Intentions for Manifestation

50 Examples of How to Write Intentions for Manifestation

Learning how to write intention statements is one of the best manifestation skills you can develop, so today we will be looking at 50 powerful examples of intentions for manifestation.

The best intention statements clearly define your goals and dreams. They eliminate ambiguity and help you take actions that are aligned with your desires. That’s why knowing how to write these statements is such an important skill.

By setting powerful intentions in written form, you are defining the boundaries of your life. Intention setting is a way to take charge of your energy to manifest what you want in life.

In this article, read through 50 examples of intentions for manifestation, and learn 6 important elements of an effective written intention statement. These examples of intention statements include statements for work, love, wellness, happiness, and confidence. See how setting daily intentions for manifestation works!

examples of intentions for manifestation

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What are Intention Statements for Manifestation?

Intention statements are declarations you make to yourself and The Universe that define what you are manifesting in your life. They are a powerful way of using the Law of Attraction to reach your goals and dreams.

By nature, intention statements reflect only what you intend to manifest in your life while leaving out anything you do not want. They reflect your conviction and commitment, and in this way are the first step in manifesting what you truly desire.

Intention statements are easy to write. You can write daily intentions, intentions for the week, month, or year.

The examples of intentions for manifestation we are talking about today will show you how!

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Examples of Intentions for Manifestation

Intention statements for work

  1. I intend success for my company and all the people I enjoy working with. We are all aligning with amazing growth and financial opportunity in our company.
  2. I intend a comfortable income of (amount per year) or higher.
  3. I intend to serve to the best of my abilities at work.
  4. I intend pleasant interactions and positive energy exchange at work.
  5. I intend to remain positive at my job and do my best.
  6. I intend to get a raise or a promotion.
  7. I intend to portray confidence and be respected and valued at work.
  8. I intend to speak up more often and share my ideas.
  9. I intend to quit this job and find a better one when the time is right.
  10. I intend to start my own business.

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Intention statements for love

  1. I intend to honor my deepest desires for love so I may manifest the love of my life.
  2. I intend to trust the manifestation process when it comes to love.
  3. I intend to exude sensuality, beauty, and confidence in daily life.
  4. I intend to maintain self-love, magnetism, and positive energy.
  5. I intend a divine connection with my true love at the perfect moment for both of us.
  6. I intend to fully heal from my past relationship.
  7. I intend to get married.
  8. I intend a positive, loving, supportive relationship filled with trust and respect.
  9. I intend to laugh every day with my partner and enjoy our lives together.
  10. I intend to strengthen my relationship.

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Intention statements for wellness

  1. I intend exceptional health for myself each and every day.
  2. I intend to progress in the direction of perfect health.
  3. I intend healthy eating habits and the joy that comes from eating high-quality foods.
  4. I intend peaceful thoughts and relaxed feelings. I am calm and safe. All is well in my world.
  5. I intend to be active daily.
  6. I intend to stick to healthy routines.
  7. I intend to attract supportive people who will help me stay healthy.
  8. I intend to stay sober.
  9. I intend to prioritize my health.
  10. I intend to find ways to improve any negative thoughts.

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Daily intention statements for happiness

  1. I intend a positive, happy day today. 
  2. I intend to vibrate at a higher frequency today and each day.
  3. Today is my day and I intend to make the most of it.
  4. I intend to smile at at least one person today.
  5. I intend to do something fun today.
  6. I intend to be grateful every time I’m feeling down, and I intend to thank God often.
  7. I intend to keep my expectations positive.
  8. I intend to be powerful and strong.
  9. I intend to engage in spiritual practices that make me feel positive and hopeful.
  10. I intend to feel relaxed today and enjoy the present moment.

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Daily intention statements for confidence

  1. I intend to have positive self-talk and end negative self-talk.
  2. I intend to believe in myself and maintain a positive mindset.
  3. I intend to focus on my best qualities.
  4. I intend to look my best today.
  5. I intend to do something to move forward today.
  6. I intend to work on healing my inner self today.
  7. I intend to make the best of this situation.
  8. I intend to stay strong and hold my head up high.
  9. I intend strong boundaries.
  10. I intend to command respect.

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Depending on your statement and what sounds good to you, you can write “I intend” or “I am.”  These two ways of writing intentions are closely related, but the emotion each method evokes is different.

An “I intend” type of statement is future-oriented. Rather than an “I am” statement which is written in the present tense. Choose what works best for you.

How to Write Intention Statements for Manifestation

1. Write your statement clearly

Write your statement as clearly as possible, being both accurate and direct. Don’t hold back or be hesitant to declare what you truly want and intend to create in your life.

For powerful intention manifestation, you must be sure about what you want. You must be precise. That’s the first thing to know.

If you need more time to define what exactly you want, then take that time. Do some journaling around the subject, think it over deeply for a few days, and maybe even create a vision board to gain clarity. The best way to set intentions that work is to be crystal clear when crafting your statement.

