Weekly to do list printables
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12 To Do List Printables: Free PDFs to Stay on Task all Week

If you’re looking for free weekly to do list printables, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, get 12 free printable planners for your week. Each to do list is a PDF worksheet that you can easily download, print, and fill out how you’d like.

I always find printables like these can help me manage my household, stay on task, and be productive. What’s more, writing down what I need to do motivates me to accomplish my tasks. 

I’ve designed all of these weekly printables myself with a little help from the paid version of Canva. There’s a design aesthetic to fit many styles. So check them out, no email sign-up is required. I hope you enjoy using these planners as much as I enjoyed designing them!

Weekly to do list printables

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12 Weekly To Do List Printables You Can Download For Free

I hope you love these designs! They are all free for you to download as much as you would like. 

1. Abstract blue to do list printable

Weekly to do list abstract blue

This weekly to-do printable has an abstract style and comes in shades of blue. Get it here:

Weekly to do list abstract blue

2. Green botanical to do list printable

Weekly to do list

Here’s a fun free planner for garden lovers and nature lovers alike! This pretty sage green color with botanical clip art is perfect!

Herbal green weekly printable planner

3. Watercolor weekly planner 

Watercolor weekly planner

So artsy and pretty! This is one of my favorite to do list printables. Get it here:

Watercolor weekly to do list

4. Black & white to do list planner

Black and white planner PDF

Here’s a minimalist black-and-white printable planner for all of ya’ll who are out of colored ink. (*Me too.)

This is also a good planner for those who prefer something simple to write on. Keeping it basic yet stylish with this weekly to-do list.

5. Weekly to do list for fun plans

Weekly to-do list

Planning for some fun? Then you may enjoy this colorful pink and purple planner. I feel like you can’t go wrong with a cool retro-style font.

Fun weekly to do list printable planner

6. Turquoise to do list printable

Weekly to do list PDF

This turquoise and pink printable planner is trendy and modern. Great for home planning, productivity at school, and getting everything accomplished at work. Get it below:

Turquoise to do list printable 

7. Star weekly planner printable

Weekly to do list printable

Here’s a bright blue star planner for your weekly get-it-done list. Find it right here:

Blue star weekly to do list printable

8. About my week printable worksheet

About my week printable worksheet

Not exactly a to do list, more like an already done list, but I thought it might be useful or fun. Contemplate your week by writing notes on a colorful worksheet!

About my week printable worksheet

9. Vintage floral to-do list printable

Vintage floral to do list

A pretty shabby-chic weekly to do list. This vintage floral wallpaper design is so cute. I love anything floral, do you?

Vintage floral weekly to do list printable

10. Blue apple weekly printable planner

To do list printable

This worksheet has a lot going on- apples, stars, and botanical elements. Good thing it’s monochromatic blue otherwise it may be a bit too crazy. If you like it, download it!

Blue apple printable planner

11. Minimalist printable to do worksheet

Weekly to do list minimalist

Here’s a minimalist worksheet design for your weekly planning. Keeping it neutral with beige, black, and white. Get it below:

Minimalist weekly to do worksheet

12. Pink weekly to do list printable

Weekly to do list PDF

Lastly, check out this pink weekly planner. Super cute!

Pink to do list printable planner

Final thoughts

Planners are a great tool so you don’t forget or mess up your schedule. And weekly to do list printables are perfect for a sizeable yet manageable time chunk.

I often make my plans for the week ahead on Sunday or Monday. But I like to go with the flow sometimes, too. What about you?

I hope you’ve found these planners useful and fun. Please let me know your favorite below!

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