as you know, for crystals to work their best, they must first be charged.

Charging crystals is simple, and is something that can be done using your intention along with the power of nature.

Charging crystals takes no special experience or skill, and is easy for beginners. Charging is an important step in working with crystals effectively whether you are using them for wellness, magic, or other purposes.

Let’s talk about how to easily charge crystals to prepare them for whatever you are manifesting or creating.

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ways to charge crystals

What Does it Mean to Charge Crystals?

To charge crystals means to replenish a crystal’s energy field so that it can work its very best for your intended purpose. Crystal charging is essentially the intentional energetic empowerment of a crystal.

Think of charging your crystals as akin to plugging them back into universal energy. Similar to the way a rechargeable battery re-charges.

Why Should You Charge Crystals?

Charging a crystal allows you to program the crystal with your intention. Essentially, you can tell the crystal what you need it to assist you with. You assign it a duty or delegate a task to it.

An example of a programming statement would be something such as:

This crystal is to be used for manifesting my ideal partner, and for the highest benefit of all involved. This crystal is full of love, romance, and togetherness. Thank you.

Your charged crystal will amplify the energy of your intention and the actions you take.

What to Know Before You Charge Crystals

1. Cleanse the Crystal

It is recommended you cleanse your crystals before charging them. Cleansing your crystals clears their energy field of old stagnant vibrations. This includes old intentions from yourself or previous keepers, emotional ties, and any negative vibrations.

Once fully cleared, your crystal can be fully charged and will work its best. (Cleansing and charging can often be done in one step using the same tools- don’t worry, it’s not difficult!)

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2. Choose the Right Charging Method

Depending on their structure, crystals have varying levels of hardness. This factor matters greatly for which charging method you use.

Some crystals, such as selenite, cannot be charged in water for example. It’s helpful to become familiar with the Mohs hardness scale to choose your best charging method.

10 Best Ways to Charge Crystals

1. Visualization

You can charge crystals easily with your intention and visualization, so long as your crystals have a clear energy field.

The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to have your crystal nearby to charge it. You can charge your crystal from a distance with your mind’s eye. Charge your crystal while driving home from work, on the bus, or anywhere else.

Simply form a picture in your mind of your crystal. Visualize it with a clear neutral aura at first, to affirm the crystal’s energy field is clear.

Then, visualize the energy you need your crystal to merge with.

For example, if you need your crystal to help you feel calm and peaceful, try visualizing a light pink or calming blue light around it. Or, a ray of light coming from your spirit guides or God.

If you need your crystal to absorb negative energy from your environment, try visualizing a porous, absorbent energy field. See the energy field as a black hole that sucks in the bad vibes and spits them out the other end of a long tunnel, transforming them to light in the process.

Get creative with your visualization. These ideas mentioned are just a few possibilities to charge your crystals with this method. Use the colors and mental imagery that feel appropriate to 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=1582972400

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2. Sun Energy

Another way to naturally charge crystals is by using the sun’s energy. Sun energy is readily available and infinitely powerful. It’s warm, happy, and calming. But also energizing, focused, strong, and unrelentingly determined.

Use the sun’s natural charge to empower your crystal with strong motivation energy, protective energy, abundance energy, love energy, and more. It’s totally up to you how you interpret sun energy and thus how you use it to charge crystals.

Essentially, all you need to do to charge your crystals with the sun is set your crystals out in direct sunlight and ensure your intention is clearly stated. You can state your intention out loud, in your mind, or write it down.

If it’s cloudy, you can still charge your crystals with the sun, as the sun still reaches the earth through the clouds. Simply adjust your mindset around your intentions. See your charge as just as strong, but with another layer of energy charge from the clouds. You can also use visualization of sunlight on your crystals to charge them with sun energy when you are away from your crystals.

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3. Moon Energy

ln the same way that you can charge your crystals with sunlight, you can also use moonlight to charge them.

Moonlight has a much different vibrational charge than sunlight. A charge that is less intense and usually more subtle feeling than sun energy. But still just as powerful.

Moonlight is effective for charging crystals for mental wellness, balance, serenity, creativity, and more. As mentioned before, you decide how you interpret moon energy based on how moon energy feels to you. You decide how you use it to charge your crystals.

A full moon, new moon, or an eclipse all carry significant energy with which to charge. But any moonlight will work. Use your intuition to determine which moon phase feels right for your intended purposes.

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4. Soil Energy

Charge your crystals by placing them directly in the ground. It doesn’t matter what kind of soil you have, because the energy of the earth will help to reset the energy of the crystal. But, if by chance you can charge your crystal in the ground region where it grows naturally, all the better.

