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How to Cleanse Tarot Cards {11 Ways + When to Do a Tarot Cleansing}

It’s a good idea to learn how to cleanse tarot cards for your most accurate reading, so today we are discussing 11 easy ways to cleanse your tarot deck.

As you know, tarot cards are a helpful divination tool to reveal the inner wisdom of your higher self.

Tarot cards work best when your mind is calm and focused. And when your cards are free of stagnant, negative, or extraneous energy attachments. 

Ridding tarot cards of unwanted energy is an important step before working with your cards. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to cleanse tarot cards so that they can work to their full potential. 

Cleansing your tarot deck requires no special tools unless you want to use them. Cleansing can be effective with thoughts and prayers alone.

A tarot cleansing is something anyone including a beginner tarot user can do. And, it’s something that should always be done when you get a new deck of cards.

how to cleanse tarot cards

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This article includes:

  • How to cleanse tarot cards
  • Why you should cleanse tarot cards
  • A tip for choosing what cleansing method to do
  • 11 Easy ways to cleanse tarot cards- detailed explanations.
  • When to cleanse your card deck
  • And how often to cleanse tarot cards

How to cleanse tarot cards

Here is the list of ways to cleanse tarot cards tat we will be going over. Read more details about how to cleanse tarot cards in just a moment, with tons of ideas and thorough explanations. 

  1. Crystals
  2. Sunlight
  3. Moonlight
  4. Knocking
  5. Blowing
  6. Smoke
  7. Salt
  8. Candles
  9. Sound
  10. Visualization
  11. Meditation/prayer

Why you should cleanse your tarot cards

Although you’re wondering how to cleanse tarot cards, you also may want to know why.

Tarot cards should be cleansed periodically to get rid of any unwanted energy. This includes stagnant energy from the past, negative energy, and energy that does not belong to you. (As in the case that you allow someone else to borrow, touch, or use your tarot cards.)

Energy attachments can be thought of as “cords” attached to your cards. And these attachment cords often need to be severed or dissolved.

Once the energetic attachments are removed, your cards are no longer encumbered. They are then better able to function their best as a pure vessel for delivering information. Cleansed tarot cards give you a better, more pure, and accurate tarot reading.

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How to choose what kind of cleansing to do

When cleansing your tarot cards, choose the cleansing method that feels right to you intuitively.

Depending on the level of cleansing needed, you will want to select the cleansing methods to match.

Cards you used yourself last week will be cleansed differently than cards you just purchased, for example.

You may also want to combine a few methods to get a “deep clean.” (As in the case of stronger or more stuck energy attachments.) For each method, there are recommendations for your consideration.

Let’s dive right into the specifics so you can learn more about how to cleanse tarot cards.

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11 Easy ways to cleanse tarot cards

1. Use crystals

Crystals are a powerful way to cleanse tarot cards. 

If you have a collection of crystals you love, choose the crystal that feels right to you intuitively. Simply set your crystal next to, on top, or underneath your cards for at least an hour to cleanse them.

With my knowledge of crystals and tarot, I would choose the following crystals to cleanse tarot cards:

Selenite- Selenite is energy-balancing and healing. It is a crystal often used to cleanse other crystals- it’s like the Molly Maid of energy attachments! Selenite would be useful for removing cords of old stagnant energy, milder negative vibrations, or extraneous energy from other people or your environment.ir?t=dreamdashjour 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B099YT9WG3 

Clear quartz crystal- Clear quartz crystal has a high and pure vibration. It is the perfect crystal for a gentle but firm energy cleansing. This crystal is useful for cleansing upon acquiring a new deck of cards, or after letting a friend handle the cards.ir?t=dreamdashjour 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09NDKRQYR

Black Tourmaline- Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for absorbing negative energy. Even the strongest, most stagnant energy attachments will be magnetized by black tourmaline and thus removed from your deck. This is the perfect crystal for when your cards need a deep, thorough cleansing.ir?t=dreamdashjour 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B082LNY95M

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2. Put your tarot cards in the sunlight

Sunlight is another way to cleanse tarot cards. Just be mindful that the sun can fade cards over time.

To cleanse your cards using sunlight, place your cards in a stream of light through a window. Or put outside in the direct light for a few minutes to an hour. It needn’t take long as the sun has powerful healing and cleansing energy. 

Positive vibrations of harmony and balance emitted from the rays of light bring tarot cards back to a state of homeostasis. The light dissolves negative energy and unwanted attachment cords naturally. 

You can use this tarot cleansing method for the heaviest and darkest energy attachments.

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3. Put your tarot cards in the moonlight

How to cleanse tarot cards with moonlight? Easy!

Like sunlight, moonlight has the ability to cleanse tarot cards naturally.

