Working with crystals and stones is a wonderful way to amplify the energy behind your intentions when manifesting.

Crystals and stones can be used in many ways for manifesting and creating your desired reality. They can help protect from negativity, attract abundance and increase personal power.

No matter if you’re focused on manifesting money, better relationships, vibrant health, increased motivation, productivity, or creativity, crystals can help.

In this beginner’s guide to working with crystals and stones, get 7 easy crystal magic techniques to increase the power of your manifesting.

But first, lean why crystals are magical and the unusual way they actually work.

working with crystals and stones

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The nature of crystals

Let’s first talk about how crystals grow and their properties.

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Crystals have a unique structure which is based on “unit cells.” A unit cell is “the smallest unit of volume that permits identical cells to be stacked together to fill all space” according to (A cube is an example of a unit cell.) When a “unit cell” repeats itself over and over in all directions, a crystal is formed.

Different crystal patterns vibrate at different frequencies.

A crystals vibrational frequency depends its size, thickness, transparency, color, and composition, and can be measured using infrared and Raman spectroscopy. Ok, sooo…

Why are crystals magical?

Many people say they can “feel” the frequency energy of crystals. But is there actual proof that these claims are true?

Does using crystals for healing, protection, manifesting, and meditation actually work?

Scientists have data that shows, in an interesting way, that the answer for many people is “yes.”

The magical method via which crystals can affect humans is…the placebo effect.

It’s too easy to argue the obvious: But the placebo effect means it’s not real. It’s a fake effect caused by the mind!

But in fact, the placebo effect is a real effect. Whether the crystal itself took your headache away or the crystal caused your “imagination” to take your headache away, the crystal still caused your headache to go away. The crystal had a real effect on your body. And a real effect is a real effect.

The term “placebo effect” and the meaning of that term is where the error in understanding lies. In other words, the language and conception of the term “placebo effect” are clouding our understanding of what is going on.

“Placebo effect” is too definitive a label, discourages further questioning. But we should ask more questions. There is so much we don’t understand about the human body.

Think about this: a drug’s “side effects” are not “side effects” at all, but real, actual effects.

The language of “side effects” is flawed just as the term “placebo effect” is flawed. Real is real. An effect is an effect. However…

Thanks to the term “placebo effect,” the magic of crystals is hidden in plain sight.Click To Tweet

How to choose the right crystals and stones for manifesting

People have been using crystals and stones for hundreds of thousands of years, maybe longer.

Different crystals are known to be useful for different purposes, depending on their properties.

It’s a good idea to have a general overall knowledge of the special properties of common crystals for proper crystal magic. (For example, rose quartz is known to help with romance, self- love, and self- confidence.)

Understanding the widely agreed-upon uses for different crystals and stones helps you to form your own base of knowledge.

When choosing your crystals for manifesting, use both your knowledge and intuition to feel out what crystal seems right for your intended purposes. You might also briefly consider factors such as your mood, the way your body feels, the weather, time of year, and energies from those around you.

When you find a balance between what is understood to be true of a certain crystal, and what a crystal feels like to you intuitively, then you will truly “know” your crystals and be able to work more effective crystal magic.

manifesting with crystals and stones using magic techniques

7 Crystal magic techniques for manifesting

Here are some ways you can easily work with crystals and stones. Use these techniques and adjust them as you see fit. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner to crystal magic- trust your instincts and have fun! Included in this list are real-life examples to give you a reference point, but always use crystals in a way that resonates with you intuitively.

1. Crystals for writing or art

When writing or creating art, you can set up your crystals to support your process. You may scatter them intuitively around your work area, place them on a dedicated crystal shelf, or set up a special crystal grid.

When writing for this blog, I like to set up a variety of crystals, depending on my mood and what stage I’m at in my writing.

Example: In the first draft stage of writing, I’ll often choose my clear quartz for clarity, and Angelite, aka blue anhydrite, for writing help from my spirit guides. If I’m feeling writers’ block, I’ll grab a pink quartz to help curb frustration and chill. Or if something worrisome is distracting me, I’ll include black tourmaline.

2. Using crystals at work

You can bring crystals to work to help with productivity, social anxiety, to neutralize negative energy in the workplace, and more. Choose your crystal according to your needs.

