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Have you ever wondered What is my angel number? Or have you been noticing the same number patterns showing up everywhere lately? Then this article is for you.

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Your birthday is one way to calculate your angel number, but in fact, there are several ways to know what your angel number is.

So, keep reading to discover the 3 undeniable ways to find your angel number for sure. Or, numbers! You may have more than one.

Find out the meanings of common number patterns, and know with confidence how to trust your intuition when it comes to seeing spiritual signs such as number patterns.

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find your angel number

What is an angel number?

Your angel number is a number that feels spiritually significant to you. Often, it is a number connected to your name or birthday. Or it can be a sequence of numbers that you see repeatedly over a period of time. Triple numbers are common.

Numbers you see repeatedly are often communication from your angels. When you see your angel number, it is a positive and supportive sign.

Your angel number may be your numerology number (aka your life-path number according to your birthday), but not always.

Your angel number could have special significance such as “lucky 777“, or it may appear random to you at first. Additionally, you might have more than one angel number.

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What do angel numbers mean?

Angel numbers are a sign from your angels. These numbers appear when your angels want to show support, boost your confidence, guide you, or affirm something to you.

Angel numbers often appear as signs that you are on the right path. Or that your thought process is correct/good.

Angel numbers can signify new beginnings. Such as the start of a new relationship, or an opportunity on the horizon.

It’s incredibly common to start seeing angel numbers as you become more awake spiritually. Regardless of your religious beliefs. As your connection to the Divine grows stronger, your angels start to reveal themselves more and more. Angel numbers are just one way that angels show signs they are near.

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3 Ways to find your angel number

By now you’re probably wondering ok… What are all the methods to finding my angel number? How do I know my angel number for sure? 

Here are three ways you can discover your angel number.

1. Calculate your angel number 

So often, our angel numbers are connected to our numerology numbers. For example, my angel number is 1 but I know my angel number to be any combination of 1’s- 11, 111, 1111, etc.

To calculate your angel number manually, (aka numerology or sometimes called your life path number,) the steps are easy.

Simply add up the number for your birth month, day of birth, and birth year. Then further reduce that number with addition until you have a single digit. For example, December 12, 1995 would be 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+5 = 30. Then 3+0= 3.

It’s a good idea to double-check and use this manual method in addition to using the angel number calculator. If your angel number boils down to the double number 11, 22, or 33, the calculator will not reveal this. (It only calculates to a single digit.)

An 11, 22, or 33 angel number is rare. Those double numbers are known to be master numbers. People with master numbers are thought to have special gifts of heightened intuition, intelligence, and extra potential in life. 

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2. Find your angel number in your name

Another way to discover your angel number is to examine the numbers in your name. 

Do this by calculating A=1, B=2, and so forth.

Add up the numbers of your first, middle, and last name.

For example, Ann Lee Jones would be 1+1+4+1+4+1+2+5+5+1+0+1+5+1+4+5+1+9 = 51= 5+1= 6.

You should also note connections between your numerology life path number and name number/s. For example, my first name letter is K=11. With 1 being my numerology number as mentioned before.

find your angel number

3. Intuit your angel number

Intuit means to feel or know, using your intuition.

If you are seeing certain numbers or number patterns frequently, then know that these numbers are jumping out at you for a reason. These kinds of numbers are undoubtedly your angel numbers.

You may also favor a certain number. If you feel strongly for any reason about a certain number, consider it your angel number. Maybe you decided years ago that 8 was your number and you have no idea what brought you to that conclusion. Well, now you do. 

My intuition is the reason I know  1, 11, 111, and 1111 to be my angel numbers. 

Ultimately, to know if what you are seeing are angel numbers, trust your intuition beyond anything. I’m at the point where I’m more skeptical of things being a “coincidence” than I am skeptical that something is a sign from my angels or spirit guides. More on trusting your intuition in a moment.

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Which is your angel number if your birthday and name numbers are different?

Your angel number can be found in any of the three methods listed.

Often, a birthday numerology number is different than a name number. It is up to you to use your intuition to decide which number feels more relevant to you. Of course, you may have more than one angel number. 

As an example, my numerology number is 1, and my name equals 9. But I don’t sense 9 to be relevant at this time. I do consider 1 my angel number because I see 111 and 1111 everywhere, all the time. Also, 9+1=10=1+0=1, so it all still comes down to 1 for me.

To help your intuition decide, set your intention to receive a sign from the universe. Start noticing what numbers are popping up.