You can leave your crystal in the soil overnight and for up to a few days. Remember to make clear your intention to the crystal.

It’s good to know which crystals can tolerate soil charging and which cannot, as soil charging is harmful to softer crystals. Harder stones/crystals such as tiger’s eye, citrine jasper, calcite, and agate do well in soil, while softer ones like selenite, turquoise, or opal do not. As mentioned, please refer to the Mohs Hardness Scale as a guide.

This charging technique empowers your crystal for many purposes including relationship manifestation, inner healing, letting go of old energy, moving on, forgiveness, and more. It is said that soil charging is especially helpful for the most stagnant of negative vibrations.

Additionally, soil charging empowers your crystal with all kinds of natural, nuanced vibrations from the earth, bugs, microscopic bacteria, and more.

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5. Plant Energy

Placing crystals directly in or around house plants charges them with happy plant vibrations. This is a good way for city dwellers to charge crystals. Or for anyone who cannot reasonably bury the crystals outside or leave them outside overnight.

Plants, indoors and out, are both cleansing and recharging. Plants and crystals can communicate and support each other.

You’ve probably heard about how talking to houseplants affects the plants- how singing to them or saying kind words helps them grow. Well, plants enjoy crystals just as much as you do. Putting crystals in and around plants helps the plant, just as the plant energizes the crystal.

Charging crystals in houseplants helps support the crystal when you’re using it to manifest new job opportunities and money. It also helps increase the positive energy in the home and brings more happiness to the inhabitants.

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6. Sound Bathing

A sound bath is a powerful way to charge crystals.

It is believed that sound vibrations can break up negative or stuck vibrations that remain with the crystal from previous keepers, or from past experiences. In this regard, a sound bath is helpful for cleansing your crystals, as well as charging your crystals.

To charge crystals with sound, Tibetan singing bowls are a beneficial tool.

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries to support health and wellness. They create a beautiful bell-like sound that rings long and clear. They are a lovely meditation tool as well.

Charging crystals with sounds adds new harmonious frequencies to the crystal. You can use any beautiful light music to charge with. But creating your own sound or playing your own instrument is especially powerful, as opposed to playing previously recorded music.

7. Salt Energy

Many kinds of crystals charge well when placed in salt. Natural sea salt works best for this method. Simply place your crystal in a bed of salt overnight with your intention 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B00AYIQH1E

Salt is a crystal itself, and a naturally powerful energy purifier. Salt is used for many forms of energy protection, as well as cleansing and charging.

You may also use salt water for charging. Just be sure to use only hard crystals for this method, such as clear quartz or amethyst.

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8. Water Energy

Use fresh or saltwater as mentioned to charge crystals. With your intention stated, simply set your crystal in a bowl of water and leave for a few hours or overnight. If you desire, include dried herbs such as lavender sprinkled in the water.

For another way to easily charge crystals with water, leave them outside in the rain or snow. Or, if you happen to have a body of water on your land, you can leave your crystal nearby. Small streams, ponds, or even a pool will work.

Water has the ability to cleanse the energy field of crystals and can assist you in charging them as your intention declares.

9. Smudge with Sage or Incense

Smudging is an ancient practice of purification used traditionally by Native Americans. It involves burning dried sage or other herbs to cleanse the energy of a person or place.

You can use incense, sage, sweetgrass, cedar, or another herb of your choice to both cleanse and charge your crystals. The smoke helps to break up the bonds of stagnant energy and clear the vibration of the crystals. And can be used to impart your intention on the crystal so that you may program it for your desired purpose.

10. Ask your Spirit Guides

Finally, to charge crystals with intention, request the assistance of your spirit guides or angels.

Simply ask your guides to empower the crystal to work its magic. You might say something like:

Guides, please allow my intention to be fully programmed in this crystal so that my crystal may work as I intend it to. Please assist in the merging of my energy with the crystal.

Help from your spirit guides is always available as they stand by ready to assist you at any time. No task is too big or too small.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Ways to Charge Crystals

Working with crystals to manifest serenity, peace, love, money, and more is incredibly enjoyable. Crystal magic is a step into the unknown, yet working with crystals feels totally natural. I think as humans, we are meant to connect with crystals and use them as magical tools.

Whether you use sun energy, moon energy, soil, water, salt, plants, or another method, charging crystals is helpful to amplify their energy and thus increase their powers.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the best ways to charge crystals naturally. Please let me know your questions or leave any comments below.

Have a lovely day!

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