Example: Citrine is good crystal for positivity, energy, and productivity overall at work. For motivation and success, tigers’ eye is quite powerful. For social anxiety, try carrying blue lace agate.

3. Use crystals with divination tools

Crystals are helpful to magnify the energy of a psychic reading while scrying, using runes, reading tarot cards, or using any divination tools. Crystals can help enhance your abilities to connect to your divination tools of choice.

Example: I favor the tarot and will use most often use amethyst, clear quartz, and pink quartz crystals to enhance my psychic connection to chosing cards which will show me the information I seek. These three together support clarity, open intuition, increased psychic perception, and self-love.


4. Crystal magic for difficult people

Crystals can be effective and powerful in protecting oneself when dealing with difficult people. This is especially important for empaths. Certain crystals and stones can help neutralize negative energy, maintain a positive environment, and manifest a peaceful encounter with that difficult person.

Examples: Carry black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or jet in your pocket, or wear as jewelry to neutralize bad vibes from a person at work. If you have nervousness or anxiety around someone, you can use fluorite or blue lace agate.

If you have to deal with a difficult person in your home, you can create a special crystal grid dedicated to easing the problem with them. Use a combination of black tourmaline, turquoise, rose quartz, smoky quartz, and any other stones that feel right to you. This leads us to the next technique.


5. Protect your home with crystal magic

Salt, as we know is a crystal. And for thousands of years, it has been thought to hold special powers. A pinch of salt thrown over your shoulder when cooking is believed to bring good luck, for instance.

To protect your home from negativity and dark energy, you can make a ring of salt around it while affirming protection, safety, and love. Simply take a bowl of salt and lightly sprinkle it around the entire exterior of your home. Alternatively, you could sprinkle the salt around entrances only, which may work better depending on the building you live in. You can do this for your car, too.

Example: Use natural pink Himalayan salt or natural sea salt for your home or car. You can also place crystals in the windows or on special crystal shelves. And of course, you can make a crystal grid, as described before.

As a side note, (but an important one,) make sure to dust, re-arrange, admire and hold your crystals often to keep their energy from becoming stagnant. You can “clean” your crystals by putting them outside in the sun, or smudging sage or incense around them. You could use water, but be mindful that water can harm certain crystals.

6. Support your physical health with crystals and stones

If you’re feeling unwell, dark-colored stones such as onyx, jet, and black tourmaline can help absorb negativity, while colorful stones such as turquoise and amethyst can help lift your energy.

You can also use crystals for endurance, such as during a gym session or while practicing yoga.

And if there is snow, don’t forget to take a walk outside (bundled up) to let the fresh air and magic filter through your body. A walk outside in the snow can feel quite healing.

Example: As mentioned, dark-colored stones neutralize the energy of ill health. You might also try clear quartz for energy purity and peace of mind. Or rose quartz to support a positive body image. Take a snowy meditation walk, bundled and warm.

7. Using crystals to manifest money

If you’re focused on manifesting money and abundance, crystals can be useful in your workplace and in your creative space.

First, ask yourself if you have any abundance blocks to remove. Work on removing those blocks energetically with your crystal/s of choice. Try rose quartz, as blocks can often stem from self-perceived “failures” and self-love and forgiveness are often needed. Do some personal journaling with your crystals of choice placed around you.

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Maybe you simply need to manifest some new money-making ideas. Or find the energy to implement those ideas successfully. In that case, you may try citrine, and/or any green stones for financial success.

Examples: Aventurine and peridot (green stones) to attract success and money. You can also keep a pyrite sphere near your desk to manifest more sales. Or wear something gold for straight-up cash flow power.


One powerful secret about manifesting with crystals and stones

One of the most amazing things about manifesting with your crystals and stones is that, once you feel confident in your connection to them, you can practice crystal magic anytime- without having your crystals or stones right there with you.

Once you’re feeling practiced enough, you can simply visualize your crystal/s when you need them, and their powerful energy will be available to you. Perfect for when you’re out and about and your magical tools are sitting at home in your windowsill.

Simply call on the energy of your crystals or stones to provide you will a little special magic at any time.

Crystal magic conclusion:

I hope this article has provided a unique perspective of using crystals in magic and has helped answer the elusive question why are crystals magic?  

Do you believe in crystal magic? If so, how do you use crystals and stones for magic? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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