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Places you may find angel numbers

It’s common to see your angel numbers appear anywhere and everywhere. Especially once you are aware of them. You may see your numbers on:

  • Clocks
  • License plates
  • Street signs
  • Stickers
  • Receipts
  • In the media
  • And many more places

You may also hear the numbers spoken. It may get to a point where it feels a little extra and you just have to smile. Heyyy angels!

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Common angel numbers and meanings

111– A message that you are on the right path. You’re making correct and good choices. Love, higher self, intuition, spiritual connection. Purpose, passion, light energy.

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222– Friendship, connection. You are loved and well-regarded. Partnership, cooperation. A positive confirmation to trust in someone or in the efforts you are making. Your efforts will not be wasted.

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333– Seek balance, keep your thoughts strong and positive. Good things are in the works, especially changes. Your angels and The Universe are working behind the scenes. Forge ahead.

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444– You are protected and loved. Everything is working out in your favor. A reminder to give thanks and know you are supported by your angels. A sign of spiritual growth and awakening.

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555– A positive money sign. Indicates financial good fortune. Connection to sun energy, joy, and happiness. A sign to be lighthearted. Go have FUN!

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666– Stability and security in the home. Peacefulness, calm, and serenity. Balance and good health. A sign to nurture yourself and relax. Not a negative number. Learn why:

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777– A sign of luck from your angels. Excitement ahead and winning. Take a chance but keep balanced with common sense. Keep seeking your answers. Indicates strong transformative energy, especially spiritually or in matters of personal growth.

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888– Good luck with finances, travel, and transportation. A sign of safety. Indicates abundance. Feeling satisfied, content, and with a full cup.

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999– An angel sign of positive endings. Closure and peace. It’s ok to let go. Trust in the unknown. You are cared for, your angels are watching over you.

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000– Fresh opportunity, the door is wide open. Anything is possible. Clean slate. Forgiveness. Infinity and infinite choices. You have the power to make huge leaps forward.

Are there negative or bad numbers?

There is no such thing as a bad or negative number.

Numbers were created by God, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence, or whatever name you give The Divine. They cannot by nature be anything but pure and of the light. All of existence comes down to math, numbers, and energy.

Even 666 is a good, positive number. It is a number representing a stable home life, financial security, safety, and peace. Dark forces may try and claim this number, but it’ll never be theirs in any authentic way.

If I had to paint a picture of what 6’s represent, it would look like a lovely cabin in the woods with a cozy living room and a roaring fire in the fireplace. A wooden dining table with bowls of homemade soup and freshly baked bread. A cat curled up next to you and a good book. Totally hygee. So don’t assume seeing 6’s or having them in your numerology is bad luck.

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Can angel numbers be warnings?

Numbers may be used as warnings. But it all depends on the person and their own beliefs.

In my personal experience, my angels use numbers to guide and communicate. But don’t use them as an ominous message. This is because my angels know I innerstand numbers as Divine. So, if they need to warn me they send other, clearer red flags.

If you have a negative association with a certain number, then your angels know it and may potentially use that number to warn you. Again, use your intuition. Angel signs are personal.

Trusting in your intuition & your angels

As you grow spiritually, you may have moments of doubt. You may be unsure of your interpretation of angel signs or messages. This is normal. Questioning everything is important and so is critical thinking.

It is possible to have common sense and still trust in angels, believe in spirits, and live your life beyond “the ordinary.” (Meaning what you can see with your eyes and prove through science.) You can trust in angels regardless of your religion or lack thereof.

You get to choose your own reality in many ways. As Dr. Wayne Dyer (RIP) said: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Choosing to trust yourself to receive spiritual guidance or signs is wise. Don’t hesitate to affirm your ability. Humans were born with intuition and a sixth sense for a reason. You are part of infinity and you are infinite. Claim it!

Other ways angels communicate

In addition to communicating with numbers through common mediums such as license plates and clocks, angels send messages in many ways including:

  • Feathers
  • Coins
  • Rainbows
  • Clouds
  • Things that are out of place
  • And many more

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Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed learning all about how to discover your angel number. I sure enjoyed writing what I know to share with you. As always, form your own conclusions.

Know that angels are with you~ they are with all of us. Angel numbers are one of many ways they communicate.

Finally, I’d love your thoughts. So please leave your comments below, and have a lovely day!