With moonlight, the light energy is gentler and softer; not as intense as the sun. And not as fast-acting. This means you will want to immerse your cards in moonlight for a longer time period than in sunlight. Overnight is best.

Placing the cards on your windowsill is your best bet so they don’t blow away or get wet but still get full moonlight.

You can cleanse with moonlight on any night you choose. You don’t need to wait for a full or new moon. 

Although moonlight cleanses in a gentle, slower way it is just as powerful for heavily stuck energy as sunlight. That makes it useful for deep cleaning.

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4. Use the knocking method

A somewhat unusual way of cleansing tarot cards is by knocking on them.

And how to cleanse tarot cards by knocking? Simply pick up your cards and shuffle once or twice as you normally do. Then, straighten your deck into a pile and while holding it in your non-dominant hand, knock 3 times with your dominant hand.

As you knock, visualize the unwanted attached energy cords breaking off the cards. See your cards as clear and free of all attachments.

Then, shuffle a few more times, infusing your cards with your intent and your question. Proceed from there.

The knocking method is quite helpful for professional readers who have multiple clients per day. It’s great for daily cleansing and frequent readings because it’s fast and effective. But, I wouldn’t use it alone when a deck of cards needs a deeper cleansing. Some attachments are stronger and may require crystals, light, and other cleansing methods in addition.

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5. Blowing on your cards

Like knocking, blowing is a simple and fast way to cleanse tarot cards. Knocking and blowing can also be done together.

How to cleanse tarot cards with the blowing method is simple. Just blow on the cards with your breath, visualizing unwanted attachments breaking or dissipating.

This method is not recommended for cards needing a deeper cleaning. Use it for quicker, light cleanings and energy maintenance when using cards often. 

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6. Use smoke to cleanse your tarot cards

Smoke from Palo Alto, incense, sage, or sweetgrass is a powerful energy cleanser. Cleansing with smoke from burnt herbs is known as smudging, a traditional Native American practice.

You can use smoke to cleanse tarot cards, crystals, home environments, and more.

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Smoke works well for heavily stuck, dark energy. Especially in combination with a moonlight bath.

For how to cleanse tarot cards with smoke, simply wave your bundle of burning herbs or incense around your cards. Direct the swirl of smoke up and away from you as you complete the cleansing. ir?t=dreamdashjour 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09C2L41QN

7. Use salt for tarot cleansing

You can use salt to cleanse tarot cards easily. Natural sea salt is best.

Simply place your cards in a bowl of sea salt and leave them overnight. Or, place your cards on a Himalayan salt slab. Use this method for cleansing your crystals, too.

Salt has long been associated with cleanliness, spiritual protection, and purification. You can use salt to cleanse your entire home environment of negative energy and unwanted spirits. You can use salt as well to protect your cards from future attachments forming.

If you use cards daily or professionally, a Himalayan salt lamp is a helpful protection for your space.ir?t=dreamdashjour 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B06XD1H22F

8. Candles for tarot cleansing

Fire from candles or any source such as a fireplace can be used along with prayer and intent to “burn away” and dissolve unwanted energy cards from your cards.

Being mindful of safety, simply light a candle and place your cards nearby while you sit and relax. (Obviously, don’t light your cards on fire!)

Meditate and visualize the removal of energy attachments by the flame.

Fire is a powerful way to cleanse heavily stuck energy that doesn’t want to let go. It’s a more aggressive tactic useful for very negative vibrations. 

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9. Use sound to cleanse tarot cards

You can easily use sound vibrations to cleanse your tarot cards. The best sound to use is a bell, gong, or Tibetan singing bowl.

If using a Tibetan singing bowl, it is best to either circle the rim of the bowl clockwise or lightly ding the bowl 3 times. The sound frequencies from Tibetan singing bowls will gently wash away the attachment cords.

This cleansing tool is great to have on hand to dissolve any lower or negative vibrations within your home and can be used to cleanse crystals, too.

Sound cleansing can be used for light to medium energy attachments. For stronger, more stuck energy, use this cleansing method in combination with another method, such as crystals.

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10. Visualization to cleanse your tarot cards

You will likely want to use visualization in combination with another method for tarot cleansing. However, visualization can be used alone at times.

How to cleanse tarot cards with visualization is by envisioning your cards with white light around them, purifying and removing the unwanted energies or attachment cords. See the white light around yourself as well. Affirm an image in your mind that your cards are cleansed and purified.

You could also use mental imagery such as waves washing over your cards, or scissors cutting the attachment cords. See your cards as protected by a crystal shield. Or, porcupine quills.

I would use this method for gentle cleansing, rather than deep cleansing. Use caution for heavily stuck negative energy and consider combining this method with another cleansing method if needed. 