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2. Write with positive language

Only write intention statements with affirmative, positive language. Meaning, never write what you don’t want. Being mindful of the words you use to craft intention statements is important since words are such a powerful tool. Avoid using words such as:

  • Don’t
  • Can’t
  • But
  • Only
  • Not
  • Try

These words are counterproductive and may affect your subconscious mind in a negative way. They focus on what you do not want to manifest or feel unable to manifest.

Crafting a statement around less stress at work, for example, works much better when you write it without the words “less stress.” Instead, use positive and affirmative language such as “more peacefulness.” 

Language that reflects “positive expectation” in your wording is crucial. For the Law of Attraction to work, you must anticipate your declaration to come true or be true. Write positive intentions only to manifest your desired outcome.

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3. Infuse your words with positive emotion

When writing intention statements, describe the positive emotions you desire to manifest whenever you can. Try using strong adjectives like “joyful” “exciting” “hilarious” and so on.

Positive emotions help you set powerful intentions and are the key to manifesting effectively. That is why you need to use language that reflects emotions accurately. If you are looking for a word with a little extra “oomph” try using an online thesaurus.

To leverage the Law of Attraction, feel the joy and good feeling of what you are manifesting. I know that can feel strange when you haven’t manifested the thing you want yet. But, like attracts like. So, with a strong intention, align your emotions to feel as if you already have the thing you want. Then, the only thing between you and your desire is time.

Additionally, feel gratitude for what is already in your life. Especially things related to what you are manifesting. For example, if you intend to manifest love, then focus on the feeling of gratitude for the love already in your life. Or for the opportunity to meet someone interesting. Be glad you’re not in an unhappy relationship and feel that gratitude for the very real opportunity of finding love. Gratitude is a good daily practice as well.

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Word it so that you believe it

To set powerful clear intentions, word your statements in a way your brain can accept. Write them so that they feel achievable and/or manifestable.

You probably know it’s unlikely you will manifest winning a million dollars, so writing an intention statement to win a million dollars will probably feel unbelievable to you and ultimately bring up negative emotions like hopelessness. Therefore, the statement lacks power and brings negative energy, because in the back of your mind, you doubt its truth.

But if you are changing jobs, you could set a specific intention to earn a certain amount of money. You could manifest that amount through the boundaries you set with your intention- namely that you only accept a certain amount or higher of pay within reason (or perhaps beyond reason) for your line of work. Your intention statement then empowers your goal setting, actions, and manifesting efforts.

End with gratitude

We talked about gratitude a moment ago, and we will mention it again. A powerful way to end your intention statement is with gratitude. A simple “Thank you Universe” is all you need.

Acknowledge the act of setting your intentions and declaring your desires. It’s done for now- my desires are stated. 

Having gratitude for the ability to manifest your desires is a form of positive expectation and that alone can bring positive results. This is trust in yourself as an infinite being and trust in the Universe of which you are an extension.

Trust in your capabilities, your actions, your energetic alignment, and the Universal magic that ties it all together so that you can manifest what you want at the perfect time.

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Intention Statements vs Affirmations

You might wonder if intention statements are the same as affirmations. The two are both closely related and can help you manifest, but their approaches are slightly different.

Affirmations use present tense language. They are written or said as if already true, while intention statements are usually stated in the future tense. Because intention statements are about defining what you want similarly to writing down goals, they can feel more practical. It may be easier for the brain to accept the power of intentions.

6 More Intention Statement Ideas

You can set powerful intentions by writing clear statements and leaving them at that. But if you feel so inclined, for a little “something extra” try these tips to power up your intention statements even more.

1. Use the moon and stars

Plan out your intention manifestation writing to coincide with a new moon, full moon, or eclipse. Write intentions on a solstice. Or according to another astronomical event or astrological event.

2. Use weather events

Write amid powerful weather such as the perfect sunny day, an exciting windy day, or beautiful snowfall. This is an awesome way to manifest naturally.

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3. Employ crystals

Surround yourself with crystals or create a crystal grid for powerful manifesting while writing. Crystals help amplify the energy of your intentions while writing.

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4. Work with other people

Writing or speaking intention manifestation statements in a group of people has been scientifically proven to influence changes in the environment. This has been noted in group meditation and group prayer. Even a small writing group of two to three people can empower written intentions.

5. Go to a special location

This is my favorite trick for writing intention manifestation statements that work.

Try writing intention statements in magical high-vibration places. Wide-open spaces such as the top of a hill, the beach, or even the top level of a parking garage! This is an exciting way to add extra energy to your intention statements.

The action of going out of your way to go to a place with lots of actual physical space for the energy to move around in your aura field and above you is powerful.

6. Use on special days of the year

You could also make your statements at the start of the new year, (1/1) on November 11th, (11/11) or another special day of the year. Both 111 and 1111 are highly lucky numbers!

Concluding thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these examples of intentions for manifestation, along with my ideas about how to write effective intention statements for manifesting.

Knowing exactly what you want and stating your desire is powerful. It helps you not settle for anything less. It keeps you accountable to yourself and aligned with your true desires. Please let me know what you think about these intention statement examples and ideas in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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