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52 thoughts on “How to Find Your Angel Number- Calculator, Name, & More”

  1. hi, my name is myra rae boettcher my birthday is 08-14-2007 i am so confused on how to do this please help! 🙂

  2. Sonya Gremler

    My name is Sonya Marie gremler so the numbers are 19+15+14+25+1+13+1+18+9+5+7+18+9+5+13+12+5+18=406 what do I do now

  3. Ok, I do not know if anyone will see this but I have a question. Basically, my numerology life path gives me the number 7, and my name calculation ends up giving me the number 4, and combined it’s 11 so I wanted to ask does it theoretically work as a master number or would I have to do 1+1 giving me 2? But then I just end up having 3 different angels which I mean is chill I guess

    1. That is a great question! I would say to use your intuition to determine if 11 feels significant for you. Do you see 11, 111, or 1111 often, for example? You can definitely have multiple angel numbers. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Wow, 5/5/5 is an awesome birthday to have! If you feel connected to both, I would consider both to be your angel numbers. (Although 5+5+5=15=1+5=6.) You might enjoy my recent article about the 555 angel number btw. Have a lovely day!

  5. Please I want to know my angel number. I woke up this morning my right ear is buzzy and rings for 15 minutes but my inspiration tells me something want to talk but I don’t get the talking am hearing as if is talking but not clear what can I do. Maybe I should ignore it.

  6. pls compute mine and my boyfriend

    NOVEMBER 2, 2003

    AUGUST 28, 2003

  7. Hello, my name is
    E L i z a b e t h G a r c i a
    5 +1+2+9+2+6+1+2+5+2+0+8 7+1+1+8+3+9+1 = 73


    Is this correct?

    1. So, they are both up for your consideration. It could be they are both your angel numbers. Use your intuition to decide which one feels more relevant.

  8. Bryan Guadalupe Ocegueda


    24+34+34= 92
    9+2=11 1+1=2

    July 03 2004
    0+7+0+3+2+0+0+4=16 1+6=7

    Not sure if this is how it should work or not but please do let me know if it is 😄

  9. Using my bith date comes to 8 and married full name 8 question do you use given birth name or recent name? Birth name came to 11

  10. Marvella Perkins

    My name turned out to be a 7 and my birthday turned out to be 9 but I am still confused can you help me ?

    1. From here, follow your heart and intuition. You may consider both of these numbers your angel numbers, or one or the other. As well, my name becomes 9 and my birthday adds to 1, but I consider 1 to be my angel number. Have a lovely day, I hope that helps.

  11. First i got the number 3 from my birthdate and I saw now it’s the third august. I have always said that my lucky number is 7 since I’m born 2007, and then I got the number 7 by doing the name thing and then I read about 7 and it said that it can be about luck.

  12. I’m a little confused as to what my angel number is. When I worked out the numbers from my birthday and then my full name, my birthday came up as 4 and then my name came up as 5? I’m not really understanding. Are these both my angle numbers or do I add them together?

    1. Hello! I would consider them both your angel numbers. If it feels right to you, you might add them together. I think it depends on your intuition above all.

  13. Hi my name is Lara Betchie so it would be:

    12 1 18 1 / 1+2+1+1+8+1 = 23
    2 5 20 3 8 9 5 / 2+5+2+0+8+9+5 = 34

    04/16/2010 (yeah I’m a minor pls don’t judge 😭) so it would be:
    4+1+6+2+0+1+0 = 23 and 2+3 is my path life/life path

    And my lucky number or favored number is 16, 4, and 7 so I tried to add it:
    1+6+4+7= 18

    And I’m kinda confuse so pls tell me what my angel number is 😭 thank you ❤

    1. Wait sorry my grammar is bad! It’s because English is not my first language hehe.. Anyway I also meant that my path life/life path no. Is 5 so uhh yeahhh 😅😅

    1. Adding up your birthday, I get 8. 222 and 333 are both very good numbers to see. Angel numbers for sure!

  14. Hi there! I was curious if it means anything if my Life Path Number and Name Number are both somehow 6? I added every single letter’s number in my full name (96) 9+6=15 1+5=6
    I have been disinclined to recognize or acknowledge 666 being a constant thought life and being drawn to it for the obvious stigma carried with it, but have recently been learning to interpret these numbers in a different light.

    Sincere regards!

