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65 You are Amazing Quotes for Encouragement {+ Printable Cards!}

Check out these awesome “You are amazing” quotes and get 10 free printable cards!

Reading through positive quotes is one of many ways to cultivate a more positive mindset. The words we read have the power to shape our thoughts and guide our energy.

These original “You are amazing” quotes are a beautiful celebration of your unique self. You can read through these quotes anytime for encouragement and positivity. 

It’s important to know that you are fascinating, incredible, and amazing simply by being you. So, make the choice to give yourself grace and love. We are all just spiritual beings having human experiences, after all. We don’t have to be perfect, or be like anyone else, to be amazing in our own special way!

Some of these quotes can be pinned on Pinterest to share in the positivity. And, even better, all of the quote images are also available as PDF printable cards! The link to download is at the end of the article.

You can hang the quote cards up on your wall or give the cards as gifts to the amazing people in your life. They are easy to print in a convenient 5 x 7” size. Encouraging quotes are a great gift to share with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. 

I hope you enjoy these quotes!

you are amazing quotes

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The Best “You are Amazing” Quotes for Encouragement

Positive you are amazing quotes

1. You are amazing just as you are. You are unique, strong, smart, and worthy.

2. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!

you are amazing quotes

3. Focus on the positive because you are more amazing than you realize.

4. You are doing a freaking amazing job in life.

5. If you are reading this then take it as a sign that YES, you are amazing!

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6. Give recognition to the positive things you do and the amazing person that you are.

7. Know how amazing you are, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

8. Think amazing, feel amazing, act amazing, be amazing.

you are amazing quotes

9. Being amazing doesn’t mean you are better than anyone. Simply that you are incredible in your own way.

10. Believe in your own amazingness.

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Inspirational you are amazing quotes

11. If you had the ability to see yourself through my eyes, you would then understand how amazing you are.

12. Don’t hold back your love for yourself. You are amazing, and you deserve to love yourself.

13. Look deeply inside your soul and get inspired, for you are truly amazing.

14. Take a minute to contemplate this fascinating, magical realm we live in and be amazed. Know that you are here for a reason and that you matter greatly.

15. The world needs more people like you. Spread your amazingness far and wide!

you are amazing quotes

16. You are amazing and you matter!

17. You inspire others just by being your amazing and unique self.

18. Never let anyone treat you like candy corn. You are a Hershey’s bar.

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19. You don’t have to try to be amazing. You were born that way.

20. You are pure magic, amazing human.

you are amazing quotes

21. You raise the bar on being human.

22. Don’t be afraid to express your amazing self!

You are amazing quotes for her

23. Amazing woman, I love you!

24. I know this girl. She is amazing. It’s you. You are that girl.

you are amazing quotes

25. Girlfriend, you are amazing! Go you!

26. Here’s to strong amazing women- May we be them, know them, and love them.

27. If only you knew just how amazing I think you are, beautiful girl.

28. Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?

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29. If someone asked me to describe you in two words, I’d say “Beautiful & Amazing.”

you are amazing quotes

30. Lovely lady, you give so much of yourself. You’re always a class act. You’re an inspiration.

31. You are one amazing lady. I’m so grateful for you.

32. She is lovely, kind, intelligent, and amazing. I’m so grateful for her.

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You are amazing quotes for him

33. You are one fascinating and amazing man, sir.

34. For my husband- You are amazing, you are strong, you are my rock.

35. Babe, you are amazing, I love you!

you are amazing quotes

36. I’ve never met someone like you, you are simply amazing!

37. Don’t stop being amazing my man!

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38. This is your reminder that you are a strong, handsome, and amazing man. You can do tough things.

39. Dude, you amaze me. Keep being awesome.

you are amazing quotes

40. It’s no coincidence you’re in my life. Together, we are even more amazing.

41. You are my twin flame, my destiny. Amazing man, I love you.

42. I’ll always be your girl. You are amazing.

You are amazing quotes for friendship

43. Thanks for being an amazing human!

44. This is your reminder that you are amazing and that you can handle anything.

45. Stop comparing yourself- you are absolutely unique and amazing!

46. I’ve got this friend who is amazing. That friend is you. I adore you!

you are amazing quotes

47. What an amazing friend you are, thanks for being awesome!

48. You never cease to amaze me.

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50. Amazing people like you are much appreciated, thank you!

51. Hey person who is amazing. I see you and you’re awesome. FYI.

52. It’s amazing how you do what you do. Thanks for being you.

you are amazing quotes

53. You light up my world, amazing friend.

54. I’m lucky for amazing friends like you!

Remember how amazing you are

55. Sometimes you forget how amazing you are- this is your reminder.

56. Never forget that we love you and think you are amazing!

57. You. Are. Simply. The. Best.

58. Let your awesomeness shine!

you are amazing quotes

59. Sometimes life get’s…life-y. Difficult things happen, or people hurt us. We face obstacles, fail, and feel hopeless. But life is always changing. So, hold onto the truth- life is absolutely amazing and so are you!

60. Do you want to know what I never want you to forget? That you are amazing, smart, and awesome.

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61. Hey, you. Yeah, you. Those one reading this who thinks they’re unimportant and uninteresting. I’m here to tell you the truth- you’re amazing and that is a fact.

62. You are an amazing person. Never forget your power.

you are amazing quotes

63. Amazing people like you will never be forgotten.

64. Don’t forget you are incredible just as you are. You are simply amazing.

65. I hope you see by now how amazing you are. And don’t you forget it!

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PDF Printable cards

Here is the link for the printable cards. The download contains all 10 cards, but of course, only print the ones you want. Print as many copies as you like and share freely. Please do not sell.

You are amazing printable quote cards

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Final thoughts

It can be helpful to remind yourself how amazing you truly are. And to let the amazing people in your life know how much you value them. 

Of course, there are many times we feel anything but amazing. Life isn’t an easy or fair playing field.

But, know that you are nothing less than pure spectacularness.

Think of your autonomic nervous system doing its thing. Think of the mysteries within your DNA. Consider your creativity, your dreams, and your visions. If you’re not seeing your true divine nature, then the problem is with your perception and not with your being.

The good thing is, that even if you are struggling to feel awesome, you have the power to shift your thoughts. You can always choose grace, forgiveness, and love for yourself.

And if you haven’t expressed your feelings for a loved one, friend, or colleague lately, then why not remind them of how much you value them today? A few words of appreciation or a card is the perfect way to express your fondness for them.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes about being amazing and can put the printable cards to good use. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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