Why it’s Ok to Abandon Your Creative Ideas and Reasons Why Maybe You Should.

Do you ever abandon your creative ideas? Have you been known to get super excited about a new creative venture, convinced it’s the next best thing, then completely change your mind shortly thereafter?

I’m talking about taking a class, writing a book, working on a piece of art, or even starting a new job. Starting something you thought would be interesting, but in reality, it’s not fun at all, and now and you want out?

Me too, it’s pretty much my middle name!

I used to feel bad or rather guilty about this every time it happened. A lot of it was during my college years, but it still happens occasionally to this day. Luckily, now I know that this is not a character flaw or a problem to overcome. It can actually be a good thing to abandon your creative ideas.

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Why it's OK to Abandon Your Creative Ideas

Here are 3 reasons why it’s Ok to abandon your creative ideas:

1. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind

Despite what the world would have you think, there’s nothing wrong with a short attention span. You’re not flaky or irresponsible; you have an active mind that doesn’t like to be bored.

This is because you are smart, so don’t sell yourself short.

Maybe you’re not being challenged where you are, or you’re being challenged in ways you don’t enjoy or that are no longer teaching you anything new. If your creative idea doesn’t excite you any longer, then no matter the time involved, it’s Ok to give it up. Out with the old and in with the new!

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2. Are you simply taking a pause?

Sometimes creative ideas must be put on the back burner for a while, but it doesn’t mean they have to go away forever. You might come back to the idea in the future.

Right now could be the wrong time or place for your creative project. Maybe you’re not ready with the tools/space/money/help etc. Or maybe you haven’t expanded/developed the idea enough. Have you done enough research? Maybe you’ve done too much research and now the idea has morphed into something else.

Regardless of your intention to return to the idea later or not, you can still let it go at any moment in time. It’s Ok. Really.

You can’t, with certainty, know the future in regards to what you will do with the idea later.

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3. YOLO baby!

It’s Ok to have a short attention span with your creative ideas, and in general, because variety is the spice of life. So if one thing isn’t working, then don’t waste your energy!

There are infinite experiences to be had in this lifetime. So why stick with one that isn’t working? Keep it moving!

I’m a firm believer in YOLO, in a positive way. I’ve done many things in the name of YOLO, some of them pretty crazy, and some I regret. But life is about creating an interesting tapestry, don’t you think?

And, just because a creative idea must be abandoned, doesn’t mean it was never valuable. All of life’s experiences hold value.

Giving up isn’t the same as doing something halfway

To be clear, I’m not saying to give up without giving something a chance. I’m not saying to do very little, expect a lot, then give up when it’s not working. I’m not advocating putting forth less than an honest effort and having integrity with your actions.

I’m simply stating something that a lot of people, myself included, tend to forget: It’s Ok to change your mind, abandon your plans, and make a change anytime you want. It’s Ok to abandon your creative ideas. That’s your free will.

I must say that after learning how to embrace and accept the parts of my spirit that are restless, spontaneous, and curious, I feel better than ever about abandoning creative ideas that aren’t working. I feel freer and inspired for the future. This includes new business ventures, new art I’ll create, and unknown places I’ll roam.

Concluding thoughts

Who knows how long any of us have on this earth? Why not let go of creative ideas gone stale and take or create a new opportunity? Ditch that book halfway through if need be.

There are times when quitting should be honored. As Buddha said, “Your problem is, you think you have time.”

How do you feel about abandoning your creative ideas?

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