Manifesting with crystals

Manifesting With Crystals and Stones: 7 Crystal Magic Techniques

Manifesting with crystals is a fun and easy esoteric hobby that anyone can practice.

Crystals and stones help amplify the energy behind your intentions when manifesting. They can empower you in many ways when creating your desired reality. The right crystals along with the right mindset can attract abundance, new relationships, creativity, money, improved wellness, and more. The right crystals can also offer spiritual protection, good luck, promote psychic ability, and more.

Today we’re talking all about manifestation using crystals. Learn how to create your desired reality using the energy of crystals and stones. Then, learn 7 easy crystal magic techniques for manifesting your goals and dreams.

manifesting with crystals

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What is manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of creating your desired reality. Manifestation is always happening on conscious and unconscious levels. Everyone is always creating their own reality, but we are also collectively creating reality together.

To manifest your reality, and in particular your desired reality, you must align your energy to match the frequency and vibration of that which you wish to manifest.

The concept of manifesting is based on The Law of Attraction.

Everything in the universe is energy. Our thoughts, bodies, workplaces, finances, relationships- everything. The concept of What is manifesting can be summed up this way: Manifestation is the creation of reality. 

How does manifesting with crystals work?

Now you might be wondering about the reason for manifesting with crystals.

Simply put, crystals are quite magical. Different crystals hold their own frequencies and vibrations that we can attune ourselves to. And use to empower our manifestations. I like to call this “crystal magic.” But you could also call it “crystal prayer.”

Manifesting with crystal magic comes down to a few basic steps:

  • Choosing the right crystal for what you’re manifesting.
  • Cleansing the crystal.
  • Setting your intention, charging, and programming the crystal.
  • Deciding on a technique for manifesting with crystal magic.

Chose the right crystal 

Different crystals are useful for different purposes. Depending on their properties. It’s helpful to have general knowledge of the uses of common crystals. This helps you to form a base of understanding.

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But when it comes to manifesting with crystals, choosing the right crystal for manifesting requires more than textbook knowledge. You will also need to use your intuition. Your intuition will allow you to decide what crystal is right for your intended purposes.

Cleansing your crystals

After you have selected your crystal/s, cleanse them. Cleansing crystals ensures there is no stagnant energy attached to them. There are many simple methods of crystal cleansing. See more here:

How to Cleanse Crystals to Restore Their Energy

It’s always advised to cleanse old energies and vibrations before manifesting with crystals.

Set your intention, charge, & program the crystal

When you set your intention with your crystal, you are essentially programming the crystal. You are telling that crystal what you are using it for. Giving it a kind and gentle instruction.

You can charge your crystal using a variety of simple techniques, then program your crystal with a simple intention statement.

Your intention statement can be verbal, written, or thought. Direct the statement at the crystal itself, as well as your higher self and/or spirit angels. Per your personal spiritual beliefs. An example would be something like:

This crystal is to be used for manifesting my ideal partner, and for the highest benefit of all involved. This crystal is full of love, romance, and togetherness. Thank you.

Chose the right technique for manifesting with crystals

There are many ways to use crystals for manifesting. 

Please note that the 7 techniques listed are just a starting point for manifesting with crystals. Use them or adjust them in a way that feels right to you.

Each crystal manifestation technique includes suggestions for manifesting.

7 Techniques for Manifesting with Crystals

1. Wear your crystal

This technique for manifesting with crystals is simple. Just wear or carry your crystal close to your body. Wear your crystal as jewelry, or keep it in your pocket.

A good technique for:

  • Deflecting bad energy.
  • Absorbing and manifesting positive energy.
  • Protection.
  • Manifesting abundance.

2. Do a crystal meditation or prayer

There are many options when it comes to manifesting with crystals in combination with meditation. You can put crystals next to or around you when meditating. Hold your crystals or place them on your body when meditating. Or, simply visualize your crystal’s energy field when meditating. (This works well when you are away from your crystals but still want to use them for meditation.)

For any way you meditate or pray, including crystals can amplify your magic.

Helpful for:

  • Solving problems.
  • Social connection and relationships.
  • Finances and business.
  • Manifesting creative ideas.
  • Inner healing.

3. Journaling with crystals

Journaling with crystals can be highly effective for manifesting your desires. You can journal your goals and dreams in many ways. Journal stream of consciousness style, a bullet list, affirmations, and more. By journaling, you are writing a statement to the Universe about what you are manifesting.

Helpful for:

  • Manifesting money.
  • Business and creative ideas.
  • Wellness and healing.
  • Manifesting love & relationships.

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4. Crystal grids to manifest

Manifesting with crystals is easily accomplished with a crystal grid. To set up a crystal grid, there are 2 ways. You can use your intuition to set out your crystals in an arrangement that feels right. This is usually how I do it. Or, you can use a template crystal grid. Template crystal grids are based on sacred geometry.

Depending on how knowledgeable you feel, you may want a book with suggestions for crystal layouts.

Helpful for:

  • Manifesting positive energy in the home or workplace.
  • Manifesting money and abundance.
  • Love and relationships.
  • Wellness and healing.

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5. Crystal exercise technique

Another powerful technique for manifesting with crystals is to carry or wear your crystals while performing intense physical exercise. Hiking, running, or weight lifting would be an example. Although walking is powerful, too. Exercising with crystals is an assertive way to create an energetic shift for manifesting. Exercise releases pent-up and stagnant energy. As well as endorphins.

A helpful technique for:

  • Conflict resolution.
  • Manifesting new relationships.
  • Money and business opportunities.
  • Wellness and healing.

6. Crystal bath technique

Place crystals in your bath water, around your bath, or directly on your body when bathing. This crystal manifestation technique works just as well when swimming in a pool. Or in any natural body of water. Water is a powerful tool for manifesting.

Helpful for:

  • Wellness and healing, especially from grief.
  • Manifesting gentle flowing changes in life.
  • Letting go of old energy to make room for new.
  • Manifesting good things on behalf of other people.

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7. Sleep manifestation technique

You can manifest with crystals while you sleep. Keep them next to your bedside, in a pocket, or visualize them as you fall asleep. Allow your subconscious to connect with crystal energy while you dream for powerful manifesting.

A helpful technique for:

  • Conflict resolution or problem-solving.
  • Forgiveness and peace.
  • Manifest connections with other people.
  • Spiritual growth and connection.

Concluding thoughts

Manifesting with crystals needn’t be complicated. Following these steps and suggestions can help empower your manifesting practices. As with any crystal tips or suggestions, use what resonates with you and follow your own intuition. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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