    1. Hello, I feel 6 or 666 is not a negative number. All numbers were created by God and thus cannot be anything but pure and good. Dark energies may want to claim those numbers, but they cannot really have them. So, don’t worry and honor the numbers that exist for you. 6 Is a number representative of home, comfort, love, coziness, homemaking, and family IMHO. Have a great day! 🙂

    2. this reminds me of how for a few months i was seeing 69 EVERYWHERE like i mean EVERYWHERE, every single time i looked at my battery percentage, random times i paused a video, etc. and i started getting frustrated until i accepted it might actually have meaning, looked it up, and the meaning was very relevant to my then life circumstances and it began to be a comfort to see it. however it is annoying because i feel that no one will ever take it seriously when i say this because of the sexual connotation of 69. oh well, i’ve learned that my angel numbers are purely a way for me to feel connected and aligned with god and the universe and no one else needs to believe me. also cool side note, after those relevant life circumstances ended, i stopped seeing the number. i’ve learned i tend to see it when i’m about to or in the middle of moving. 🙂

      1. That is really cool, thanks for sharing. Absolutely, your angel numbers are for you only and cultural interpretations don’t always apply.

  15. My angel number if you add up my birthday is 33 and I used to break it down to 6 cause I thought you had to & 6 has alway felt really special to me but it’s also cool that I have a master number and then if you add up all the letters in my name and then break it down you get 9.

      1. If your birthday is January 11, then add 1+1+1 plus the year. Having a 1/11 birthday is special and I personally don’t think the day we are born is coincidental.

    1. Soniya Malunga

      This is just so good even though using my name to discover the angels number was abit confusing to me..But I like it.May God continue blessing you with more information so you can share with us.Thank you.

  16. I enjoyed reading your post and am a big believer in both angels and intuition. That said, are you familiar with Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (frequency illusion/bias)? It is a cognitive bias in which, after noticing something for the first time (example: newly calculated angel numbers), there is a tendency to notice it more often, leading someone to believe that it has a high frequency of occurrence. Do you think this counters or tares down the belief in angel numbers? If not, is it possible that angel numbers and this phenomenon can both exist simultaneously? Are they the same thing (just different ways of explaining)? Any thoughts you could give on this would be very helpful. Thank you.

    1. Hello and thanks for asking! In my opinion, this theory or phenomenon does not tear down anything. Both can exist together. Many people, especially in science, are uncomfortable with the unknown and such phenomena. Science loves to disprove spirituality for many reasons. So it is up to the individual what they chose to see or believe. I see science as sometimes biased, always evolving, and unfortunately often corrupted with special interest, much like politics. Therefore, I consider what science has to say, and try to use common sense. But above all, I trust my inner knowing, keep my eyes wide open, enjoy spirituality, and encourage others to do the same.

      1. Donna Gonzalez

        My birthdate gave me 33 I believe am I doing it right 6/4/1985 6+4+1+9+8+5=33 but I see 66 or 666 alot when I go to a store the total comes to 6.66 they always tell me wanna throw something else in to change the number? I always say no its OK then they look at me like I am crazy then do the cross thing on there chest as I am leaving 😕 so is my number 33 or 666?

      2. Hello, so if you get 33 you would further reduce to 6. (3+3) In my opinion, I don’t see 666 as inherently evil since all numbers come from God, and would not fear. Use your intuition and consult further advice on this if you feel inclined. Have a lovely day!

  17. What is my angel number if both my numerology life path number and name number are different?

    Can an angel number be 3 different numbers rather than 3 of the same?

    1. Yes, I think you can have more than one angel number. Use your intuition and look for signs to determine your primary number. You will eventually come to know which number/s are most significant. People tend to have 1-2 angel numbers. Of your 3, one is likely less significant.

  18. Erica Aletta Goldstone

    Thank you for this blog, it is very informative. I really enjoyed reading it. I see signs everywhere, such as angel numbers. My angel name number is two digits that is 11,do I add the them up to give me a single digit which is 2 or do I keep it at 11 which is a Master Number?
    Kind Regards
    Erica Aletta Goldstone

    1. Hi Erica! 11 Would be considered your angel number since it is a master number. However, use your intuition to decide if 2 feels significant as well. I do think you can have more than one angel number. Mine are 1 and 6. Thanks for your comments!

  19. August 19 2002
    0+8+ 1+9+2+0+0+2= 22

    Makena Faith Dillard
    13 1 11 5 14 1 6 1 9 20 8 4 9 12 12 1 18 4

    1+3+1+ 1+1+5+1+4+1 18
    6+1+9+2+0+8. 26
    4+9+1+2+1+2+1+1+8+4. 33
    77 7+7 = 14 1+4 = 5

    1. I came here to discover my angel number and the last comment I see on here is someone who has the same birthday as me. August 19. Shows me I’m in the right place that’s awesome

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