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11. Meditation and prayer to cleanse your cards

Finally, meditation in combination with prayer and intention is a powerful way to cleanse tarot cards if you feel confident doing so.

In meditation or prayer, you can say or think a statement such as:

These cards are now free of all attachments. They are neutral in energy. All energy cords are gone.

You can also write your cleaning statement as an intention statement. Writing amplifies the energy behind your intention.

Even if you are a beginner, you can use this method. You are the owner, the master, the authority energy-wise of your cards. Tap into your intuition, trust yourself, and go for it. 

This method is best used alone for clearing lighter energy, rather than heavy or strongly negative energy. Use in combination with other cleansing methods otherwise.

When to cleanse tarot cards

1. When you get a new deck

Always cleanse your tarot cards when you get a new deck. It doesn’t matter if the cards are new are used- all cards need cleansing upon acquiring.

If someone gives you a tarot deck as a loving gift, give a lighter, gentle cleanse.

If you purchase tarot cards new, give them a thorough, intentional cleanse.

If you dig a mysterious deck out of the basement of your home or attack, purchase one at a thrift shop, or otherwise have no idea who the deck belonged to previously, be vigilant and give that deck a deep cleaning.

My rule of thumb is never to take for granted what you don’t know about energy attachments and especially those who may want to connect to an abandoned deck of cards.

2. When someone else uses it

When someone else uses your tarot deck, you may or may not feel the need to give it a cleansing. I don’t always do this, but it all depends on who the person is who handles your cards.

If you have a friend with a personal problem who is distraught, it would be advised to cleanse the tarot cards after. But if you two are simply having a little fun and the vibe is lighthearted and you feel quite secure in your own connection to your cards, you may not need to cleanse them after using them. 

The question you might ask yourself is Who’s energy is more strongly bonded to the tarot cards and to what degree? Then you will know how to cleanse tarot cards the best way, if necessary.

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3. When you haven’t used your cards for a while

It’s a good idea the cleanse your cards when it has been a while since you last used them. This is because your old energy and vibration may still linger on the cards. And you want to dissolve vibrations from the past that have become irrelevant as they may muddy your next reading.

If it has been a few months or longer, certainly give at least a light cleansing. Blowing, knocking, or another gentle method would suffice.

If you have experienced major life changes in a shorter time period, also do a cleansing, even if not much time has passed since you last cleansed your cards. Time is a mental construct and may move slower or more quickly at different times in your life. Cleanse according to your sense of time and the flow of your life more so than an actual number of days.

4. If you feel disconnected from them

If you feel disconnected from your cards for no known reason, try giving them a gentle energy cleansing.

This is a good thing to try when your mind is clear and there are no known factors affecting your reading. But yet you still aren’t getting the clear answer you usually get from your cards.

With all of the energetic vibrations whirling around in the ether, it’s hard to know how tools of divination may be affected. So, re-assert your own authority as the owner of your deck. Re-assert your connection to your cards with your intention and a cleansing ritual.

Keep in mind that because you exist alongside the cards in the physical realm, your connection to the cards is powerful so long as you tend to that connection.

5. If you’ve traveled with your cards

Different environments may affect how well your cards work for you. Especially if they are usually kept and used in the same location.

Since your own energy is influenced by your new environment and your cards work through you, bringing your tarot cards on a trip or over to a friend’s house can affect the functionality of the cards.

In some cases, traveling with your cards may create a rocky and unstable energy field around the cards. It all depends on factors such as how comfortable you are in your new environment and how secure you are in your attachment to your cards.

How often to cleanse tarot cards

Tarot cards should be cleansed every 6 months at a minimum. But they may need to be cleansed more often.

Various factors make more frequent cleansing necessary, as we touched upon. Examples of how often to cleanse tarot cards include:

  • Daily or multiple times a day if working with clients.
  • Weekly if using alone regularly in the week.
  • Monthly if using a once- a few times a month by yourself.
  • Every 3-6 months if used infrequently by yourself.

Final thoughts

Cleansing tarot cards should become part of your regular tarot ritual or routine. 

Cleansing tarot cards is an important step to ensure the accuracy and clarity of your readings or your client’s readings. This step, which can be considered routine maintenance, keeps your cards free from energy cord attachments. Cleansing cards will keep them performing their best.

Ultimately, tarot cards are a way to connect to your own wisdom. You may receive messages through the cards from your spirit guides or angels. But, your subconscious mind and higher self is always the gatekeeper for messages to flow through you into your cards. In this way, the messages you get from the cards always come from inside of you.

The better you maintain a clear and stable energetic connection between yourself and your cards, the more accurate a reading you will have.

I hope you have enjoyed this article all about how to cleanse tarot cards, when to do so, and why it benefits you. Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Have a lovely day!

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