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Who are Your Spirit Guides? Discover 11 Common Spiritual Guardians

Each and every one of us has spiritual guardians in our lives. Call them spirit guides or spirit angels, they help us in many ways.

Some spirit guides are with us our entire lives, and some are with us only temporarily.

Our spiritual guardians are here for many reasons; to support, protect, pray to, ask of, and give. They are our allies; they are here to be of service to us.

As we discover and connect to our spirit guides, we strengthen our connection to God, however we define it/him/her. Our spirit guides come from God and work through God; they are good and pure. They ask nothing in return.

By working with our spirit guides, we become stronger, wiser, and more peaceful. We can ask our spirit guides for help with many things, from something simple such as a good parking spot to something complex, like handling a difficult break-up. We can pray to our spirit guides, cry to them, intuit messages from them, and more.

In this article, learn how you can discover or identify your spirit guides. Then learn how to connect with your spiritual guardians to bring inner peace, spiritual guidance, protection, prosperity, strength, or anything you need.

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How to discover your spirit guides

The best way to discover who your spiritual guardians are is to simply ask- Who are my spirit guides? Then listen to your intuition. What is the first thought that pops into your mind? Do you imagine your deceased grandmother? A special pet? Someone from your past? Someone from now…an earth angel perhaps?

Sometimes, your intuition makes it very clear who might be helping you. But if not, give the question space and time. Go about your daily life, but keep an eye out for signs, coincidences, or synchronicities, and pay attention to dreams.

Eventually, answers will start to emerge about your spirit angels or guides.

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11 Common types of spirit guides

Spiritual guardians come in many forms, (or more accurately, we as humans interpret their energy in different forms.

Spirit guides (or angels) are not made of matter; they are made of energy.)

Here are 11 different types of spirit energy you may connect with:

1. Deceased relatives or friends

Very commonly, our deceased relatives are our spiritual guides. And it’s often crystal clear who’s supporting us from the spirit realm. But sometimes, you be surprised at who it is.

A talented psychic I went to last December told me my grandfather (who died when I was 6) is looking over me. I thought that was odd since I barely knew him. But then I told my cousin, who mentioned his birthday was 1/11/11. Since 1 is my numerology number and lucky, I intuitively knew it was true. His father, my great grandfather, also guides me.

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2. Pets both alive or deceased

Pets both alive and dead are our spirit guides as well. Pets that are alive now may be angels or guides assigned to us temporarily. They may also continue to guide us after death.

3. Your future self

This concept was introduced by Youtuber Aaron Doughty, and to me, it’s absolutely fascinating. Just as you can look back in time and think of what you would tell your younger self, you can mentally leap to the future and give yourself a message for now.

Not only that, but by considering the theory of multiple timelines, and the theory that time does not exist, you can easily surmise that there is a future you, and that future you is the best version of you. She loves the younger you, and she will guide you from the spirit side. Tap into her wisdom.

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4. Your future children or grandchildren

Again, considering the two above theories, your future children and grandchildren may already exist. They are your spirit guides/angels, and they love you. You can also take into account that, even if not born yet, these loved ones are waiting in the wings for their time on earth. They support you.

5. Your “lifetime duration” spirit guides

Each of us has approximately 1-4 spirit guides who stay with us for our whole lives. They never leave and are our top guardian/s. Lifetime duration guides are loyal and powerful. They come in many forms, including earth angels and animals. More on spirit animals in a moment.

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6. Your “special assignment” spirit guides

These are guardians that are only with us for certain time periods. Maybe you had a certain spirit guide help you during your senior year of high school, or a spirit angel assigned to be with you through childbirth.

Considering the scope of challenges humans face, very specific spirit guides exist to help during certain times. We may have hundreds of special assignment guides and/or angels throughout our lifetimes.

7. A past-life you or close timeline self

Your spirit angels/guides may include your past-life self or you from a parallel timeline. Sounds a little out there? Well, so have many other concepts before proven or brought into reality. Use your intuition to know if a fractal part of you is your spiritual guide.

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8. Fairies

Fairies are often spiritual guides, and they are unique as such. Fairies are somewhat like cats; they hang around in your space, and they will help you, but they are also finicky. Particular. They don’t always want to get their hands dirty, but they will if they must.

Usually, fairies stay out of the picture doing fairy stuff and throw you a little magic when they feel like it. It’s not clear why they chose to be helpers to humans, but I think they have a soft spot.

Fairies are usually special assignment spirit guides but may stay for your lifetime.

9. Spirit animals

Spiritual animals are another common type of spiritual guardian. Each of us has a spirit animal, and usually more than one. You can use your intuition to connect with yours.

I believe animal spirits are often one of our 1-4 lifetime duration spirit angel guides. They are loyal and stay with us until our final days on earth.

10. Earth spirits

Like spirit animals, earth spirits can be spiritual guardians. Earth spirits connect with all forms of earth matter including plants, rocks, water, fire, etc. Consider a special tree, plant, or rock.

Earth spirits are often special assignment spirit guides for the duration of your time in a specific location. They may live on your land or near your home. I sense an earth spirit living in the palm tree in my backyard. She is certainly a spirit guide who connected with me when we moved here to Florida.

Earth spirits are land-connected types that stay put if you move elsewhere. They don’t tend to travel. But, certain earth spirits may live in houseplants, crystals, or natural objects you keep in your home. They will go with you if you move.

11. Ascended masters or famous figures

Your spiritual guardians may include Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, or a number of others who lived as humans. Many people resonate strongly with these types of spirit guides.

You may also intuit a famous figure as being one of your spiritual guides. You may call on the spirit of a famous athlete to help you with your sports game or training, for example.

Funny story: Once, at the beginning of my blogging journey, I felt I need help with my writing. Shakespeare popped into my mind, so I called on him for help. And do you know what he said? “I don’t know anything about blogging.” Lol! But of course!

Connecting with your spiritual guardians

So, once you know who your spirit guides are, how do you connect with them? How do you receive information from them? Here are some ways you can intuitively connect with your spiritual guides:

  • Pray to them.
  • Use crystals, altars, vision boards, or any symbolic props that help.
  • Try journaling or making art and see what comes up.
  • Go out in nature. Use the power of weather to manifest communication.
  • Leave an offering, such as coins or crystals for your fairy guides. Fairies like to be wooed.
  • Use tools of divination such as Tarot cards, crystal balls, or pendulums.
  • Ask for dream communication.
  • Ask for signs.
  • Discover signs already present you may have missed, then wait for confirmation.

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Ways to show gratitude for spiritual guidance

It’s always a good thing to say Thank you to your spirit guides. This strengthens your connection with them.

Another way is to share your thoughts on spirit guides with others. The belief in spirit guides and spirit angels brings comfort and peace to many.

And finally, don’t give up on your spirit guides. Just because they are unfamiliar to you, or you don’t get a message in time, or something bad happens, doesn’t mean they are not there. They won’t prevent bad things from happening. Because sometimes those bad things are difficult lessons you need to learn. Although they may interfere to stop a disaster. They have done this many times for me, especially as a wild teenager. I wish I could share more but it’s way too personal and too much to write here.

Final thoughts

Spirit guides and spirit angels come in many forms that we can perceive. Sometimes they come in physical form, but mostly in energetic form. Tap into your intuition to know them.

There may be other types of spirit guides beyond these 11. Consider that your spirit guides might include someone living who is very close to you such as your mom, friend, or co-worker. Angels in disguise are everywhere in this world.

Finally, know that when communicating messages, spirit guides will always inspire you to feel positive feelings such as love, trust, support, or awe. Your spirit guides will never make you scared or sad. If you get those vibes, put your prayers up and ask God for protection.

I hope this article has helped you in discovering who your spirit guides are and how you can have a relationship with them. My spirit guides helped me effortlessly write this 1,800+ word article in about 2.5 hours, a speedy writing time for me. Clearly, they wanted the message out. If you liked this article, please share it.

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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